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Raziel-TX's Dark Angels


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Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

It's been many a moon since I've posted something on here, almost 15 years or so. Uncle Sam and real life have kept me from pretty much playing any 40k since the end of 2nd edition/start of 3rd edition. That being said I've always had opportunity to swing back by the Rock and get inspired by the myriad of awesome painting, story telling, and modeling this community presents. My son is old enough to where he has shown an interest in war gaming and so, him and I being WW2 buffs, picked up a set of US and German paras to put together and paint. While at the local game store I came across the new primaris Dark Angel character. I know feelings are mixed when it comes to these new upstarts...I still have 200+ Marines and vehicles in foam lined boxes. However, you have to admit these new models are really nice and detailed.

So I picked one up with the hopes of using him in some sort of board game or even this new kill-team game. I was a bit nervous, $30 on one single guy, is a bit of money to invest in a little plastic dude. I really wanted this guy to look good but the problem was that I hadn't painted a darn mini since my break from playing the game. So I looked at lots of videos, lots of advice from this board, and I can honestly say this guy turned out to be my best work. He took a BLEEP ton of time but I'm glad I took it nice and slow. He still is not quite done yet as I'm gonna try and pull off a white marble effect on his right shoulder pad and place a decal there before sealing him with some flat sealer. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions and advice concerning this guy right here. As a side note, I'm not a fan of these new wanna be MK4 helms or skull motifs. Beakies for the win.

I tried to emulate the excellent tutorial by Sekhmet in his thread. Thank you!

Work in progress. Trying out this new contrast. Also, white paint...ugh.

More WIP. Also attempted to do a fancy sword blending technique I found online for something non traditional.

Really happy how these wings came out. Was inspired by Lostrael's white/blue technique. Thank you!

Some better (?) lighting pic. Still some work to fix some smudges.


Actually managed to get some legible script on the shoulder pad. Pretty darn happy with this.

So thanks for having a looksy. Looking forward to any advice from all of you.

Edited for grammar.

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A excellent compilation of techniques to fit out a good model.  Better than anything I could paint, and I've been out of that side of the hobby for six months let alone as many years as that!


+1 for the Beakies!



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Nice job considering staying away for soo long. Mentioning 2nd/3rd ed brings back memories of metal terminators on 25 mm base and the shoulder mounted heavy weapons, back then not even the GW heavy metal team drilled the barrels. I remember the dreadnoughts being so heavy you could kill people with them.


If you consider painting up a whole dark angels army, consider getting into airbrushing, that way you'll spend like 10% of the time it takes to put down base layers and make nice highlights and shading using paintbrush, and you'll get a paint job as good as a skilled glazer/wetblender.


The freed up time due to airbrushing you could use to improve further on you brushwork for the details (or try out techniques such as NMM, OSL, nice skin tones etc)


Airbrushing is particularly good for space marine armies as you paint a lot of large flat or curved areas with the same colour (highlighted and shaded of course).

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Welcome back to the Rock!


Man, for a 15 year hiatus, you’ve pulled of a solid paint job. That’s a great effect you’ve done on the sword. I especially enjoy the freehand name on the scroll, that is some crisp work! If this is rusty, I can’t wait to see what comes next.


If you get a chance, you should post some of your old school models. Painted or bare, a few of us here really enjoy the nostalgia of those bad boys!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome!


MR-thanks for the kind words.


Imren-I'm sure it's nostalgia but 2nd edition was definitely bananas.  Nothing like vortex grenades, going winchester with all 12 missiles on your terminator cyclone weapon system, and characters butchering entire units.  From reading people's post it seems that the game has definitely morphed with these new shiny command points.  


Chaplain Lucifer-thank you.  That would be a recipe for meatball stew.  The misses knocked the last batch out of the park. :D


Greenz-thanks for the words and motivation.  I took several wacks at the script and had to start over because I couldn't get all the lettering on it or the letters would smear together.  I think the good Lord took pity on me and didn't make me try an "n" time.  Haha.  I'll definitely have to get some pics of the ole 2nd/3rd edition greenwing posted. 

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Very solid paint job considering such a long break! Primaris marines are very nice to paint and if you plan to paint more of them it will be pure fun :)


And welcome back to the Rock !

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Bevulf-thanks! I do like these new primaris models. So the plan is to do some more in the near future as home life, work, and school permits. I’m eyeing the apothecary in non traditional scheme with MK6 helm as the most likely candidate.


Ranulf the Revenant-thanks! He slices and dices! Well I’m sure he would if I got him into a game. :)

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Greenz- as requested, below are some of my minis I painted prior to the break.


This guy was probably the second or third guy I ever painted. I think he was actually a Death Company dude :ph34r.:


Random assault Marine with plasma pistol.


This was probably one of the last minis I painted prior to the break.

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I'm a glutton for 1st vs last painted! Welcome back to the rock!


What's your hobby set up look like? Favorite tool? I'd definitely pick up caliban green spray if you can find it, saves soooo much time it's not even funny.

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Neuralshock-nothing fancy for my painting area.  Just an old card table in the extra bedroom with not enough lighting. Haha.  As for tool I would have to say the fine detail brush as I really enjoy the control though it takes forrrrrreeeeevvvvvveeeeeerrrrrr.  Depending on how many models I pick up in the future, rattle can paint will be an attractive option for sure. 

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Bedtime is just about the only time I can squeeze in some painting time. Silly me decided to take another class for my masters so between my wife, school, and any evening house duties my painting time is pretty limited. All that being said I’m definitely aiming at wrapping this mini up and starting another in the near future.
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Apologies for the silence but I’ve been and still am out of country for work. That being said I did stop in a local game store and managed to pickup the below for about $15 less than I would have paid back in the states. So that’s a win. Now to order the Ravenwing apothecary mkVI helmet ...



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Happy belated Christmas and New Years to everyone. Thanks to slow battle rhythm of the holidays I was able to work of some of those models I picked up. Nothing to fancy here just an apothecary in work as well as another beakie who will get a sword. Comments and critiques are always welcome! Thanks for looking.




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Isiah-thanks buddy. It‘s probably all the inspiration and how-tos that I’ve read on this board over the many moons


JJD-thank you! I used a board guide to do the eye lenses. I’ll hunt it down and post the link when I find it in case you’re interested.

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