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Hey guys! I had a game yesterday against my cousin's Grey Knights (randomly selected opponent between him, my friend Necrons, and my brother's Tyranids). We play pretty often, but today I figured I would give you my first BatRep!

The Lists

Black Templars

Emperor's Champion - Suffer Not the Unclean to Live

Master of Sanctity (Warlord) - Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Crozius, Artificer Armor, Terminator Honors, Holy Orb of Antioch

Dreadnought - Twin Linked Lascannon, DCCW+SB

Terminator Squad - x5 terminators, x2 w/ CML, Tank Hunters

Assault Terminator Squad - 5 TH/SS Assault Terminators

Crusader Squad (CCW) - 10 initiates, one with power axe, one with meltagun

Crusader Squad (CCW) - 10 initiates, one with power axe, one with meltagun, 4 neophytes (EC is here)

Crusader Squad (bolters) - 5 initiates, one with plasma cannon, one with plasma gun

Crusader squad (bolters) - 5 initiates, one with plasma cannon, one with plasma gun

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Squadron - x3 Land Speeder Typhoons w/ Heavy bolter + TML (together in a single squadron)

Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusader - Smoke (Assault Terminators and Chaplain ride in here)

Grey Knights

Ordo Xeno Inquisitor (Warlord) - Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, Combi-Plasma, Mastery level 1

Ordo Xeno Inquisitor - Conversion Beamer, Mastery Level 1

Purifiers - 10 purifiers, 8 with Falchions, 2 with Nemesis Daemon Hammers

Purifiers - 10 purifiers, 8 with Falchions, 2 with Nemesis Daemon Hammers - Rhino as a DT

Strike Squad - 5 Grey knights

Terminator Squad - 10 Terminators, 9 with Hammers, 1 with Brotherhood Banner, 2 with psycannons (grenade Inquisitor here)

Heavy Support
Purgation Squad - 5 Grey Knights, 4 have psycannons, one has a Sword (Conversion Beamer Inquisitor here)

Dreadnought - Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer, DCCW w/ Heavy Flamer, Psyflame Ammo

Dreadnought - Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer, DCCW w/ Heavy Flamer, Psyflame Ammo

Aegis defense line with quadgun.

We rolled "Big Guns Never Tire" for our mission, and "Vanguard Strike" as our deployment type. We rolled for 5 objectives, and he won table side choosing, so he placed 3 and I placed 2. His defense line was making a "U" right in the middle of his deployment zone.

He placed one of the objectives next to the quadgun, his second just outside his defense line nearer to his short table edge, and another along a pond (which we always deem and dangerous terrain, and is surrounded by a forest.) along his long table edge.

I placed my first behind a Hill that blocks line of sight by my short table edge, and another in a forest along my long table edge.

Other Terrain includes another hill that blocks line of sight behind his aegis defense line, and a forest along his short table edge. (the rest of the terrain was being used in the 'nidz vs 'cronz game)

My Warlord Trait was Master of manuever (personal 3) and gave my chaplain and his squad outflank (which i didn't use).

His Warlord Trait was something that also didn't come up during gameplay.

Both of his Inquisitors took the Divination Primaris Power, giving them the ability to reroll all failed to hit rolls.

I won the roll of for deployment. I put one of my shooty crusaders next to each objective. the LRC was behind the forest for cover (in case he stole the initiative), and had my 5 man shooty terminators behind it as well as the 10 man crusader squad. The speeders, Dreadnought, and the 14 man crusader squad hung out behind the hill that blocks Line of Sight.

He put the Purgation squad next to his quad gun, the Terminators behind the line but just hugging the wall, the Rhino just behind them, the strike squad near his outside objective, and the non-rhino purifier squad near the objective in the lake. The Two Dreadnoughts started out behind the defense line hill because he figured my speeders and termies could kill them first turn if he left them out in the open, giving me first blood and two victory points for killing Heavy Support.

He tries to steal the initiative and fails. I roll a 5 for nightfighting, so it seems we're in the dark! The game starts and we roll for mysterious objectives. My forest objective gives me +1 to my cover save, and my hill objective halves charges against my unit. His Defense line objective is nothing of note, the just outside the defense line objective is sabotaged! The lake objective is still undiscovered, as the purifiers are not close enough.

