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  1. Welcome to my Blood Angels painting blog! My army is based on the 4th Company, along with reinforcements from other companies. The disposition of my assembled, part painted and fully painted forces are as follows: ++Angels of the Blood++ ++Chapter Command++ ++High Command++ Commander Cervan Dante - High Lord of the Blood Angels Games Day Captain The Sanguinor ++Sanguinary Priesthood++ Brother Corbulo - Sanguinary Highest Priest Brother Olburoc - Sanguinary Higher Priest Sanguinary High Priest ++Reclusium++ Reclusiarch Xenith - JP, Crozius, Powerfist Chaplain Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost Chaplain Diabocca - JP, Crozius and Infernus Pistol Chaplain - JP, Crozius, Grav Pistol Chaplain - TDA, Crozius, Storm Bolter ++Librarius++ Chief Librarian Mephiston, Lord of Death High Epistolary Nostiphem, Master of Twilight Chief Librarian Primaris Mephiston, third of his name. Codicier Librarian - JP, Force Halberd Lexicanum Librarian - TDA, Force Sword, Combi Plasma Lexicanum Librarian - JP, Force Sword, hand flamer Epistolary - Force Stave Epistolary - TDA, Force Stave Lexicanum Varus - Storm Bolter, Force Stave ++Sanguinary Guard (10 Marines)++ Sanguinary Ancient Remiel, The Exaltation The Host of Mikhael (5), The Grace of Sanguinius The Host of Gabriel (4), The Strength of Sanguinius ++The Lost Company (11 Marines)++ Death Company Squad (6 with jump packs) Death Company Squad (5 with jump packs) ++1st Company (49 Marines)++ Captain Karlaen, The Shield of Baal Brother Captain Donato Company Ancient with Thunder Hammer Company Ancient Darrago: Power Fist and Storm Bolter 1st Sternguard Squad (5) 2nd Vanguard Squad (7) 3rd Vanguard Squad (5) ++Terminator Squads++ Redemptor: 1st Assault Terminator Squad (4 TH/SS) Invictor: 2nd Tactical Terminator Squad (4, AC) Avengor: 3rd Assault Terminator Squad (5 LC) Damnator: 4th Tactical Terminator Squad Alphaeus (5, HF) Venator: 5th Assault Terminator Squad Victorno (2xTH, 2x LC) Vindictor: 6th Tactical Terminator Squad (Serge, 2x SB, CML) 7th, Destructor; 8th, Vexator; 9th, Signator; 10th, Praetor. Unassigned: 1 Cyclone Terminator; 1 Assault Cannon; Brother Ferruan ++3rd Company (12 Marines)++ Captain Tycho Psycho Tycho 6th - Tactical Squad (10) ++4th Company (102 Marines)++ Captain De Bosola, the Lord Adjudicator Company Champion 1st - Tactical Squad Venusian (10 flamer, hand flamer, heavy flamer) 2nd - Tactical Squad Terranostro (10 melta, combi melta, multimelta) 3rd- Tactical Squad Solon (10 plasma, combi plas, plasma cannon) 4th - Tactical Squad Mercurio (10 flamer, heavy bolter) 5th - Tactical Squad Jovor (10, Grav gun, grav cannon) 6th - Tactical Squad Santurini (10 Combi plas, plasma gun, las cannon) 7th - Assault Squad Neptus (10) 8th - Assault Squad Marsellus (10) 9th - Devastator Squad Plutaxo (10) 10th - Devastator Squad Urannon (10) ++5th Company (17 Marines)++ Primaris Lieutenant Verrocchio Primaris Ancient 1st Intercessor Squad Donato (5) 2nd Intercessor Squad Calpurnius (5) 7th Inceptor Squad Giorginone (3) 9th Aggressor Squad Bronzino (3) ++6th Company (1 Marine)++ Captain Raxiatel, Caller of the Fires ++7th Company (2 Marines)++ 1st Squadron (1 Land Speeder Tornado) ++8th Company (24 Marines)++ 1st - Assault Squad (9) 5th Bike Squadron (3) 7th Squadron (2 Attack Bikes) 8th Squadron (2 Land Speeder Typhoons) 10th Squadron (2 Attack Bikes) ++10th Company (28 Marines)++ 1st Squad - (10 BP/CCW) 2nd Squad (5 Shotguns) 3rd Squad - (4 sniper rifles, HB) 4th Squad - 5 Shotguns 7th Squad (3 bikes) Land Speeder Storm ++Hall of Ancients (6 Brothers)++ #2 Imperator Furioso - Dreadnought w/Multimelta #2 Balthasar the Prophet - Furioso Librarian #3 Kaspar the Destroyer - Death Company Dreadnought #4 Ancient Borgio - Dreadnought #5 Bellerophon - Contemptor Dreadnought #6 Leviathan Class Dreadnought ++Motor Pool++ #1 Eternal Vigil - Whirlwind #2 Iron Blood - Baal Class Predator (Magnetised) #3 Iron Faith - Baal Class Predator (Flamestorm) #4 Praetorian of Baal - Destructor Class Predator '' (Auto-Las) #5 Wall of Terra - Vindicator #6 Tyrant's Bane - Land Raider Proteus #7 Invictus - Land Raider Crusader #8 Wrath of Heaven - Stalker Support Tank #9 Interfector - Sicaran Venator #10 Aegis Eternal - Land Raider Excelsior Iron Fire - Baal Class Predator' (Heresy-Era Brrrrrt Pattern) Chaeron - Death Company Rhino Razorback Drop Pod Rhino Primaris Razorback (TLHB) ++Air Support++ #1 Thunder's Echo - Stormhawk ++GLORY TO THE FOURTH!