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Sagentus's Khorne army - Contemptor Dread and DA


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Hi all

I'm not good at all the story telling, but after stumbling onto this website and reading all a load of WIPs and seeing some great painting/conversions it has inspired me to do my own WIP. I started collecting khorne since about 2014 but i have found it hard to keep up any sort of momentum and am hoping that if I post my progress here it will give me that push i need :smile.:

ATM i only have pics of finished models, but i will get pics of wips over the weekend (loads of 1/2 built / painted models)

so firstly we have my DP, menacing from the warp with his blood soaked axe and wings ready to pray on any unsuspecting foe to get more skulls for the blood god


Next up is my termi squad, ready to deep strike and take out any armored vehicles or monstrous creature that stands in there way


Then we have my Biker champion, he rides round the battlefiled blasting all that gets in his way. This figure got me joint 2nd at a local GW monthly painting comp, the focus was banners/icons and they liked the way it was posed and small conversion


Now we have a champ

I will try to retake pictures of all these models so they are all inn the same format / light, but this is a start and my pledge to 2017, I will get this army built :wink:

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Got some more pics of the termi's 


Terminator 3

Group 2

Group 1


Here is my raptors coming along nicely. time to start cleaning them up and highlighting them 


20170108 200729 001

20170108 200557

Here is my conversion of the free figure from WD, made him into a termi champ, had to bulk the body out to scale it up. now doing some extra green stuff on it after seeing other peoples WIPs

20170108 200331

20170108 200307


Finally here is a my attempt on a new painting technique. Started off with the lightest color (in the middle/ light spots) and then blended the colors outwards, what you think? not sure if its dramatic enough 


20170108 200144

20170108 200111


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I had a bit of time yesterday and sorted through what i had and found my old helbrute, but he was missing the front plate. Guessing i left it detached for ease of painting and its gone missing.


Helbrute 3


So, i rooted through my bits boxes and robbed the top part off the new helbrute i got with the starter set and came up with the this. 


Helbrute 2

Helbrute 1

Its not quite finished yet, need to smooth out the surfaces more and possibly add more detail. Any thoughts ? 
I am not used to using green stuff like this atm, and havent got many tools, but thought it would be a good time as any to get some experience :D 
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I did a bit more on the Helbrute last night and tried to neaten up where the head piece meats the front plate. I also added little notches to the armor trim to match the other bits of armor. 

Helbrute 4

Helbrute 5


I am struggling to get it all looking smooth though. anyone got any pointers? 

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That helbrute is looking good, that extra bulk did improve the base model! Smoothing greenstuff has always been my biggest flaw on sculpting, but a lot can be done by using the flat part of your tools, though some prefer to sand it once it's finished. However, when sculpting daemonic flesh like you're doing, you shouldn't worry too much about it as it should actually look a bit irregular.
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Cheers traitor ... I think I will leave it as it is then and get it sprayed up and repainted :-)


Still need to finish my drake and csm squad (will get some pics up of there current state soon)

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I know its been a while, But i have managed to get some work done on the Helbrute 


Firstly i painted the armor pannels 


Helbrute 6

After finishing the armor pannels I started on the flesh/muscle 

Helbrute 9



Helbrute 8


20170428 075801


I started with bugmans glow base, then washed with crimson. I am now finishing up with Cadian flesh. 

I'm not to sure on the contrast of the skin tones. I think the darker tones might be to dark, any thought people ? 
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In preperation for the 'Tale of Hobbyist' I have made my Champion. There is still green work to be done and more skulls to be added, but here he is so far. 
May i introduce Urmak the merciless



Urmak and his cohort have recently emerged out of the warp on the eastern fringes of the imperium. Whilst the imperium is in disarray Urmak has launched his newly founded cohort and is heading to a highly populated system that has a highly fortified forgeworld under imperium control, Tigrus. He currently does not have enough man power or favour from the blood god and there is only one way to gain both. So he will lead his blood crazed cohort through a less densely populated system reaping skulls. Hopefully with this offering to the blood god he will gain enough favour to take on the forgeworld. This world will give him the foothold he wants in the mortal realm and the capabilities for him to build an army of bloodforged engines which he intends on spearheading further into imperial space, and head towards Macragge!