Turn 1: Templars
I move the Dread and the 14 man Crusader Squad out from the hill's protection toward the objective in the lake. The crusaders stay behind the dread to protect themselves from the purifiers behind the lake. The LRC cruises towards the lake as well 12", and the shooty termies and 10 man crusaders follow. The speeders position themselves deeper into my deployment, but in a spot where they can fire on the grey knights by the objective just outside the defense line.

I send as much firepower as I can towards the purifer rhino, trying to get an easy first blood, but unfortunately, he makes all his night fighting cover saves, because i'm still just too far away. I do manage to destroy it's stormbolter and remove a hull point. The LRC pops smoke.

Turn 1: Grey Knights
The Rhino moves towards my forest objective and the purifiers get out. The dreadnoughts come out from behind the hill and will end up running in the shooting phase. The Terminators move out of the defense line towards the center of the board (near my LRC), but the squad doesn't fully clear it due to difficult terrain rolls. The lake purifiers move into the forest around the lake, but still do not discover the objective.

The disembarked purifiers fire upon the crusaders in the forest. When it comes time, my men go to ground and receive a nice 2+ cover save (night fighting plus the objective increase as well). Still, torrent of fire from so many psycannons and storm bolters kills 3 crusaders, leaving the cannon and a bolter left. The Purgation squad fires on the LRC, and manages to remove 2 hull points past my 4+ cover save (he got a few rends), and destroys my assault cannon and shakes me. No other shooting of consequence happened.

Turn 2: Templars (THE SUN IS UP!)
LRC moves towards the lake purifiers and the Terminators and Chaplain pop out! dreadnought heads towards the middle of the board, while the EC squad continues (with running) towards the lake. Not a lot of other significant movement.

My Chaplain (who was shaken) fires his plasma gun at the purifiers just in front of him and hits! I precision shot it to the guy with a hammer, and he dies. I then unload of a torrent of plasma cannons, Krak Missiles, and heavy/storm bolters into the purifiers by my forest objective, destroying the squad and getting first blood. My dreadnought pops a lascannon shot at the terminators and kills 1.

My Assault terminators successfully charge the lake purifiers, losing 0 to overwatch, but two from failed saves because they hit first. They then proceed to wipe the squad out, and consolidate further into the forest, away from the grey knight terminators.

Turn 2: Grey Knights
The Terminators clear the defense line, the rhino moves up to try and block my forest squad from seeing the terminators with the plasma cannon. The strike squad moves to be just outside explosion range of their objective, and the dreadnoughts do everything they can to try and be useful (they were taken in the case he fought my brother's nidz).

The Purgation squad (defense line objective) fires on the Chaplains Assault Terminator Squad. Two Termies die before the chaplain is the closest model. i still have 15 wounds left to roll (that psychic power and psybolt ammo tick me off...). In an act of heroics, the final terminator jumps in front of the chaplain and absorbs every single shot like a boss. Not a single 1 was rolled in those 30 rolls. He's going to be getting some honors from my bits when i get around to priming my new stuff tomorrow. The terminators try to kill off the chaplain as well, but also fail (not as many shots made it through, luckily), but the chaplain does take a single wound. The strike squad fires on my shooty termies and kills one of the CML. Why he was in front, idk...

Turn 3: Templars
The Chaplain and his bodyguard run through the forest back into the safety of the LRC, who cruises back into my deployment zone to take over my hill objective as the crusaders who were holding it step out to get better Line of sight. The EC squad finally makes it to the lake objective, revealing it to also increase cover saves by 1, and the dangerous terrain claims the life of a neophyte. The 10 man crusader squad runs to 1'' away from the rhino, and will shoot a meltagun at it and miss... I smell some sort of witchcraft here!

The Dreadnought Pops another terminator. My Shooty terminators fire at a dreadnought, and remove a single hull point. The Speeders fire at the terminators and kill 4 more.

My Crusaders charge the rhino, and manage to wreck it.

Turn 3: Grey knights
Dreadnoughts move closer to my forest objective, the terminators move towards the crusader squad.

The Strike Squad fires on my shooty terminators again, killing the second CML (why I didn't move him to the back after the first one died...idk...i'm an idiot) The Terminator squad fires on my 10 man crusader squad, who, without cover, get decimated down to 3 models. The Purgation Squad fires on the EC squad, who goes to ground and loses the rest of the neophytes despite a 3+ cover save.

The Terminators successfully charge the three crusaders. Psychotrike grenades do nothing. With his flagpole, the brotherhood banner terminator (who strikes before me due to SNTUTL) puts them all to death (1, 2, 2 for armor saves), leaving the squad wide open.

