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The big guy with a hammer who sits at the gates to the Realm of the Dead and makes sure anyone who passes through them is really dead by hitting them with said hammer.


Which is why the Kin's Apocethary-Chaplains all carry a big hammer, to ensure their charges are deceased before harvesting the gene seed.

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I can see it now: My Conflagrators aren't going to get on with the Eagles. Too prideful. Too 'virtuous'. Not enough penitence or prisoner-burning. :wink:

We don't need anymore penitence, we're already the good guys. Infact some would say we're the most devout, with our enactment of the Emperor's divine will and all. Shoot, we even conquered what seems to be atleast an sixteenth of the darn sector!
You just told the Conflagrators that you have had enough penitance.

That's purging talk, far as they are concerned. The only ones who say they don't need to be purified are heretics, and they need to be purified most of all.



In light of these new chapters springing forth, I thought I'd offer a quick summary of just what my Conflagrators think of them all. :P

The Lords Inviolate - A bit big for their britches and can be manipulative (and have probably been told as much before). Reliable in a fight and little else.

The Sons Of Calderon - A faithful chapter - good thing. Lackeys of Saneslau - bad thing. The Conflagrators will get on well where it can but it won't be supporting the Sons should they back a Mechanicus faction in a dispute. There is only one true saviour of mankind and it isn't a bucket of bolts.

The Eagles of Glory - Guilty of the sin of pride. They also get in the way far too much. When we want help, we'll ask for it (we won't - at least, not from you). It's a good job they worship the Emperor or the Conflagrators would have been having many more 'incidents' with the Eagles than they already have. [i'm seeing my Conflagrators as the foil to the Eagles of Glory.]

The Blackjaw Kindred - Strange lads but worth keeping them around. This Chapter is the poster-child for why hypno-indoctrination is necessary (har-de-har). Would be useful to convert them to the proper Imperial Creed... [Perhaps seen as a misguided little brother by the Conflagrators.]

The Iron Ravagers - Faceless Mechanicus lackeys. Stay the hell away from us. [Not sure what else to say - this is my first thought when I imagine a Conflagrator force meeting an Iron Ravager force.]

The Blades of the Lion - Cowardly, unreliable and far too secretive to be up to any good. Would love to antagonise them again at the next Conclave they bother showing up to. [Yep, yet another Chapter that the Conflagrator don't get on with. Can you tell they don't play well with others? :P ]

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A little friendly rivalry is always nice Brother Olisredan. I'm sure the Eagles look forward to ensure the denizens of the Liber Cluster know that they had seized victory in operations the Conflagrators couldn't quite finish out. :P
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Ladies, Gentlemen and assorted Heretics, tis' my great pleasure to introduce:

Redcoats in Spaaaaaaaace!!!

Or, as they prefer to be called:


"Second to None."

(because if 'Murica can have a Chapter, so can we :tongue.:)


Brother Raleigh of 1st Company, art by Blazbaros.


FOUNDING - 21st "Cursed" Founding
CHAPTER MASTER - Lord Marshal Horatio Woodrow, High Praetorian of the Trinity Worlds, Defender of the Realm, Steward of Albion

CHAPTER WORLD - Albion System "Trinity Worlds"- Anglin, Caledon & Cambris
FORTRESS MONASTERY - The White Hall (Converted Star Fort)
MAIN COLOURS – Red and White with Black Helms
SPECIALITY - Urban Combat, Zone Mortalis Operations, Boarding Operations & Naval Warfare.
BATTLE CRY – “Scarlet Sentinels!” Response – “Second to None!”


Descended from the Gene-line of the VII Primarch, the illustrious Rogal Dorn, the Scarlet Sentinels have inheirited their Primogenitor's legacy of loyalty, honour, and pig-headed stubborness. Distantly ruling the Albion system from their spacebound Fortress-Monastery known as the White Hall, the Sentinels poach the most promising recruits from the system's three inhabitited worlds of Anglin, Caledon and Cambris. All three are feudal worlds, the most advanced of which had only recently discovered gunpowder at the time of rediscovery and the many quarrelling kingdoms on each planet provide the Chapter with a bountiful supply of potential recruits as well as a strong base from which to operate from.

Amongst the Astartes of the Liber Cluster the Scarlet Sentinels are renowned for the strength and skill of their Chapter Fleet, as well as it's larger-than-average number of vessels, thanks to deals with the Adeptus Mechanicus regarding mining rights to the Albion system's vast asteroid belts and many uninhabitable moons. As a result the Scarlet Sentinels can often be found escorting or leading expeditionary fleets into unexplored or hostile regions across the length and breadth of the Liber Cluster and they are often the first Chapter called upon whenever unusally troublesome or difficult xenos raiders make themselves known.

Generally the Scarlet Sentinels are well respected among the Chapters and Organizations of the Liber Cluster, their honourable conduct in battle, disciplined nature and exemplary service in the Emperor's name having earned them great recognition. One of their most notable allies is the Lords Inviolate, who the Scarlet Sentinels have worked alongside many times, building strong bonds of brotherhood between the two Chapters throughout the years. However, relationships with certain other Astartes , such as the excessively destructive Conflagrators, are less then steadfast, the worst without doubt being the hostile relations with the Eagles of Glory. Despite both being children of Rogal Dorn these two sister Chapters could not stand further apart, a bitter eninimity existing since the earliest days of the Imperium's second expansion into the Cluster when the two groups were paired together as a joint strike fleet that personally retook several systems from a minor Ork empire.

As the Sentinel-led fleet annihilated their Greenskin counterparts in orbit around a planet the Eagles would perform mass orbital drops onto the enemy strongholds, hammering down upon them like the Emperor's fist and liberating those human populations that had lived as slaves to the Orks for centuries. It was this that gained the Eagles such immense adoration from the liberated worlds while the Sentinels, whose part in the fight had been mostly confined to orbital superiority, were largely forgotten. The bitterness that resulted finally came to a head when the planet of Libertas was awarded to the Eagles by the Liber Conclave as their homeworld in recognition of their efforts, the Lord Marshall of the Sentinels, fuming at the news, was said to have angrily departed the Conclave without a word, taking his Chapter with him.


The White Hall, Chapter Fortress-Monastary.

