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Tokens - Homemade and Third Party

Brother Tyler

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While many players have official tokens from the Kill Team boxed set or from one of the expansions (the Rogue Trader expansion had tokens for both the Gellerpox Infected and the Elucidian Starstriders; and the various faction boxes have themed tokens), some players don't have official tokens. For those that intend to participate in competitions that use the Arena expansion rules, tokens are mandatory. If you perform a search for "Kill Team tokens" on the Internet, you'll find a number of third party solutions for those that don't have official tokens (and many of these are very nice).

For those that don't want to spend any money, though, there's always the option to create your own. Most of the tokens are on 1" discs, so 25mm bases would work as a substitute. The objective tokens are on 1.25" hexagons, so 32mm bases work for them. And the shaken tokens and wound markers (the latter from the Commanders expansion) are on .5" squares. I've seen a number of interesting innovations such as putting each of the main tokens (Move, Advance, Charge, Fall Back, Ready, and Shoot) on a 1" cube face (much easier to pick up than the discs). Objective markers invite lots of modeling creativity.

I'm developing files for downloadable/printable tokens that players can get for free. While the plan is to have a variety of options available to cover various factions, I've started with tokens themed for the Bolter & Chainsword site's mascot Chapter, the Legio B&C.




Yes, they are the correct sizes on the file. These are just 100 x 100 pixel images.

Click here to download this file

As an ongoing project, I have the basic template created, so creating tokens for other factions will mostly be a matter of getting the right background and icon. You can see that I've used the Legio skull for the Legio tokens, with a red text background. Imagine Imperial Fists tokens on some sort of yellow background, with the black fist replacing the skull (and the other tokens would probably have black images with a red border vice the white images with a black border that you see in the Legio tokens.

I'll take requests, but progress will be slow. Requests for factions for which the requester has an actual painted kill team will have priority.

I'd also like to see other players show their own homemade tokens for Kill Team, or even tokens purchased from third parties.

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I'm working on a set for the Imperial Fists. Here's the preliminary version:




I'm thinking about modifying the psychic effect token (the one with the Imperial Fist icon and the lightning bolts. The first adjustment I'm considering is rotating the lightning bolts a bit so that they're 12 degrees offset from where they are - they won't be straight up/down or left/right. This will help make them more symmetrical. I'm also considering making the lightning bolts a different color from the icon; in this case I'm thinking about a deep red (probably Khorne Red).

Aside from that, I'm not happy with the background. The texture looks fine at full size, but is too small to see when it is shrunken down (this makes the tokens a bit bland).

The original version had deep red borders around the icons instead of white, but it blended too much with the black of the icons, so I changed it to white.


Here's the revised Psychic Effect token:


I'm still working on the revised background.

But now I'm thinking about making the laurel in the Commander Aura token a different color. :dry.:

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I've added links to the downloads in the Kill Team Resources topic (pinned at the top of the page). I'll expand the links as I get more files uploaded (and any that other players add, too).


In addition, if you know of websites that have Kill Team tokens for sale, please post a reply here with a link. I'll add those to the listing, too.

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There was some discussion about how to use these in the announcement of the Legio themed tokens, but I'm bringing that over to this discussion since it's relevant:


Very nice, Brother Tyler! Now to figure out how to get these on some card stock/acrylic (preferably)!



Very nice, Brother Tyler! Now to figure out how to get these on some card stock/acrylic (preferably)!

Print on paper then glue to a cereal box ect.




Print on paper then glue to a cereal box ect.

Thanks, but I don't have personal access to a quality printer, so I intend to make some a better quality than what I have can do.


My plan was to print these on sticker paper, then to cut them out and stick them to wood discs that are available in hobby/craft stores. Alternatives to the wood discs include 25mm and 32mm bases; or you can cut thick plasticard to shape/size. Another alternative I've seen was to put one each of the Advance/Charge/Fall Back/Move/Ready/Shoot tokens on the face of a wooden cube. That takes up a lot more space, but it probably makes it handier to pick up and to change whichever token is currently identifying a model. You can do a similar thing with the Shaken and Wound tokens, using 16mm dice.


If I were going to use normal paper or cardstock, I would either laminate them (to protect the printed surface) and/or use foamcore (to give the tokens some thickness).


