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The Imperium Below - Neverwhere inspired Inq28/SW:A/'munda

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The Imperium Below – Neverwhere inspired Inquisimunda


So, I’ll start with a quick plug for the book in case anyone hasn’t read it. Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere is set in London, or more specifically in London Below, a strange fantasy landscape that exists beneath, beside, around and through the dark nooks and crannies of the city. The book is about an average bloke who gets drawn into this underworld and the odd characters he meets and the adventures they have.


For me, Neverwhere shares so much with 40k in general and Necromunda/Inquisitor in particular. The sense of gothic grandeur coexisting with dank squalor, the mixture of the modern with medieval magic and superstition, the slightly random nature of space and time within the setting, not to mention all the weird, wonderful, monstrous and/or macabre characters that inhabit London Below! These people, whether lunatic or simply lost, who have ‘fallen through the cracks’ of society, compare (IMHO) really nicely with the lower levels of humanity in the Imperium’s Hives and cities.


So, hopefully that might encourage people to read the book if they hadn’t already, but the long and short of it is that I read the novel* again recently and it struck me how cool it would be to adapt some of the characters into the 40k universe and build an Inq28/Inquisimunda warband around them.


Anyway, that’ll do for an introduction, next post I’ll highlight some of my ideas for which characters I’m hoping to adapt. In the meantime, any ideas or C+C are very welcome, especially if you’re a fellow fan of Neverwhere!


(I did try to search Neverwhere + 40k/Warhammer/Inquisition, etc, but I couldn’t find anything, but if anyone knows of someone having already done a similar thing, I’d love to see it?)




*I have seen the original BBC TV series and will be using a few visual cues etc, but the book apparently just gets that bit closer to what Gaiman wanted and so I’ll be working primarily from that.

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Hah, I do have some bits and pieces of back story written up (it's me, after all :biggrin.: ) but it's on my laptop, I'll edit it in later!


Here we go:


De Carabas


Swindler. Thief. Insurgent. Killer. By all reputable accounts, the man known only as de Carabas is all of the above. This criminal has visited dozens of worlds, passing through no less than three Subsectors in as many years. With his team of specialist accomplices, de Carabas is thought to have defrauded countless wealthy Imperial citizens, stolen priceless artifacts, incited upheaval and rebellion and left in his wake a trail of dead and grievously wounded who attempted to interfere with his plots.


However, while his targets are inevitably chosen from among the Imperium’s greatest, it is from amongst its lowest that de Carabas seems to choose his allies. His known contacts include planetary crime bosses, pirate captains and any number of petty officials open to exploitation. Only a handful of those positively identified as his confederates have been willing to reveal what they know of the man, suggesting a certain ruthlessness in his manner and methods that few would openly cross.


Nevertheless, those of his victims who have interacted personally with de Carabas describe him as smooth and suave, an elegant gentleman full of charm and wit. During his many escapades he has proved himself a master of deception, often presenting himself as Imperial aristocracy or a scion of a powerful Rogue Trader dynasty, with all the necessary Patents of Nobility or Warrants of Trade in hand. It is even rumoured that on at least one occasion de Carabas has falsely claimed the right to bear the rosette of the Most Holy Inquisition. While his real background has yet to be uncovered, the accuracy and completeness of these forgeries suggest a clear understanding of the Imperium’s political structure and hierarchy.



Sgt Bailey

Among the many unfortunates to owe de Carabas a favour or two, there is only one whom he appears to trust implicitly; Sgt Bailey, a 24-year veteran of the 67th Ardravine Rangers Recon Company. Though his prime years are undoubtedly in the past, Bailey is still an extremely talented scout and his vast battlefield experience more than compensates for any loss of vigour or agility.


In addition to this, Bailey is a master of the art of the casual interrogation. Dozens of unsuspecting marks have been fooled by his wizened and somewhat eccentric appearance; scruffy, bedraggled and clothed in rags, ropes and feathers. Lulled by his harmless chatter, guards and menials have revealed all manner of security schedules, access codes and supply cache locations. Unsurprising, Sgt Bailey is often the first into any new locality, securing information, safe houses and any other resources that may be needed by de Carabas and his crew.

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Thanks very much guys, glad you like!

