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Inspired by KHK's Astral Reaver topic, I'm going with a two post system. The first reserved for any potential final draft or whatever I end up with. The second (this post) is where I will keep editing in new info, ideas and changes.

At the moment I'm calling this thread a compendium, because this is not an IA building thread. This is a thread for me to post about the Iron Raptors and everything that relates to them, so that includes things you will not see in your usual IA. Thus what I post should not be discussed on the merits of whether or not it fits in an IA. I'm building a Chapter damn it, not an article.

This thread is about putting down ideas I've had in my head (for Gods know how many years), building them, fluffing them out, and refining them into something noteworthy or discarding them if they are craptastic.

Things you may see in this thread:

Random Fluff

Rules / Discussions on how rules pertain to the Chapter


Videos (not likely but possible I suppose)

Character bios

Article style sections (Origins, Geneseed etc)



Models / Discussions pertaining to modelling and painting the Chapter



- Update 1 -

Chapter Symbol:


Geneseed: Iron Hands

Predecessor: Imperial Monarchs (3rd Founding)

Founding: 7th

Homeworld: Fleet Based

Fortress Monastery: Dominance (Mobile space fortress)

Fleet Assets: Dominance, 2 Battle Barges, 9 Strike Cruisers, Numerous allied Ad Mech ships

Closest Known Allies: The Adeptus Mechanicus (primarily the Explorators)

Mission: STC & Relic Hunters


Mundokiir (Heart of Crushed Garnet, the Eye of Fury) - Jarlnir (whose Gaze Freezes)

Thurokiir (Obsidian Heart, the Arbiter of Reckoning) - Glaynir (Chooser of the Slain)

Chief Librarian - Hjonvard (who Vultures Follow)

Master of Sanctity - Thrymnir (Coward's Master)

Master of the Forge - Tyrvard (of the Silver Hand)

Chief Apothecary - Egil (of the Bloody Stump)

1st Company (Dechtakars*) Captain - Rundar (of the Hundred Battles)

2nd Company (Kestrel Guard) Captain - Hervard (of the Iron Gale)

3rd Company Captain (also Master of the Watch) - Decaro (of Silver Swords)

4th Company Captain (also Master of the Arsenal) - Kain (of Crimson Deeds)

5th Company Captain (also Master of the Fleet) - Rolgar (of Blazing Fire)

6th Company Captain - Eirik (who Jams the Gates of the Underworld)

7th Company Captain - Stefran (who Stands Victorious)

8th Company Captain - Thyrm (of the Long Arm)

9th Company Captain - Thrend (atop the Piled Dead)

10th Company Captain (also Master of Recruits) - Surtnir (of the Shadowless Hands)

Captain of the Jethurri (We who stand in judgement) - Brantyr (of Whistling Steel)

Keldokiir (Reaper's Hand, the Claimer) - Ingvar (Death's Favoured Son)

Chapter Ancient - Thewyn (Splinter Grip)

1st Sergeant of the Armoury - Bran (of the Iron Skin)

1st Sergeant of the Tenth Company - Thiazi (Widow Maker)

