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  1. Hello everyone! As stated elsewhere, I am currently making my way through the core rules of Ironsworn: Starforged. It is a series of rules / setting mechanics for use in solo or co op gaming with a strong focus on the developing narrative over the more commonly used tabletop style “simulation” of individual actions. The original Ironsworn is aimed at a low magic / fantasy setting with Starforged being adapted to the sci fi theme in general and ruleswise as well as having some more stream lined rules ( a sort of 2nd edition ). Basic set up is human characters only and a “retro” sf tech style a la Traveller, Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica. I am currently taking for a test spin in more generic set up and can see the rules as written already as being workable in number of ways, from a street level Star Wars game to things like Dune. It’s a nice way to progress a story with added, often unforeseen consequences so you can follow a story without it becoming, in the words of our board’s own Comissar Molotov “some sort of overblown fan fiction” Being centered around a single/ few character with some allies and contacts, I can already see this as way to develop the story and get some modeling inspiration for something like a renegade warband or inquisition retinue in an Inq28 style way. There is already a sort of “legacy track” to follow the character development, but for a more “ grimdark” feel, I think there should be some sort way to track something like “insanity” and/ or “corruption”. Also, this being the Bolter and Chainsword, I am also looking for way to introduce Astartes Characters without derailing the system in both the power level and over complication (adding some wounds? Number of starting assets?). There are already things like “augments” and a “Mecha Suit” - so this might form a basis for something like the knight houses rpg already discussed in “Knights of the Golden Throne” since it seams less likely to be bogged down under an avalanche of rules. I’d love to use this for something like the Legion Wars, where you follow a single Champion and his retinue along his way through the aftermath of the scouring and exploration of the Eye, something a kin to the old Path of Glory in the vaunted Realms of Chaos books.. Ironsworn has been out for some time - maybe some one made a “hack” for Warhammy Fantasy already, covering some of this stuff - A bestiary, maybe? So, if anyone has some advice or experience o just wants to b along for the ride, feel free to drop your ideas here.
  2. Have their ever been any rules for Orks in either Inquisitor or Inquisimunda, official or homebrew?
  3. From the album: Renegade Mechanicum

    Undead Mechanicum Servitor horde WIP

    © Frank J. Agresti

  4. From the album: Renegade Mechanicum

    Undead Mechanicum Servitor horde WIP

    © Frank J. Agresti

  5. From the album: Inquisition

    Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Harken is a dangerous radical branded by some of his peers as a lunatic trying to wield power that he can't understand.

