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The Imperium Below - Neverwhere inspired Inq28/SW:A/'munda

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Thanks Plasmablasts, exactly what I was going for!

So, another quick update, kind of a cheat but think he works:

I had an Ogryn painted up for another warband that I used in a couple of SW:A games as a Special Operative. Then realised he'd be ideal for one of the book's side characters. Quick rebase to match the rest of the crew and voila:



The abhuman known as Varney is dirty, foul smelling and stupid. However, he is also brave, massively tough and a brutal fighter. Varney was a member of one of the many auxiliary detachments of Ogryns assigned to the Adravine Imperial Guard, but was lost in the bureaucratic cracks of the vast Imperium after the other members of his squad were killed during the 28th Bergamon Pacification. Varney was left behind, but quickly found muscle work among the gangs and crime syndicates of the planet’s sprawling mega-cities. It was here that his path crossed that of De Carabas and his crew. Varney formed an immediate bond with his fellow veteran and Ardravian, Sgt Bailey, and when the crew finished their job on Bergamon, Varney was eager to join them.

Now Varney works for De Carabas whenever brute strength or intimidation prove more useful than guile or stealth. He is fiercely protective of his team, and especially so of Sgt Bailey and Anaesthesia, who he appears to mistakenly view as a child, much to the Ratling thief’s irritation.


Side point: was really happy with how the rusted barrel on the base came out!

Anyway, while I'm at it, here's another new group pic:


Thanks for looking!

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Thanks WF, yep, I generally favour plastics over metals but I love the old Ogryns and that sculpt in particular is my all time fav, so much character!!!

So, a bit of an update. I've been working on a few pieces of terrain that could double as objectives/storytelling aids for Inq28. The biggest of these projects I wanted to include was a shuttle/lander for my warband to deploy from (or escape to!). I wanted it to look like a unique 'civilian' design rather than an obvious conversion of one of the GW kits so it's a combination of bits; Star Wars toys and plasticard mostly, with a few 40k pieces to add flavour.




Also tried some new techniques for the weathering, wanted the finished thing to look a bit rough and beaten up, kinda a Millenium Falcon-style 'piece of junk' but 'got it where it counts' type thing?

Anyway, C+C always welcome, thanks for looking!

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I like the lander a lot. It looks like the type of nondescript craft one wouldn't look at twice, and maybe not even once.  Which would certainly fit the backstory.  And of course, since it's de Carabas's ship, I assume that  it's faster, better armed and better armored than it looks. :wink: 


I've been working my way through the DVD set lately, and had a possible idea for Door.  She could perhaps be a techpriest held prisoner by Islington, who wants her to build a portal to the webway.  There could be a few reasons to stop this, one being that no one really wants a direct pathway for the Dark Eldar to enter the underhive.  Also, if done wrong, it could possibly open a hole to the Warp, thus enabling demons and enslavers direct access to real space.


Knowing that this could happen, Door could be sending cryptic clues out so that someone could find her and stop Islington from completing his mad quest to gain direct access to the webway.  The clues would have to be subtle enough so that Islington won't notice them until it's too late.


If you base it on Neverwhere, Islington could be an exiled Eldar or (more likely) Dark Eldar lord who wants to return home, no matter the cost to others..  And if a world has to burn or be overrun by demons or enslavers, hey, they're just mon-kieghs anyway, right?


Anyways, just a couple of ideas I had at work, and I thought I'd throw them out there for your consideration.

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Thanks guys, appreciate the comments on the lander, the 'beaten up-Serenity-Millenium Falcon-faster/nastier than it looks' feel was exactly what I was going for, so I'm glad it's come across like that!


@Pete: That's a nice idea! The only thing is that I've already got Hammersmith as a techy character, however I did think (can't remember if I've posted it anywhere) of doing Door as De Carabas' personal Navigator? Thinking of the way she uses her abilities to open doors to places that are physically far away? And to potentially open a door into a terrifying other dimension - the warp?


I really must get my DVD out and watch it through again!

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Actually, Navigator works better than techpriest!  Bad guy using her affinity for the warp to open a portal into the webway so he can return home, something, something,  human world overrun by demons and/or burning behind him as sacrifice or whatever = Victory for bad guy.  (Obviously, a ​few ​details have yet to be worked out. :rolleyes: )


Could be a real wild adventure, especially near the climax, as de Carabas and his krewe rush to defeat Islington, (or whoever) before they can open the portal and destroy the world.  Desperate race against time, wild shoot out with bad guys,  portal slowly starting to open as demons try to claw their way out.  Could make for a really cinematic finale.


I've always liked the character of Door.  After all, she tricked and outsmarted an angel.  How badass is that?


Unfortunately, one problem would be why doesn't she just blast the bad guy with her third eye? (Aside from the obvious, a really short and boring adventure, of course.) I don't play Inquisitor so I don't know if they still have that ability or not.

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So, after what seems like ages (again!), I’m back with some more Neverwhere themed Inq28 goodness! I’ve decided that De Carabas’ crew is – for the time being – big enough, but there are plenty of other characters from the book that could make for awesome opponents/allies!

The next group will focus around one of the most feared denizens of London Below, the infamous Lady Serpentine!

Lady Serpentine

”Behave yourselves, or Serpentine will get you! Go to bed when you’re told, or Serpentine will come!”



Feared across hundreds of systems, the shadowy figure known as Lady Serpentine is rumoured to be one of the infamous Seven Sisters, a syndicate of the most powerful void pirates and planetary crime bosses to be found across the Havilar Sector. The illegal activities of this group are spread wide; theft, slavery, extortion and murder, as well as black market trading of weaponry, narcotics and non-Mechanicus approved technology. Though the syndicate is careful never to act directly against the Adepts of Terra and has thus far avoided the gaze of the Inquisition, countless millions – perhaps billions – of innocent Imperial citizens suffer the consequences of their many schemes.

In the many legends that surround her, the L ady Serpentine is a terrifying figure, tall and gaunt, clad in ghostly white power armour and armed with all manner of esoteric and deadly weaponry. The stories told by credulous underhivers paint her as coldly proper, arrogant and aloof, but also hint that beneath her courtly demeanor lies a mad ruthlessness that is breath-taking in its intensity. Such is said to be seen in the vicious retributions meted out to any who oppose her, whether they be enemies who stand in her way or simply followers who fail her.

When the Lady stalks the dark places of the Imperium, she is inevitably accompanied by a coterie of highly skilled and well-equipped retainers. The fables commonly tell that these servants are almost invariably female, the ‘Handmaidens’ of Serpentine. A few tales even describe her as being attended by all manner of birds and beasts, though most thinking individuals view such stories to be nothing more than hyperbole or outright fabrication.



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Well, after a ridiculously long time, I've finished my next minis for this log:

Inquisitor Croup and Inquisitor Vandemar

It is unclear how long the pair known only as Croup and Vandemar have served as part of the Most Holy Inquisition, or who among its members considered them worthy of the Inquisitorial Rosette. What is clear is a reputation across the underbelly of the Havilar Sector for terrifying implacability and staggering violence. Croup and Vandemar appear without warning from the darkness, bringing blood and horror to their prey, then disappearing again without a trace. They are black legends across dozens of Hive worlds, monstrous hunters feared by good and bad alike.


"Oh, bless my little black soul, brother Vandemar, do you see what I see? I spy with my little eye, something that's going to be-"

"Dead in a minute, Inquisitor Croup."



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