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Brother_B's Admech project


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  • 2 weeks later...

The first 3 of 5 rangers.

When I finish the next two I will have 50 PL of painted Admech. I'm a Blood Angels player, and have got various BA minis in different stages of build/paint. I really wanted to get an army up and slowly growing. I've got a couple of buddies that are also growing their new armies to 50 as well

Next up will be the 75 PL level. I've got a lot of thinking to do on that, but am considering 2 more robots, 1 armiger warglaive (to get my knights started), and then maybe 5 more rangers. Either that or another Onager. 78 PL would be fine as we give each other a little leeway.






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The last two finished up for my squad of 5 rangers.


Now the whole unit.


Whew. That's 50 PL of admech, a complete batallion (brigade? smaller one). It feels good, I hope to get a game in vs. necrons next week, and if so I'll try and get a good army shot.

I've been contemplating my next 25 points for the army.

I think I'm going to go another pair of robots, another onager, and a warglaive. That would be 28, but still within our parameters.


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Great work!  Eager to see the army shot of the completed force (at least, completed for the time being) :smile.:


My vote is for the Warglaive next!


The warglaive is definitely going to show up. 


I'm thinking, after seeing what my pals are bringing (one guy is doing IK of course); warglaive, onager, infiltrators, 5 more rangers (1 TA).


That gives me 25 points on the dot, and allows my next 25 points to be either 4 more robots, or 2 robots + onager and maybe some fulgurite.


I could always build my gallant or crusader... wow, options!

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The metal ones are risen... and have begun their implacable advance...

Edit: The necrons, in the background, of course.

Here's a full shot of my 50 PL army. Not the best picture, and dang I was on the end of the table, but you get the idea.




As for the game, I conceded turn 4 or 5. I still had a dog in the fight, it was just going to be an uphill battle.

Highlights? I did score FB and kill the warlord. Besides that, not many really. I deleted a bunch of the necrons who weren't able to then come back as I finished the unit. I let myself down several times failing to fire some weapons, failing to change my robots into shooting protocol at the right time (got first turn, forgot I had to use my stratagem at the end of a phase, and therefore didn't use destroyer+kastellan stratagem with full shooty robots).

Worst of all? I forgot to heal my robots. That left me in a pickle.

Oh yeah, I had the necron vault/ziggurat down pretty low in wounds and had my warlord with the Xenarite Stygies VIII warlord trait and a CP for the extra attack against vehicles that deals mortal wounds. The problem? When I charged I took 5 mortal wounds and basically got sucked into the portal, never to be seen again.

As a Stygies VIII TPD that's probably all right, you know, Xenos technology and all.

Great fun! I can't wait to add to this army and it's wonderful using fully painted armies/minis.


Edited by brother_b
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Great looking force on display here, can't wait to see what additions you go for. (pssst get dragoons !)

I own a box of 1 dragoon and love everything about them. They're cheap and effective. Problem? The models are expensive! I'm always checking eBay though and would love to have at least three.


And thanks for the compliments!

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  • 1 month later...

First game of Kill Team against Death Guard. It was a blast. I totally screwed up though, forgetting my canticles, and counting infiltrators as only having one wound! I voluntarily withdrew at the end of turn 3. My sniper specialist died! Good thing he was only level 1!

Either way, it was a great game and I really enjoy Kill Team. I'll need a few more games to get the rules down but that'll be a fun learning experience!

Now, I'm working on finishing up the painting on my infiltrators, and I'll probably finish up the squad as well!


Here's a look at a poxwalker that just attacked my comms specialist. Two gunners are ready on the right side as the lumbering, corpulent Death Guard slowly advance!


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I'm fairly certain I forgot everything in my first KT game because I hadn't painted up my Infiltrators appropriately. Here they are.

Torx-99, Infiltrator Princeps


Here he is with one of his charges, ready to initiate infiltration protocols and do the bidding of the Omnissiah.


I'll finish up the next 3 and be at 56 PL for my army, fully painted. I plan to add two more robots and another Onager painted to bring me up to 75 PL.

After that, not sure. I was thinking about doing some armigers and a full squad of vanguard. I may instead do a third onager, more robots, and something else to fill the points. That way I'll have a pure admech army at around 100 PL.

Anyway, cheers!

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This is the only other picture I have.

You can see the sniper is on the left side of the gantry with the comms specialist.

Down below you can see a bit of the unpainted infiltrator next to my leader, a Ranger Alpha.

Unfortunately you can't take a rifle and hand-to-hand weapon like you can in the codex. I'll be modelling a new leader anyway; a Vanguard Alpha with Arc pistol and powermaul or powersword.

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People need to stop making me jealous at lovely painted armies, Mine is amazing in its grayness!!!


I like the copper affect on the infiltrators and those Bots are just beautiful. Did you add some gloss to the faces to make that red really shiny?

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People need to stop making me jealous at lovely painted armies, Mine is amazing in its grayness!!!


I like the copper affect on the infiltrators and those Bots are just beautiful. Did you add some gloss to the faces to make that red really shiny?

Yes once I matte coated the bots I applied some ardcoat to the face plate. Thanks for the kind words. Edited by brother_b
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  • 3 weeks later...

It's been a while since I've completed something for my Admech. I've been spending some time painting up Mordor Orcs and Uruk Hai!

Anyway, here's a shot of #1 of 2. He's almost done, I just need to add a couple of transfers. The painting is complete though.



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Great job on the war robot! I like the intimidating colors. Is his base meant to show Mars' red soil?

Yes even though they are Stygies VIII the soil to me is just fitting as it could represent any forge world after it's been leached of all nutrients and life. Also someday I plan to incorporate Cawl, so I can run this as Mars if I ever want to try Mars. Finally it has a very nice contrast to the dark armor.

Edit: Someday I plan to incorporate Cawl, not Sunday.

Edit 2:

Here is the final picture with transfer. I've got one more of these to finish the melee bots. They're magnatized so I can still roll them as shooting bots. I just have to finish those weapons.


I've been having problems with a necron army that uses an artifact or ability to teleport a large group of warriors (maybe other type of unit, there's a bunch of them). They then tend to shoot up my army and last game they made a charge and kept me in the back field.

I don't have enough bodies to fully screen my shooting core so that's going to have to change. A group of 5 vanguard are in the works.

So I've got 3 more infiltrators, one more Onager, then the above guys partner to finish 75 PL painted Admech.

The next 25 after that will be one dragoon, 5 vanguard, and 2 warglaives (lords of war). I am really looking forward to getting those warglaives built and painted up!


Edited by brother_b
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  • 2 months later...

It's been a long time but I finally finished all 5 of these guys:


More, more, always more to finish. Not sure we're I'll go, probably my second Onager and then? I could probably afford to get some more Skitarii, another 10 vanguard would be great.

I'd also like to build and paint up a couple of Armigers I got with the Forgebane set.


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