*=We who sacrifice ourselves for the highest cause

Jethurri=Honour Guard

Keldokiir=Chapter Champion


- Update 2 -


  • A taskforce of Imperial Monarchs is destroyed by the Blood Kings renegade faction. Battle-Captain Sorus ,who was left for dead, is the only survivor.
  • Sorus in his near death state (but healing) has a vision of Ferrus Manus telling him of a great journey he must partake.
  • Sorus leaves behind his armour, and follows the vision.
  • He is led to the Lemora star cluster, where six lost human Clans reside in a state of constant war.
  • The Lemorans had limited Warp tech, and could only reliably travel between the various stars in the cluster.
  • Sorus joined the Kestalla Clan, and for a number of years fought to restore the Clan's status as the dominant faction in the cluster.
  • Honours earned by Sorus during this time were:
  • A Lemoran name: Varaconn
  • The title: "of the Iron Wings"
  • Elevation to the rank of Mundokiir (the Clan's General)
  • Mundokiir Varaconn of the Iron Wings' last battle as part of the Kestalla Clan, was on the homeworld of the Cullach Clan.
  • There the Kestallan's had managed to secure the Cullach Clan's great vault, and within a complete STC template.
  • Varaconn gives up his position as Mundokiir and returns to Nashaan (the Imperial Monarch's homeworld).
  • Varaconn recounts his tale to the Chapter War Clan Council, and spends the next year being tested for corruption (he passes).
  • Varaconn and the Thunder Monarch (Master of the Forge) travel to Mars, present the STC template to the Fabricator General himself, and petition his support in the Imperial Monarchs providing assets (command cadre, geneseed etc) for the upcoming 7th Founding.
  • The Iron Raptors, with Varaconn as their first Chapter Master, are forged in the 7th Founding. Their mission to seek out and recover lost relics and anything relating to STC technologies.

- Update 3 -


  • In Varaconn's absence things went from bad to worse in the Lemora star cluster.
  • The Cullach Clan, shamed by their defeat, turned their thoughts to revenge.
  • They did what no other Clan had done previous, and turned towards the outside for assistance in getting their revenge.
  • Grey and black Space Marines with a snake's skeleton as their symbol answered their call.
  • What deals were struck between the strangers and the Cullach Clan leadership, all that is known is that they agreed to help the Cullachs destroy the other Clans completely.
  • The strangers brought with them great world destroying devices, that when placed upon certain points of a world would cause the world to shatter into millions of pieces.
  • The Cullach forces along with their new allies attacked each Clan one by one, shattering their worlds. Few from each Clan survived to flee to the other Clans seeking short lived sanctuary.
  • Each Clan was better prepared for the Cullachs than the last, but none had strength to stop them.
  • The Kestalla Clan was left to last.
  • The Kestalla Clan had time to prepare, not a last stand as other Clans had attempted, but an effort to save a portion of the Clan and some of the refugees from the other Clans.
  • Within the moon of the Kestallan homeworld in giant natural caverns they constructed a great labyrinthine vault, reinforced and prepared to suffer against the harshness of space. Within millions of people could survive for decades, protected and hidden.
  • When the Kestallan homeworld was finally shattered, the moon suffered greatly, pummelled and smashed apart by debris from the homeworld.
  • But the vault maintained its integrity, holding a small portion of what was left of the moon together.
  • For all intents and purposes it seemed as if all the other Clans were completely destroyed, with the Cullachs reigning supreme. That is when their so called allies turned their weapons upon the Cullachs.
  • Without the other Clans to aid them, the Cullachs weakened from fighting stood no chance, and their worlds died just the same. Except no Cullach survived.
  • For years the remaining Lemorans survived inside the vault, alone with no where to go.
Homeworld Bound:
  • Varaconn had chosen the world of Kestalla to be the homeworld for the Iron Raptors, little knowing that it was no more.
  • The Iron Raptors fleet arrived to find the Lemora star cluster a graveyard of shattered rock, each system that they travelled to was the same.
  • Finally the Chapter came upon where Kestalla should have been. Combing the debris for clues as to whom or what could have done this, the Iron Raptors came upon the Kestallan vault.
  • The Chapter adopted the Kestallan vault and turned its outer shell into their Fortress Monastery.
  • Several centuries later the Adeptus Mechanicus would install even greater armaments, and even great dark age warp capable engines, turning the vault into a mobile space fortress. At this time the Chapter renamed the fortress: Dominance.

- Update 4 -

Lemorian Clans:

- Clan - / - Totem -

- Kestalla - / - Kestrel -

- Cullach - / - Boar -

- Mactíre - / - Wolf -

- Duneyrr - / - Stag -

- Ursagi - / - Bear -

- Odi - / - Raven -

Dominance Vault Crap Image Example:



- Update 5 -


The Iron Raptors HQ differs from the Codex, in that the position and responsibilities of Chapter Master are split up between three different positions.

