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Knight Reference Thread: Links to Knight Conversions


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Making an Adeptus Mechanicus army is a complex task, normally involving lots of converting & kitbashing. It's helpful to see what other people have done, to get inspiration. This thread aims to help with one specific part of the Adeptus Mechanicus: the Knights.


Knights are giant one-man warmachines, that bridge the gap between Dreadnoughts and Titans. Whilst they're a long-established piece of Adeptus Mechanicus fluff, until 2014 they had only seen official models in Epic scale. But lots of people have made 40k scale models of them, and in this thread we'll showcase these.



Origins & Allegiance (NB: Based on pre-2014 fluff, needs to be edited)

The Knights have their origins during the Age of Strife. The Priests of Mars sent out teams settling new worlds, establishing Forge Worlds and so on. They gave technology to the feudal worlds near the Forge Worlds - these feudal worlds became the Knight Worlds. The most popular piece of technology was the Knight, a heavy one-man walker. Using these vehicles the Knights could compete with Eldar Exodites on dragons, Eldar Knights, Ork Stompas and other such threats.

Knights are often called up to serve alongside the Mechanicus or the Titan Legions.

Some Knights also work directly for the Mechanicus - in the Horus Heresy 'Mechanicum' book there are 3 knights called the 'Knights of Taranis' based on Mars.

Knights mostly belong to Knightly Houses. Details of all the official ones can be found here.


Physical Description

Knights are one-man heavy walkers. They are taller than dreadnoughts (6m tall) and smaller than warhound titans (14 or 15m tall) - the Horus Heresy 'Mechanicum' book describes one 9m tall, whereas some Epic models were as tall as a Warhound although much less bulky. They are mostly bipedal and roughly humanoid, and feature a cockpit resembling a helmet.

There are a variety of types, but typically Knights are armed with 2 main armaments (on their 2 arms).


Typology & Epic Models

Knight Paladins are the most common Knights, armed with gigantic weapons (often chainswords) and a battle cannon.

Knight Errants are a version of Paladins with weaponry better suited to attacking large vehicles - a large melta-based thermal cannon and a power fist. In the 2014 reboot, they just have a thermal cannon and a chainsword.Knight Lancers are more high-speed, specialising in flanking enemy positions. They often have very long legs, and are armed with a power lance.Knight Crusaders and Knight Castellans are heavier Knights, without combat weapons. Both feature a small quake cannon as their primary weapon. Their secondary weapon varies: Crusaders are anti-vehicle and have twin lascannons; Castellans are anti-infantry and have multi-barrelled autocannons.Knight Wardens are another type of heavy Knight lacking close combat weapons. They have distinctive for their overlapping armour plates and are armed with two multi-barrelled autocannons and a carapace-mounted missile launcher.Barons are the head of feudal households, with personalised and individualised suits. The standard model had a battlecannon and a power lance.Non-Imperial Knights

There are also Chaos Knights, twisted versions of the proud Imperial Knights. GW have only released models for Slaaneshi Knights, pictured here in the 1995-96 Catalogue. The Chaos Daemon Engines like the Defiler (GW website), Decimator (Forgeworld), Forgefiend/Maulerfiend (GW website) and Lord of Skulls (GW website) are all vaguely similar in scale to Knights, but are controlled by bound Daemons rather than people.

The Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight is a very similar concept, although the Grey Knight isn't in an enclosed cockpit: GW website

The Eldar also had Knights, which looked similar to their wraithlords but larger - the humanoid Fire Gale, four-armed Towering Destroyer, and four-legged Bright Stallion: 1991 Catalogue. In 2013 GW released the Eldar Wraithknight - a one-man walker that's almost the size of a titan: GW website

The Ork Stompa is broadly similar (a mini-titan), but is a bit larger and not one-man: GW website

The Necron Triarch Stalker is a large one-man walker, so roughly analagous: GW website

The Tau XV104 Riptide Battlesuit is a similar concept to a Knight, a large 1-man walker: GW website



In 2014, Games Workshop answered all our prayers and released an Imperial Knight model. It's huge (6 or 7 inches tall), and bulky, and so beautiful. A proper updating of the Epic model into 40k scale, which fits in beautifully with the Forgeworld Mars Pattern titans. Lots of people have brough them. In this section we'll look at some notable conversions, not at standard builds.

We'll examine scratch-builds and alternative kits (and all models made pre-2014!) in the section below.


Re-posed Knights

Some people have re-posed their Knights, to have them running or climbing scenary. The GW model comes with one-piece legs, but these can be modified:

  • Quindia Studios blog - A mini-tutorial on reposing the front leg to stand on things.
  • JeffTibbetts on B&C - Fully reposed legs and heavy battle damage.
  • Nusquam on B&C - made the legs more upright, less straight. Also cut the helm in half to make a cool gorget-style faceplate.
Extra Detailing

For some people, a plain GW kit just isn't enough. They have to add extra details...