Unlike most Chapters the Scarlet Sentinels do not recruit from one world in paticular but instead recruit from the so-called "Trinity Worlds" of the Albion System; Anglin, Caledon and Cambris. All three are classified as feudal worlds and are divided between the various squabbling kingdoms, clans and tribes that inhabit them, though all swear unconditional oaths of fealty and servitude to their distant Astartes masters and the Sovereign Emperor.

Anglin, the most technologically advanced of the three worlds, is a world of island kingdoms, republics and empires quarreling over territory and resources constantly, waging war with flintlock rifles and blackpowder cannons. Caledon is a rain-soaked planet of dark forests, craggy highlands and snow-capped mountains home to medieval clan-kingdoms bound by strict codes of honour, its people wear brightly patterned garments to show allegiance and possess a deep love of drink and battle. Cambris is a verdant world of rolling green hills and mysterious forests, its people live in fortified villages and are skilled horsemen, as adept with bow and sword as they are in the saddle, making them highly effective raiders.

The Fortress-Monastary of the Scarlet Sentinels, the White Hall is unusual in that rather than being a stationary structure, is a fully mobile Star Fort of ancient STC design similiar to the famous Ramilles class, albeit far smaller. It was discovered by the Scarlet Sentinels in the waning days of the Imperium's Reclamation Crusade following the Silence, adrift without power in a distant orbit at the edge of the Albion's gravitational field. After purging a tribe of Ork Lootaz squatting within, the Lord Marshall eagerly claimed the Fort by right of conquest and once the human-inhabited Trinity Worlds were discovered further in-system he decided that the White Hall (so-named for the sun-bleached colour of the Fort's exterior at the time) would be converted into the Chapter's Fortress-Monastary, forever watching over the Albion system and acting as a home port for the Sentinels' growing fleet of ships, a role in which it has served admirably in ever since.

Present Activities:

The Scarlet Sentinels are currently still active in the Liber Cluster and have recently intensified patrols in co-operation with the Imperial Navy due to an increase in pirate activity around The Tempest as well as Imperial systems bordering the Deep. The Sentinels attend the Liber Conclave regularly and are well-known as a stabilizing voice of reason amidst the highly-charged banter, debates and sometimes conflicts at such meetings.

Battle Honours:

As active and widespread as they are, the Scarlet Sentinels have participated in countless battles all across the Liber Cluster, both from high-profile conflicts to minor skirmishes. Thus it is no surprise they possess an extensive roll of honour to match such a long history of service.

  • Mundus Novus Reclamation: Though it is the earliest of the Sentinels' victories, the Reclamation of the Mundus Novus System, culminating in the retaking of the system capital planet of Libertas, and the destruction of Grazfang Umie'crusha's Ork empire is remembered bitterly and celebrated no more by the Chapter. Although a highly successful campaign, recognition for the campaign and the gratitude of the many billions of human slaves liberated would largely be stolen by the Eagles of Glory, in turn sparking the ongoing feud between the two sister Chapters that persists to this day.
  • Garandor Campaigns: The young Sentinels would involve themselves heavily in the Imperium's efforts to contain the dangerous xeno races within the Garandor system after it was determined by Adiministratum logisticians that the manpower and effort required for a full purging would deplete Imperial strength in the sector to dangerous levels. Whilst the Mechanicus and Imperial Navy constructed the many listening posts and watchstations need to properly monitor the system the Sentinels performed daring surgical strikes into hostile space to cripple what interstellar capability the Garandor xenos possessed, delaying them until containment was complete.
  • Rediscovery of the Albion System: Taking place roughly three Terran months following the Garandor Campaigns, the Sentinels would discover the Albion system, whereupon they set about ruthlessly purging the Ork Clans infesting her Asteroid belts and freeing the human populace from their incessant raids. The Albion Reclamation would bear great fruit for the Sentinels, gifting them with a new Fortress-Monastary as well as a new recruitment base in the Trinity Worlds of Anglin, Caledon and Cambris.
  • Eighteen Worlds Crusade: The Scarlet Sentinels initially took to the war against the Sereikei Lions with tremendous enthusiasm, ecstatic to finally mete out retribution for countless raids on Imperial systems and shipping the Lions were behind. This enthusiasum would quickly fade once they were paired with the hated Eagles of Glory by Liber Command for the Barluarte Raid, perhaps hoping the two Chapters would forge news bond of brotherhood in the fires of adversity. Alas, though the Sentinels & Eagles both performed to their utmost ability, inflicting massive losses on the Lions fleet and seizing one of their most vital port worlds, the brooding animosity remained strong as ever and both forces suffered significant casualties for their victory. Following the success of the Raid the Sentinels would use Barluarte as a staging point for further operations into Sereikei territory, including intercepting those renegades that sought to flee the conflict into neighbouring space and safeguarding the Crusade's supply lines. For these honourable actions and many others the Sentinels recieved many commendations from the Liber Conclave following the Crusade's conclusion.
  • The March of Ghosts: One of the Chapter's more recent engagements, the Sentinels, alongside the Blades of the Lion and the Lords Inviolate took part in an effort to halt the rampage of the foul Ghoulknights of Throskaar. Alongside their allies, elements from the Sentinels' 5th, 6th and 9th companies engaged the vile traitors, taking significant casualties but claiming no less than four engine kills thanks to their unrelenting firepower and unbending discipline in the heat of battle.

Chapter Organization:

Following in their predecessors footsteps the Sentinels are Codex-compliant, fielding the usual ten companies as laid out by the Codex Astartes with only minor deviations regarding titles & honorifics, such as the title of "Lord Marshall" in lieu of Chapter Master and "Commodore-Captain" replacing the rank of Master of the Fleet.

In groundside combat the Sentinels are known to favour infantry tactics and long-range firepower, backed by mobile outriders and heavy artillery to pummel their foes into submission whilst scout units infiltrate behind enemy lines to perform reconnaissance, sabotage, and when possible, assassination of enemy leaders.

Also of note is the Sentinels' serfs, who, unlike those of other Chapters, are organised into an auxiliary fighting force trained and equipped to defend Sentinel ships in addition to their standard duties as crewmen. These simply named "Shipguards" are highly skilled, employing similiar equipment to that of Scouts and often train together with their Astartes masters. This helps foster a sense of camaraderie between serf and Astartes, as well as allowing Sentinel vessels that might usually contain only a handful of Astartes to punch far above their weight in boarding actions, both on the defense and the attack.

