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Horus Heresy Emperor's Children: The Sang Froid

Captain Semper

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Emperor's Children 18th Millennial II Battalion - The Sang Froid


Praetor of the Legion - Justinian, Commander of the 18th Mill. II Battalion [1], Paragon Blade, Iron Halo, Melta bombs, Digital lasers, Sonic Shriekers, Legion Jetbike w/ heavy Bolter, Rites of War: Angel's Wrath


Palatine Blade Squad [5], Jump packs, Power Weapons (x5), Sonic Shriekers, Melta Bombs (Palatine Perfector)


Legion Assault Squad [10], Power weapons (x2), Thunder hammer (Sergeant), Artificer armour (Sergeant)

Legion Assault Squad [10], Power weapons (x2), Pair of lightning claws (Sergeant), Artificer armour (Sergeant)


Legion Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron [3], Melta bombs, Plasma Cannon, Sky Hunter Sergeant, Power weapon (Sergeant)

Legion Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron [3], Melta bombs, Multi Melta, Sky Hunter Sergeant, Lightning Claw (Sergeant)

Javelin Attack Speeder [1], Lascannons
So here it starts:

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Well, I certainly will collect as many of the amazing EC-specific minis as I can. Kakophoni, Phoenix Guard, Palatine Blades... For starters though, this is Justinian:









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Fantastic start, mate! Lovely shade of purple you've chosen, it looks excellent. Can't wait to see this army unfold. Also, it's a little bit spooky that you have chosen the 18th millenial whilst mine represent the 19th. 1 through 17 are still available guys, to anyone else on here who wants to paint a legion other than night lords! :p
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Thank you guys - very encouraging comments there! I'll put this 1,500 pts army together before I look around for another Heresy force. Actually rumors hold that the 5th HH book will contain DAs (1Q15) - so I hopefully will finish this one and another similarly sized Heresy force (SoH?) before the 1st Legion arrives! Could it be Diamat? Here's to hoping...


@ depthcharge12: You know, happiness? it's a Slaaneshi thing! :lol:


@ geordie: Sanguinary Guard offers good options for Emperor's Children officers, I agree... The main reason for getting them though were the HH MK IV style jump packs that will end-up on my Palatine Blade squad - they have the option in the list but the minis come without them. Unforunately FW does not sell jump packs independently...


Just for fun, what do you think will be best aromour type for the assault squads? Mk IV? or Mk II? Or a mix of Mk II and Mk V (my favorite Mk)?

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Great work, I can't wait to see your full army with assault squads and bikes ! Your first bike is really good.

If I can make only one remark, I think that it could easily be improved by giving more depth the golden details (number III, chapter symbol) and lining it to make it pop from the purple. A simple very dark brown wash should make it.

But anyway very good army incoming !

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No airbrush gentlemen - just normal brush. I was fortunate enough the have an exceptionally smooth surface... Unfortunately this is not the case in the second bike... :(


Thanks again for your encouraging remarks everybody...the second bike will be completed soon...


@ Greyall: the nipples are where they truly belong: the III Lgion! :D


@ One-eye: you got a point. I'll give it a try and see where it gets me... I have to tell you, its the first time i used etched brass and the final result leaves something to be desired... Love your work btw, your skill is something else - and with yellow no less (my dreaded color)!


@ Chaplain mortis: that's the question... I lean towards a mixed MK II and MK V, but somehow MK IV seems also appropriate for the III Legion... I'll do the jetbikes in MK IV for starters and leave the difficult decisions for later... :D

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