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Brother_B's Admech project


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  • 3 weeks later...

It's been a while since I've got anything really done enough to show. I'm almost done with these guys, I just need to finish basing, "weathering",seal, and then hardcoat the lenses and paint some oil with gloss Nuln Oil. Almost there!

I'm looking forward to using these Destroyers against Deathguard, who have proven very resilient. The grav cannons shoot a lot, and have a great AP and damage. I know they're supposedly not the best unit, but they'll be one of many shooty units to choose from for my opponent.

Again, with the whole copper/dark feel of my army. I've done some weathering/oxide on these guys as they've been exposed to the elements.



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Well, a tough game for the Adeptus Mechanicus. We played at 100 PL.

I played a Maelstrom game against my friend's IG army. He fielded a full brigade, with a LR punisher, LR plasma, Helldog (flamer thingy vehicle), valkryie, basilisk, manticore, Taurox (what the hell is this thing? talk about dakka), 2 scout sentinels, about 60 infantry including some veterans and scions, psyker, and other random IG heroes.

I had 4 robots, 1 Onager, 10 Vanguard, 3 destroyers, 1 TPD, 1 Engineseer. That's all I had ready for my admech.

I then added a detachment of Blood Angels. As I really didn't want to bring lots of figs I tried something I've wanted to experiment with and grabbed a furioso, las/missle dread, and DC dread. I added a predator (4 las) and jump pack captain.

Anyway, needless to say, I lost. I had +1 for first turn and flubbed that. He went first and deleted my destroyers, and predator.

From there it kind of went downhill. I ended up conceding the game 5th turn with my friend up 7 to 6 victory points. I just didn't have enough to do any sort of push or complete my objective cards.

What I learned.


  • Robots shoot really well. I was sygies VIII, and even without wrath of mars I was able to drop his valkryie in one round of shooting, and deleted about 30 infantry in another round of shooting.
  • Onager- I love them. One round of shooting I destroyed his plasma leman russ. Unfortunately, the other round of shooting I did like 2 wounds. I need more of these. The stub guns actually put in good work on guard infantry.
  • Vanguard- Vs. guard they were able to put out lots of damage. In fact, one of my vanguards put two wounds on the valkyrie with ace rolling. He helped drop that thing.
  • BA captain- Yeah, smashed some face, flattened an IG character, killed a Taurox, died in a blaze of glory.


  • IG aren't winning tournaments, I get that. In local metas, though, they have to be brutal! The amount of orders, dakka, and bodies they bring is just really hard to deal with. I'm still not sure why leman russ tanks need the ability to shoot twice per turn. That's quite insane.
  • Stygies VIII- I didn't take advantage of the infiltration strat, and basically the -1 to shoot was negated by the overlapping fields of fire guard stratagem. When he needed to kill a unit, he spent his command points (and usually got them back). Against other armies I believe they'll be better.
  • Not getting first turn- This game would have been totally different had I gone first. That's a theme this edition. I need to take better care of my army. I basically gambled for the first turn, and lost.
  • I need a better way to contest his no-LOS shooting vehicles. They're super powerful.


  • When you have 3 robots in front of you, and your TPD behind them, and your opponent spends everything on killing those robots... well you're TPD will be left out in front of the whole IG gun line. I need to take care of that character!
  • My poor destroyers, newly painted, suffered the freshly painted blues and were blasted off the table turn one.

Here are some photos. The first is the lone valkryie-shooting vanguard, who also secured an objective for me after weathering all sorts of fire. The second photo is the remaining gunline towards the end of the game, facing down some scions.



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Always good to see well painted armies on the table top :tu: Guard can bring a lot of numbers in 8th, both model and dice, so often the best counter is numbers of your own. As for New Model Syndrome not much you can do about that other than get it out of the way ;)

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​We had a brutal battle of a game today. Planet strike, the forces of the Imperium lead by the Blood Angels, Black Templars, and Adeptus Mechanicus attacked an Imperial World that had fallen under the sway of Chaos.

None other than Mortarion himself lead the combined forces of Khorne and Nurgle against the brave warriors of humanity.

Here a loyal Knight is met in battle by Mortarion, as both Imperial robot and heretic engine add their firepower to the struggle.

Game was about 500 total PL. It was a blast. Mortarion rampaged over the Knight, but was eventually laid low by the Emperor's Champion.


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  • 5 weeks later...

As WarriorFish already said, the red is really nice and fitting. I imagine that red glow is what will appear if I keep declining requests from my pc to upgrade from windows 7 to whatever the new one is.

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Game was about 500 total PL. It was a blast. Mortarion rampaged over the Knight, but was eventually laid low by the Emperor's Champion.


An appropriate finish, if I do say so myself! :D

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  • 3 weeks later...

I really like the dull bronze and the bright red visors. What colour metallics did you use?