The best example of this, and a tale treasured fondly by Sentinel Shipguards, is from 366.M37 when the Hunter Destroyer Campbeltown was ambushed by the Pirate Sword Frigate Blood Money. It's engines disabled by the larger vessel and it's Astartes Captain dead, Campbeltown's Shipguard mounted a unyielding defence against the Pirate boarding parties while a squad of volunteers secretly stole one of the attacker's transports and snuck across to the Blood Money. Once aboard the squad planted explosive charges at key points around the ship's plasma cores before sneaking back off-ship with the next wave of boarders, minutes later the Blood Money detonated spectacularly, leaving the surviving pirates to be butchered by the Campbeltown's crew. Campbeltown and her crew were later awarded the Imperial Laurel in honour of their bravery and skill.

Fleet Assets:

The Scarlet Sentinels' chapter fleet is perhaps the largest out of all the Liberite Chapters, rivalled only by those of the Blades of the Lion and the Doomsayers. As such, the bulk of the fleet is constantly spread out across the Cluster either undertaking specific missions or performing great sweeping patrol arcs across sectors.

As a result of this restless state of affairs the ships of the Chapter often have long and glorious histories attributed to their names, and it is tradition that whenever a ship is destroyed it's name is passed on to it's replacement, if possible with a piece of the predecessor incorporated into the successor, that way the vessel's legacy of honourable service may symbolically continue.

Some of the Sentinel's most notable vessels include:

  • Conqueror: A Strike Cruiser known for it's legendary (and to some Sentinels, wasted) sacrifice to protect the planet of Libertas during it's reclamation by the Imperium. The Conqueror's Captain, Thomas Beckham, ordered the damaged ship's evacuation before charging the Cruiser into the heart of the enemy fleet and detonating it's Plasma Core, annihilating the enemy flagship and winning the battle.
  • Ark Imperial: An ancient and storied Battle Barge that has been with the Sentinels since their founding, the Ark Imperial has served in countless conflicts, most notably the Reclamation of the Liber Cluster, the Garandor Campaigns, the March of Ghosts, and the Eighteen Worlds Crusade. It currently has the distinction of being the chosen flagship of Commodore-Captain Faranis Drake, the Scarlet Sentinels' Master of the Fleet.
  • Warspite: The oldest surviving Strike Cruiser in the fleet, Warspite has recently finished an huge retrofitting at the Dockyards of Geius Prime after being nearly crippled in an ambush by an Ork Loota Clan. Though victorious, the Warspite suffered terrible damage and required a full overhaul that would have taken several years save for the assistance of the Mechanicus, who offered to not only rebuild the ship but significantly upgrade her systems in order to repay an old debt to the Sentinels. Now extremely upgunned, Warspite has been tenatively reclassified as a Battle Cruiser and her crew is eager for revenge against their Ork foes.
  • Golden Hind: Lost to a Hrud Ambush while on patrol, the Strike Cruiser's crew sent out a distress call before being overwhelmed. A Blackjaw Kindred ship was first to respond and slaughtered the remaining Hrud, but when more Sentinels arrived the Blackjaw Patriach claimed the Hind's captain had awarded it to them as he died. Skeptical, the Sentinels demanded the ship's return. Adamant in what Kindred law deemed his rightful claim but unwilling to risk bloodshed, the Patriach jumped the Hind into the Warp rather than risk a fight. The Hind later saw service in the Eighteen Worlds Crusade as part of the Kindred's fleet attacking Zavatista, and presumably was taken with them when the Kindred later went renegade.
  • Campbeltown: A Hunter Destroyer ambushed by Pirates, Campbeltown's Captain, the sole Astartes aboard, was killed in the enemy's opening salvo that left the vessel's engines crippled and open to boarding. However, Campbeltown's Shipguard held off the attackers long enough for a squad of volunteers to sneak over to the Pirate ship and plant explosives in it's engine core, destroying it. The entire crew was awarded the Imperial Laurel for their actions.


The Sentinels Strike Cruiser Invincible Will surveys a newly discovered world alongside two Navy escorts.


The Scarlet Sentinels maintains self-sufficent Keeps in remote locations upon each of the Trinity Worlds that, come the time of trials every fifteen years, see hundreds of youths brave the harrowing journey there in hopes of becoming one of the Emperor's Angels of Death. Women, while not as common as men, are equally welcome to test themselves as though they cannot become Astartes they are more then eligible to join the ranks of the Chapter Shipguard, indeed, some of the finest Captains of the Sentinels' fleet have been proud daughters of Albion, fierce and cunning. This mixed-gender crew means many Sentinel vessels are home to entire familial dynasties of Serfs, some of which can trace their ancestry all the way back to the Sentinels' first intake of recruits from the Albion system, making these dynasties heir to a rich history of naval tradition and honourable service they proudly continue.

Those that survive the harrowing journey to the Keeps must then face the many murderous tests that will determine whether they are worthy to become Neophytes. Some succeed, others fall, while the few that live but fail the tests face a choice, they may return home or they may become a Chapter Serf. Regardless of their decision these failed aspirants are treated with honour for how far they have come, as each serve the Sovereign Emperor in their own way, be it attending to his Angels or raising the next generation of recruits.

Once the trials are finished and the final aspirants have been chosen, they are then transported via Thunderhawk from their homeworlds to the White Hall, the Sentinels' Fortress-Monastary, to begin their augmentation.

Chapter Colours:

Chapter Colours

For many decades after their founding the Scarlet Sentinels had no Chapter Colours of their own, only the dull unpainted grey ceramite of their Power Armour, as they had vowed to follow the example of the Legions of old and not adopt any colours until they found a new home worthy of them, and with it, their new identity. So it was the as-yet unnamed Sentinels plyed the stars until the discovered the Albion system and the inhabited Trinity Worlds within. As the marines studied the native people of each world, the Lord Marshall of the time became aware of a old custom on Anglin that would end his Chapter's quest for identity.

As the home of many squabbling empires, Anglin was no stranger to war and with the advent of blackpowder weapons metal armour had become more of a hinderance than a help. So to save coin that could be used to produce firearms, plate and chainmail were replaced with cheaper fabric uniforms dyed with that power's respective colours. At the same time, coastal raids on port towns by both Pirates and enemy Soldiers were becoming a more and more commonplace occurance thanks to cannon-armed tallships, who favoured approaching their prey quietly in the dead of night before opening up with their guns.