Turn 4: Templar
The LRC makes it to the hill objective; no one gets out. My shooty terminators move towards the grey knight terminators.

A plasma cannon from the hill squad manages to kill 3 of the terminators, and the Speeders do their job and kill another terminator and the inquisitor (giving me slay the warlord), and leaving only one terminator left. My other plasma cannon tries to off a dreadnought, but scatters to do nothing.

My three shooty terminators assault the last grey knight terminator. we all strike at the same, and due to low rolling by both of us, no one dies (we both only had to roll one invuln save, and we both got 5s)

Turn 4: Grey Knights
The Dreads move close enough to finally unload their fire upon the forest crusaders. Like true Templars, they weather the fire and hold their ground. The Purgation squad fires upon the EC's squad yet again, and yet again, they go to ground and lose 2 power armored crusaders. Luckily, they're still within 3" of the objective, and since they've gone to ground, won't get pulled off from righteous zeal. The combat between the terminators continues and the final grey knight terminator dies!

Turn 5: Templars
The forest Plasma Cannon fires at the dreadnought with 1 hull point left, but scatters off into the distance. The hill crusader squad fires it's plasma weapons at the full dreadnought. The cannon glances the dread, removing a hullpoint, but the plasma gun penetrates and blows the thing up! The Speeders finish off the dread with 1 HP left, and my cousin concedes.

Final Score:
Templars 13 (Hill objective, Lake objective, forest object, First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Two Heavy Support killed)
Grey Knights 6 (Aegis Defense Line objective, just outside the defense line objective)

My thoughts:
The most important thing I did this game was decide to kill those purifiers from the rhino on turn 2. If I hadn't done that, I would have lost first blood because he would have finished that squad, and lost the objective. I knew I wasn't going to be able to kill the 10 terminators in one turn, but I knew I could at least severely cripple the SV 3+ purifiers.

Land Speeders, as always, kicked butt. I made sure to keep them at least 30'' away from his purgation squad, who were bunked down in the ADL and not moving, but I feel that if he had shot at them with his terminators, he would crippled a lot of my firepower. At the end of the game, he asked why I don't run nine landspeeders. I replied, "because I don't have enough bases?" He says they're broken at 210 points for a squadron of 3.

We did the math, and frankly, at turn 5, it really came down to if I could have destroyed those dreadnoughts. If I could kill them, I would have won; if I killed one of them, and he could manage to kill my crusaders holding the objective, it would have tied; if I didn't manage to kill either, and he got the objective, he would have won. Unfortunately for him, I have lots of Krak Missiles.

Suffer Not the Unclean to Live didn't really do anything at all except make it easier to kill a rhino. Frankly, against Grey Knights, I think that means that everything went according to plan. I don't want to be getting into close combat with those guys with anything less than a terminator, who are all already S8 w/o the vow. However, it would have helped a LOT against my friend's 'Crons, and would have been quite useful against my brother's Nid'z who, in close combat, are already I5+ or make me I1, so i'm striking last there anyways.

FYI: Get's hot rolls were always taken, never resulted in casualties. Landspeeders moved every turn, even if it was just an inch, to get Jink.

So, what did you guys think? C&C welcome!

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Brilliant BatRep! Grey Knights can be a tough nut to crack, but you seemed to have pulled it off quite nicely!


I like the list you used. To be honest, I'd have approached this very similarly. Only major difference is I don't like Landspeeders, but that's just personal preference.


Good move taking the Purifiers out. As you well know by now, Grey Knights are full of nasty surprises. Getting rid of any full unit of theirs completely before moving on is the best way to approach. Purifiers in particular, in my experiences, can spit out a surprising amount of damage if left unchecked.


Savor this victory, for a victory against GK is a delicious one. :lol:

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TY brother darklight. I intend to use this thread to give a Batrep every time we're fortunate enough to get 1v1 games in. Normally we only have one table and end up doing a four player FFA with 2000 points per player, and our deployment zones are all tiny cramped corners. There's just too much going on in those games for me to keep track of, and what i wrote above is all taken from memory, so some of the details are probably off, but probably 95% of the information there is correct. Next time I'll even try to take pics with my phone (as lousy of a camera that has) so you guys can get a visual flow of the battlefield as well.


