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Horus Heresy Emperor's Children: The Sang Froid

Captain Semper

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Love the prefector :) great base as well. 


Some CC;

1. I would consider shading the hair to give some more depth e.g. light blue wash followed by a white dry brush.


2. You might consider a very light purple wash for the blade.


Otherwise imo perfection. :) 

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@ Vect: thanks for the feedback. I'd stay clear of purple on the blade (too much) but I'll try to improve on the shading of the plume. In the mean time the second Palatine plade is ready:





And a bit better pic of the Prefector:





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Thank you guys, your comments really keep me going!

The gold is done thus:

First use Balthazar Gold. This is a very friendly color is really easy to get it consistently right. Then wash it with Agrax Shade. Here you can be liberal with the application as we're looking for some contrast in the final effect. Once completely dry, highlight the edges again with Balthazar Gold, to define the slopes of the armour while leaving the deeper recesses dark - almost brownish.

Then highlight furhter with Auric Armour Gold. The trick here is no to just highlight the raised areas (as per usual highlight technique) but to allow the really bright Auric gold to "cut through" the dull Balthazar Gold to produce a beaten effect... This works best if you add some lines perpendicular to the raised surfaces you're highlighting anyway.

As a last treatment, I use the Mithril Silver of the old, old range (the octagonal pots) to furhter highlight the raised areas - and give an eve more shiny feel in the Auric Gold. Obviously this is not a color readily available any more, but Runefang Steel may be a good proxy...

Now on to the third Palatine! smile.png

@ Forte: I'm scared to use platinum... Unlike Marines I know ONLY fear! biggrin.png I will try this though - Platimnum is as much part of the EC pallette as gold so I must overcome my fear I guess..

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Third Palatine Blade:








And the Orchestrator of the Kakophoni in WIP:




He sure looks like a conductor! :D

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Fourth Palatine Blade:








And the Orchestrator finished - love this guy!





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