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How to deal with Wraithguard?

Zephaniah Adriyen

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>put Knight/Primaris/Smash 1k list on table
>Opponent busts out 1k of Wraithguard and Wave Serpents
>Opponent instantly wrecks everything on the table while only losing one or two models
Has this ever happened to you, how did you deal with it, and how much rage did it bring your opponent when you did?

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Bring guns with a longer range than him. Bring more 1w bodies that don't care about multiple damage weapons. Tbh, if you bring a knight if any variety in a 1k game then you deserve it, unless you are playing a knights list and your opponent is aware before list building.

Dude, my opponent knows every model in my collection. He's watched that collection grow over time.

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Knowing ones collection is not the same as knowing the list that one has to face. Most people who have something like Knights have easily enough models to either bring a soft list or a hard list in a simple 1k game.

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You are throwing mostly Bolter Jocks (probably in msu) at units that got rail gun shotguns that one bang your PriMarines and can vape your Super Heavy you brought to a 1000 point game like a millennial puffing clouds.


You need more guys to whittle his t5 guys down. Focus fire on a unit until it's gone, hit them with hellblasters hard and heavy.


Other than that, seems he brought a spoiler list to your army.

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