I should probably also use this thread to post my more recent painting undertakings, but I'd like my painting adventures to be highlighted with a camera that can do quality close up pics. There's a lot going on on my desk right now that's nearly finished, some things that are done and are waiting on said camera, and some new toys that I've only just recently put together!


Overall, I look forward to what else I'm going to be putting in this thread.


Edit: link to my thread where i have pics of the squads I have painted.


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With the Site down, i found the time to paint a drop pod. Unfortunately, with the site down, I wasn't able to vow it for the LPC. Fortunately, I still have two drop pods, a land speeder, and an LRC left to paint, so I'll probably vow one of them (probably the speeder, since the pod took me the entirety of the sight being down to finish, i think with the sight back up, an easier task such as the speeder would fit me well).


When we're able to get pics posted again, I'll post a pic. It's bigger than an infantry, so my camera should be able to get better quality pics of it.

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Some updates for you all regarding the painting progress of my army


First, for the LPC, I vowed one Land Speeder Typhoon, here is my first pic of it, and i'm not counting this as a WiP update because it was this far done when I vowed it.




Next, I have a drop pod that i recently completed while the site was down.


Hatches up



Hatches down



The inside. All of the pretty colors you see on there are the buttons on the control panals, and do note that every side of the center column are painted similarly. The top screen is supposed to have a picture of the planet they're dropping on, while the screen below that is supposed to be black with green text like an old computer.




And after all of that, a 5 man assault squad with a power axe, and two plasma pistols.



Here, I've recently been using Hashut Copper as the paint for the soft spots on the armor. I really like that paint, and I feel it makes the soft armor stick out more than using boltgun metal (leadbelcher). I decided to try it after doing the two pipes on the top of the fins of the drop pods and saw that i liked how the copper looked against the black. Yes, I also painted the wings on the chest red, and I've applied a black wash to them, though you can't really tell due to my camera's bad quality.


Sorry for the blurriness of the photos. This is the best my camera phone can do, and I really wanted to get these posted. Hopefully one day I'll be able to get quality photos of what I've posted here. I still have many, many more models to get painted up, including a chaplain to go with the assault squad above! Let me know what you guys think of what you can make out!

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A tip about the photos. It's actually better to take the pics from farther away, and then edit the pics by cropping out the extra space assuming your camera phone has at least a fair amount of megapixels. It's also a bit more work, but generally results in better photos. The camera phones generally don't have a good close-up capability. The result is easily seen in the last photo for example - the closest models are the blurriest, the ones a bit to the back are better, but the background is actually the sharpest of all. Another thing of course is to try and take the pics in a well-illuminated area to minimize shake.


Regardless, the models themselves and their paintjob look nice :)

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Thanks for the photo taking pics tivh and for the compliment! Next time I'll take them further away and mess with them like you suggest and see if I can make something that's passable. My phone only has 3.2 megapixels. Normally I have someone with their smartphone take the pics for me, but he's recently expressed that he doesn't want to do that anymore.
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Here is the first WiP update for my LPC vow. This is my first LPC, so I don't know if there's somewhere else I need to post this or if i need to put a link to this thread in the main LPC thread. If someone could tell me what to do, that would be much appreciated.


So far, I've added the white to give it the black/white color scheme of the Templars, and given it what I call our "fast attack red". Clean up still needs to be done all around the speeder for where paint has gone over to where it's not supposed to, and be assured, it will be done before I post the final product. 

The next things I plan for the second WiP update are getting the metalic parts of the speeder completed, the headlights, and the rest of the basic coloring. The final picture will have the driver, the gunner, and the gun glued into place, as well as the highlighting done.

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Ty for the compliments pyro!

I'm just using standard Citidel paints atm. chaos black, blood red, and ceramite white (still had my old pots for the first two when starting, though now my chaos black is abbadon). It took me a very long time to paint the whole thing, mainly because even though ceramite white is a base paint, white on black is still a pain in the ass, requiring many layers of thinned paint to get it to go on smoothly and not clump together when it dries. I think each of the outer fins (the things holding up the engine) took me three and a half hours to complete, so you're looking at 17.5 hours just on the fins.


While I do like looking at our codex for inspiration on my color schemes, some of the paint jobs there are just really bland. The guy who did it just highlighted everything and called it a job done. I like to make my details show through making them colored, not through highlighting. Not to say that i don't highlight, because I do. But if you look at something like my landspeeder, there's those 4 ridges near the engines behind the missile launchers that I painted red. I COULD have just highlighted them, but I really want people to know that they're there, and they are more likely to notice red ridges than grey outlines around the ridges. The same concept goes for me painting the outline of the cockpit white.