Anyway, here's the next warband member:

Nearly as infamous amongst the denizens of the Imperium’s Underhives as her current employer, Hunter is a mercenary and bounty hunter of the highest calibre.

Equally skilled with bullet, blade or her bare hands, she is perhaps best known for her talent as a tracker and slayer of the fearsome beasts that infest the dark depths of the realm of Mankind. The Great White Sumpbeast of Koregenes IV. The Chandragial Bloodfeeders. The Witch-Strangler of Toriallo Hive. These and other, even more hideous creatures are rumoured to have fallen before the deadly amazon warrior.

It is unclear why Hunter has agreed to follow the trickster de Carabas. While the financial incentives of his various schemes are undeniable, it has been suggested by some informants that Hunter’s motivation is first and foremost to gain greater honour and glory by taking on the most dangerous targets possible.



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After what feels like ages, an update! Here's the next warband member:

Hammersmith is a physical giant, a shaggy brute more than seven feet tall, massively muscled and covered in grime, scars and dirty brown hair. The giant’s demeanour is equally coarse, his speech blunt and often extremely crude. However, this rough, threatening exterior conceals a remarkable intellect and a surprisingly compassionate heart, especially towards the poorest and lowest of the Imperium’s citizens.

Hammersmith’s past is a matter of some conjecture. Rumour suggests that he was created as part of an experiment in gene-enhancement performed by a renegade Magos Biologis, but that Hammersmith was unintentionally enhanced mentally as well as physically and was able to escape from the facility where he was ‘born’. This is obviously difficult to confirm or deny, but the MIU-controlled servo-harness and power pack that he wears do appear to be of Adeptus Mechanicus design.

Whatever his history, Hammersmith is a master innovator, skilled with all manner of technology. Whether de Carabas needs a machine spirit re-tasked, a data core hacked or an incendiary device built, it is inevitably Hammersmith to whom he turns. The Heretek’s imposing presence, massive physical strength and powerful tools are simply an added bonus.


Thanks for looking, all comments and crit very welcome!


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Thanks everyone!


@WF: next is hopefully going to be De Carabas (the ringleader of this little band!) but I've got a mini in mind for him from Reaper Miniatures and it's looking like it's going to take a month or so to order and post him from the States...


Does anyone know of a UK stockist of Reaper stuff, I've been looking on eBay but the one I want hasn't come up?

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Blimey, been a while since I updated this!

Here's the latest member of my crew, the wily de Carabas himself!


So, as an aside I'm really excited by the release of Shadow War: Armageddon and I'm looking into ways to use this warband for playing. I've worked out an opening list with the IG Kill Team, but I'm also very eager to see what the Inquisitorial Retinue list offers.

It may even be I'll homebrew a Void Pirates list using bits from both...

Anyway, any and all C+C are very welcome, thanks for looking!

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So, another new member of de Carabas’ crew, again based on a character from Gaiman’s Neverwhere. I had considered using the character Lamia (a member of the group known as the Velvets, basically Vampires with a twist – they steal other people’s energy not by consuming their blood but by drawing out their heat) but I’d struggled to find a suitable miniature – she’s beautiful, graceful and gothic, with a sense of deadliness without actually being armed.

However, I finally found a mini on Hasslefree that (IMHO) fitted perfectly, and even worked as a kind of in joke about her stealing the heat from her victims and leaving them frozen! :tongue.: Some might not like it, the base mini is quite distinctive and a little corny, but I think/hope it works! I've put the pic in a spoiler so it's a surprise!


At first glance, the woman known only as Velvet would seem utterly out of place amongst the villainous inhabitants of the Imperium’s shadowy depths. Slender, pale, graceful and youthfully beautiful – not to mention totally unarmed – she appears an obvious and easy target for those who would prey upon the weak or unwary. However, such appearances can be deceptive, for Velvet is in her own way as frightening a killer as the infamous Hunter.

Velvet is a Wyrd, an untrained but powerful psyker. She is a capable telepath, but her primary ‘gift’ is far more deadly. Velvet is a Life-Leech, also known as a Thermovore or Spirit-Eater. With a simple touch she can steal the physical energies of another person, draining their body of heat and vigour, leaving the strongest warrior a shivering weakling or even a husk of frozen skin and brittle bone. At the same time the beautiful Wyrd is filled, albeit temporarily, with a superabundance of strength and speed. However, in order to use such a fearsome ability, one must get close enough to initiate physical contact. Velvet’s method is simple; using both her beauty and seeming innocence as well as her telepathic gifts to enchant, beguile and mesmerise her victims. In fact, it is apparently the smoothness and skill with which Velvet does this that has earned her the moniker by which she is currently known.