++ My painting backlog can be found here: XBA: The Grey Pile of Shame Credit is due to DiegoGisbertLlorens on Deviant Art for the artwork in my signature, and also to teef, who's banner I used in the first post.
  2. Hello everybody! I have been looking and watching your forum for a very long time and am inspired by many topics here. And for a very long time I dreamed of building a special SM army for myself. Therefore, I created a topic here and am starting to share the beginning of my project. I hope this will be a great motivation. I don't have much free time, so progress will be slow, but I hope it will be interesting. For myself, I chose the Flesh Tearers order, I really like their color scheme and a huge opportunity for conversions. I began my long journey with the assembly and conversion of the first war. This will be Sergeant Intercessors. On this guy I will test the color scheme and techniques. Hopefully I will share the process with you soon.
  3. From the album: Flesh Tearers WiP

    Amit's body is down! (Virtually... Need to do some script work)
  4. What started as just a small statement from the authors has led me to find out that the Flesh Tearers are going to be in December's White Dwarf. I think I'm going to start compiling news regarding the Flesh Tearers in this thread to hopefully help other fans of the Flesh Tearers update themselves with where the Flesh Tearers are today and any information I can gather regarding updates for the Flesh Tearers. -= Updates =- Statement regarding future plans for Gabriel Seth: 11/12/2019: https://youtu.be/MBJHnX1A6sU?t=511 News regarding Flesh Tearers in Dec 2019 White Dwarf: 11/13/2019: https://spikeybits.com/2019/11/flesh-tearers-getting-new-40k-rules-in-dec-white-dwarf.html New Flesh Tearers rules coming in Blood of Baal: 11/25/2019: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/25/blood-of-baal-chapter-focus-the-blood-angelsgw-homepage-post-2/ (Pre-order date 11/30/2019) Gabriel Seth and the Flesh Tearers Update in Blood of Baal: 11/29/2019: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/29/psychic-awakening-feeding-frenzygw-homepage-post-4/ Blood of Baal Flesh Tearer Rules per winter's SEO review: 11/30/2019: Dec 2019 White Dwarf Preview, Flesh Tearers info and mission confirmed!: 12/06/2019: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/12/06/white-dwarf-preview-decembergw-homepage-post-3/ -= Lore News =- The Points of Grace:
  5. So I’ve just finished a new Anciehnt for my Flesh Tearers Force... I’m really looking forward to seeing how this guys does on the battlefield There’s some more pictures and detail on my blog: https://classicastartes.blogspot.com/2018/07/i-have-been-working-hard-on-another.html?m=1
  6. Finally I have just finished three drop pods that have taken me the best part of two months to complete. These new orbital insertion vehicles will be dropping my Flesh Tearers Space Marines exactly where they need to be.... right in the heart of the enemy force. Whilst it’s taken comparatively ages for me to assemble and paint these models they have actually been in my plastic pile for 14 years!! Agh. Overall I really haven’t enjoyed these models; they are laborious to paint; a nightmare to assemble and overly fragile; in fact this isn’t least favourite modelling project of recent years! That being said I am happy that they are now complete and I look forward to dropping them right into my mate’s deployment area next time we play. There’s a little bit more detail on my blog: https://classicastartes.blogspot.com/2018/07/flesh-tearers-drop-pods-complete.html?m=0#comment-form