Knight Errants with Power Fists

In Epic, Knight Errants had Power Fists. Forgegworld is rumoured to be making one, or some people think that Defiler claws are the way forward, or others are are trying to scratch-build them.

Knight Lancers/Barons with Power Lances

In Epic, Knight Lancers and Knight Barons had battlecannons and power lances.

  • Miteyheroes on B&C - The Baron of House Nordcote has a scratch-built Power Lance (and the head swapped with a sentinel cockpit).
Knight Wardens

In Epic, Knight Wardens had distinctive overlapping armour plates, twin multi-barrelled autocannons on stubby arms, and carapace-mounted missile launchers.

  • Quindia on BoLS - A standard knight torso rotated more to the front gives a beetle-backed look reminiscent of the old Epic model.
Chaos / Dark Mechanicus Knights

Although according to the rules Chaos can't ally with Knights, people are making Chaos Knights anyway. Two such houses are mentioned in the background section of the Codex, House Devine (Slaanesh, fell during the Horus Heresy) and House Drakon (Dark Mechanicus, fell more recently).

  • GuitaRasmus on B&C - An evil spikey knight, with a truely terrifying head.
  • GW Metro Centre on Facebook - a bright pink Slaaneshi knight. I love the weapon-tail, just like old Epic Chaos Titans!
  • Andy at GW Oxford on Facebook - two corroded and evil Dark Mechanicus knights. One with a Forgeworld Renegade Psyker instead of a head, another with a Blight Drone head and lots of tentacles!
  • Unknown - a walking Lord of Skulls using Imperial Knight legs.
More Unusual Conversions

Conversions that don't really fit into any of the other categories. What even is this?

  • Unknown - an Imperial Knight torso on Lord of Skulls tracks... Looks a bit like a Kaban Machine, I guess? And if you've made a walking Lord of Skulls, this is the obvious next step!
  • Brian Slifka on Facebook - a looted knight. Orks will loot anything!

Until 2014, GW only made Mechanicus Knight models for Epic, although they made similar models for Grey Knights, Eldar, Tau, Chaos and so on. But they did produce many kits that people converted to make into Knights for 40k - I've collected some of my favourite conversions below!

Size-wise, the conversions varied between 4 and 8 inches tall (whilst the official model is between 6 and 7 inches tall). Compare it to other 40k models: dreadnoughts and sentinels are 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall (contemplators are 3); dreadknights, decimators and forgefiends/maulerfiends are 4 inches; the riptide is 6 inches; monoliths are 8 inches to the very top; wraithknights are 9 inches; warhounds are about 10 to 11 inches.


The Upright Defiler

Probably the most widely-done technique, and for a long time the only one apart from Full Scratchbuilding that was available to someone not wanting to stray beyond GW-only bits. Personally I find them a bit too lanky - they tend to be overly skinny? But they're the best way to get a good amount of height.

The Blood Slaughterer

The torso of a Blood Slaughterer does make a very cool Knight-Titan. Of course, you need to make legs (scratchbuilt or from Defilers or whatever), but it's a great base!

  • King Fluff on the Great Crusade - scratchbuilt legs and lots of great other components. The complete Knight Titan household at the end? Gorgeous. The whole thread is just so inspiring. I love how he rotates the torso round to make a Warden.
  • Miteyheroes on B&C - The Lancer uses the Blood Slaughter torso with defiler legs and a sentinel cockpit for a head.
The Dreadknight

As soon as Grey Knights came out people seemed to grasp the possibilities of this kit! It needs the least conversion - give it a cool head instead of the stupid baby-walker and you've got a great Knight model! It's on the small end of the scale though.

The Decimator

Forgeworld's Large Chaos Walker. With a slightly larger head it'd be a perfect Chaos Knight Titan. It's gorgeous! It does take quite a lot of sanding to make it plain and suitable for loyalist AdMech, but for the renegade AdMech it's a (machine)godsend. Again, it's a little on the small end of the scale.

The Dreadnought

Dreadnoughts are really too small to be Knights, standing 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall rather than 4 to 8 inches. But using sentinel legs can help, and the sentinel cab also then provides a nice cockpit.