And as I've already said, I really like Hashut Copper. I'm looking for excuses to put it as many places as I can.

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WiP update 2 for the LPC:

The metallics and other basic colors added. things like buttons on the control panal, the searchlight, and some of the underworkings are painted. Driver and gunner have been glued into place. All that is left is highlighting the speeder (did it to the crew before gluing them in), and the speeder will be complete.


I'm sorry for the smallness of the picture, this is the size that my phone e-mails it to myself, as my USB that plugs into my phone is currently misplaced, and I don't know how to resize the image w/o making it even blurrier than it already is.




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TY for the kind words helljumper. As I said in a previous post, I like to show detail in my models through coloring the detail i want to show, not by highlighting, if it's possible. I'm finding more and more as I paint models that the more colors you use on your mini, the better it's going to look. Black Templars do not have to be restricted to just the black and white color scheme. Splash come color here and there, and really see the mini come to life!

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Battle Report time!

1850 vs Grey Knights again

Black Templars
Chaplain: Master of Sanctity: Power Sword, Power Fist, krak grenades, Holy Orb of Antioch, Artificer Armor, Terminator Honors
Emperor's Champion: Suffer Not the Unclean to Live

Terminator Squad: x5 Terminators, x2 w/ CML, tank hunters
Terminator Assault Squad: x5 TH/SS Terminators

Crusader Squad (CC): x10 Initiates, meltagun, power sword, x10 neophytes (Emperor's Champion here)

Crusader Squad (Ranged): x6 initiates, plasmagun, plasma cannon

Crusader Squad (Ranged): x6 initiates, plasmagun, plasma cannon

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder Squadron: x3 Typhoons (single squadron)

Heavy Support:
Land Raider Crusader (Assault Terminators and Chaplain here)


Aegis Defense Line

Grey Knights
Librarian: TDA, psybolt ammo, halberd, teleport homer, x3 Servo Skulls


Purifiers: x1 Knight of the Flame w/ Hammer, x9 Purifiers w/ 2 psycannons and halberds, Rhino

Terminator Squad: x10 Terminators, 3 w/ swords, 5 w/ halberds (two also had psycannons), 1 brotherhood banner
Strike Squad: x10 Grey Knights, 8 w/ swords, 2 w/ psycannons
Strike Squad: x10 Grey Knights, 8 w/ Swords, 1 w/ psycannon, 1 w/ incinerator.

Heavy Support
Dreadnought: Psyflame Ammo: DCCW w/ Heavy flamer, Twin-Linked Heavy flamer
Dreadnought: Psyflame Ammo: DCCW w/ Heavy flamer, Twin-Linked Heavy flamer



Aegis Defense Line: Comms Relay

The Game Type was rolled as The Scouring, and it was on Dawn of War deployment. I won the roll for table edges, and from my PoV, the board (Realm of Battle board) had a single hill, and it was in the left of the map. We decied that going across the hill was not difficult nor dangerous, but if you were behind the rocks you'd get a 5+ cover save. I placed my ADL along the open side of the board, starting where the hill ended, and hugging the edge of my deployment zone almost all the way to the right edge of the board. He then placed his similarly to mine, but curving back to his edge instead of going straight to the short end. For terrain, there was a crater behind the left edge of my ADL, a forest SW of the hill, A ruins (facing my ADL) on top of the hill on the left part, with a crater almost directly in front of it, another forest to the NW of the Hill, And a ruins directly infront of my ALD, also facing it. 

I placed my first two objectives behind the left and right edges of my ADL, and the third just outside the woods to the SW of the hill, close to my table edge. He placed his first in the ruins in front of my ADL, the second in the Ruins on the hill, and the third on the opposite side of the hill. My warlord trait made my chaplain scoring, and  his gave him FNP whilst within 3'' of an objective. His psychic powers were the divination primaris, and the divination 4 (ignores cover saves). He places one servo skull to the east of the ADL ruins, one in the middle of the board, and one on the hill between the ruins and the crater.


