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Tokens - Homemade and Third Party

Brother Tyler

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Note that I will be removing the majority of the tokens that I created from our Downloads once the new version of the game hits the street. The tokens in the new version are slightly different, and it looks like they may be (and will hopefully remain) available for purchase separately.


I will probably keep a few of the sets just in case there is anyone that continues to play the current version of the game, but those will be generic and most likely limited to a handful of alternatives - most likely four different colors.

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I removed all of the token files from the downloads. I'll add four sets later once I have the other three done (the original red Legio tokens will be part of the set).


Creating tokens for Kill Team 2021 will take some time as I work on the art, which is different from that used for the Kill Team 2018 tokens. I'll probably follow a similar method, though under the assumption that the blue/red tokens will remain available. So I'll simply create two sets in other colors, allowing for three- and four-player games.


In both cases, the colors will be red, blue, green, and orange (green is the complementary color to red while orange is the complementary color to blue). This creates four different colors for four-way battles, but also allows for teams using a warm (red/orange) and cool (blue/green) theme.

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