I used the citadel app and followed it for the copper entry under "gold" colors.


Screaming Bell- Reikland Fleshshade-Hashut Copper- Sycorax Bronze.


I drybrushed a black undercoat. To speed things up I usually skip the middle color unless painting it onto something like a leader. I hope that helps, it's really quite easy.


Drybrush all layers, paying special attention to focus on the raised parts of the miniature for the "highlight" colors.


Also, in some of my pictures I painted Screaming Bell like normal, without drybrushing.


Take care!


Edit: Oh yeah, I used Nilak Oxide for the, well, oxidized parts of the miniature.

Edited by brother_b
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  • 2 weeks later...


Brother Lieutenant Angelios of the Blood Angels stood silent, watching the debriefing unfold before him. He was familiar with the ways of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Cult of the Omnissiah. He had served for 18 years as a driver, gunner, and then commander of a Predator squadron. He had become familiar with the rights of harmonization, preparation, and invocation necessary to coax the Machine Spirit into the vehicles under his command. He had dutifully stood guard as Omnissiah-blessed Tech Marines labored to repair damaged Razorbacks or Predators while the maelstrom of war swirled around his temporarily disabled charges; the cries of guardsmen, bolter shots of his Brothers all mingled with the grunts and expletives of the green-hide ork raiders. He had marveled at the majesty of the Knightly Houses while serving on Gladius XLV, praising the Emperor and the might of the Imperium as his own vehicle shuddered with the stride of the mighty engines of war.

All of this he had seen, and more. Much, much more. Still, the strange quiet of the debriefing was what stood out the most. There was no conversation, no banter between Marines of the Adeptus Astartes, no strange accents of the many and varied Officers of the Astra Militarum. Just silence.

Angelios looked upon the form hulking in front of him. The cogi-cables hooked from the amorphous data-servitor straight into ports located on the Tech Priest Dominus' torso. The low hum of the Tech Priests many servos and motors the only sound, besides the ever present thrumming of the large spacecraft upon which they now travelled. Billions of bits of data were flowing from the data-servitor straight into the Dominus' data and statistical cogitators; what would take scribes a thousand years to catalog the Tech Priest reviewed in mere minutes.

Silence, though, as Angelios waited.

With a click the Tech Priest Dominus snapped back into reality, a long mechadendrite snaking from his back to uplug the cables linking the Priest to the data-servitor. With a whirring of servos, and a creaking of and grinding of gears the Priest turned and took stock of Angelios.

"Warrior of the God Emperor, Holy Aspect of the Omnissiah" said the Priest, the tri-lobed unblinking occulus ports regarding Angelios. "I have reviewed the digi-grams and holo-liths of the recent battle." The vaguely electric accent of the Priest's voice was somehow disturbing to Angelios.

Angelios nodded. He knew that the high masters of the Cult Mechanicus only deigned to converse in speech when necessary, preferring the vibro cant or binaric chat of their kind.

"It was... Mortation himself. And chaos Legions have come in force?" said the Tech Priest. Angelios nodded again. "And you said you've found black rock on the planet?"

"Yes Dominus" Angelios said. Noting how the priest seemed to loom even taller.

"Black rock and Chaos... that means one thing, one thing only" said the Dominus, the electric voice rising slightly. Angelios was taken aback, although his outward countenance showed no sign. Was the priest excited?

"Necrons, yes..... Necrons", said the priest.

"Stygies will send support, Marine. We shall ready the chariots of battle, rouse the thralls, warm the unguents, and make ready the hymnals of the Motive Force. All loyal households will join. There is much, much, much to be learned on that planet".


So, I wax poetic. It's all head cannon to me. We're starting a slow grow league based off of some battles and campaigns we've run recently. Okay, well, league might be kind of a grand word. Two of us have started, hopefully to encourage others. The first PL battle will be about 50.

I'd like to introduce the TPD from the above story:

Placos Meridian 965, Arch Magos and Dominus of the Explorator Ark RhoPrime; Data Lion of the Crystaf-Incursion, he who initiated the Pogrom of the Luddites on Tannin 9; dedicated Xenarite and XenArchaeologist.




Edited by brother_b
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This army is turning out fantastic. Really love the purple liquid you painted on the Magos, bubbles and all. What colors do you use for the black cloth?

Oh, and would you try out painting the rim of the bases black? I tried it out on my own models and really like the neat look it gives the overall model. Maybe you'll like it too? Just a thought.

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Thank you Helio. For the cloth I used chaos black with a highlight of eshin grey. I then coat that with nuln oil to bring it back dark again.i used a little dawnstione on the edges and rips in the cloth to highlight.


I actually use dryad bark on the base rims to finish up. It looks nice in person but maybe not too clear on the pictures. I considered going black, but like that they're very dark brown color. Thank you for your kind words.

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