All this meant that Garrision sentries had to be exceptionally vigilant to detect such incoming ships and warn against them, but also made them important targets for raider sharpshooters, who would seek to pick off the sentries with silent crossbows before they could ring the alarm bells. However some sentries became famous for managing to alert their townships of attacks despite suffering multiple wounds, the survivors returning to duty wearing their bloodstained uniforms as a sign of pride and defiance, earning them the nickname of "Redcoats," and it became a tradition to dye the jackets of sentries in the "Heroes' Scarlet."

Inspired by these tales and seeing parallels between the sentries and his Chapter, the Lord Marshall made his decision, they would pattern their colours after the sentries' uniforms and take up the Heroes' Scarlet. They would stand sentinel over the Emperor's domain in the Liber Cluster, a thin red line between the enemies of Man and the citizens of the Imperium.

They were the Scarlet Sentinels, and they would be second to none.

Battle Standards & Chapter Banners:


The White Trident & Hoplon Shield of the Scarlet Sentinels, the Trident is an ancient Terran symbol of Naval power that declares the Chapter's fearsome prowess in the void whilst the Shield represents the Sentinels' self-appointed duty as protectors of the Imperium's citizens and holdings within the Liber Cluster.


Battle Honors, Relics, Decorations & Awards:

"Always remember brothers, your wargear is like the sea. Show them the proper respect and they'll serve you well, fail to do so and they'll turn on you when you need them most." ~Captain Garand, 3rd Company, Master of the Arsenal.

The Staff of the Navigator: A unique Force Staff belonging to the Sentinels' former Chief Librarian, Lucernius the Navigator, who modified it while aboard the Striker Cruiser Furious when it became lost in the Warp while pursuing raiders. The wild chase pushed the ship's Navigators to the point of expiration, leaving the Furious stranded. Knowing the journey home would take centuries without Warp travel, Lucernius modified his Staff with tech taken from the Navigators' stations so he could more accurately perceive the warp tides, making safe "hops" into the warp possible and cutting their journey home down to mere years.

In battle the Staff of the Navigator provides a Librarian far more stable control of his own warp energies, as well as alerting him to any sudden warp changes around him that might indicate daemonic activity, psychic tricks at play, or even imminent teleporter assault, it also allows the Librarian to more easily dispel enemy psychic attacks.

The Sentinel's Retort: Jokingly referred to by some Sentinels as "Touché," the Sentinel's Retort is an ancient Storm Shield patterned after the Boarding Mantlets ubiquitous amongst the Scarlet Sentinels, albeit far more advanced. In addition to the standard Power Field, the Sentinel's Retort is equipped with an advanced archaeotech grav-generator that, like a conversion field, converts the force of an enemy's attack into energy. Unlike conversion fields however, the Sentinel's Retort converts that energy into a bone-breaking wave of gravametric force that is directed back at the attacker, turning their own strength against them as the wave buckles armour, shatters bone and rupture organs.

The Voidwalker's Plate: Created by the Tech Priests of Geius Prime for the Sentinel's part in liberating their world from Orkish siege during the Liber Reclamation Crusade, the Voidwalker Plate is an imposing suit of artificer armour with a variety of special features. The armour has a built-in Teleport Homer, is completely Void-hardened and features a complex set of miniature grav-generators that can lighten the armour to move with a swiftness and agility that would usually be beyond a power-armoured individual.

Combat Doctrine: (Contributed by Tiberius Cato)

The Scarlet Sentinels have changed the tide of many of their battles through their naval superiority. Nearly all campaigns are focused around eliminating the enemy navy first and foremost, proceeded by creating a blockade around the planet. This ensures nobody comes or goes without first meeting the big guns of the Sentinels' navy. Once a blockade has been established orbital bombardments are often conducted to hit key enemy fortifactions, creating opportunities for ground forces to come in and make short work of the remaining enemy forces. The Scarlet Sentinels are also reknowned for their discipline with the holy bolter and prefer to engage enemies from a distance rather than engage in barbaric close combat. As such, it is uncommon for the Sentinels to deploy assault squads armed with melee weapons.

Battle Cry:

"Scarlet Sentinels!" Response- "Second to none!"

Local Rituals:

The Feast of Blades: Like all Imperial Fists successors the Scarlet Sentinels participate in the time-honoured tournament known as the Feast of Blades every one-hundred years to foster good relations and brotherly camaraderie between those of Dorn's lineage. Regrettably, while the Sentinels have yet to win one of these tournaments they have come close on several occasions, the closest by far being at the 731st Feast of Blades, where the Sentinel Champion, Edwen Braddock, made it all the way to the final match before being defeated in an hour-long duel by the Black Templar representative, Reinhardt Schtauffen.

Though the Sentinels stay true to ideals of the Feast for the most part, all such notions of friendly competition and bond-building disappear on the rare occasions Sentinel champions have been unfortunate enough (or lucky, as some say) to face representatives of the hated Eagles of Glory in the arena. This has lead to several incidents in the past where combatants have continued fighting long past the point they should have yielded or passed out, leading to officials having to physically intervene before potentially fatal damage could occur.

Regardless of these incidents the Sentinels never miss a Feast and are still well-respected amongst their brothers in the wider Imperium. They continue to dream of the day when they might finally triumph over their fellows and become the first to bring the prized Dornsblade home to the Liber Cluster, there to await the next Feast of Blades, held within the Sentinels' own walls.

The Blooding: An old tradition whose origins can be found in the Chapters' early days searching for an identity of their own, the Blooding forbids Scouts from wearing the full Heroes' Scarlet heraldry of the Chapter until they "earn their colours" by being promoted to full Battle-Brother status and receiving the Black Carapace. Until then a Scout's carapace armour is left unpainted save for the left shoulder pauldron, which retains the Chapter symbol for ease of identification. Only Scout Sergeants, being full-fledged Battle-Brothers themselves, wear the Heroes' Scarlet.

Char: A drink brewed from the leaves of a plant of the same name native to the Trinity Worlds, Char is widely believed by Albionites to have a fortifying effect upon the constitution as well as boosting mental acuity. Highly popular across all levels of Albion society from peasants to kings, Char is especially popular amongst soldiers who come together on the eve of battle to drink a toast to their fallen comrades and future glory. The Scarlet Sentinels have adopted this tradition via cultural assimilation since taking the Trinity Worlds as their recruitment grounds, it is now traditional for the Sentinels to offer Char to visiting dignitaries from other Imperial organisations & institutions, though few can stomach the particularly bitter brew the Sentinels favour, save possibly other Astartes.


