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Loquille's attempt to stop lurking. Horus Heresy log.


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After seeing and lurking in Dragonlover's thread on lurking I though I'd try and motivate myself to start posting more, even if it's just a small update in this thread. 


So the main aim will be to show the progress as I paint my Loyalist Emperor's Children. Which will hopefully also stop me from getting distracted by other projects on hold. But we'll see how long I last with just the one. 


So onto a couple pictures. 

First up is my Leviathan I completed a couple months ago.






I know it's not 'new' but it shows what is complete for the project so far. There is also some infantry but after trying Retributor Gold they've been moved back onto the paint table to be updated. 


I've also recently completed my Loyal Son the Praetor for the Legion. 








I couldn't resist the new Blood Angel Praetor, and thought, if the Blood Angels can use our Palatine blades, I'm going to claim the Praetors :smile.:


So what's currently receiving paint which shouldn't take too long to appear is the updated and expanded first Palatine, and Tactical Squad supporting a Primus Medicae. Then onto lots of support marines, while doing everything I can to avoid painting Drop Pods. 


So, back to lurking while painting. 

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Brother Mayhem - Thankyou :smile.:  The cloak does need some work along the bottom, I'm still playing around with weathering powders and it sadly just ends up like a dark mud, and on a black cloak, a mess. I've stuck some fixer and lighter powders in the cart so I can have a practice before fixing it. 


Doghouse - Thanks :smile.:


Pearson73 - Thanks! I was slightly worried once I had it all together. worried I was going to ruin the pads or it wasn't going to go together how I imagined. Glad to know it did.


Draegher -  Thankyou.  I've thought about it, I did originally try picking them out in metalics but it just looked bad, though I have been thinking of going back and applying a small bit of Ulthuan Grey to the top/ bottom of the rivets to hopefully add a touch of shading. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Back with another small update. Managed to sit down and finish the Primus Apothecary for the force. I had some new powders arrive to change up the weathering as we found on the above it doesn't come through very well.  


I did play with applying it across the whole model, which shows better on this Palatine. 





On the Primus I'm fairly happy, but having the white ceramite the weathering doesn't come through so well. I may go back and add some dust effects into the grooves. 








I settled on the Thunder Hammer simply because I didn't want to leave it in the spares after claiming the shoulderpads for the Praetor. Plus, sometimes you just need to beat someone back to full health.

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  • 3 weeks later...

And I'm back with an update. 


So I completed the majority of the unit a while ago, but since then I'd changed how I was doing the weathering and trim so updated them as I finished the rest of the unit. 

So the first unit of Palatines are complete. (only eight as they sit in a pod with Praetor and Primus) 








Next up is three Contemptors, Not in the current list, but I felt sorry for them, I found them buried in a box all alone. Though I imagine they will be moved to the side as I work on the next unit of Palatines. 

But! the intention to paint them is there. 

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  • 1 month later...

So, last update I mentioned three Contemptors. They're still on the painting desk, just further back. Hiding behind the paint pots..


Anywho. Painting wise I've managed to stay focused enough to complete two more minis, neither currently for a list, but it was nice to work on something I didn't 'need' to work on.


First up the Night Lords' Tart Praetor, which is an amazing model, I'm iffy on the Artificer version, which I'll no doubt eventually pick up, but will have to modify, but t his one is perfect as is. And I think goes well with my Jump Pack Night Lord Praetor in that Legion's current list. 







(The other Night Lord I mentioned. That when I swing back around after the current 3k EC is done will be updated with better lightning ect) 





The second model is another Praetor for the Emperor's Children, after converting the Artificer version I felt I had to have a go at the Tart one. I didn't change very much with him, just enough to be different. I think overall out of the Emperor's Children Praetors. I think the Artificer version came out better, but overall I'm happy with him.






What's next on the bench (not looking at the walkers trying to get my attention..) is a three man Terminator Command Squad to go with the Night Lord, just to break up the purple. And a ten man Melta Support for the drop list. 


Thanks for looking :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks guys :) 


So back with another update, this time the completion of the first of the two Support Squads in the drop list. 








Surprised myself with how quick I got them completed, usually it's a case of half a squad here, then jump into something else. So bonus points for myself for not getting distracted. Mostly.. 


Plan for the next couple weeks is to attempt to get three of the seven pods complete, then swing back round to the infantry. Mainly so I'm not stuck at the end with just boxes to paint. 

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@BjornFirewalker. Thankyou 


@Pearson73. Thankyou :) 


@BrotherEndcat. Thanks dude


@Sockwithaticket. Thankyou, I like that with the size of the Legions we can get away with small changes to make them different. 



Right onto the updates. Sorry it's took so long, I did plan on holding off until I completed a pile of pods, but I got distracted as usual. They're all undercoated, but I honestly seem to find anything to avoid them lol


So first up the one I did complete is the Dreadclaw. I'd originally had it all perfect and started edge highlighting it, before realising I value what little sanity I have left and weathered it. 




Then the mentioned distractions started, after ordering and building the Seekers for the list I had an idea for all the mark three I've got lying around and somehow started a force to build a long side them. Woops. 


A primus Apothecary for the side project 








And his friends. I still need to order some more combi's so they're finished. But overall quite happy with how they turned out. 


I'm really going to try and keep better up to date with this, with the two legions schemes I've found myself wanting to paint again as I can switch between the paints. 


As always. Thanks for looking :) 

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@ Brother Pheidias. Thanks :) 

@ MegaVolt87. Thankyou, I enjoyed making/ painting him. I think the partial white on him and the three normal Apothecaries I've got to paint will help break up all the metal in the infantry.



While this was in progress at my last update I've surprised myself on how quick it came together. I'm pretty pleased with the final result as I'm not really a tank player. Though thoughts on the weathering would be appreciated as I'm more used to adding it to the feet of infantry :) 











Thanks for looking :) 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Time for another update.


I've managed to finish the five Seekers in the current list for the Emperor's Children. 




I've also finished the first five Havocs for the other project,  I decided to mix in some of the alternate shoulderpad colours to add a bit of variety to the force as it'll go through the army. 







Thanks for looking :) 

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