And as usual, a new group pic:

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Thanks very much everyone, glad you're enjoying the project, especially fans who know the book/series!


In answer to your question Ikka, my initial plan is to build enough minis for a Void Pirates KIll Team for Shadow War Armageddon (down in the Homegrown Rules forum!) I need to finish another 3 minis for the starting group; Anaesthesia, Iliaster and Lear.


However, I must admit I've been thinking more and more about doing a duo of evil (and possibly Radical) Inquisitors who are hunting De Carabas and his crew, appearing and disappearing from/into the shadows at the worst possible moments...

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Gah, finally repaired links to pics!


Apologies Ikka, I meant to answer this a while ago and must have forgotten!


I actually had an Ogyrn mini (one of the old, characterful metals) from another warband that I figured would perfect for Varney as a S.O. for SW:A, so I've re-based him to fit with the other warband members. Painting has progressed slowly on the other three mentioned in my last post, but I'm getting there! I've also built another merc type character to represent Mr Ross as a team member or possible Bounty Hunter, depending what happens with new Necromunda!*


Pics of all of the above will be forthcoming soon!


*which, it should be clearly said, I'm super, super excited about!!!

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How about Islington as a deamonhost?


I came to this backwards, saw the miniseries then found the book.


Any chance that de Carabas could have some sort of resurrection ability?  Maybe he has some sort of medic pack.  It would fit the series. :)


Also, how about Door as a thief of some sort?

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Thanks guys!


@Alessia: The feathers were kinda a pain in the rear (GS rolled out thin, cut out the shape and fixed in layers to the base cloak, which was very thin plasticard bent to shape around the body) but they seem to have come out pretty well!


@Pete: if you mean the BBC series, that's actually the right way, Gaiman wrote it as the screenplay first and then wrote the novel to fix all the bits in the TV show that weren't quite how he wanted it!


Islington has definitely crossed my mind too, I did think of making him a Fallen Astartes Librarian as a final boss level character for a campaign?


De Carabas would absolutely have some form of life saving trickery hidden in one of his pockets (perhaps not so much in SW:A or Necromunda, but in more detail oriented stuff like Inq28 he might have a refractor/displacer field generator?)


I'd like to include Door somewhere, but I think the thief archetype will be filled by Anaesthesia (should be my next finished mini...)



Thanks again for the comments!

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As promised (if a little later than I'd planned) here's the next crew member:



Anaesthesia is an abhuman of the Homo Sapiens Minimus. Rumour and hearsay suggest that she was born into one of the Ratling communities found on the lower levels of Cal Ferena’s secondary Hive. These communities are little more than roving gangs of scavengers and thieves, using their natural talents to steal from the higher levels in order to survive. Even amongst such a group, Anaesthesia quickly gained a reputation as a highly gifted burglar and pickpocket. She came to the attention of the rogue De Carabas when he came to Cal Ferena to steal a priceless piece of archeotech from the vaults of one of its noble families. Even as his crew watched and made their plans to obtain the artefact, Anaesthesia was watching them. When they put their scheme into action she was ready, stealing the device out from under the eyes of both guards and raiders. It was only later, when she attempted to fence the stolen property to an underworld dealer, that De Carabas was able to accost her. However, rather than kill her to retrieve his prize, the wily villain instead immediately offered her a place on his team.

Ever since then Anaesthesia has been a vital part of De Carabas’ operations, in both the planning and execution of a multitude of thefts. As with all her kind, she is stealthy, light-fingered and quick. Anaesthesia is well equipped for her crimes, carrying a variety of lock picks, climbing ropes and anti-security tech. She also commonly carries a long, narrow-bladed knife for ‘quiet’ work and a short barrelled shotgun for the few occasions when things go awry. While the young Ratling prefers not to need to use this powerful, noisy weapon, when she does it is with all the accuracy for which her subspecies is well known.


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