  7. Hello =) A few weeks ago, with the release of the new 8th Edition Rulebook, i decided that it was time to update the Flesh Tearers Supplement. (What a delight when i saw that the Flesh Tearers even got their two very own pages in the Imperial Indexes.) A so, after some hours of works (more than imagined at first^^), here is the Flesh Tearers "Unofficial" Supplement for the 8th edition of the Rulebook. Also, some may be pleased to note that, there is already the Adeptus Astartes listed in it. (No need for the Space Marines codex, but you will still need the Cards to use them^^.) It is a personal challenge of mine to make things look the more professional it can, but not everything is perfect^^. (The Chaplains will note that i used the Adeptus Sanctioned Watermark for this Version.) With that done, i will go back to the Hobby, and get myself back to work^^. (So much miniatures still waiting to be paint, and which need to be done for the Blood Angels POSSIBLE events of December with the incoming Devastation of Baal Campaign.) Have a nice day. =) Nota Bene : I think that this will be the last Version of the Flesh Tearers Unofficial Supplement. I may correct some little details, but i prefer focus on the hobby and more usefull things....and maybe a Flesh Tearers Compendium with all the Flesh Tearers known fluff.
  8. Hello! I've decided to add to my ever growing list of armies to start! I had originally wanted to do a Flesh Tearers army sometime ago, but I was waylaid by various other projects and real life. I was sorting out my bedroom earlier and rediscovered my Shield of Baal box set I'd bought. When I got it, I also bought the new Sanguinary Priest, a box of Blood Angel tactical Marines (half of whom are partly painted as a Blue armoured Successor, the Sons of Cruor ). I also got a never painted, metal Gabriel Seth model. I got a Deredeo Dreadnought that was for a XIII Legion project that I lost interest in, as well as a metal (never painted) Techmarine with harness. I have a few other bits and bobs too that I might be able to add into this. This blog will also resurrect my Flesh Tearers Space hulk models project too. I don't have any progress yet, short of finding the box: . I'll be reading Index: Imperium 1 to see what options I should give the Tactical squad etc and take it from there. I wouldn't normally start a topic without at least something to show, but I could do with some advice. I've spent the last few days looking high and low for a recipe for the shade of Flesh Tearer I want. The trouble is, whilst there are a lot of links via google which can be previewed, clicking the link results in telling me the picture was hosted by Photobucket and thereby unusable I'm sure that Morticon had exactly the right shade I wanted, a dark red, some might call it a claret. Any advice on achieving such a shade would be most welcome. I just need to order copious amounts of shoulder pads to make this a lot easier! Thanks for looking and for any advice you can give
  9. Hi all! My first 'New Topic' in B & C. Looks to be a great forum (long time random lurker), and I'll try and add my bit. I was wondering how people feel about Gabriel Seth. I'm currently working on a too large Flesh Tearers army, and haven't played any 8th edition yet. Getting back into the hobby since 5th, actually, so I'm a little rusty. On paper, to me, Seth looks like a brutal blood spatter forensic expert's dream. Or possibly nightmare. He's cheap for a HQ, he has a 6" 're-roll to hit' aura, and his Whirlwind of Gore special ability might actually be reasonable (if unreliable) as it can go off on both player's turns. Not sure how survivable he is, although 6 wounds and 4++ isn't anything to sneeze at I guess. Thoughts? EDIT: I'm aware there is currently another thread discussing Seth's keywords just a couple down the page, however I thought it would be nice to talk specifically about 8th edition tactics. If this is considered a duplicate, someone please remove :)