Something else I considered was to simply use the tokens as stencils (using any of the above disc/cube/base options). If I were to do that, I would print on heavy cardstock for durability.


Another alternate thing I've seen is for the tokens to be printed and constructed as "tents" (folded with the token on both sides). These are much easier to pick up than flat discs, though you should probably be sure to make them small enough that they don't confuse LOS (no, tokens don't block LOS, but some people might get confused by a too-tall token tent).


For players that don't have access to nice printers, you might consider your local office supply store. Where I live, stores like Staples and Office Depot will print files for you on the paper of your choice (I've done this with résumés).


Another alternative to the download/print tokens is to find third party versions. I've seen many varieties, and most of these look like very nice quality products that come in a variety of colors (so you can tailor them to the color scheme for your kill team).

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Preliminary Black Templars tokens:


I'm not quite happy with these. I think that the red border is turning me off. I might try a version where only the Maltese cross has the red border, with all of the other token elements simply being black without a border (except the laurel, which will be some other color with a black border).
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Revised Black Templars tokens:


And rounding out the Big 4, here are the preliminary tokens (Commander Aura and Psychic Effect) for the Blood Angels, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves:




The Dark Angels tokens only have white icons on the tokens that feature the Chapter badge. The other tokens have red icons/numbers. This follows the pattern of the Chapter badge being white and the squad badge being red (for non-Deathwing/Ravenwing).

The Space Wolves tokens are on yellow because they follow the pattern of the shoulder pads for Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company, with black Chapter badge on yellow. I used the Fenrisian Grey borders around the icons. I might create an alternate version on Fenrisian Grey tokens with black icons and yellow borders around the icons.

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And rounding out the "First Founding" (loyalists), here are the preliminary tokens for the Iron Hands, Salamanders, and White Scars. I've created both black and green versions of the Salamanders, the black mirroring the shoulder pads and the green representing the overall livery:





I'm probably going to add a slight outline to the Salamanders badge (both versions) for better contrast between the badge and the laurel/lightning bolts (for both the laurel and lightning bolts I wanted to use colors evocative of fire and metal).

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And preliminary tokens for the Chambers Militant:



Future plans:

  • Adjust any of the preliminary tokens as necessary based on feedback
  • Heretic Astartes, starting with the traitor Legions and including the Red Corsairs (and Crimson Slaughter?)
  • Basic tokens for the xenos (one set for Orks, Necrons, T'au, Tyranids, Genestealer Cults, Drukhari, and Harlequins; one for each of the major Asuryani craftworlds)
  • Badab War Chapters and other popular Chapters (Blood Ravens, Emperor's Spears, Storm Wardens, Iron Snakes)
  • Additional xenos tokens (e.g., Tyranid hive fleets, Harlequin Masques, etc.)
  • additional Chapters or other sub-factions
  • Requests...?
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Great work so far. Just curious on how the DG are coming along?

Current version:


The image I was using for the Death Guard icon wasn't that good. I've since found a better image, so that will definitely be replaced.

I was also concerned that the background wasn't as "sloppy" as a proper Death Guard image should be. Some may have noticed that I'm using a set of background images for the loyalists, with most using the same background image, just colored differently. Only a few will be getting different background images (the Black Templars use one of their oaths, the Deathwatch and the Grey Knights both have backgrounds representing engraved pauldrons, etc.). I might use the same background image that I'm using for the loyalists, or at least a different section of it. I also don't like the coloring, particularly on the arrow portion of the Death Guard badge - I'll probably lighten the color of the badge.

My chief concern with the Heretic Astartes, though, is a consistent Commander Aura addition that works for all of the different badges. I've used a laurel for the loyalist Adeptus Astartes. The current version of the Death Guard uses the eight pointed arrow of Chaos, but that just doesn't work for the Death Guard, who are devoted to Nurgle (and will similarly fail for the World Eaters, Thousand Sons, and Emperor's Children). So I might simply use the laurel device, or a Chaosified version of it. Once that decision is made, I'll rapidly go through the traitor Legions.

Speaking of the Deathwatch tokens, I lightened the color of the =][= portion. I'm still holding off to see if I have (or see) any ideas for improvements before I commit it to the downloads. I also fixed the Salamanders tokens with the thinner green outline of the badge. I'll probably get the remaining "first founding" tokens into the Downloads section today (unless anyone thinks I need to fix any of them).

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