"To some of our cousins having a clean blade at the end of battle is shameful, to a Sentinel, it's proof my Drill Sergeants and I are doing our jobs properly." ~Captain Price, 10th Company, Master of Recruits.

The Scarlet Sentinels' beliefs revolve around the concept of themselves as the Imperium's guardians, as their forebears in the Imperial Fists were the sentinels of Terra so too are the Sentinels the defenders of the Liber Cluster and it's citizens. This philosophy has led the Sentinels to adopt the role of watchmen, dutifully patrolling Imperial shipping lanes and territorial borders where more haughty Astartes might see such mundane duties as beneath them. The Sentinels also regularly act as escorts for Imperial Reclamation Fleets venturing into unexplored and/or dangerous territory, which garners them much acclaim and respect from other Imperial institutions.

In battle the Sentinels believe that the best way to fight is to eliminate the foe before they can draw close and utilise their numerical superiority against the Sentinels' more limited numbers, this belief having stemmed from the rising supremacy of firearms and other projectile weapons on the Sentinels' recruitment worlds. Though the sons of Albion are by no means afraid to fight the foe face-to-face they see close combat as a chaotic, inefficient affair that often bogs down the battle, merely delaying the inevitable at best and at worse, giving the foe time to escape or bring the rest of his forces to bear while the Astartes are tied up. Therefore the Sentinels practise their infamously lethal bolter drill with near-religious devotion, and enjoy making use of their heavier firepower to devastate the foe before casually sweeping up the remnants. A favourite tactic of Sentinel commanders is when faced with enemies who seek to engage in melee, Tactical Squads will execute calm, well-ordered withdrawals, peppering the oncoming foe with bolt rounds as they are lured into the teeth of other Sentinel units to be butchered in the prepared crossfire.

Where firearms are generally held in higher regard than melee weapons on the battlefield, swords are usually only employed against the fiercest opponents the enemy has to offer. To have a Sentinel choose to draw his blade to fight you is an honour few foes have lived to boast about, the Chapter having inherited their forebears' tradition of settling internal disputes via honour duels between battle-brothers. As such it is common practise for new recruits to bring a blade from their homeworld with them upon induction into the Chapter, ranging from Anglin sabres and Caledonian claymores to Cambrian longswords.


The Scarlet Sentinels are proud direct descendants of the Imperial Fists and the Emperor's Praetorian Rogal Dorn, and like their forebears are known for their iron discipline and unbending willpower. The Sentinels' gene-seed is stable with no real flaws save for the missing Betcher's Gland and Sus-an Membrane characteristic of the Dorn gene-line.

The Sentinels treat their gene-seed with the same reverence as any other Chapter, if perhaps a little more than most given their more immediate relation to the Imperial Fists and their gene-sire. Fittingly, the sons of Albion are fiercely proud of their heritage and equally protective of their genetic legacy, going to great lengths to ensure that no matter what catastrophe may visit itself upon them they can quickly and efficiently reconstitute their numbers without consequence.

Almost all Scarlet Sentinel gene-seed stores are secreted away in the Great Vault of the White Hall's Apothecarium, although there are also smaller gene-stores hidden under each Chapter Keep on the Trinity Worlds. The Great Vault itself is made out of layered Adamantium and Ceramite plating and features a built-in Void Shield generator and can even be jettisoned in case of an emergency, where upon the Vault's machine spirit will pilot the Vault safely to whichever of the Trinity Worlds is closest at the time for safe collection.

Additionally, given the remote and far-flung locations of many Sentinel missions the threat of gene-seed being lost is higher than most, thus by edict of the Lord Marshall all strikeforces have a small (usually three to five) cadre of Apothcaries on hand to recover as much gene-seed as possible, and all battle-brothers are trained in the use of Apothecarium preservation containers when no Apothecary is available.

Champions Of The Chapter:

Lucernius the Navigator: A legend amongst the Chapter, Lucernius became renowned for his role in the return of the long-presumed lost Strike Cruiser Furious after it became stranded in unknown territory with it's navigators dead from over-exertion. Lucernius guided the Furious on it's seven year journey back to Imperial lines whilst charting multiple star systems and stellar anomalies of potential interest to the Imperium. Upon returning home Lucernius was declared a hero by the Liber Conclave and promoted to the rank of Epistolary. Later he would re-trace the Furious's voyage, acting as the Lord Marshall's adviser for the Reclamation Crusade's first campaign into the Englica Subsector.

Lucernius met his end nearly two centuries later, ironically aboard the Furious, when it was ambushed on the border of Warpstorm Id'ilmar by a monstrous daemonship. Caught in the vessel's grasping tendrils with hordes of machine-devils boarding her, Furious would have been lost had Lucernius not engaged the daemonship's spirit in a titanic psychic duel that slew the corrupt entity, the rotting ship tearing itself apart without the daemon to sustain it. Tragically, Lucernius himself died with his foe, giving his life to save his brothers. His body was swiftly returned to Albion where it was laid to rest within the White Hall's hallowed crypts, and a great statue was raised in the Halls of Honour to inspire future Sentinels with the legend of Lucernius the Navigator.

-More to be added later.

Notable Engagements: (Contributed by Tiberius Cato)

The Liberation of Libertas:
In the early days of the second Liberite Invasion, there were few worlds that still belonged to the Imperium. Many had been reconquered by the xenos species that had originated there, or had been overrun by newer threats. One such world was Libertas, the key to claiming the Mundus Novus system, which had been invaded by Orks. The system had been home to many imperial worlds of great importance, among these worlds were Chevalius, a world known to possess a great deal of Knight armour. Also among these worlds was the forge-world Geius Primus, which had formerly produced much of the weaponry used by Imperial forces.

