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Raziel-TX's Dark Angels


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Quick snap of some armored support to my Marines. Still playing around with the name but leaning towards either Sanctified Wrath or Sanctified Judgement. Something along those lines at least.

Also, working with resin is a pain but still way better than metal.


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Evening everyone. Hope the weekend is going well for everyone. I managed to get some dedicated painting time in today. Here is the fruit of my labor. All that’s left is the base.


Tried freehand with the Ravenwing symbol. I think it came out ok but I’m all ears if someone has any hints or advice. Thanks for looking!

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Thanks, jbaeza94.

Greater mobility afforded by the armor should make it be the “go to” mark for Ravenwing. But then again, no ever said the lore made sense. Haha.

Almost done with these motivators. A little freehand and some basing is all that’s left...maybe a bit of cleanup as well.


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Fierce Bear-hahah, yes I am a fan of the beakies.  Nothing against the older marks (actually trying to get a hold of some MK IV helmets at the moment) but I can't stand the new MK X helmets.  


nusphigor-Thank you!  Background wise I have some things rolling around my head but nothing too concrete.  In all likely hood it will be something that will buck the traditional lore.  

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Thanks, Galloway!


Did this one differently from the rest.  I really like the way he turned out so I may do the next batch like this as well.  Though I'm not so sure about the chain sword.  I thought about doing a hazard pattern down the length just to bring some more color to the model.   Thoughts?

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Finished the sniper team leader. Also happy how he turned out. If I were to change one thing it would be making the highlights thinner. Really happy how the "splinter" camo cloak turned out.


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