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Today my IG (AM)....


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Getting there with the third platoon now :smile.: :




Beards, a couple of packs and then weapons to add, to make them all to the same standard, before starting work on the arms :) ...

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This evening I took my IG with small contingent of GK allies on mission against some pesky Crimson fists.

My opponent is relatively new to the game and this was his first time playing SMs. So it was a crushing victory to my mordians. Unfortunately they were all purged after the battle... (GKs and all...)


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I'm flattered!


Sorry I have been focusing on my RG (link) a lot lately. Trying to get them tournament ready for the coming months. Which is a lot of work seeing as I've started them from scratch from the end of last year. 


Although this is the second time I've taken them out for a spin recently. A new player has started at our group and he's more interested in fun / fluffy match ups. Which gives me an excellent excuse to dust off my IG!

I was going to post some pic's from our first match a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I didn't take as many as I thought and none of them were of decent quality. 


While he's learning I will probably play my IG more and have a few more general pics and reports up.

I am looking forward to your Praetorians! I do want to finish of my Mordians, I'm not as far off as I might think. Depending what direction 8th goes for us that will probably spur me into action ;)

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Agreed about what 8th brings us Brother.


Yeah my Praetorians have been like 12 years in the making, basically was waiting for my paint skills to get to a level where I believe I could do them justice which are coming along great. Trying to bang out all the infantry at once...it is daunting but I'm pushing through I'm down to my HQ command squad then it's on to the stupid amount of heavy weapon teams I own for them.



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Look at that magnificent avatar - duz isn't going anywhere. Once you enlist you're Guard forever :wink:


Many of us are waiting to see what the future brings, whether new codex or rules (almost certainly the latter first). In the meantime who doesn't have a few more Guardsmen to work on? :laugh.: I've got a game coming up later this month, maybe I'll break the Guard out for it too :)

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I've recently just started back into the hobby after a 6 year hiatus... painted about 1000 points of chaos before returning to my real love, my imperial guard.


I've painted up most of a set of barracades/walls with quad-autocannon anti-air, finished building (poorly) a magnetized valkyrie/vendetta, bought the spray paints I needed for camo stripes, and sprayed my valkyrie, a hellhound, a imperial bastion and a baneblade.


Once I get some new (and better) pictures, I will be starting my own thread, but in the meantime I will leave you with the most recent picture of my entire force as it then was:




Inquisitor Psychologis Ruminahui

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Thanks for the praise and welcome.  And pictures are coming, I promise.  I'll be taking photos this week end until either I get some good ones or my camera revolts on me. ;)


Inquisitor Psychologis Ruminahui

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That looks likea great army, looking forward to some close ups.


Today I finally got around to making a makeshift area to take better pictures of my units:




Anddd my first ever forge world kit arrived, an Imperial Navy Vulture:



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This week I have been building and magnetising 4 Chimeras. Priming them tomorrow then photos to follow.


Next week building and magnetising 5 Leman Russes including a Commissariat command tank.


Week following... 2 Hydra/Wyverns and a Manticore...



It is going to be an Armoured summer :)

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Thanks for the kind words guys - im going to try get the Vulture built this weekend but I am currently in the middle of painting my Imperial Knight and 2 squads of Kasrkin.


I also managed to get another game in with my friend who's new to the hobby past night.


We had visited GW earlier that day and he's started a Blood Angels army by purchasing a couple of squads of Death Company assault marines.


We built them and then got on with a 1500pts match, playing Maelstrom for the first time.


He had some appaling rolls but he managed to hold the centre of the board due to good cover save rolls.


I learnt from my last match and spread out my infantry a bit more to prevent deep strikes - he won on victory points but my guard certainly made them pay in a tide of their own blood!


http://i.imgur.com/iFCr1Sg.jpg (Yes he needs to paint more of my old marines I never got around to doing!)

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Today I had a send off 7th game with my Mordians against my friends GKs.

Unfortunately they were slowly ground off the table however it was a fun game and I look forward to 8th.


In preparation for that I recommenced finishing of my Mordians. Getting some leadbelcher on another 10\~35 models. I will try and get as much done before the RG painting challenge starts on the 8th. Where I will be starting the Baneblade given allies are allowed.


I will also be purchasing 2 boxes of ogryns shortly and bought one of the cool looking Mordian sgts off ebay for a slightly less exorbitant price. :)

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Last night my Lord Commissar learnt to survey the battlefield for Sniper Scouts before scaling up a giant mount of crates to survey the battlefield.
Fortunately he survived the ordeal (1 mortal wound and 1 regular, out of 3 saves that had to be made) to better position himself for the remainder of the battle and claim and objective at the end of the mission.

My guard utterly out gunned (and surprisingly out manoeuvered!) the Crimson Fists. The move move move order is super effective! You're guaranteed at least 14" of movement in a single turn!




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