  10. ++Action Report: Manufactorum Apha-Zeta 116++ The revving of chainswords fell silent. Sergeant Arteros and his squad had barely finished hacking apart the traitor cultists when brother Faustian stepped through the arch of the munitorum building. "Sergeant, I've found the sorcerer as instructed. He has 5 of the foul automaton marines with him. They seem to be excavating the center of the manufactorum square a few miles south. I took the liberty of deploying trip mines." Arteros rallyed his men. "Master Seth has sent us to spread terror into the heretic lines, that is exactly what we will do. We must sow confusion and destruction until the 2nd company reinforces our position. The Thousand Sons are few in number, but have hundreds of thousands of mortal servants. Let us litter the ground with heretic astartes corpses, then the traitor guardsmen and the cultists will fall into disarray. They will be ripe for slaughter." ++ The last of his slaves had been expended, but the effort bore fruit. Amon's daemons had whispered of traps in the ruins. The slaves had all been force marched into the them, after a few spectacular explosions the manufactorum square was now clear for excavator engines to be brought in. Soon he would have his prize and could join his thrallband in the sacking of the capital. His daemons whispered again, "the tearers have come, they seek terror and destruction." Amon smiled and thought to himself... "then they have found it." ++ Arteros heard explosions, Faustian's trip mines. The Sergeant clicked to his unit's vox channel, "Brothers the time is now! Dontaelus take a fortified position and provide coverfire, Brother Faustian flank to the west. Brother Raelyn and Rafael advance and take firing positions. The rest of you with me! We hunt! Brother Dontaelus was the first to find glorious combat. His plasma gun launching white hot bolts into the ruins the traitors used as cover. The return fire was fast and the warp infused bolts that hit the walls surrounding Dontaelus sent sparks and iridescent flames flying. Brother Faustian saw the three legionnaires who weren't shooting at Dontaelus move through the ruins ahead of him. They had foreseen his flank and countered it in kind. Before he could take cover behind the rockcrete pdf barricades on his side of the street a bolt of psychic warpfire tore through the building infront of him shattering the stained glass windows. The bolt struck him in the shoulder. It melted through ceremite and flesh alike. Faustian's arm wracked with unnatural pain. Sergeant Arteros moved at speed. the 2 marines who followed him fired from the hip as they moved. Arteros' plasma pistol wouldn't have the ranged needed at this distance. Using his powerfist the Flesh Tearers sergeant ripped the door off a building that would provide cover most of the way to the heretic ruin. He wanted to get in close and kill the sorcerer himself. ++ Amon psychically ordered his warriors to turn with the loyalist flank. This would lure out these pitful shadows of his own former glory. He'd use their famed bloodlust against them and lure them across open ground. His foes had landed many bolter rounds into his rubricae, it was with great satisfaction Amon watched them bounce off of their warp infused wards. Even a plasma round had found its mark with nothing to show for it. But as a precaution Amon ordered his fireteam within the ruins to focus their attention on the plasma gun until his trap was sprung. ++ Brother Faustian was crouched low next to the rockcrete barricades. The enemy warriors seemed to only fire at him when he exposed himself. There was no attempt to suppress him. With that in mind Faustian threw a frag grenade into the enemy ruins and decided to give up his flank. Charging through the street