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I'm working on other stuff at the moment, and wouldn't know what to ask for - part of the bits box is just finding stuff and getting an idea. Thanks for the offer though :)


You're in the right place, and the B&C is not for power armour only - it's for the armies of humanity. You can put a topic in either the Forge or it's appropriate section.

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Hey WarriorFish, I could maybe just send you a package of assorted lucky dip bits...


Anyhow, I now want to show something a little more recently built....



This is Ignator Garrator upon the Stairway to Redemption. Either you listen to his stirring oratory and recant your sins or you burn in the Emperor’s Holy promethium. This is not quite finished but I'm quite excited about it.















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My bits box is huge, just needs some more variety to it as it's almost all general Marine and Guard stuff which isn't too exciting (or useful). The Inquisition codex isn't large or that well used so things can be slow especially when people take their Inquisition projects to the Forge. Just means you stand out more msn-wink.gif

Ah I see. Should have put this in the forge too then? I rather thought that I might have fallen foul of the BnC rules on non power armour stuff though.

Also, like I said, if there's anything you are looking in terms of bits for conversion, a quick pm might sort it out.

No, I'm glad you did this thread in here. I think it would not get as much attention in the Forge.

The Inquisition forum is just fairly small ... =][= is not a full codex, doesn't have a lot of options, and the mods (I'm one of them and guilty as charged) have been a bit MIA lately due to real-life issues. I'm slowly trying to pull myself back into the saddle and rekindle my passion for the hobby via the Inquisition. Although that Blood Angel chaplain that just got released is pretty darn sweet ...

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Oh yeah, I realise the =][= forum is relatively small. No problems with that.


Was just thinking with the development of Inq28 that more would be drawn in with the conversion potential. I realise the overwhelming draw of Astartes and yeah the BA Chaplain is good looking.


However, I wouldn't feel right doing space marines now without true scaling them. Some day...

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Loving everything so far, to keep churning out such varied kit bashes you must definitely have a deep bits box!

Definitely not my style but I can appreciate the effort you have put into all of it, and your great painting is just the icing on the cake.

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Oh yeah, I realise the =][= forum is relatively small. No problems with that.


Was just thinking with the development of Inq28 that more would be drawn in with the conversion potential. I realise the overwhelming draw of Astartes and yeah the BA Chaplain is good looking.


However, I wouldn't feel right doing space marines now without true scaling them. Some day...


To be honest, I don't know much about Inq28 as, rightly or wrongly, I tend to just stick to official GW rules and haven't searched around for much else. I have heard Inq28 mentioned a few times but that the extent of my contact with it. It would be great if you could start a thread talking a bit more about Inq28 and maybe this could generate some interest and discussion, plus educate people like me.

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This is one awesome thread and I'm just starting in the road to converting up a bunch of =][=. Thanks to your posts I think I may push the boat out a little further now. :tu:
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Hey Nicodemus, in the simplest explanation Inq28 is literally just the Inquisitor game played with regular 40k sized figures. So it's essentially still the official rules from the Inquisitor book, just the measurements scaled down from 54mm to 28mm scale.


If you have been picking up warhammer visions (and indeed WD before the change) you will have seen the stuff appearing in Blanchitsu. A great majority of the featured minis have been built with Inq28 games in mind. I personally have found it exceptionally inspirational.

It's just a shame that the format of Visions doesn't allow for lengthy write up.

But there are so many places around the internet that are worth looking at.


Like Neil101 and his Opus Maius blog, the First Point of Aries blog, spiky rat pack blog, ironsleet.com, the Inq28 sub forum on Ammo Bunker, the conclave, so many more popping up all the time.


SW1 thanks for the comment, I hope you do push the boat out a bit more then.

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Hello one and all! Merry Christmas and Yuletide greetings to everyone!


Thank you for all the kind comments and feedback.


I got some more stuff to show, first up is the inquisitorial stormtrooper retinue that I have made for 40k games involving my inquisition.






















Of course, you will notice some skitarri figures amongst the retinue. The fluff for this is replacements acquired by the inquisitor from the admech to fill in gaps in his troop. I imagine a high ranking inquisitor could requisition anything he pleases.


Next are some small friends who can act in game as servo scouts or little familiars.






Okay, that is my lot for now. Let me know what you think please.


Goodbye and happy New Year all!

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Fantastic work! What a great gift ;) The hoods look great, a small difference that along with the seals and paint scheme makes them appear quite different. A high ranking Inquisitor pretty much can nab what he likes, but much depends on power rather than rank - albeit perceived power in some cases...

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A dark secret lies at the heart and the servants of House Tzeryll work hard to ensure the lie remains as truth in the minds of outsiders. They even go as far to enlist the help of radical inquisitors, the fact this comes with the danger of inviting chaos into the House is a small price to pay. Unfettered access to the warp and secret trade routes are worth the danger.




































So some of these characters you may have seen before but now that I'm firming up the lore relevant to a shady house of the Imperium it made sense to group them in. I intend to expand on the House Tzeryll lore more over the coming weeks and month. However, model wise that's really it for now.

Next on the cards are xenos....

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Curious that, they display fine on my device and I received no warnings.

But yeah it's a sizeable band of miscreants alright and I'm starting to doubt my sanity spending so much time on 4pt models that will die in the first fusilade...

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