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Brother Carpenter's works of ultra slow progress

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Hi All,


After a long time bobbing around on the forum I've decided to start a WIP thread here.

It will mostly feature my Black Templars and in the future maybe a restart of my Steel Legion and the occational Ork painted by my daughter.


I'm a terrible SLOW painter with limited time, so updates will be irregular and not often.


So to kick off the WIP thread is Terminator Chaplain Tarentus. 

When he came out I just had to have him, even though my grey pile of shame had reached epic proportions, a new firstborn model, only by a purchase could approval of this event be voiced :teehee:


Today I started with painting and gotten pretty dang far for my standards (worked for about 3 hours straight).






Flashing legs:



This is the first time I've used flying stands for sub assemblies. It gives greater freedom of acces and I'll certainly be using it more often. Especially on heads (right upper corner the blurry white speck).




I also started on a Sternguard resque that I've relieved from it's blueish colours :biggrin.:




A few months ago I started vet sgt Jovan and a newly built sternguard sword brother.





The sternguard might take a dip into the IPA because I'm not to sold on the painting on his legs. I got it way too thick. Yuck.


Feedback is always appreciated.


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