he dove into a massive crater in the center of the square. He subvocalized into the unit vox "Sergeant they predicted our maneuver. Orders?" Arteros clicked back, "Brothers, advance all positions. We will engage at close range then we will push through southward and rally at LZ114 a storm raven will be waiting." It was then that brother Rafael took a bolt round to his neck. The pink flames engulfed his helmet. He took a few steps then crumpled over in the street. Brother Raelyn dove through the hail of bolter fire and joined Faustian in the crater. "Faustian, we must advance!" The marines rose as one. They advanced on the traitor positions. The fusillade of their bolter fire was fearsome. For a few terrifying moments the air in the courtyard was filled with .75 calibre explosive bolts. For every loyalist round that barked so too did a traitor's. ++ "The trap is sprung." Amon thought to himself then reached out with his will and had his two rubricae holding the west flank advance. This would pin these Flesh Tearers in place. All that remained was the plasma gunner who refused to give up his position. He turned his attentions towards the east. Seeing the Flesh Tearer sergeant crossing a barricade in the street while his marines fought the rubricae in the court yard. Amon focused his will and summoned forth another psybolt. Amon watched with malace as flame engulfed the sergeant. It was going as he had foreseen, surely a sign of his patron's favor. Amon beneath his ornate helmet smiled. ++ Bolt rounds bounced off of the traitor marines, they had become so emboldened that they advanced from their positions to flank Arteros and his squad. Brother Faustian looked back to see Dontaelus blast one of the heretics with two plasma bolts at optimal range, yet still they did not falter. Slowly they advanced and blasted Dontaelus' cover from around him. Then he was gone, engulfed by the witchfire their bolters produced. Turning his attention back Faustian saw brother Raelyn break through the traitor line. He destroyed some of the heretic's cover with a krak grenade before making his way towards the storm raven landing zone. An alert chime rang out in is helmet auspex. The sergent was engulfed in warpfire. Faustian's hearts filled with rage and blood lust. He and another brother charged into the ruins to confront the heretics in close combat. He could no longer contain his blood lust, his brother's were dying, he flung himself at the advancing traitors. It was then he realized that it was a trap. They had been waiting. The air seethed. Everything burned. Arteros could smell his own flesh. The red thirst overtook him, the freedom and strength of the thirst dulled all pain. Arteros briefly saw brother Faustian and another battle brother blasted apart by sorcererous bolter fire at point blank range. Their ferocious charge cut short. He screamed so loud his external vox gave out under the inhuman warcry. Arteros slammed through the side wall of the ruined manufactorum. The sorcerer stood exposed. Finally, he'd found his quarry. Ripping his helmet off and bearing his fangs he screamed "Death to the traitors!" He charged and slammed his power fist into the wretched sorcerer. If the force of the attack hadn't killed the sorcerer outright Arteros couldn't tell. His vision swam, all that mattered was the blood. So Arteros kept swinging and didn't stop until his fist was just blasting apart chunks of bloody mud. He missed it at first but then realized Raelyn was yelling at him. Another battle brother came and laid his hand on Arteros' shoulder. "Sergeant we must make the LZ, these automata are too strong. We cannot hold!" Arteros gave the order, although later, struggle as he might he could not remember having given it. Without their sorcerer the rubricae held defensive postitions in the square. They snapped shots at the withdrawing Flesh Tearers but without sorcerous direction they could not pursue. +++ A phyrric Thousand Sons Victory!
