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Tokens - Homemade and Third Party

Brother Tyler

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Personally I think the star would work as unifying theme behind the unique faction logo. The star is most commonly used as a symbol for factions that worship the pantheon as a whole and as each of the specific gods are a part of that pantheon than using it to tie together the theme of Chaos would be appropriate IMO.

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Personally I think the star would work as unifying theme behind the unique faction logo. The star is most commonly used as a symbol for factions that worship the pantheon as a whole and as each of the specific gods are a part of that pantheon than using it to tie together the theme of Chaos would be appropriate IMO.

That was my original thinking, too. However, I'm not sure that all Heretic Astartes players would agree. More and more I'm of a mind to create a Chaosified version of a laurel, but making it eight arrows (evoking the Chaos star and the laurel). I'm building the basic tokens for each of the Traitor Legions so that I can see what works (and what doesn't) on the actual tokens.

In the meantime, since I'm not happy with the Deathwatch or Grey Knights tokens (well, mostly the Deathwatch), I violated the "sequence" I described earlier and indulged in some personal favorites.

First, the Exorcists:


I really need to create updated [homegrown] rules for these guys in 8th edition WH40K.

Next, the Howling Griffons (I've wanted to see what these would look like ever since I conceived the idea of making up homegrown tokens):


Last, my DIY Nova Hawks (these won't be loaded to the Downloads section because I'm the only person that will want them):


As the Nova Hawks demonstrate, at one point (once I finish the tokens I listed previously) I'll be open to making tokens by request, including for DIYs.
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I've been working on more tokens, but the commander aura signifier (the laurel on the Imperium tokens) has prevented me from finishing most of the ones that I've been working on (all of the traitor legions, the Fallen, and most of the xenos (still working on the Aeldari tokens). In the meantime, I've begun working on the rest of the Imperium factions, starting with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Adeptus Mechanicus tokens will be for each forge world, with three versions for each. The first version will have the Cult Mechanicus icon, the second will have the forge world's (formal) icon, and the third will have the Skitarii icon. To give you an idea, here are the tokens for the first two forge worlds that I've done (both are preliminary):





For the various Adeptus Mechanicus/forge world color schemes, I've combined the 7th edition Codex: Cult Mechanicus and Codex: Skitarii. The main token (background) color will generally match the coat/cloak of a Skitarii/Magos, the icon color will generally match armour color, and the icon border will be either a tertiary color (if any is listed) or a spot color from the color plates.

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I didn't think that the Graia tokens looked "Graia" enough. And in working through some of the other forge worlds, I decided to ignore the Codex: Cult Mechanicus schemes and work solely with the Codex: Skitarii schemes (since the Adeptus Mechanicus kill teams are Skitarii). Also, the Cult Mechanicus icon was off-center. Actually, it was technically centered, but that's because the negative space on the left side doesn't count. So I manually centered the icon so that the center line of the skull is aligned along the center line of the token. So here are the Commander Aura and Psychic Effect tokens for all seven forge worlds [that have schemes in the codex]. Due to the limit on the number of images in posts, I've broken these down into four posts.





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I "fixed" (perhaps "improved" would be a better word) the tokens for the Chambers Militant:



You can see the original versions here.

The Deathwatch tokens had the background darkened a bit and the token icon lightened a bit, and I changed the Deathwatch badge from the one I found on the internet to the one from the 7th edition codex (yes, the femurs were technically correct in the other one, but they also looked "wrong"). The Grey Knights tokens only saw the sword filtered a bit (a very minor change - you can't really notice it at this resolution).

These tokens as well as those for the Howling Griffons and Exorcists will probably be made available soon.

If no one has suggestions for the Adeptus Mechanicus, I will probably make those available soon, too.

After this, I'll work on the Astra Militarum. Once those are done, I'll get to work on the commander aura laurels for Chaos and the xenos (the only thing stopping me from making those available, too).