  • Magc8Ball on DakkaDakka - a dreadnought/sentinel kit bash. Certainly gives interesting ideas about what could be done!
  • Alexander the Alchemist - a short-and-stout heavy Knight with a sentinel cockpit, dreadnought body, and legs made from bastion lascannon mounts.
The Lord of Skulls

The Lord of Skulls is a Chaos Super-Heavy, with a humanoid torso on a tank lower body. Some people have added legs to it:

  • Isotope99 on BoLS - a flying Lord of Skulls, with defiler claws as legs and helldrake wings.
  • Agis on Blogspot - another attempt at a flying Lord of Skulls, with legs a combination of scratchbuilding and defiler claws.
  • Quickfuze on DakkaDakka - a walking Lord of Skulls using Leviathan legs.
  • Unknown - a walking Lord of Skulls using Imperial Knight legs.
Full Scratchbuilds & Resin Kits

Not the easiest route, but several people have made full scratchbuilds or extensive kit-bashes. Some have even made casts of their work, and these turn up for sale occassionally (and normally only briefly before GW takes them down!)

Non-GW Models

There are lots of Mecha models out there that can be given a GW gloss and called Knight Titans! Here are some that I like:

  • Musing of a Metal Mind's Warden - a great updating of the overlapping plates and hunched form of the Warden Knight Titan. It's massive though!
  • Zealot Miniatures - clearly meant to be a dreadKnight replacement, but with it's helmet and everything it looks rather Knight titany. There's also a varient with a more robotic head.
  • Warmachine - there are many models in the Warmachine range that look quite AdMechy, and some of the Colossals are pretty good for Knights?
  • DreamForge-Games - their "Leviathan" is a great Knight. They've made him in 15mm scale, 4.5" high, and in 28mm scale, 8.5" high. Which should make people who like their Knights smaller <em>or</em> larger happy! Originally in resin, thanks to a Kickstarter he's now available in plastic and much much cheaper.
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This guy is cast by an artist in Europe (Spain, I think). I picked up three from his store on eBay last year. They make an appearance every few months.


I liked it because it was closest to the original GW Epic knights, of the ones which were available.


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I used defilers for mine, and partly solved the "lanky" syndrome by beefing up the shoulders with aegis defense kits and hunching him over a bit, from above or an angle he looks good, from marine-level he is a skinny skinny man :tu:

next one is going to be a knight titan from the admech fandex, so he'll be hunched over farther, have heavier armor, and be carrying a hammer made of a dreadnaught torso


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I wish Forgeworld would see the potential of Knight Titans, they could be an army in their own right, or an addition to any Imperial army. I'd certainly happily sink £100 on one if if looked the part, if I could use them as a Knight Household army, I'd buy about 3-4


*kneels and prays to the Machine God*


Make it so.

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Oh indeed, the day Forgeworld make knight-titans will be a happy day! But...


"Speaking of which, Adeptus Mechanicus MAY appear in the next 2-3 books. Not certain, and probably more as part of a faction than as a force in their own right. They really want to do Knight Titans, but will be a while away yet."

According to http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/show...1056&page=3

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Just found some seriously cool models on the Work In Progress forum, a beautiful Lancer, Baron and Warden. All with a more Lucius-pattern vibe, all entirely scratchbuilt from plasticard:


Have added them to the big list above. I intend to keep updating the first post in this thread, make it a useful resource.

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A little "fat" for my tastes. Kinda like baby versions of warhound. I prefer my Knight titans to be lanky. My biases aside, those are very well modeled :P
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A little "fat" for my tastes. Kinda like baby versions of warhound. I prefer my Knight titans to be lanky. My biases aside, those are very well modeled :)


I agree with that comment about the Warden, which is the size of a Warhound! But I think the Lancer and Baron are great, spot-on in my view.

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Here is mine! :ermm:




You can see more pictures in my B&C WIP thread here or in the 2nd link of my sig.


Seems that imageshack had deleted my pic :huh:


I have to dig in the other drive to see if I can find the pics and then re-upload them. Still, at least one remains, certainly not the best.

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Very interesting thread here, and I'm honoured to have a mention in the first post :P


I have a few corrections for the fluff part, first off the knights are actually not titans, even though we like to call them titans fluff wise they are actually categorized as walkers (which always annoyed me to be honest, they should be titans)

Then there's the Knights of Taranis, they are not actually 3 knights stationed on mars, they are knights from from the Taranis household which is the knight version of titan legions and the Knights of Taranis' homeworld is Mars, there's references to other Martian knight households, but I don't recall their names right now.


Ohh and then the decimator comment, it surely has some design aspects of the old knights by GW but it is as the description on the FW website a daemon engine, besides, even though it is big it is way too small to be a knight which have got the cockpit in the head :huh:


All in all there's some really awesome knights here, and to add to the awesome models here for inspiration, this is one of the coolest knights I've seen.


I have no idea who made this, it's from some event and is totally awesome. If I ever build another one this will have a big influence on the design of that build.



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