He won the roll for deployment, but had me deploy first.  I placed my two shooter squads by each of my ADL objectives, with my shooty terminators between them. The LRC started directly south of the hill, with the 20 man crusader squad behind it, and the landspeeders by the south forest objective.He deployed the rhino and the two dreadnoughts behind his ADL. He kept the rest in reserve (ending with 5/9 units in reserve). We revealed objective points. I had a 4 and a 2 behind my ADL, with a 3 behind the forest, a 3 in the ruins in front of me, a 2 in the ruins on the hill, and a 1 for the open hill objective. He did not try to steal the initiative, mission did not have night fighting.

Templar Turn 1: Rolled for the objectives i controlled. The 4 point was the reroll 1's to hit on shooting, the 2 point was the 1/2 charge distance, and the forest was sabotaged, but didn't explode. The 20 man squad moved into the forest to hold the objective, as the Landspeeders zoomed forward to get into position to shoot at the dreadnoughts. The LRC then moved and got half way up the hill. The rest of my men spread out behind the ADL and try to shoot and kill the dreadnoughts. Cover saves from his ADL end up foiling almost everything, as i only get 1 hull point in on one of the dreads, causing a stunned result which he fortitudes away on his turn. 

Grey Knight Turn 1: He moves one of his Dreads onto the hill, and almost runs it to my LRC when i remind him kindly that i have multi melta on it. he then decides to run it a different way. he admitted he was trying to get me to disembark from it and charge the dread. The other dread walked and ran to the ruins in front of my ADL, and the rhino with purifiers stayed put.

Templars Turn 2: The 20 man squad gets in better position into the forest. I know he's deepstriking his army in, so i want to get as much cover against any shooting he's going to do to me. The speeders move to a position on the hill where they can safely fire at the dread on the hill or the rhino with the purifiers. The LRC moves into melta range of the Dreadnought, destroying the hill servo skull. The guys behind the ADL stay put. The LRC fires it multi melta and assault cannon at the dreadnought, and i pray that for once in my life, my multi melta hits. AND IT DOES! i super pen it with the melta and get a pen with the assault cannon, but it doesn't blow up and is just a wreck. My Speeders then shoot at the Rhino, and cause a lot of pens and glances, but he makes the cover saves on all but one hit from a missle. It doesn't matter, as I roll a 6 and Blow it up! He takes no casualties from the explosion, and due to fearless doesn't get pinned. My men behind the ADL fired as much as they could at the dread, but were unable to do any damage to it, as most of my plasma (on the grave generator objective, go figure) gets hot and the cannoneer fails his armor save. No charges

Grey Knights Turn 2: The terminators and one of the strike squads come onto the board. He goes risky, and it doesn't pay off, as both of the squads scattered to the same place, causing them to mishap. The terminators went back into ongoing reserves, while the strike squad got misplaced, and I put them in the empty corner away from everything. The dread that is still remaining gets out of the ruins in front of my ADL. The purifiers try to head off my LRC, but roll poorly on their difficult terrain and running and don't make it very far.

Templars Turn 3: The Speeders move to get good shots in at the purifiers, and the LRC moves closer to the Purifiers. Everyone else stays still. The speeders shoot and kill a few purifiers, as does the LRC, leaving them with 5 men left.  My Terminators manage to blow up the dreadnought that left the ruins.

Grey Knights Turn 3: The Terminators come in as well as the other strike squad. Unfortunately, the terminators scatter into my men again, and go back into reserve. the strike squad manages to stick, however, and is in front of my ADL. The strike squad in the back moves forward to try and claim the objective in the ruins by my ADL. The forward strike squad shoots at my 4 point objective holders, killing all but the plasma cannoneer, who then falls back off the board. The purifiers shoot at my LRC, and do no damage.

Templars Turn 4: The LRC moves forwards and unloads the terminators right in the face of the Purifiers. The Shooty terminators go in front of my defense line to get a position to charge the strike squad. Everyone Else stays still. I throw the Holy Orb at them, but I forget to use focus fire and he uses cover saves to negate the damage. The Speeders and LRC bring the purifiers down to three men left. My Shooty Terminators fire on the Strike Squad, killing 2, and the remaining shooty crusaders kill another 1.  I fail my charge on the purifiers, due to so many of them dieing and me needing to roll for difficult due to the ADL. My Shooty Terminators manage to charge the strike squad, overwatch kills none, but swords do manage to take one down. The rest of the Terminators wipe out the squad. I consolidate towards my ADL.

