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Hey so I thought I would compile my characters here in a singular thread. And whilst I might have eschewed building a massive army that probably won't stop me from amassing a silly amount of bits and therefore generating a silly amount of characters.


First up is Tech Adept Benedictine. Whilst now more machine than human, like a notable few of the Mechanicum Benedictine prefers his human voice and dabbles in the politics of the Imperium a little.

His interference in certain matters has seen him come under the scrutiny of the Inquisition. Unbeknownst to Benedictine they have engineered a sequence of events that will lead to Benedictine pledging support to the Ordos in return for protection.








And where Benedictine roams his faithful servant Arkke 4.0 is never far behind. A bullish man before his mind scrub, he is ever more brutal now.












So that's the first two characters of an ongoing expansion of my ideas.

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Hey thank you for your comments.


Warriorfish: I have a silly amount of bits I will admit but shushhh, just in case anyone is listening. New stuff is on the way.


Nicodemus: gotta be honest and tell you that rules are the furthest thing from my mind when building models. If it looks cool in my head it gets built.


Isiah: thank you


Olis: yeah I need to figure out that sweet spot of grime and painterly chaos.

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This little fellow is a Rat Tail guide/sniper. His name is S'qurrrk. He has led many Hive explorers through the mire of the sump and been handsomely rewarded with different types of tech; making him stronger, faster, better aim.

He has also managed to pick up different accents and dialects, ably assisted by his translat-bio-skull, a gift from a client who remains a secret.

But don't dare cross him, you'll end up face down in the sump. ...









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3 views of Murmur.


Death Cult Assassin in duty bound service to Inquisitor Caraviel. Murmur is a mutant who was taken in by a Solar Cult as a youngster. He grew strong and his murderous desires were honed into the finest weapon available.


Murmur's abilities soon outstripped his teacher's capacity to teach. Eventually his aptitude came to make him a threat and it was at that uneasy juncture that fortune prevailed in the form of Julius Caraviel, lord inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. Caraviel was investigating allegations of heresy and required an able bodyguard.







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The next character I want to introduce is Inquisitor Perkele of the Ordo Excorium. As can be seen he is old and partially bionic. He has seen many horrors and this knowledge is worn upon his face.

With him is his two loyal protectors given to him from the guard corps of the House Tzeryll. Their names are Pilum and Pergid. As these men are called upon to protect dignitaries in the void they are equipped with the best. Powered armour and power weapons.

This is an minor house of the Navis Nobilitie, they may be a minor house but are long established in the Imperium and they have a secret they want kept and how better to keep than to entrust with a member of the Inquisition?











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Further study of Pilum and Pergid:






Then we have further functionaries from House Tzeryll.


Firstly, the seal bearer for the house. Forbidden to speak and denied thought.




Guard master Squell, a fearless fighter and outstanding pilot.




Scion Phrelaan of the House Tzeryll.




Phrelaan's fearsome pet; pit fighter extraordinaire Gr'ex.



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Next we have Interrogator Magos Ilec Mhu. If you need someone to talk, you need Ilec Mhu. Brutal and unforgiving, Ilec Mhu is renowned for getting a confession from even the most hardened Heretic.








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Ilec Mhu is always flanked by his two gene-bulked battle servitors.


Theta 4.0









And Rho A5







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Next I give you Julius Caraviel, lord inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus.

This man is vain, and dangerous.








And here are his two death cult assassin bodyguards; Natalia and Hermiya




Caraviel also has a cy-enhanced wolf as close protection.





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You have some kind of gift, sir. I've almost never been so impressed by models. The one exception being a BT High Marshal, because, you know, Zeal. But seriously, my jaw hits the floor looking at these things.

Oh wow, thank you! That's a great compliment. Thank you

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Next, I wish to introduce you to Inquisitor Pheledon of the Ordo Hereticus. This man is a fierce prosecutor of heretics. A century old and yet still actively destroying heretical cults with his holy fury. Pheledon wears a scaled down version of Astartes powered armour. Many wards are emplaced into the armour.










And wherever Pheledon goes his cadre of Ecclesiarchy priests are never far away.



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I wish to introduce you to Inquisitor Henrí Beláque. Tough as boots old guard trooper who happened to manifest "useful" talents in the heat of battle. Survived more encounters than most and became a pupil of an inquisitor. Serving first as an acolyte and then an excellent Interrogator.








Henrí also likes to make use of any tech he can lay his hands on and to that end he uses this battle construct known as El Cazurro.








Also, no matter where Henrí goes the sisters of death; Amelia and Gorelia are never far away.





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The man I wish to introduce you to next is Inquisitor Adama Brüze of the Ordo Malleus. This is a man who knows not of the notion of subtlety. Why knock the door when you can blow it up along with the heretic behind it?

Given to forceful judgement and prodigious use, both of the fury of the chamber militant of the 666th chapter of the Emperor’s Astartes and the full might of Exterminatus. Brüze does not accept fallibility and believes in the crushing blow.







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Other dramatis personae involved:


Ebro, the mutant turned pit slave. Inquisitor Brüze will use Ebro, ignoring the irony of a puritan using a mutant, simply because of the pure unbridled brute force Ebro can bring to bear. Even in a universe of black and white there are areas of grey.....







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Really liking your kit bashes, gives me a few ideas. I just need the time (and a bigger bits box?)!

Glad I can give someone ideas, if you ever are in need of a certain bit I'm sure we can set up a trade/swap or whatever. And trust me, by the time you get that bigger bits box you will spend more time rummaging through the box to find the bit that has been staring you in the face for the last hour... lol


On another note, it seems deathly quite in this corner of the BnC. Or is that just my perception?

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My bits box is huge, just needs some more variety to it as it's almost all general Marine and Guard stuff which isn't too exciting (or useful). The Inquisition codex isn't large or that well used so things can be slow especially when people take their Inquisition projects to the Forge. Just means you stand out more ;)

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My bits box is huge, just needs some more variety to it as it's almost all general Marine and Guard stuff which isn't too exciting (or useful). The Inquisition codex isn't large or that well used so things can be slow especially when people take their Inquisition projects to the Forge. Just means you stand out more ;)

Ah I see. Should have put this in the forge too then? I rather thought that I might have fallen foul of the BnC rules on non power armour stuff though.


Also, like I said, if there's anything you are looking in terms of bits for conversion, a quick pm might sort it out.

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