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Tzen's Thousand Sons


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I also have some of the Terminators, I just don't have them in the picture!


Magnus is already under construction!

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Head and wings aren't glued on. Will be painting this chap in several different parts. Skin and wings first, build up the base of the mini and then start adding armour as I go!

It also makes it easier to transport whilst moving house!



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I actually don't use magnets at all anymore. I did have a stint of using them but the truth is I like my minis to be "as is". I don't game very much, I like having a model completed just the way I want them and don't care too much for weapon swaps or whatever. 


I have spoken to someone who is going to magnetise the all the armour though, and as Magnus loses wounds in the game she is gonna take bits of armour off to represent the damage. Thought that was a cool idea! :D

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Ta chaps!


I will try and livestream the other foot later today. That way when it saves the video I can edit it and make a decent tutorial!


I did some more on his claw/foot thing. The feathers still need to have more definition in the areas they should be shaded, but I am going to wait to do that when I see how they off st against the armour. 



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Okay, so I have brought the red up to a pretty bright red. I am trying to achieve a stark contrast between the torso and the legs. The end of each limb I want to be purple, with hints of flesh. But I am keen to  emphasise the Red part of his name. This current red will be toned down, I just wanted to start with the highlights and work down a little.



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