The system was set to be one of the first major acquisitions of the Imperium in the second invasion. As such, two chapters of the Adeptus Astartes had been assigned to claim it. The first were the mighty Scarlet Sentinels, masters of naval warfare and cold discipline, few enemies could match their prowess in orbital warfare and even fewer could challenge their resolve. The second was the relentless Eagles of Glory, unrivalled in both manpower and sheer firepower on the ground. This was seen to be the perfect combination for invading and claiming worlds in the name of the Imperium, one chapter to decimate enemy fleets in orbit above worlds, and the other to annihilate the ground forces of the enemy. The combination had proved to be quite successful, for many of the missions the pair had been assigned to were handled with the utmost efficiency.

The conflict started with the Scarlet Sentinels emerging from a warp jump and bombarding enemy forces with all manners of naval weaponry, skillfully executing many manoeuvres to avoid enemy fire and trap them, the Sentinels had emerged from the combat with minimal losses. This paved the way for the Eagles of Glory to initiate planetfall. The Eagles had deployed en mass, fielding almost half of the chapter to combat the greenskin forces. They easily decimated the Ork fortifications with the sheer firepower from their many predator tanks and drop pod assaults. Though the Eagles did not fair quite as well as the Sentinels, losing multiple tanks and six squads of battle brothers, they nonetheless conquered the planet for the Imperium. The sole surviving hive of the conflict, Columbus, venerated the Eagles and showered them with all manners of praise and worship.

Unbeknownst to them, the ground war had been the lesser part of the battle, the real struggle was fought in orbit above Libertas. After defeating the ork fleet stationed above Libertas, the Scarlet Sentinels had wisely set about creating a blockade. Mere minutes after the Eagles made planetfall a massive fleet of traitorous guardsmen, led by a vanguard of Chaos Hades and Hellfire class cruisers had emerged from the warp near Libertas. The fate of the planet was firmly thrust into the hands of the Sentinels at that point.

The Sentinels valiantly fended off the host of Chaos forces intent on defeating the imperial invaders, deploying all of their Thunderhawks to engage in all-out orbital warfare and Caestus Assault Rams for boarding actions. During the fighting the Strike Cruiser "Conqueror" had suffered severe damage and her captain, Thomas Beckham, ordered all crew members to evacuate the ship. In a final act of faithful service to the Emperor, Beckham rammed the Conqueror into the starboard side of the enemy fleet's sole capital ship, and proceeded to manually overload her plasma core, causing a massive explosion that engulfed the capital ship alongside many others. Without clear direction, the Chaos forces had lost all co-ordination and were easily crushed beneath the heel of the vengeful Astartes. Astonishingly, very few losses were incurred by the Sentinels -excluding the loss of The Conqueror-losing only a few escorts. Their superiority in the void and the unbending discipline they possessed in all aspects of war had seized victory for the Imperium.

At the following conclave, word from Libertas of the exploits of the Eagles had greatly influenced the decision made by the council present there. As such, Libertas was to be presented to the Eagles as a reward for their valiant actions. Enraged by the complete ignorance of the people of Libertas to the his brothers' valiant defence, the Lord Marshall of the Scarlet Sentinels promptly took his escorts and marched out of the conclave, from that point on becoming bitter rivals of the Eagles of Glory.


Phew, that took a while, but at least it's finished. Sorry if it's a bit long, I have a tendency to go into a lot of detail when writing. Anyway, what do you guys think? :smile.:

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I love it Brother SanguiniusReborn! I have no idea what context it would be under, but I can imagine the Eagles yelling into their comms "The Sentinels are coming! The Sentinels are coming!"

Perhaps a battle unlike any the cluster has seen shall occur as result of a backlash for the "I can see you're doing fine, but i'ma help you and take credit" ways of the Eagles!

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I think I'm going to have to come up with a name that doesn't have sentinel in the title :p though if I too could recruit from Albion, that would be ace. Once the nipper is in bed I can get on a proper machine and add my chapter!
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Addendum (Conflagrators perspective):


The Scarlet Sentinels - Relations with the Conflagrators are standoffish at best, and at worst have led to calls for rightful duels from the Scarlet Sentinels. Duels that cannot be ignored. Duels that Sentinels often win. Don't get into duels with Sentinels. Common animosity against the Eagles usually keep interactions relatively civil. [And by civil, I mean not shooting at each other. Standoffish is definitely the best way to describe it.]



Love the Sentinels, btw. :tu:

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D'aawwwww, YOU GUYS! :biggrin.:   Stop it, you'll make me blush! :blush.:












And then I'd have to kill you all as witnesses. :teehee:

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It might need to be mentioned that the Sentinels felt they had some sort of claim or right to Libertas (perhaps they liberated in in the first place), so that their anger over it being granted to the Eagles doesn't come off as too petulant.


Edit: Or maybe I need to improve on my reading comprehension, because a second read through shows that this is exactly what you already did.

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In regards to the colour scheme of the Scarlet Sentinels, I think if you had the lower portion of the legs black to represent boots the redcoats wore would look pretty nice. And if you decide to bring them to the tabletop you have the added bonus of having to paint less of that pesky white!
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Another name into the hat for the Liber Cluster!:happy.:



The Aetheric Swords:

"Our songs herald the end! We sing for the deaths of those who oppose Him on Terra!"

A Chapter viewed by others as highly unorthodox and superstitious, these fierce sons of Guilliman wage war in defence of the Liber Cluster. Named by the Emperor's Tarot, the Chapter dwells close to the edge of the Liber Cluster on the feral, deadly world of Grennarch.
The most notable aspect of the Chapter is their practice of broadcasting battle-hymns during battle, flooding all but a few vox channels with a thousand voices raised in songs of praise to the Emperor and of the damnation of his foes. Each battle brother adds his voice to the recorded hymns as part of their initiation into the Reserve Companies, singing the complex and interwoven melodies with their current kinsmen and the honoured dead alike. This is called the Undying Choir by the brothers of the Aetheric Swords.
The Chapter recruits primarily from the bold and sturdy tribesmen of Grennarch, and has adopted their customary practice of marking their armour with personalised dark blue heraldric warpaints, ranging from simple circles, lines and spirals to outlines of creatures, or sometimes sigils to represent notable kills or other victories.
The Aetheric Swords place great stock in their Librarians; they are considered to have a spiritual link to the Emperor, and their ability to read signs and portents is highly prized within the Chapter. Each Captain traditionally has a senior Librarian to act as an advisor, and in reality they can be something of a Company's éminence grise, leading the Company under the guise of merely advising. Librarians are attired in the Codex-approved fashion, but often with embellished white robes and hoods to signify their otherworldly connection to what the Chapter refers to as the 'Great Aether' - more commonly known as the Warp. The Chapter believes that one day the Emperor will rule there as he does in the material realm, and that it is the role of the Librarians to tame the Great Aether for the Emperor.
The Aetheric Swords place much importance on rituals - making the proper preparations before a battle to armour oneself both physically and spiritually for any hardships to come. The warpaint is the most obviously visible part of this, but pre-battle chants led by the Chaplains are also a notable aspect. They also have a tradition of treating all Imperial forces as equals, be they Guardsmen, Sisters of Battle, Servants of the Machine God, Inquisitors or brother Space Marines. Though this is primarily considered a noble trait, it sometimes rankles high-ranking allies who feel they are not being afforded due respect.


