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53rd Army Group

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So I've been posting in the Guard forum for the better part of two years now (or something close to that) so I figured it's about high time I showed off my own homebrew guard force, the 53rd Army Group.


The fluff is still TBD so I won't put any here, just some photos of a few models. Also I haven't a clue how to set up a spoiler so forgive the post length.


To start with here's some bullgryns (I realised after glueing one shield on I should magnetise them so that's why the other two are lacking their's)




Here's the CCS of the Cadian 1st Regiment's Alpha Company, the Officer Commanding, Major Fel is the one missing a hand (the power maul fell off (yes I see the irony)). The powerfist is his No 2 an as of yet unamed captain.


A Company CCS

Here are two images of Colonel Jakob Stern, OC Cadian 12th Armoured Regiment (I play him as Pask) and his command vanquisher the "Thesius"

Stern 2

Stern 1

And finally the CCS plasma gunner from what remains of the Armageddon 119th Steel Legion (so it's not just Cadians)

Steel Legion Plasma 1

Anyway thanks for looking, I'll try and throw up another update tomorrow.




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Okay, here's a bit of background to the force, I hope you enjoy.


Army group numerical designation: 53

Officer Commanding: General Fischer

Commissariat supervision: Lord Commissars Bane and Helgen.

Operational Strength: Less than 1%


Composite Units:

  • Cadian 1st Infantry Regiment "The Sentinels"
  • Cadian 223rd Artillery Regiment
  • Cadian 12th Armoured Regiment
  • Armageddon 119th Steel Legion 
  • Varosian 187th Reconnaissance Regiment "The Stalkers" (Composed of remaining elements of Varosian battlegroup 53-19)
  • Krieg 479th Assault Regiment

 The 53rd Army Group was originally formed in order to combat a rising Ork threat around the border of Segmentum Tempestus and Ultima Segmentum. Throughout the campaign heavy losses were sustained due to poor intelligence and the unwillingness of local officials to provide attaches with knowledge of the terrain. Despite this the greenskin menace was contained, however due to uprisings against the Imperium and a resupply delay the 53rd remained in its original AO during the Fall of Cadia.


I know its very short, I have plans to flesh it out, just wanted to get a brief summary done. C&C is welcome, also if anyone has name suggestions for the as of yet unnamed regiments I would be more than happy to hear them. 

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Regimental fact file


Home-world: Cadia

Numerical designation: 1

Moniker: "The Sentinels"

Officer Commanding: Colonel James Reicher

Strength: Error, data unavailable presently

Regimental type: Line infantry 

Peculiarities: Dedicated veteran company. Dedicated Kasrkin company ("Na Fianna")


Regimental summary: 


The Cadian 1st regiment has been raised and annihilated countless of times as is common with most Imperial Guard regiments. It is notable for having taken part in the defence of Cadia in each of the Black Crusades, with the exception of the 13th. The regiment has in its possession the standards flown during each of those heroic actions. Other notable encounters include the destruction of Waaagh Blacktoof as part of the 53rd Army Group and the Liberation of Angelis (M.33).


The regimental commander, Colonel Reicher rose through the ranks from his original position as a junior officer. He is widely regarded as the one reason for the 1st regiment surviving the near total annihilation of the 53rd at the hands of aforementioned Waaagh. During this encounter he is creditied with killing the Warboss himself (albeit through the liberal application of the regiment's heavy weapons).   

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Progress report.


I do indeed have enough models to muster another infantry squad (this time with missile and grenade launchers). Some of the paint (especially the undercoat) is proving hard to get off, any suggestions?


I've started work on three of these guys (spotters for krieg heavy weapons), not sure what colour to do the lenses on the gasmasks, any ideas?


Krieg spotter


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Dettol + ultrasonic cleaner


I find having left over primer isn't such a huge issue

Doesnt have to be perfect to repaint


Although I'm surprised youre having issues getting metal minis stripped usually their easier than plastic


Mild toothbrushing required at most

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This is the one I bought



Its a bath that uses ultrsound to cause the water to cavitate and essentially create mini water bubble explosions. That explosion cleans the surface like you would with a toothbrush but better and all you have to do is press the button :D


Dont put flammable stuff in though the water ends up heating up after sometime probably not the best combo

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As requested the photos of the finished annihilator:


Annihilator finished 2

Annihilator finished 1


If anyone has some suggestions for a name I would be more than happy to hear them.


Also here's a WIP shot of a Cadian chimera:


Chimera 1 WIP


Here's a photo of the nearly finished Krieg Combat Engineers:




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