1. The Mundokiir: In charge of the Chapter as a military force.

2. The Thurokiir: In charge of maintaining the Chapter's Honour, and leading the Chapter's forces in pursuit of their mission (the recovery of STC tech and relics).

3. The Rekdomar: The political leader of the Chapter, responsible for maintaining the human element of the Chapter, such as dealing with outsiders (diplomacy), the running of the Chapter's serfs, and the Vault. The Rekdomar is also not a Space Marine, instead the position is an elected one from the upper leadership of the Kestalla Clan.


- Update 6 -

Imagine the grey is metallic, like the image in the first post...

- Iron Raptors Marine -


- Iron Raptors Dechtakar Terminator -


- Iron Raptors Scout -


- Iron Raptors Badge on pad -



- Update 7 -


  • Scottish / Irish / Celtic
  • Escape Velocity Nova: Auroran Empire
  • Dark Angels (former)
  • Iron Hands
  • Relic Hunting
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Oh come on, Heru's not even in the top ten most insane people in this forum.turned.gif

Heck, I'm pretty sure the Codex Astartes approves Spine-Flails, somewhere in the small print.

The Iron Raptors and Falcon Knights have quite possibly got the coolest badges in the Liber, as a side note. Looking forward to seeing how this develops!

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See the mention of insanity in your list is why we are currently in the basement:whistling: .

The insanity would be what you guys contribute to the thread.

Oh come on, Heru's not even in the top ten most insane people in this forum.turned.gif

Heck, I'm pretty sure the Codex Astartes approves Spine-Flails, somewhere in the small print.

The Spinal-Flail is Codex approved for smashing the skulls of insane Liberites, whose jibbering in the corner causes too much distraction.

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Is that the badge of the Atlanta Falcons tongue.png

I guess it is. I don't really pay attention to more than "falcon badge" "falcon symbol" etc. I only really care if it fits the Chapter or not.

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I assume there were survivors?

Several million.


What became of them with the vault's conversion to monastery?

The vault itself was untouched, what was left of the moon that surrounds the vault is what was converted in monastery.


Were they kept as serfs, or relocated somewhere safe?

The vault and monastery were kept separate, and the survivors essentially became a mobile recruiting base.
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Fourth update, put names on the Lemorian Clans, not like it matters that much post destruction. Might have the Clan thing stay alive somewhat in the Vault.


Also added a really crappy example image.


Purple = Asteroid / moon fragment outline.

Green = Reinforcement (to hold together as much of the moon as possible).

Red = Airlock zones.

Blue = Inhabited zones.


The Iron Raptors essentially have everything outside of the red outline to play with.

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So your vault diagram, is that suppose to be an interior design of whats left of the moon fragment and the layout of what's inside, or is the structure on the outside and the image is a top view of the structure on the surface. Just asking, cause I am confused to what I am lookingn at with your color key.
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I like the idea of the split leadership, certainly fits with being IH Successors. It does kind of feel like the first guy would be de facto Chapter Master though, with the second having a more 'Vulkan He'stan, outside the normal structure of the Chapter' vibe.


The last one I'm not so sure about. I can't see a non-Astartes standing up to the military leader and being listened to for very long.


Not to say that it's not a cool idea to have someone who deals with all the day to day stuff and any visitors/diplomatic rubbish that comes up, but maybe as more of a Chapter Equerry rather than an equal?

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The Thurokiir decides where they fight.

The Rekdomar decides what kind of support they have.

The Mundokiir decides how they fight.


I still have to go into who the Chapter is, elaborate on the warrior culture, how they view honour, and how they view others. It might make sense for the Rekdomar to be non-Astartes, or it still might be too weird, and end up changing.

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  • 9 months later...

I like how the symbol is the Atlanta falcons logo reversed!

Yeah that was already commented on.

Is that the badge of the Atlanta Falcons tongue.png

I guess it is. I don't really pay attention to more than "falcon badge" "falcon symbol" etc. I only really care if it fits the Chapter or not.

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