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Inquisition in Nov WD


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I've heard that the new figures for Malleus have terminator armour. Anyone here that can confirm?

I haven't read any confirmation news about it yet. Would they make brand new models for armies with rules from just WD?


They could just show a converted model from a GKT kit (considering he is also a Daemon Hunter). They did show a converted GK brotherhood Champion (which has no official model anymore) in the GK codex along with a converted brother Captain. If they do keep the Ordo Malleus INQ in Terminator Armour, that's a probable feature in the WD issue.

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One reason the ordo Malleus has Terminator suits is we are the oldest order.  Ive seen diagrams with th OM as the inner circle of the =][=.  The figure in my photo is an OM =][= Lord in Terminator.  Been rocking it since 3rd.  Its been watered down a bit.  Uesd to be T4...  

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There's no news that I'm aware of. The October issue wasn't available until the middle of the month, though, with a Warhammer Community preview on 4 October. If they follow that pattern with this month's issue, we should see a preview soon (Friday?).


What makes you think that the Inquisition won't get a treatment similar to that which the Sisters of Silence received? That's almost exactly what I expect for the Inquisition - an article giving some background and rules for using the existing miniatures in WH40K. I'm not expecting anything really new or surprising. I'm not expecting anything new until the Inquisition gets the codex treatment (which I'm not expecting any time soon).

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As well as reading about the history of the Ordos and how they operate, you’ll find a host of new and updated rules in the form of Stratagems, datasheets (including those of unique Inquisitors such as CoteazGreyfaxKaramazov and Eisenhorn), Relics and even a new psychic discipline, Telethesia. It’s essential reading for fans of Inquisitors everywhere!



Now do I wait and see if /when this appears in the CA or do I buy this months WD?



edit - source = https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/08/white-dwarf-preview-novembergw-homepage-post-3/

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As suspected, kitbashed models for Inquisitor units.


Inquisitor in Terminator Armour saved!

You got details?



Ah, I see. Well kitbashing has been par for the course from the start. I just hope they give more flexible rules then were in the Index. Access to the other Nimmiss weapons perhaps?

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Actual relics for the Inqusition is a surprise, do people think it will be the standard 6? I'd estimate 3 general relics and 1 specific relic for each of the main Ordos.


For the Ordo Malleus, I'd say a relic psycannon would be thematic and impressive imo.


I certainly hope they bring the cost down for generic Inquisitors and their wargear. INQ in TDA is currently 90 points BEFORE weapon costs. There are GKs in Terminator Armour that are CHEAPER with the Daemonhammer already included! An army that has models more overcosted than Grey Knights...yikes!

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I have the WD in my hands :smile.: so;

An inquisitor can join a force without taking up a slot and it does not prevent other units from benefiting from things like chapter tactics, combat doctrines, canticles of the omnissiah etc and it is ignored for the purposes of the battle brothers rule.

4 strategems;
Cyclonic torpedo 4cp select a point roll 2d6" -1 for a character and on a 4+ unit suffers d3 mortal wounds.
Inquisitorial mandate 1cp inquisitor gains a warlord trait but is not your warlord and can then get a relic.
Seize for interrogation 1cp enemy character destroyed within 3" of any inquisition units gain d3 command points and enemy army must subtract 1 from leadership.
Requisition 1cp friendly imperium unit within 6" of an inquisitor targets a unit that is the inquisitors quarry in shooting, overwatch or fighting it can re roll hit rolls of 1.

4 named inquisitors, malleus is the only one that can have termjnator armour, normal inquisitor.

Elites; deamonhost, jokaero and acolytes.

Daemonhost; 6" 4 4 4 4 4 3 7 7+ 5++
Unholy gaze - 12" ass1 s8 ap-1 1D on a 6+ becomes 3D
Warp grasp - s user -3 1D

Daemonic power at start of movement phase roll a d6;
1-2 move 12" and can fly
3-4 regain all lost wounds
5-6 roll a d6 for each enemy unit with 3" on a 2+ it suffers d3 mortal wounds.

Jokaero 6" 6 4 2 3 3 2 7 7+ 5++
Focused strike - 24" hvy1 8 -3 3D
Scatter shot - 12" ass6 4 -1 1D

Inconceivable customisation start of shooting phase for a Ordos unit;
1-2 re roll the hit
3-4 re roll the wound
5-6 re roll hit and wound!

Acolytes are 6" 4 4 3 3 1 2 7 5+ no way to improve armour.

If unit contains 1 model it gets the character key word.

Warlord traits;
Radical - once per battle re-roll 1 hit roll, wound, damage, saving, psychic test or deny the witch for this warlord
Puritan - improve inv by 1 to a max of 3++
Formidable resolve - +1 LD and increase unquestionable wisdom by 6"

Ordo heretics no escape - heroic intervention within 6" move 6" instead of 3". Enemy unit within 1" falls back on a 4+ it can't!