Grey Knights Turn 4: Using his Servo Skull to the east of the ADL Ruins, he deepstrikes his terminators a final time, and finally manages to land them safely. The Purifiers move towards my Terminators, shoot, but do nothing. The Grey Knight Terminators shoot at my Shooty Terminators and bring them down to two men left. They charge my terminators, and the chaplain's krak grenade fails to hit, however, his power sword chops them all down as the terminators catch the purifiers swords on their shields. They did use their purifying flames psychic power, but he rolled all 1's and 2's, so no wounds from that. I consolidate towards the ruins by my ADL. His back Strike Squad moves towards the ruins with the objective.

Templars Turn 5: In case the game ends, my Speeders move to claim the objective in the hill ruins, and my last shooty crusader squad moves to take the 4 point objective on othe other side of the ADL from them. My LRC moves up next to my terminators, and they get back in (protecting themselves from the strike squad's fire, since we're both heading to the same objective now). My shooty terminators move back behind the ADL. The Speeders shoot at the enemy terminators, killing one of them, as do my shooty terminators and the LRC. The shooty crusaders run to get in range of the objective. no charges.

Grey Knights Turn 5: The Strike Squad advances on my LRC, shoots, and does nothing. The Terminators Fire on my last two terminators, killing them. He's still too far away, however, to contest the 4 point objective.

We roll the dice to see if the game ends, and it does!

Templars win 10 - 1 (4 point objective, 3 point objective, 2 point objective, First Blood) vs (Linebreaker)


My thoughts: I was really excited to be finally bringing a 20 man crusader squad to a game, as normally the largest i get is 14, and I have an additional 10 man squad. Normally we play 2k though, so i had to cut something. As is, I was a little disappointed that all they did was sit on an objective all game, although their numbers is probably what stopped him from deepstriking something over there to take the objective. With them over there, however, I had very little defending my men from deep strike madness. After killing the dreadnought, should my LRC have gone back to my deployment zone to help ward off the invaders?

I made the list expecting him to do something more conventional, not a deep strike madness list, so i was hoping to be able to over run him with bodies and hard to kill stuff. A 10 terminator squad is hard to deal with, especially when it's deepstriking right next to you. I was quite lucky that his deepstrikes didn't go so well for him in the beginning. he also had quite abysmal rolling on running, difficult terrain, and that total whiff on the purifying flame roll sucked as well for him.

So what do you guys think? thoughts?

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Well, I played 2k against my brother's tyranids, but it wasn't really a game. It was more of my Vindicator and Speeders blowing  up huge swaths of his army over two turns, and then him conceding once it got to to 7-1 Templars. The mission was Scouring, and he brought a very fast attack heavy list, of which all melted very quickly. This was my vindicator's first game, and my brother estimated it made about 600 points worth back in the two turns (turn 1 he wasn't expecting my vindi to get that close to his big squad of shrikes, and turn 2 i melted some raveners that deepstriked, so had to be close together). It probably wouldn't have done a lot more over the next few turns, as he had very little left, especially after my speeders killed 20 hormagaunts on turn 1 with frag missiles (he had one section that was clumped up, and I got a lot of hits). I look forward to playing against him again, although the group consensus is that my black templars are overpowered. 

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And I bring to you at last, my landspeeder after highlights!









It may be hard to tell where some of the highlights are due to camera quality, and that's why i took pictures from different angels so you can see them all. 

Coming up next, My LRC and a 5 man terminator assault squad!

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As promised




And their ride









Sorry for the darkness in the last two. My phone apparently doesn't like sending pictures if my lamp is lighting them up anymore, so i had to use natural light for the pictures. I still need to come up with something to put on the banner on the assault ramp. If you guys can think of anything that sounds fitting, let me know!

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@Virngrath: Some interesting choices, but I was thinking something a bit more in universe and their time period.

@Helljumper: *chuckles*


One of the things i was thinking of was "Storm of Dorn", which almost rhymes, and got me thinking about how much weathery stuff is used for space marines. Storm shield/bolter, Thunder Hammer, Hurricane Bolter, Landspeeder Tornado/Typhoon/Storm, Lightning Claws, amongst various other things. Almost Makes me want to have a weather themed crusade.

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"And now we go live to our weatherman on the field, Urkh. Urkh, how's the weather like for today?"


"Today's forecast calls for icy winds, scattered shower and 100% chance of DROP PODS."


I'll admit I shamelessly stole that from WoW:WotLK joke when ICC first got released.

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LOL! That leaves me with no choice. After I've finished painting these neophytes I'm working on, it's time to complete the two drop pods sitting on my table!

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