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Air War Scelapa





971.M30 - Scelapa, Dread Clouds, Yiaxes Sector, Ultima Segmentum


Following orders derived from XIXth Legion command, the 22nd Grand Company (Tactical), supported by the 289th Falkan Grenadiers and 72nd Heavy Fighter Wing, along with select forces from Legio Ferrax, preemptively deploy to the Imperial frontier world of Scelapa to ward the civilian populace against the encroaching tide of Waaagh! Gargunz. This particular Ork enemy, as demarcated by numerous Legion records, has followed a pattern of large scale attack-and-fade strategies, and the Primarch Haedran has devised a plan to to cut off Gargunz Skyscreama's advance and decapitate the enemy leadership in a bait-and-flank maneuver. Scelapa, positioned adjacent to the direction of Skyscreama's advance, is the crux upon which this scheme rests.


To the men and women stationed on and above Scelapa, such high strategies are worlds away. There is only to imminent and unavoidable green tide that will soon arrive at their door. For Captain Perrus Nimeon, from his position of system command onboard the XIXth Legion heavy cruiser Scarlet Covenant, this means an inevitable air campaign against the formidable Air Waaagh! of Gargunz Skyskreama's notorious Nite Ridas, the greenskin's preeminent air combat unit, equipped with baffling radar-cloaking and night-flying technologies wrought in fetid xenos laboratories. The air defense will rely on dead reckoning and regular reconnaissance to detect raids. Random encounters will result in knife-fighting and close range engagement.


The 22nd Grand Company (Tactical) is far from helpless. Operating from their duty station onboard the Covenant, 3rd Ordinal's premier fighter outfit, the 11th Strike Squadron, the "Rebeleventh", drills incessantly in orbit and planetside, skirmishing in mock asymmetrical combat to prepare for the Nite Ridas' offensive. Alongside them, providing long-range patrol and reconnaissance duties, are the newly minted 72th Heavy Fighter Wing, the "Sept-Duece", in fledgling Thunderbolts. In the coming war, the pilots and crews of these units know their actions with dictate the fate of Scelapa, the Segmentum, and the Great Crusade


Dramatis Personae

Scelapa Air War


- The Defenders -


 Haedran Durendal*

The Clearch

Primarch, XIXth Legiones Astartes "Cardinal Guard"


Perrus Nimeon

Captain, 22nd Grand Company (Tactical), 5th Cohort "Star Warriors", 3rd Ordinal, XIXth Legiones Astartes "Cardinal Guard"


Titus "Late" Laterno

Captain, 11th Strike Squadron "Rebeleventh", 3rd Ordinal, XIXth Legiones Astartes "Cardinal Guard"


Georgea "RAGs" Myteon

Flight Colonel, 72nd Heavy Fighter Wing "Sept-Duece", Tactical Air Command, Falkan Expeditionary Air Forces, Falkis


- The Aggressors -


Gargunz Skyskreama*

Warboss and Flyboss-in-Cheefz, Waaagh! Gargunz



Ground Forces Warboss, [uNIT COGNOMEN UNKNOWN], Waaagh! Gargunz


Loffa Grotsnipa

Flyboss, Nite Ridas Stelff Skwadron, Waaagh! Gargunz




*Though not present at the engagement, marked individuals provided limited strategic command.

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Creator's Notes


Welcome to the my humble contribution to the Aeronautica Imperialis community! Coming up, I'll be providing a narrative and hobby blog to detail my experiences as I dive into this game. I'm attacking Aeronautica Imperialis (AI19 as I've shortened it) from the perspective of the alternate 31st Millennium, combining my efforts with the A Broken Throne project into the experience.


Currently, I've assembled most of the Wings of Vengeance box - three Dakkajets, two Fighta Bommers, and two Thunderbolts - and half of a box of Lightning Fighters - assembled with the Twin Multi-Laser, which I believe makes them the "Strike" variant (the descriptions and rules are rather inconsistent). The Dakkajets and Fighta Bommers, of course, will be painted as the "Nite Ridas", an Ork "stelff skwadron", which I've decided on a black/purple/pink color scheme for. The Thunderbolts will be my Imperial Army contingent, the 72nd Heavy Fighter Wing, hailing from the arid world of Falkis, and painted with a light tan camo scheme (the Marauders will follow, eventually). Lastly, the Lightnings will represent the XIXth Legiones Astartes Cardinal Guard in their first tabletop appearance, in striking red and white.


I'm excited to post hobby progress, narrative bits, and some battle reports here. Stay tuned!

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