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Today my IG (AM)....


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As far as luck plays into it, I'd say he rolling was average for me and beyond terrible to the opponent. I had a list optimised for taking out infantry and light vehicles, he had a heavy infantry list that had nothing to take on heavy vehicles. Neither of us new what was going to be on the table, or had even met before. So there's some luck there too. Had he turned up with a mech heavy list and a load of deep striking melta I would have been done for.


I think the Emperor had my back on this one. Doubt he will if there's any deep-striking melta with this list though!

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Not luck my friend. The Emperor protects and provides.


Speaking of the Emperor's pvovidence. Bad news: a regiment has suffered heavy losses and was disbanded. Good news: a very experinced tank commander was assigned to 1st Nubilan with his own tank and crew.

IMG 20161031 204350

Sorry about the pict's quality It was made with a slipper.
Regiment's quartermaster sais that recent loss of amasec box has no connection with this assignment
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Today I dug out my Guard as I had a big reshuffle of all my games, (selling off a lot of stuff I don't play to consolidate on stuff I do.) I really, really love my Guard models and it was with a fair bit of melancholy that I packed them back into storage. I'm hoping the rumours of 8th Edition in 2017 spark some play locally, as Age of Sigmar has just wiped out 40K in our local area. I'm loving AoS atm, but my Guardsmen deserve some time in the sun.


In the interim I managed to shuffle things around so I can fit more tanks in the bags I store them in, so hopefully I can find the time to get the part-painted Wyvern that's been sitting on my to-do pile since ETL 2015 done and added to its brethren, haha.

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So after digging out my Mordians to see what my list of dishonour included. I was pleasantly surprised to find out my outstanding Mordian collection wasn't too be. So given my local GW has a call to arms this weekend for the pre orders of Fall of Cadia. I decided I'd try and at least get 3 colours onto my models.

Which I got a good crack at, hopefully tomorrow I can get the epaulets done too!


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Got my Tarosians out of cold storage for a game. Forgot how much I owned, so I got everything out for a bit of a parade pic:


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Very cool Tarosians :smile.:


I did something similar (but nowhere near as impressive) with my WIP Squat army the other day:




And today, I ordered a German half-track to see whether I can convert it into a Chimera proxy... I just have to wait for it to arrive from EBay now :smile.:

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My Tallarns allied with another IG army this weekend in a 2000 pt. game.  Ironically, we both have desert color schemes!  We lost to a drop pod Salamander army (with 385 points of free transports), but it was still a fun game.  Here are some photos.


2 desert IG armies supporting each other



Sister Badra and conscripts vs SM bikers



Salamander Drop Pods descend on the IG Line



Salamander Contemptor approaches IG line



Autocannon PCS pins approaching tac squad



My IG comrade used a couple of units I’ve never used before:  Pask and Forgeworld basilisk artillery pieces with crew.  I buffed his arty with my psyker (prescience) and orders from my CCS (ignores cover).  Boy, psykers and CCS orders sure synergize well with FW arty.


I’ve never used Pask because he seems like a lot of points, but after seeing easily him shred tac squads and AV13 Contemptors I think I’ll try him out at some point (I’ve had a Punisher turret painted up for years but never used it).  I was already planning on adding a trio of basilisk platforms to my renegade and heretics army this fall.  Maybe I’ll have to buy and paint up some more guns and Tallarn crew for my IG army as well.

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Today I have an entire Heavy Weapons Team built and ready to primed as well as a handful of converted Empire Flagellants that I've turned into Ministorum Priests that are also ready for a black undercoat as well.


It's time to dive back into this hobby with gusto, I think.


*Edit: Entire Heavy Weapons SQUAD.

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Yesterday I had my first game of the year.  1000 pts, 2v1.  I bought a tank commander punisher with demolisher buddy and 3 bullgryns with slab shields for my 500.  My mate bought 500 pts of imperial fists, mostly tactical marines.  Our opponent bought Dark Angels; terminators, a dreadnought in a drop pod, a lascannon predator and some assault/tactical squads. 


I always knew bringing a few high cost units to such a small game would end badly and I knew a dreadnought deep striking in turn 1 would be hell.  We limited ourselves to only bringing fully painted things, so I couldn't bring any troops (I really really need to paint some).  The highlight was my demolisher trying to take down the deep striking dreadnought and scattering 11" back onto itself and my commander, stripping a hull point and taking out a bullgryn, followed quickly by the dread charging and punching one tank so hard it blew them both up (5 penetrating hits).  Not great for the morale of the 189th, but heaps of fun.


Here is the dark green horde bearing down on pretty much our entire army:

20170130 161741

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Today, my Astra Militarum (Squats) have got an almost finished Chimera proxy and an almost finished squad of Wolverines; female veterans in exo armour.


I just need to finish the turret and add a few details to the chimera proxy and add some details to the armour of the Wolverines and they will be ready to join my army :) .

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Today some of my 90's metal imperial guardsmen came in the post, so I've made a start on base coating those to use as my Veterans.


I've also managed to spray the rest of scions so will tackle them very soon.


Also built an Imperial Bastion and undercoated it for use on my game mat I got, should be getting a game in this weekend so will have a batrep up.


Playing against Tau, only a small game so hopefully my guardsmen won't get gunned down!

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