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A few questions on BA and the FT...


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It's been a very long time since I've been in this sub forum, and I could do with some help clarifying a few things.  I'm currently creating a BA successor as part of the "Emperor needs you! 27th Founding" topic in the WIP forum.  The "27th" is kinda "What if" scenario - If there was a 27th Founding, which Chapters would be in it?


Anyway, I decided to create a BA successor that is either a Flesh Tearer successor, or a generic BA successor that had a training cadre from the Flesh Tearers.  Here's where I need help.  Can anyone tell me if there is a specific time frame where the FT are officially "in trouble" (i.e. reduced to circa 400 Marines and increasing degradation of the gene seed). 


I could also do with feedback on the possible notion that the Sons of Cruor were created around the time of the BA conclave - when Dante asked for Neophites etc to rebuild the BA, the successors were also asked to submit gene seed to create a new Chapter (the 27th Founding).  One thing I considered was to have the Chapter use a "generic" Blood Angel genetic code, but have the Flesh Tearers train them because of their reduced numbers, they couldn't afford to lose gene seed.


The general back ground for my DIY is that they have come to the conclusion (after many Marines in the Chapter receive dreams they think are from Sanguinius himself), that the Black Rage and the Red Thirst are to be embraced, rather than resisted.  That, if they all enter at the same time, they can "punch through" it and regain themselves the way Mephiston did and become balanced again the way Sanguinius himself was.


Any help anyone can give would be very appreciated

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Well, the Blood Angels very much see the Red Thirst and Black Rage as curses and also, in some cases, as a penance they must bear.  It is also something that they try to keep as quiet as possible from the outside world.  We, as 3rd party omniscients, know about it and a few of their closest allies within the Astartes and various other organizations know about it, so embracing it would be a bit... drastic and maybe out of character.  Even the Flesh Tearers are aware of their flaws and, while they embrace savagery, they are no more welcoming of the Thirst and Rage than any others of Sanguinius' line.


Creating a Chapter after the Conclave also seems to not fit within the scheme of things.  The Blood Angels requested that their successors give up a tithe of their aspirants.  To also request their geneseed (on top of that which gets submitted to the Adeptus Mechanicus) be submitted for a Chapter of their own creation seems, not only dubious but, unless sanctioned by the Adeptus Terra possibly viewed as heresy.


Also, the Flesh Tearers, as the least stable of the Blood Angels, might not be the best training cadre.


I caveat all of this with this:


It's your Chapter, so you should do as you please.  Just be aware that there might be some resistance. :)

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