    © Frank J Agresti

  6. Inq28/Inquisimunda are terms that refer to a number of fan-made systems for adapting the Inquisitor game, which was a 54mm system, to 28mm models. Inquisitor was a narrative wargame where players would collect small warbands, generally 4-8 models, and pit them against their opponent's warband. Unlike most other Games Workshop games, there were no points values - overall character potency had to be evaluated and was generally conducted under the supervision of a referee. Players had a lot of freedom in creating their characters, however, and the game encouraged creativity and personality. In many ways, the Inquisitor game harkened back to the original concepts of 1st edition Warhammer 40,000 (the so-called "Rogue Trader" edition). For many players, transitioning from 54mm to 28mm was natural and desirable. The range of 54mm miniatures was quite limited, though there were also many suitable 54mm miniatures from a variety of other manufacturers. Also, all of the miniatures and conversion kits were in metal, which can be difficult to convert. Conversely, the range of 28mm miniatures as vast; and modern technology has allowed GW to release their modern kits in plastic and resin, both of which are much easier to convert than metal. Most hobbyists already have a wide selection of 28mm miniatures suitable for the Inquisitor setting. When GW stopped supporting Inquisitor and the 54mm miniatures line, the 28mm miniatures, which continues to grow, were an obvious substitute. As a game that focused on the warband, what is commonly called a "skirmish" level wargame*, Inquisitor had a low barrier to entry. Shifting to 28mm miniatures lowers that barrier even further, especially when you consider both the range of games and models that GW has released in that scale as well as the myriad third party games and models that might be adapted to that use. However, there is no single authoritative way to play “Inq28” or “Inquisimunda” – people use a variety of alternative systems. For the purposes of this poll, the various systems are defined as follows (and if I’m mistaken in any, please let me know): Inq28 - Using the normal Inquisitor rules, but scaling everything down from 54mm to 28mm, which can be done by either chopping all ranges in half or switching from inches to centimeters (neither of which is a perfect solution, but they are easy). Inquisimunda - Using the Necromunda rules and adding rules for the additional factions. In this, Inquisimunda started with 2nd edition Necromunda rules, but players have also taken the more recent 3rd edition Necromunda rules (also called “N17” since it was released in 2017) and adapted them. Kill Team - Simply adding the Inquisition faction to that game, such as has been done for the Inquisition and Rogue Traders here at the B&C. Mordheim – This was a skirmish level* game set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Old World setting. It shared many things in common with the 1st and 2nd edition versions of Necromunda. In many ways, this is a just a variant of Inquisimunda. Shadow War: Armageddon – This short-lived game adapted the 2nd edition Necromunda rules to the forces of the larger WH40K setting. In many ways, this is just a variant of Inquisimunda. Third Party – Using some non-GW game system such as Reality’s Edge, Rogue Stars, and others; or using a fan-made system. Other – Games Workshop released a number of other skirmish level* systems, including Legends of the Old West, Legends of the High Seas, and The Great War. These were all based on the basic Warhammer system, which can be represented by 2nd edition Necromunda and are in many ways just a variant of Inquisimunda. Note that we're not trying to say what anyone "should" use for playing Inq28/Inquisimunda. We're simply trying to gauge what people have used or are interested in using. Note that players can find resources for both the Inquisitor game and a variety of systems used for Necromunda at sites linked in the Other Games Resources topic (and anyone with any savvy at using Internet search engines can find more ). * “Skirmish level” means a number of different things in the tabletop miniatures wargaming hobby: One meaning was a type of wargame in which each miniature represented an individual. This stemmed from the practice in many historical wargames where each miniature represented multiple individuals, allowing hobbyists to collect armies without breaking the bank or requiring too large of a playing area. Another meaning is the game itself, where the game represents a small portion of a larger battle that is taking place. The meaning used here is where a force represents a small number of individuals, generally no more than 20 models, rather than a larger “army.”
  7. A recent discussion in the Other Games forum about the systems used for Inquisimunda/Inq28 (link) got me thinking. I was part of a group that developed some homegrown rules for using both inquisitors and rogue traders in Kill Team. We had a lot of fun and I think there was considerable enthusiasm among the members because a lot of us recalled the Inquisitor game and the freedom it gave in terms of warbands and game play (despite some of the balance problems - it was a "narrative" game that had much less emphasis on balance). With Inquisimunda/Inq28 I think that a lot of the attraction, other than Blanchitsu, is the freedom to delve into darker parts of the setting that don't see as much representation in the war-focused WH40K game. Players are free to express their creativity. For many, I think, gaming mostly comes down to whatever rules the main group is comfortable with. Those that enjoyed the Inquisitor game might simply scale it down for 28mm miniatures. Those that are familiar with Necromunda might instead choose that game. Still other players like to use any number of third party