With regards to organisation, the Aetheric Swords are largely Codex-adherent, although veterancy is denoted in the chapter with intricately carved golden decorations worn on the shoulder instead of variant helmet colours or markings.


Combat practice largely limits the use of heavier tanks and artillery, preferring to fight enemies face-to-face in honourable combat over crushing them beneath the might of machines. A typical Aetheric Swords force consists mostly of rhinos loaded with infantry, supported with bikes, aircraft and assault marines for flank attacks or driving targets out of cover. Heavy tanks, Terminators and Dreadnoughts are all used sparingly, often saved for truly implacable foes or sieges.




Just making use of some ideas I've had bouncing around my head for a few months:

* A Chapter whose dead live forever through broadcasts of ancient pre-recorded choirs,

* A Chapter whose Librarians are the real 'power behind the throne' crafty soothsayer types,

* and a Chapter who use some Celtic-style inspiration that I'm not using elsewhere.:happy.:


Of course, if any elements are considered no good or otherwise unworthy, they can always be altered. That's sort of the point of the exercise after all!:laugh.:



Gonna go read up on ancient Gaul, too, and see if I can't leech any inspiration from there.


OK, so now my librarians are shifty Druidic Council types. Not what I was expecting to take from Gaul, but inspiration is a fickle beast!

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Would it be worth it to document how every Chapter views the other Liber Chapters?


That's up to you. I just went with it for flavour. Knowing exactly how the Conflagrators are being antagonistic gits to everyone else, I believe, adds a unifying element to the enterprise.

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It does provide useful reference points with which we can build on encounters. Knowing how the Conflagrators view the Sons of Calderon lets you see how a campaign shared between them might develop, or how it can influence that relationship.


While it isn't necessary at this juncture, I would recommend people think on that.

Edited by Cormac Airt
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As far as the Kin and the Conflagrators go, I was sort of thinking the respect would be all one way, with the bayou dwellers deferring to the pyromaniacs because these guys obviously have a hotline to Vulkan, and the out-Redemptionist the Redemptionists Astartes screaming "STOP AGREEING WITH ME!" at the heathen polytheists who have units that fight entire battles in a trance state and place quaff-sticks and bitterroot offerings before idols of Guilliman, Ferrus Manus, Corax, and Vulkan as part of their pre-war rites. Edited by Wade Garrett
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Addendum (Conflagrators perspective):


The Scarlet Sentinels - Relations with the Conflagrators are standoffish at best, and at worst have led to calls for rightful duels from the Scarlet Sentinels. Duels that cannot be ignored. Duels that Sentinels often win. Don't get into duels with Sentinels. Common animosity against the Eagles usually keep interactions relatively civil. [And by civil, I mean not shooting at each other. Standoffish is definitely the best way to describe it.]


Love the Sentinels, btw. :thumbsup:


Hehe, many thanks Olis. Glad to see my boys have already made an impression amongst our erstwhile cousins. :wink:


I love it Brother SanguiniusReborn! I have no idea what context it would be under, but I can imagine the Eagles yelling into their comms "The Sentinels are coming! The Sentinels are coming!"

Perhaps a battle unlike any the cluster has seen shall occur as result of a backlash for the "I can see you're doing fine, but i'ma help you and take credit" ways of the Eagles!


Damn right we're coming, and you'd best be elsewhere by the time we arrive, cos we're the Scarlet Sentinels boy, and we've not had our tea. :verymad::laugh.:


In regards to the colour scheme of the Scarlet Sentinels, I think if you had the lower portion of the legs black to represent boots the redcoats wore would look pretty nice. And if you decide to bring them to the tabletop you have the added bonus of having to paint less of that pesky white!


I did consider that while I was designing them in the Painter but it didn't look "right" to me, so I went with my gut on that one. As for bringing them to the tabletop I don't think I'll have to worry about that, I've got to finish my Blood Angels first... :sweat:


It does provide useful reference points with which we can build on encounters. Knowing how the Conflagrators view the Sons of Calderon lets you see how a campaign shared between them might develop, or how it can influence that relationship.


While it isn't necessary at this juncture, I would recommend people think on that.


Sounds like a good idea if you ask me, I mean part of the character for my Sentinels was their bitter rivalry with the Eagles so it wouldn't make much sense if suddenly they're smiting heretics and xeno hand-in-hand in a story because the author was unaware they'd sooner have a one-night stand with a Great Unclean One than work together. :tongue.:


As far as the Kin and the Conflagrators go, I was sort of thinking the respect would be all one way, with the bayou dwellers deferring to the pyromaniacs because these guys obviously have a hotline to Vulkan, and the out-Redemptionist the Redemptionists Astartes screaming "STOP AGREEING WITH ME!" at the heathen polytheists who have units that fight entire battles in a trance state and place quaff-sticks and bitterroot offerings before idols of Guilliman, Ferrus Manus, Corax, and Vulkan as part of their pre-war rites.


That. Sounds. Hilarious. :D

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The All Seers

" Force of Will "


21st founding Chapter assigned to the Libre Cluster. The All Seers is not a codex adherent chapter, Librarians and Chaplains fill a Major role in command decisions .The Chapter works well with other Astartes if the Emperors tarot deems it so. There have been times when they have quit in the middle of a Battle..Which has not sat well with the Inquisition REF: Planet R390 which is now the Chapters Home World.The Planet was given to the Chapter by the High Lords over ruling the Inqusisition.

Little is known on the Chapters practices and customs ,What is Known they were a fleet based Chapter before being assigned to permanent assignment to the Libre.Sources say the Marines are very insular and show disdain to non-Astartes.

