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Today my IG (AM)....


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I almost painted mine khorne red and black before I settled on the grey/white and khorne red


Dark grey/black and khorne red always look good on them, but there are also some awesome snow schemes out there too.


Their Codex has some really good inspiration for colours.


I'm thinking if I buy the start collecting box I might try a new scheme... ...

Except next time I think I'll leave the arms off until after I've painted.

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Today my IG (AM)...


I received a pair of 1/48 scale boxes of Tamiya Brick Wall/Sandbag/Barricade sets so that I can use the sandbags to make some of my Heavy Weapons teams look like they're "dug in".


We'll see how well it goes.


If I like how one looks, I'll shoot for making all six heavy weapon squads that I have in that fashion.

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So I managed to get as far as I can on my scions with my current limited paint collection. I'm short roughly 4 paints a couple for the flesh and a couple for the sleeping bags.

If I get the chance I might use some of the local GWs paints to finish them off this week. Fortunately they're happy to help me out while I'm restocking.

That means I only have 7 HSLG scions to go!

So to break it up I've started to finish up my manticore/deathstrike.










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Today, as in just now, I scored an unpainted ten-man squad of Kasrkins off of eBay for a grand total (with shipping) of $39.59 US.


I'm happy to get them because I've never really liked the Scions minis yet I'd like to have at least a small presence of Storm Troopers in my army.

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So I am finally nearing completion of my Scions!

All I have left is to do their skin tones and ground sheets (I will most likely visit my local GW this weekend to borrow their paints)


After I competed them I was supposed to finish of a LRBT, but the Inquisitor (as Inquisitors do) jumped ahead of the queue and demanded he be given my full attention immediately.

I also need to finish of the skin and pistol grip which I'll do while I'm sorting out my Scions.



Next week the rest of my regiment should arrive so then I can start making a move on my Mordians again. :)

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With Very little time and money to invest in the hobby my guard haven't done much. There are a few things in the Queue.


1. Leman Russ Tech Command to be built and painted

2. Leman Russ Battle Tank to be painted

3. Vulture to be built and Painted


There are a few things that I'm wanting to get, like the Knights Renegade box, and a second Russ demolisher, to round out my armored fist, as well as a baneblade. I've also got to work on getting rid of some of the stuff I don't play, like my dark angels, paring down my space wolves and probably getting rid of my tau.

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Since I've been playing with the Emperor's Fist formation a bit recently I thought it fitting to finish off a LBRT as well as 17 sponsons....

Up next is either my old school bassie (who also needs some minor repairs) or old school hellhound. Well see what the Emperor wills!

I also received word that my remaining regiments have finally arrived. The plan is to rendezvous with them mid this week. Which means more Mordians to be painted shortly too! :)



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Don't worry WF it wasn't lost on me that most of them I wouldn't be using. Given they'd already been base coated I figured I'd paint them any way.


HD definitely worth checking out the magnetising tutorial on the forum to get the most bang for your buck!

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Inso your greenstuff skills are insane.  Love the use of skitarii weapons for a perfect hi tech/ornate dwarfish aesthetic.

Im currently working on the last 10% of my Demolisher for the ETL.  Then I might get into a veteran or command squad.  However I've just taken delivery of 4 more mars alpha pattern russes and the batch painting bug is calling.

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