options. Osprey recently published the Stargrave game, which is Frostgrave in space. I was exposed to it after watching Ash from Guerilla Miniature Games use it to play his old Rogue Trader era minis (using tables from that edition of WH40K to define the story). So I recently bought the game and found it to be enjoyable. However, I really like what we did with the unchained versions of the Kill Team faction rules that we came up with for inquisitors and rogue traders. I think we can build on that to create a variant of Kill Team for players wanting to scratch that Inquisimunda/Inq28 itch. I've seen some similar rules sets adapting Necromunda to this purpose, and I think those are great for players that enjoy that game. This effort is intended to provide a similar solution for players that like Kill Team. At this point I'm just brainstorming and looking for feedback. Most of the standard Kill Team rules would remain unchanged, hopefully reducing the learning curve. The Combat Roster would be replaced with a similar concept, but hopefully improved and tailored to the Inquisimunda/Inq28 concepts. My working title is "Warband" for obvious reasons. Brother Tyler brought up his concerns about the Command Roster rules in this discussion. I'm thinking about taking that concept and adapting it to the Warbands (instead of being based on a Space Marine Tactical squad, it would be based on something else appropriate to Inquisimunda). The concepts of commanders would change, too, though I'm not quite certain of specific changes. The net result would be that we would be much more likely to see the commander characters in games since they're the leaders of the warbands. I liked the mechanisms that we built into our unchained rules for promoting models to replace commanders that were killed (and for creating custom versions of the commanders); and I think that we can incorporate these concepts into a dedicated Inquisimunda/Inq28 variant. Aside from that, the bulk of the work would be in taking the model choices that we developed for the unchained versions of inquisitors and rogue traders, expanding on them to cover a broader range of choices such as the Adeptus Mechanicus, Ecclesiarchy, Chaos cultists, and maybe Genestealer cults (and others?) to give players freedom. I think that heavy use of keywords would be necessary so that it's not a total free-for-all, but I would want players to have considerable freedom to represent the possibilities of the lore. Instead of multiple faction books/sections, there would be a single section with all model choices (minus the warband leaders). With regard to the factions, I basically see the commander as the essential step that imposes certain restrictions and allows certain options. Many model options would be available to every faction. These might be added to, restricted, or adjusted based on the commander choice. For example, a basic fighter type (Armsman in the linked rogue trader and inquisitor files) would be available to everyone. If you take an Adeptus Mechanicus Adept as your commander, the Armsman might be replaced by a Skitarii (which isn't available to other commanders). Another example is the daemonhost who would only be available to radical Ordo Malleus inquisitors and the Lost and the Damned. I foresee the outcome being two files. The first would be a smaller file identifying the basic rules changes (as changed from Kill Team). The second would be a larger file that includes basic lore on the factions as well as the model choices. What I'm looking for now is feedback on the concept, as well as ideas for factions and model choices. The current faction choices in my mind are: Inquisition Rogue Traders Adeptus Mechanicus Ecclesiarchy Lost and the Damned Genestealer Cults These choices elevate the struggle beyond combat between gangs and the law as represented in Necromunda, depicting the shadow warfare that takes place between the different factions of the Imperium. The Genestealer Cults and Lost and the Damned are in there as foils to the Imperium. I definitely want to avoid the war-based factions and most other xenos, confining the conflict to what we might encounter within the shadows of the Imperium. I'm moving forward on this, though my current efforts are exploratory. As I saw in the inquisitor/rogue trader projects, though, other players have lots of interesting ideas so I'd like to incorporate what I can into this. I'm trying to come up with a sexy name for this, too. "Shadow War" would be great, but it's too close to Shadow War: Armageddon and will probably create confusion. Another name that occurred to me was In the Shadow of the Throne. I'm certain someone has a better idea.
  8. As these don’t fit in with my Iron Hands I thought I would start a new topic. These are a very slow burn. This little guy was inspired by the model. I imagine him as excommunicated low level mechanicus skilled in servo skull maintenance. Eking out a living as a tracker/hunter, catching servo skulls in his faraday net, isolating them before reprogramming them for his own needs. Utilising repurposed pheromone tracking servo skulls, weapon platform servo skulls and a myriad of other types to hunt and seek out his prey. As I know little about the rules I hope he could have his own entourage of servo skulls or he could be a minion. I can utilise some of my previous models as his servo skull minions and as an excuse to make more. I have also made this model I imaged her as the daughter of a disgraced dead imperial knight pilot. A daddies girl/tomboy determined head strong, seeking to redeem her family name and the right to pilot a knight of her own after after tracking down enough of the dismembered parts of her father knight. Ever the thrill seeker she rides a STC plasma hover bike discovered early in her quest to recover her fathers Knight. She was granted a prototype bike made by the mechanicus from the STC plans she discovered and bearing a writ from mechanicus granting her privilege. The discovery of the STC should of granted her a knight of her own by the scheming Magos whom she delivered it to saw potential and was interested to see want else she would discover on her quest. Damn just noticed she lost her pony tail