The All Seers Armour is seen to be covered in Runes and the Wearing of skull kill totems. Every Marine is seen wearing Swords and close combat attachments on their Bolters.The Chapter is equipped with the most recent Marks of Power Armour, But have only enough TDA for three Squads and for High Ranking Brothers.

Three Librarians and Chaplins form a Council on the direction the Chapter should take on matters of Warefare and present it to the Chapter Master their council is sage. IT is rare for him to ignore their council.Techmarines and Apothecarys roles are as in any other Chapter.The standard Company is 5 Tac, 3 Assualt 2 Dev. Bikes and Landspeeders, the Tempest landspeeder is abundant .

R390 is to be considered a paradise to the humans that now live on the planet Deep Blue Oceans lush forests fertile plains high mountain peaks. You would think this planet has never seen war. Farming and fishing are the major industries some Manufacturing.The Overlords of the planet have very little to due with the population. Only during the feast are any of the The All Seeing are in attendence.The feast is a Blood Game for new blood into the Chapter. The Planet has an Orbital defense network. and the three moons have listening stations.The local PDF is small compared to other Planets all of the Weaponary is manufactured on the nearest Mech - head planet

R390 was a Feral Ork planet every known trace of the Xenos was eradicated . But scouts have found traces of other Ork marks on the mountainous Continent on the far side of the planet.

Chapter Symbol - All seeing Eye over a Pyramid

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As far as the others go....


Eagles of Glory:

The Kin see them as a well meaning but somewhat dimwitted younger sibling, whose lack of knowledge about how things work in the Cluster leads them to blunder into trouble. Likewise, they bemoan the fact that the Eagles seem to have no use for any tactics more subtle than "Blow lots of things up! Is problem solved? No? BLOW ALL THE THINGS UP!"


The Scarlet Sentinels:

There's definitely bad blood here, stemming from both the Kin's tendency to follow the Conflagrators even into banging heads with fellow Spirit Touched, and an incident where (according to the Blackjaw Patriarch on the scene) a dying Sentinel Captain awarded them ownership of the Corvette he commanded for their bravery in rescuing him and his men from a hrud ambush. The Sentinels have a somewhat different recollection of this event.

Edited by Wade Garrett
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As far as the Kin and the Conflagrators go, I was sort of thinking the respect would be all one way, with the bayou dwellers deferring to the pyromaniacs because these guys obviously have a hotline to Vulkan, and the out-Redemptionist the Redemptionists Astartes screaming "STOP AGREEING WITH ME!" at the heathen polytheists who have units that fight entire battles in a trance state and place quaff-sticks and bitterroot offerings before idols of Guilliman, Ferrus Manus, Corax, and Vulkan as part of their pre-war rites.


Looks like I managed to get that fairly correct then. I can just see it now: The Conflagrators persecuting an offensive (with flamey gusto) while the Blackjaw Kindred careen wildly across the battle, from left to right, as their allies stare disbelievingly on. That vital relay station? Destroyed. The enemy commander the Conflagrators were planning to singe horribly? Dead. And that ammo dump? A crater. (Nobody amongst the Conflagrators gives a damn about the burning hab stacks, however.) :biggrin.:



Also (before I forget)...




The Aetheric Swords - Besides the suspicious looking Librarians (that get everywhere), the Conflagrators find the battle-hymns of the Swords strangely soothing. Of all the Chapters amongst the Liber Cluster, the Swords are of the few that the Conflagrators will actually countenance taking orders from. [i am imagining Cornish Fishermen Choirs, Welsh Miner Choirs and Red Army Choirs all rolled into one.]

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The Doomsayers Space Marine chapter, stoic sons of Guilliman, came to the Liber Cluster chasing Renegades who sought to elude them. What the Renegades were unaware of, was that the Doomsayers were masters of void warfare, a heavy preference laid upon it over other forms of fighting. They were hunted down and utterly annihilated, but being a suspicious sort, the Doomsayers remained in case there were more.
Chapter Master Kaunaz leads from the principal battlebarge "The Awaiting Doom", his command dais in the centre of a holographically projected stellar map, which contains the locations of each and every Doomsayers vessel, current allies, and mission specific details. He also happens to be the inventor of a manouvre that saved a [insert chapter here] cruiser from complete destruction. The [inset chapter here] cruiser had been ambused by several [insert enemy here] vessels, when a patrol of Doomsayers warped into the region. Upon discovery of the engagment, all haste was made to assist the loyalist ship, and though she had put up a good fight, the tide was turning against her. Kaunaz seeing the formation of the enemy ordered his vessels into the wake of the others, so when the [insert enemy here] detected them, only one vessel was picked up on the auguries. The Doomsayers had the upper hand, and the enemy came to realise too late what would happen to them. The first ship turning to engage became alerted to the engine flares of Kaunaz's patrol fleet behind the first ship, and unable to breakaway with any speed, was torn asunder by no fewer than 4 consecutive broadsides. The rest of the battle was over soon, and a debt of gratitude was owed.

As with most naval warfare, boarding actions also must occur, and the Doomsayers do not shy away from becoming personal with their enemies. Boarding shields are a favourite tool amomgst many of the brothers, and the shieldwalling of corridors is a popular tactic in denying the enemy. The first company maintain a few suits of Terminator armour, which are utilised primarily for the boarding of capitol ships. Such priceless relics should only be used when there is much honour to be won.

"The Awaiting Doom" also has access to a teleportarium, which the adeptus mechanicus would surely like yo get their hands on. The technology is beyond price to them, and though the Doomsayers closely guard all their assets, it will not stop the mechanicum from trying to obtain such a prize.


Sorry for the waffle folks, first stab at some creative literature in a while
C+C/opinions/ whether the doomsayers get wiped from the face of the liber welcomed :tongue.:

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The Sentinels have a somewhat different recollection of this event.


Mmmhmm, I'll bet they do. Perhaps the Lord Marshall can have a quiet word with this "Patriarch" of yours to sort this out, and by "have a quiet word" I mean "introduce his forehead to this stinking swamp dweller's face at high velocity". :tongue.:


Yeah, the Lord Marshall's a fun guy, did he ever tell you about the time he headbutted this Ork Warboss to death in a one-on-one duel? Man, he was picking bits of greenskin grey matter out of his moustache for weeks... :laugh.:

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