  11. "We are Angels no more." http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/640x480q90/922/d2d7fl.jpg Welcome to my hobby log which I will be using as motivation as I get back into the hobby and try out some new painting techniques. The grim, dark 40k universe is home to many different painting styles, but most of us started out following the painting styles of GW's 'Eavy Metal team. Models were painted in pristine condition using edge highlighting and bright colors. This hobby log will not follow this painting style... I've recently been obsessed with finding new painting styles that aim to breath realism into my models and show off the wear and tear that comes from fighting on the battlefield. Inevitably, I found myself in the world of military modeling where weathering is way more prevalent than in most wargaming communities. I also purchased Forge World's Model Masterclass books which are full of wonderful techniques and examples. Inspiration has also come from this forum where other artists have embraced the grim-dark painting style I'm striving for. Spex, Brother-Captain Arkhan, and poom are but a few of these examples. I blame you gentlemen for inspiring me to start this thread. I'd like this thread to teach others as I stumble through learning new techniques. So hopefully I will be able to add some simple tutorials between posts of finished models. Fair warning, many of these techniques will require additional equipment to the standard brush and Citadel paint range. I plan to utilize an airbrush, oil paints, and weathering powders plus anything else new I find. The scope of this project is to paint in a different way than I've done before though, so I can't promise that I'll be posting frequently or will be able to finish a full army. However, I will start will my Flesh Tearer army before branching out to other projects I'd like to get to. To begin, here's a test model I experimented on. I want to add even more weathering effects to future projects and really push the line of "too much weathering". Please enjoy. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1024x768q90/922/sow6W7.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1024x768q90/924/pl1dMM.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1024x768q90/921/FBagDF.jpg
  12. Made a start on the Chaplain to lead the DC - no bling, just black, red and silver. Going to tone down the red though - far too bright for a Son of Cretacia :)
  13. After a long hiatus, I've returned to the hallowed halls of B&C with a new found vigour for the Blood Angels angrier cousins - the Flesh Tearers. I decided to paint the sons of Cretacia, as I wanted to revisit my first ever SM army, but didn't want to just paint more Blood Angels - I wanted a bit of a change, maybe something a little darker, a little bloodier. And with the new Primaris kits coming soon, I decided to dive head first into the duality of the rage and the thirst. There is no real plan to build an army, just a need to paint some characterful units, with a few conversions and kitbashes scattered throughout. I wanted the Tearers to look dark and dirty, so it's a deliberately rough paint job. I'm not going to post everything here in this first post, just a few pics to show you all what I've been doing recently.
  14. Greetings brothers of the blood! So I've been hard at work recently on my Crimson Fists force, but as soon as I saw the assault intercessors from the Indomitus box I just knew I wanted to paint them up as the sons of Seth. The close support stuff just doesn't fit with my Fists, who I wanted to remain a more backline/shooty force. I just recently finished the Ragnar Blackmanes novel where he heads to Cretacia and that sealed the deal for me. I want to have this force as a sort of spearhead for one of the fleets pushing back the Tyranids and other foul stuff out in the galaxy after the Devastation of Baal. Maybe having even joined up with one of the Indomitus Fleets. Lot's of transports, outriders and close assault units. I have no idea what company to do yet, I'm thinking 2nd as I have a bunch of yellow blood drop transfers floating around, but I also like the green of the 5th. Now I know Seth wasn't happy with the Primaris at first, but I figured a hundred or so years have passed to get to this stage, some have started to fall to the twin curses and I'd assume he's more accepting of them now. So it will be a purely Primaris force, possibly backed up by some terminator heroes models I've got kicking about considering they've just had a bump on the tabletop. I've made a start on a test model and boy are these guys fun to paint. Expect more soon! (Ignore the scratch on his shoulder pad, had an accident with a hobby knife) i
  15. Hi all, I'm looking at gettting some shapeways printed flesh tearers icons, however shipping takes ages, and is really expensive, I'm assuming these are comingfrom the US. Does anyone know if there's a UK equivalent 3D printing company that I can get some from? Search didnt bring up anything useful. Thanks in advance! Xen
  16. Hi! I have a Flesh Tearers army because I like their paint scheme and the fluff is cool. Blood of Baal gave Blood Angels a nice push, but the rules for Flesh Tearers seems a bit lacking, especially after the FAQ. I am considering running my Flesh Tearers as regular Blood Angels instead. I'm not running Seth so I'm not restricted by that at least. Would you object to that, or do you think that people in general would object?
  17. 1129 downloads

    Flesh Tearers Decal Sheet - BOLS Version
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