  9. One of the first threads we did when I got back into the hobby some four years ago, was a pretty well-received effort entitled "Vox Stellarum: True-Scaled Horus Heresy". It's exactly what it says on the tin. An array of Horus Heresy Astartes , Auxilia , Agents of the Sigillite , and other more esoteric miniatures done by myself and my longstanding collaborator, Umbral. Now, since then, we've developed a whole lot. And I don't just mean my actual painting and conversion skills [umbral's were already pretty ace to begin with]. I also mean in terms of our ability to *actually present* our efforts in thread form, as well as the narrative for the area of space our efforts take place in - which now spans roughly eleven thousand years ... So it seemed high time to go back to the Heresy , and re-present for a hopefully broadened audience , some of our work in that light. With better photographs. With that in mind - here's the first few of my Heresy-era truescales . To begin , the four Space Wolves I've done relatively recently : Space Wolves were the first force I did even semi-properly as a young lad , and as with many people of Scandinavian heritage ... the Vikings In Space element has always had a strong appeal. Even though my professional area of expertise (Indo-European theologian , with rather strong Nordic incorporations ) means I occasionally wince a bit when GW art or official miniatures mix up various different Runic scripts etc :P With these Wolves, I was looking to convey a sense that they were 'hunters', 'trackers' - hence the pointing, the auspex, and the misericordia . And also the highly mobile look of what might otherwise be static-appearing gunners. In terms of truescaling method, we use terminator legs. *All* the terminator legs! Which occasionally presents a bit of a difficulty, because frankly ... some of them just aren't posed especially dynamically - or there's so many we've done with a particular set of five that it becomes a challenge to work out how to do a 'novel' pose rather than yet another repeat. The Grave Warden legs are a particular problem in this regard, because while many of them are really quite cool - and certinly help spice things up in the Mk.III department relative to more 'ordinary' looking Cataphractii .. there's one or two legs in there that are just standing still, in an excessively wide leg stance that's .. difficult to work with. Still, I like to think I've done a reasonable job even here. Detail shot - showing the Misericordia ... and also the Raptor Imperialis pad. I figured that as this particular Astates was acting as a direct agent of the Throne in hunting down whatever it was that these chaps were pursuing, it made a certain sense for him to be carrying a Custodes blade for the purposes of personally administering the Emperor's Sanction. And, given the pad, it really drives home the loyalties and the authority of the pack. The Headhunter bolter's also good for the 'stalker' theme. Next up .. the 'Oddballs' - which is not a designation, just a characterization. Umbral had an idea awhile back for a 'Dungeons of Terra' sort of campaign, wherein various Imperial forces would be fending off the undermining incursion salients of Traitor forces into the eponymous dungeons during the course of the Siege. The campaign never got off the drawing board ... but I nevertheless wound up building a few miniatures in general service of the concept. They may show up elsewhere in our storylines. I say 'oddballs', because each one was a bit of a twist or a subversion on the more usually expected characterizations of given Legions. This is partially because each one was suffering in some fashion from 'Post-Human Traumatic Stress Disorder' - that particular form of mental illness which appears to have afflicted many Astartes during the Heresy due to .. well .. their established and comfortable loyalties and allegiances and place in the universe going out the window in an immense way; and alongside that the particular traumas of betrayal, the witnessing of horrific spectacles of the mass-mortality of their brethren (in the case of the Shattered Legions), and in some cases even their Primarchs ; and, in the case of the loyalists from Traitor Legions, the losing of their brothers and their own former lives in an entirely different way. But on with the show - As applies the Night Lord - Indraj - this is one of those aforementioned loyalists of a traitor legion origin ... and is showing the 'subversion' theme by being an incredibly direct and pulverizing combatant rather than a 'strike-from-the-shadows' sort in terms of his armament. There's nothing subtle about a thunder hammer and a rather large shield; and I like to think that the posing, with the raised head and gaze indicates that he's going after something rather larger than himself - the direct opposite of what we usually see from the Night Lords deliberately choosing to prey upon those weaker than themselves. Now, in terms of the name ... Felt I should highlight the Raptor Imperialis . The Salamander, meanwhile, is a bit of a tribute / injoke to the third man of Vox Stellarum, who's also a longstanding collaborator with my academic / theological work . Hence the heavy flamer [due to the meme that's gone around for ages around getting the flamer .. no, brother, the *heavy* flamer] , and also the thunder hammer - which is a rather more ... curious theological reference. This brings us on to the next two ... First up, a *very angry bird* - an