Ordo Xenos esoteric law - whilst warlord is on the field roll one d6 each time opponent uses a strategem on a 5+ you gain 1 cp.

Ordo malleus psychic mastery - knows one additional psychic power from telethesia. Can manifest an additional psychic power and an extra deny.

Eisenhorn - radical
Grey fax - no escape
Karamazov - formidable resolve
Coteaz - psychic mastery

blade of the ordo - power sword s+1 -3 d3D if attacking "quarry" then flat 3 damage.
Digital weapons - 1 attack str user if it hits deals 1MW
Black shroud - if attacking an inquisitor with this -1 to wound
Ignis judicium - ordo heretics inferno pistol 12" pistol 1 8 -4 d6D with half range or CHAOS then roll 2 X d6 discard the lowest.
Bio corrosive poison - Ordos Xenos melee weapon always wounds on a 2+ unless vehicle or titanic.
Tainted blade - ordo malleus power sword - s+3 -3 D1 - fight phase if fights for the first time roll a d6 on a 1 user suffers a mw and can't use the weapon for the rest of the phase otherwise if you attack and the saving roll is failed make an additional attack.

Coteaz - 90
Eisenhorn - 80
Grey fax - 85
Karamazov - 115
Terminator inquisitor - 91 + weapons
Jokaero - 18
Inquisitor - 55 base
Daemonhost - 25
Acolytes - 1-6 in a unit 8pts

Psychic discipline telethesia;
Terrify - wc6 18" -1ld and can't overwatch
Psychic fortitude - wc4 12" imperium unit auto passes morale
Dominate - wc6 12" and not a vehicle 3d6 and I'd you beat the LD make shoot one weapon or make one attack
Mental interrogation - wc6 12" select 1 enemy character that model -1 to hit roll till the next psyvhoch phase. Also roll 3d6 and if you beat their LD gain a CP.
Psychic pursuit - wc7 select a character with less than 10 wounds within 18". Select one friendly Ordos unit within 6" that unit can target that character even if it's not the closest.
Castigation - wc6 select enemy with 18" roll 3d6 and if beat the LD unit takes D3 MW.

Ordo heretics ascertainment - wc6 select enemy within 12" subtract 1 attack from it also roll 2d6 and beat it's LD then they take -1 to their hit roll.

Ordo Xenos psychic veil - wc5 friendly ordo Xenos unit with 6" can only be targeted of they are the closest unit and can only be charged if they are within 6" of the charging unit.

Ordo malleus power through knowledge - wc6 select one friendly imperium infantry or imperium biker unit within 12" until your next psychic phase they have a 5++ save!


Special Character Rules;


Greyfax 6" 3 3 3 3 5 4 10 3+ 5++


MC Condemnor Bolt gun - 24" rapid 1 4 -1 1D unless it hits a PSYKER then 3D

Psyocculum - target psyker/daemon character even if no the closest


Coteaz 6" 3 3 3 3 5 4 10 2+ 5++

MC Nemesis DH - x2 -3 3D no negative to hit

Spy Network - enemy unit sets up within 6" of an ordo Malleus unit can shoot at the enemy as if it was the shooting phase ALSO(!!) once per battle when your opponent uses a stratagem they have to pay an extra CP or else it doesn't go off and the waste the stratagem (handy for those 3 cp fight again ones....whats that you havent got any CP left to make it o 4 oh dear all CP lost :biggrin.::D:D)


Karamazov 5" 3 3 5 5 8 4 10 4+ 4++

30" MC Multi Melta, MC Power Sword, Thrones stomping feet - S-User -1 2D 2D3 additional attacks.

Supreme Will - psychic test by an enemy within 12" subtract one from the roll ALSO if an enemy psychic power targets Karamazov then you get a deny against that power.

Dread Reputation - -1LD to enemy infantry within 12" 


Eisenhorn 6" 3 3 3 3 5 4 10 4+  (no invun??)

artificer BP 12" - 4 -1 2D

Barbarisater User -3 d3D - +1 to the hit roll

Runestaff +3 -1 d3D

Electrobane grenades 6" 4 -1 1D - against a vehicle d6 - 4-5 1 MW + damage 6 d3 MW + damage


Radical Bond - Daemonhost set up by malus Codicium is within 6" of Eisenhorn add 1 to hit, wound and invun

Malus Codicium - once per battle at the end of the movement phase summon a deamonhost and add 2 to that models strength, toughness, wounds and attacks - eisenhorn loses Unquestionable Wisdom.

manifest 2 psychic powers and deny 2.

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