Urmak is a newly self-appointed bezerker champion who took control of his cohort after his previous leader led them to near destruction upon a black legion world in the warp. Urmak and the most ferocious of his cohort managed to come out on top on the bleak world, but his leader Garbus ‘the bloody’ became another offering to the blood god. In the initial fallout and confusion of Garus’ death Urmak took control of the cohort and lead them to victory, but this come at a heavy cost. The cohort was only 1/8th its initial number and had taken on heavy losses. After this Urmak went on small raids ravaging worlds where he could and gaining favour of his brothers and others outside, the cohort has slowly grown in number to about 1/3rd its orginal size. Then Cadia was destroyed, although the cohort is low in number it was now or never for Urmak and he decided to launch his own campaign, planning it out very carefully as to do maximum damage and gain uncountable skulls for the blood god! He has his spies already in the destined solar system, slowly gaining favour of pockets of the population and turning them to worship the blood god. Little do they know they will most likely become sacrifices themselves, but they will serve their purpose in the mean-time. 

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Finally got some pics of my 1/2 painted stuff. 


First up it the heldrake, I was initially painting this for a comp and got told 1/2 way through the month that the focus was not flyers (as i was initially told) it was standard bearers. 


20170525 200310

Next up it my 10 man csm squad lead by my champion with power sword 

20170525 200346

20170525 200358 001

20170525 200843


these were painted 2 years ago and i can see how my painting has come on since. 


Next is my biker quad, they are slowly getting built. 


20170525 200931

I was bought an old version of the csm biker set and the left side of one of the bikes had the front arm missing and parts of the engine. So i used some bits and green stuff i built up the left side of the bike (needs tidying up tbh

20170525 200956


Next up is the celebratory figure GW brought out, I didnt want to paint him his traditional colours and thought after all this time he might have turned to the dark side ^^


20170525 201056

20170525 201106


Lastly A quick update on the Helbrute, highlighted the skin/muscle, might go for a final white highlight. Also made a start on the gold :) 


20170525 233628

20170525 233527


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Cheers Terimus. I'm tempted to try and paint a glow round the face, will see what time i have closer to 15th july, got to finish my drake and csm squad by then ^^


Anyone got a good OSL tutorial with paintbrush? 

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I love the dreadnought..I mean hellbrute, whatever they call em these days.  my only critice is that the flesh on the back does not pop enough. I think you should work a shade layer into it to really make it stand out more but to be perfectly fair it is the back of the model and its usually not looked at much. Everything else i see here is sold gold!...or is it blood.

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  • 3 weeks later...
After a bit of a nightmare friday (painting under the influence) I managed to save the back and re highlight it. I think ill do a more extreme highlight as the camera doesnt show it to we. 




Just a bit more tidying up and i think this model is done (finally) :smile.:

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Well I think i can say he's finished for now. Added a bit green for spot color and tidied up a few other bits. Will get round to the base at some point soonish lol




One thing i did realise when painting this is painting skin tonne on a large surface isnt easy especially when your trying to not make it look flat.

Quite mad to think it looked like this originally


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Cheers Vairocanum ... was thinking of a snowy theme with a few bits of a leaman russ thats he's just destroyed hanging about :) 


Right next update it Urmak, wasnt over keep on the first rendition and August Arena Challenge seemed like a good place to start afresh. This time i went for a lightning claw (which i will be remodeling so its clasping a recent victims head) and BP. I will be replacing the BP for a combi-plasma (which i need to build). 


Fisrtly i tried it without a helmet and a back pack with skulls but it didnt feel right to me .





Then i went for a beserker helmet with a classic beserker back pack. 





Little stuck on which way to go though. Firstly do i go helmet or none helmet and which back pack suites him more? 


I intend to file off the eye on the belt and replace it with a khorne symbol. I will do the same thing with the backpack if i keep the beserker one. Oh yeh and he will need more skulls!!!! 

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Right i decided on no helmet and beserker back pack. Now I'm in need of a bit of assistance with posses now I got 3 to chose from: 







3) Yes he's missing an arm, but itll be a lightning claw 



I will be changing out the LC for a warp talons one, as the one i currently have looks a bit to bulky. Also whats the thoughts on the spike? do i keep skulls or try and go for helmets? 

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After votes on August challenge No.2 was the winner. Also i found the perfect warp talon LC, with the fist as it is i can place a victims head in the hand :biggrin.:


I think its now time to pin and gs this figure, also need to gs some khorne iconography onto the belt, back of the LC and on the back pack. Also need more skulls!

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