XIXth Legionnaire who's quite clearly rather furious. As in, has eschewed the more customary caution of the Raven Guard in order to be blatantly throwing himself at the enemy whilst wielding a rather large axe. It seemed the best way to get across that he's expressing his trauma through rather incautious rage ; as opposed to the more studious approach of some other XIXth forces post-Isstvan , who favour their Legion's own habitual modus operandi of stealth and conservation of force given their limited numbers. Next , a Son of the Emperor : Now, the idea with this chap is that he's a demolitions expert. Hence all the grenades and other explosives he's got on his person - as well as the hand-held gadget that seemed ideal for a detonator. Signal'll be broadcast via the comms antenna on his backpack. In the actual Dungeons game, I'd intended to have tonnes of the Necromunda sprue grenade-piles and suchlike, as traps that he could remotely detonate to frustate the advance of the Traitors. Hence also his pointing posture - he's gesturing to where something is about to become rather more heavily geographically distributed. The bionic leg may, perhaps, suggest that he's run afoul of ordnance in-the-flesh earlier in his career - and is a tangible mark of his own , i guess you could say .. imperfection. Both in terms of physical form, but also in likely terms of tradecraft to lead to the injury in the first place. The more interesting thing about him, however, is that he was a close friend of a now-deceased (blown apart, in fact) Xth Legionnaire ... and feels that loss quite keenly. So much so in fact that he's effectively absorbed and started expressing some of the dead Marine's personality traits - giving voice to the dead , almost as if the spirit of his former comrade had been blown into him during the detonation. Certainly, the rosary of prayer-beads about his wrist speaks towards an Astartes who has moved in a rather more overtly religious direction than many in response to his trauma. Meanwhile, the ballistic apron [from the Iron Warriors tyrant siege terminators] seemed apt for a marine with his combat specialization - as it would absorb shrapnel etc. from things going off in front of him etc., help protect his fellows. There is one nod to the more 'traditional' IIIrd legion vibe, however (other than the bejeweled shoulderpad) - these two paired master crafted power-blades, which he'll be fully capable of utilizing as a matched pair of dueling weapons. Perhaps that's how he got that fine scar across his face, Prussian style. Anyway, that's the first eight of my Heresy-era Truescales posted ... there's 22 Astartes to go , plus a whole range of other miniatures from the same period [the Auxilia , Agents of the Sigillite , a rather impressive truescale Custodes , etc. etc. ] . And then there's Umbral's various efforts ... I'm hoping that a fresh start log will help me get some motivation back to do more in this era. And perhaps do some writing a la what I've managed for the Adamanticores [ Hara Barazaiti ] and Haunting Harii of Hvergelmir . Really 'bring things to life' and tie up a few ends for your presentation and enjoyment.
  10. Figured this might be of interest to a few frater here - An Alpha Legion Chaplain based on the excellent concept-work done by IHF (if you haven't checked out his Heresy-era design thread, it's pretty amazing). Still could use accessorizing with a holstered pistol and grenades, etc. - but otherwise, pretty much done. The crozius is ... a bit odd, now that it's attached - but I couldn't think off-hand of any other serpentine parts I had about to use for it. [standard-topper from the Dark Elf Corsairs was an option .. but not one that was around where I could see it in the general bitz-hoard]. Here's IHF's original for comparative purposes: An XXth 'Redactor' Chaplain. [well, I'll possibly head my own direction with fluff considerations due to a somewhat heterodox approach that utilizes a lot more Germanic conceptry ... and in this particular case, certain points around Grimnir - 'Masked One' :P ; but the visual is most definitely aligned with IHF's production, at any rate] Now, he didn't go into much detail about wargear, so I made my own inferences. Could still use accessorizing with a holstered pistol, grenades and vials and pouches etc. And the Crozius piece ... goes with the Old Norse pun-value around 'hooded one' aforementioned, as well as a Jormungandr reference - large 'wand'/staff. I felt that a scoped bolter went with a hanging back and precision shots where required ranged engagement modus operandi; and while the Deathwatch Mk.VIII back-pack might be looked a bit in askance at for Heresy-era purposes ... the Alpha Legion have all sorts of technological resources at their disposal - and it can be said to be a modified Mk.VI or Mk.IV pattern; while the main reason I went for it, the armoured lense, seemed to connote the kind of officer who'd have the entire battlefield under surveillance etc. Oh, and I further 'tweaked' IHF's original design with a scaled cloak, because dapper. And also because it actually makes my method of truescaling [pun .. retroactively intended] rather easier . In terms of the truescaling, Primaris arms are great, but I couldn't find *quite* the right one for the other - so went with the nice thick knight-like armour ones from the Ravenwing Command. Hands are also often a bit of a pain, because full-size primaris arms .. go nicely with FW terminator gauntlets. So I think the hand holding the Crozius is ... either a Salamander or Iron Hands terminator hammer or axe gripper. Gosh, two actual Alpha Legion [other one's up on the Vox Stellarum Heresy-thread]. I might have to do a few more now ... ... and try out that contrast paint to see if i can finally do a scheme ...
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