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BA Apocalypse 23/03 - 25/03


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It's that time of year again!

Charlo and I will be participating in an Apocalypse game that my group hosts annually. These tend to be pretty epic and this year it should be no exception! With this thread we intend to update it as the battle goes along. It's a full weekend of playing (schedule to follow) so stay tuned!

The particulars:

  • 14 x 6 board
  • 2300 PL per side
  • Mission: Night March (CA, page 16)
  • Team 1: Blood Angels (Jolemai); Blood Angels, Ad Mech, Adeptus Custodes (Charlo); Chaos Space Marines; Daemons
  • Team 2: Raven Guard; Imperial Knights (GawFang); Imperial Knights (One_happy_hippy); Astra Millitarum,Titan Legions, Imperial Navy

House Rules:

  • Open Play rules however:
  • Armies have to be battleforged. This means individual Command Points pools and Stratagems are in play
  • The Warmaster has a team pool of 12 CP to spend however he wishes (within the rules). This pool will be lost once the Warmaster dies...
  • Special Characters are limited to one per battle
  • Armies to be strict WYSIWYG and painted (three base colours and based minimum)
  • Player can't buff each other's armies

*** *** ***

As you can see, we struggled to get an ideal balance. We've elected to go for a player and PL match at the expense of the fluff. We've also got a David Vs Goliath game on our hands but this should be fun all the same.

My army clocks in at 642 PL (just over 11K points) and is the third largest in attendance. It looks a little something like this:


(There will be expanded shots on my blog at some point)

More to come...

Edited by Jolemai
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15:00 - Arrive and setup

17:30 - Order Pizza

22:00 - Deployment

01:00 - End of Day



08:00 - Breakfast

09:00 - Turn 1: Team 1

11:00 - Turn 1: Team 2

13:00 - Lunch

13:45 - Break

14:00 - Turn 2: Team 1

16:00 - Break

16:15 - Turn 2: Team 2

18:15 - Curry

20:45 - Break

21:00 - Turn 3: Team 1

23:00 - Break

23:15 - Turn 3: Team 2

01:15 - End of Day



08:00 - Breakfast

08:45 - Break

09:00 - Turn 4: Team 1

10:30 - Break

10:45 - Turn 4: Team 2

12:15 - Turn 5: Team 1

13:15 - Turn 5: Team 2

14:15 - Game End

14:30 - Lunch and packup


The only things set in stone are the curry and the game's end. The large gap on Friday is due to unavoidable rl circumstances.


We've decided to add scheduled breaks for each team turn because we don't want the team that goes first to blow away the reserves of the team that goes second each time.

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ALERT - A full maniple of Legio Astorum has gone rogue. In its treachery it has swayed Knight Houses, a fleet of Aeronautica, a Regiment of Sacred Cadia and hat appears to be... By the Emperor, a company of the venerable Raven Guard Adeptus Astartes.


The Blood Angels are on route but they will need support. Heresy such as this demands the highest response;


Send the Captain-General.

Belisarius Cawl shall recover the God Machines for the Imperium.

We've also heard that the Sanguine Vision chapter are en route, lead by a Mysterious Avatar of the Angel himself.


These traitors actions Will. Not. Stand.




625PL / 11,000 points of Blood Angels, Adeptus Mechanicus & Adeptus Custodes, ready to battle the god machines.






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Take a bow Charlo, that's some impressive last minute cramming (some people are still painting!)

It only took about four hours to pack it all... Mostly because I was sorting out all the new foam for the case to fit everything.


I'm jealous of the Caestus Assault Ram. :D

I love it too, but sadly the Caestus and Stormraven have been waylaid in orbit and shall not be making it to the battlefield. Casualties to orbital defenses*








*...Ran out of room and couldn't pack them safely.

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It looks sparse but we need space for the titans and the flyers...


We've also decided to do a 12x6 instead as there's less chance of knocking stuff over...

Edited by Jolemai
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You put it on a stool.


Anyway, we're still deploying. More updates soon...

Ooooh....I am at work grading papers. And at this rate I’ll br here all night.


I’d love some pizza guys!

There's some left as some folk ordered 16" pizzas... Stick it in the post?

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Cawl is our Warmaster (in deployment 2). Veridian is theirs and she's hidden under a building in their deployment 1. Edited by Jolemai
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