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The tokens are for when a model is affected by a psychic power. In this case, though the AdMech don't have psykers of their own, there may be cases where enemy (or friendly - multi-player games) psychic powers might affect them. So it's better to have the tokens just in case.
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I made preliminary tokens for three Astra Militarum sub-factions based on the Citadel Paint app schemes. With the Astra Militarum sub-factions, I'm aiming for the signature looks. While the Astra Militarum represent regiments drawn from the myriad worlds of the Imperium, and similar looks might incorporate different color schemes (the Mordians in the 6th edition Codex: Astra Militarum are a good example), I'm aiming for the signature look of the regiments. Unlike the Adeptus Astartes, the various regiments of the Astra Militarum don't necessarily have their unique identifying badges, so I'm using the basic Astra Militarum icon for each. A benefit to this is that we can create tokens for a variety of schemes, and those schemes might represent any number of worlds/regiments, so we don't have to create a bunch of tokens that are identical except for the badge (any number of Space Marine Chapters might have matching colors, differing only in their Chapter badge). My initial focus will be on the regiments listed in the core rulebook (those with the name tables), but I'll expand to cover the range of major regiments listed in the codex.



These are a good basic olive drab regiment. I may change the color of the laurel on the Commander Aura token; and I'm not sure if there's enough contrast between the green background of the token and the yellow of the lightning bolts.



To be honest, I'm not too pleased with these. I also toyed with light green numbers/icons and the red border. To be honest, that might be better, but I'll have to take another look at it to be sure. I don't know that these are bad, but there's something about them that doesn't do it for me (definitely with both the commander aura and psychic effect tokens, shown). The dark green of the main token background will remain, but I'll definitely have to play around with the other colors a bit.

Tempestus Scions:


I quite like these (which doesn't mean that they're final). I may have to change the color of the laurel on the Commander Aura token, though.

If I remember correctly, the other two regiments with name tables in the core rulebook are the Valhallan and Tallarn regiments. I'll also make tokens for the Elyssians, Death Korps of Krieg, Armageddon Steel Legion, and Mordians; and maybe others (later on down the road).

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I made some slight tweaks to the first three Astra Militarum, and I think I'm satisfied with them (barring suggestions from other members).





I changed the light green (border on the icons) to a light brown, and I think that looks much better.

Tempestus Scions:


The Deathwatch, Grey Knights, Exorcists, Howling Griffons, and Adeptus Mechanicus tokens will be uploaded soon (hopefully today).

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In addition, I finished the other "major" regiments. These are all preliminary.





These were problematic in that no scheme is shown in the codex and there are three different schemes shown in three different Imperial Armour books. In the end, I went with the scheme that looked least like other regiments' schemes, aiming for distinctiveness.











I'm thinking about making the gold of the icons a bit darker for better contrast with the light borders.

I'm open to other changes on these based on feedback.

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The tokens for the Deathwatch, Grey Knights, Exorcists, and Howling Griffons Chapters are now available in the Downloads section.

I'm going to reach out to the Adeptus Mechanicus and Astra Militarum forums for feedback before I commit to the tokens (just in case).

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My previous efforts at creating tokens for the Death Guard and the other Heretic Astartes were postponed while I developed a suitable "Commander Aura" icon (the laurel used for the Imperium's tokens didn't seem appropriate). My efforts were amateurish. Then I saw the Noctilith Crown and everything fell into place (I didn't copy it exactly, but the shapes of the arrows were used). So here are some preliminary versions for a few Heretic Astartes sub-factions...

Death Guard:


Black Legion (these guys are getting some love, so it seems appropriate to include them on the front end:


Thousand Sons:


Fallen Angels (just to prove that the Commander Aura icon doesn't have to be red - I went with Caliban Green for reasons that should be obvious):


I'll have preliminary versions of the other Heretic Astartes Traitor Legions posted this afternoon.

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The rest of the preliminary Heretic Astartes tokens (so far)...

Alpha Legion:


Emperor's Children:


Iron Warriors:


Night Lords:


Word Bearers:


World Eaters:


Still to come:

Red Corsairs

Crimson Slaughter






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One of the members observed that "look a bit fuzzy with darker border outline colours." I interpreted that to mean that there wasn't enough contrast between the icon and the border. The two forge worlds that I think he was referring to were Lucius and Ryza, so I lightened the border colors of each:





Assuming these are sufficient, I'll have the Adeptus Mechanicus tokens uploaded soon (as soon as I finish uploading the Heretic Astartes tokens that I've created so far - the Traitor Legions and the Fallen).

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