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[EVENT] A Bug's Life: The Tyranids (&GSC) Painting Challenge


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A Monthly Tyranids Painting Challenge


This week a new painting event launches in the Tyranids Section of the forum. The Challenge? Paint at least one TYRANIDS model per month - including Codex Tyranids, GSC and Forgeworld models. Taking part is simple:

  1. Pledge your models
  2. Paint your models
  3. Enjoy your army of bugs

A lot of people have the odd Tyranid model lying around, usually from Battleboxes or Boxed Games, so if you want some motivation to paint them up, skitter on over to the Tyranids Section of the forum and join the Hive Fleet - The event and pledges, progress etc will be organised from there. What's more you'll get to add this cool badge to your signature:



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Accidentally posted my pledge in Nids even though it's a GSC pledge. I will put subsequent pledges here.


It was a Young Patriarch BTW (the Space Hulk patriarch- like the nid Broodlord, but different base). I have to add the adjective, because as he levels up in the Crusade, he'll be replaced- first with the Classic metal running Patriarch (at Heroic level) and then with the Classic metal Throned Patriarch (at Legendary). When the pics come, I'll put them here too.

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++June Summary++



What a monthm thanks for joining in guys, I'm super pleased at the talent and motivation we have in our little Tyranids forum! Last month, the first month of the first A Bug's Life event, saw 12 Hive Commanders sign up and pledge to embiggen their swarms, with nearly a 100% completion rate. Between us, we managed to paint 98 wounds worth of biomass, which is ~45.8 Power worth of Tyranids, just shy of about a thousand point army, which is pretty awesome in my opinion. 


For interest, and to foster a little competitiveness among the Hive Fleets, below I've organised the entrants by completed PL - Out in front we Have Jud Cottrel and Brother Lunkhead with 7PL completed each, completing 3 Zoanthropes and a Broodlord respectively, followed closely by Rogue's GSC Abominant for 6 PL. Special mention also goes to Ruskinses who painted 20 wounds worth of models, Arson Fire with 14 Wounds, Trokair with 10 wounds of Termegants - Definitely masters of the Swarm!


Total PL painted so far/Frater/Vow for July


Jud Cottrell3 Hive Guard (6 PL)

Brother Lunkhead:

Rogue3 Acolytes (1.8 PL)



4.5 Arson Fire

Azekai20 Termegants + 3 spore mines (7 PL)

Trokair4 Warriors + 5 Stealers (9 PL)

2.5 Halandaar1 Carnifex (6 PL)

1.5 WarriorFish:

0.3 Grotsmasha1 Cultist (0.3 PL)


Mike Zulu1 Carnifex (6 PL)

our_baz1 Tyrannofex (9 PL)

Brother Argent1x Tyranid Prime, 6x Genestealers, 30x Hormagaunts, 7x Spore Mines, 1x Carnifex (30 PL)


That said, we have some new Hive Fleets on the scene, and we're now up to 15 vowing participants. Not only that, we have some pretty impressive vows in the 6-10 PL region, and not to mention Brother Argent's massive 30PL vow for the month, which will see him jump to the top of the table...if he can complete them in time!



Join the Hive Fleets HERE

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A bug's life has finished, and the results are in!

++A Bug’s Life 2021++

++Results and Final Summary++


Well, what can I say, this event has exceeded all of my expectations, and that’s down to all of you who joined in and painted a heck ton of Tyranids!

It’s been a fun 5 month ride, and I can say that between us we managed to paint a massive 406 PL, or roughly 8,120 points of Tyranid models. That’s frankly insane, and you should all be proud of the group effort, and managing to smash out so many painted models on an individual basis.

Thanks for all the kind comments above, I’m glad that the even has been fun and motivating – we’ll probably do another sometime, whether it’s next year or bi-annually to allow the grey piles to grow, we’ll have to see. Being honest, I probably need more than 6 months off before all this starts again!

A Bug's Life Painting Challenge Statistics:
Total PL Painted: 406
Total Points Painted: ~8119
Total Models Painted: 368
Monsters Painted: 20
Largest single vow: 35 PL


And now, ranks and rewards for your participation. We have a series of A Bugs’s Life signature badges that have been made for us by the esteemed @Grotsmasha, each corresponding to the number of successful vows you made. The ranks are Tyrant, Broodlord, Warrior, Stealer, Gaunt and Ripper, for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0 completed vows respectively. Badges are available in 200x100 px and 100x100 px, so you can choose whichever version you wish to display.

You are eligible to display the appropriate badge for your number of completed vows, and your rewards are as follows:

Tyrant (5 Vows Completed):

Congratulations, you are a true leader of the swarm, tenacious and unrelenting. Take the Tyrant badge as a reward.

Arson Fire

Jud Cottrell





gallery_48988_17207_5690.png gallery_48988_17207_10696.png

Broodlord (4 Vows Completed):

Fast and deadly, you are the enemy of grey plastic everywhere, and have earned the rank of Broodlord.


gallery_48988_17207_40005.png gallery_48988_17207_8082.png

Warrior (3 Vows Completed):

Strong and stable, you are the backbone of the Hive Fleet and crucial to it’s victory over the grey piles of biomass.



gallery_48988_17207_3102.png gallery_48988_17207_20370.png

Stealer (2 Vows Completed):

Either lying in wait for the opportune moment to strike, or attacking fast then getting flamered, you are a genestealer who has served the hive mind in the war against the unpainted.


Brother Lunkhead



Trawling Cleaner

gallery_48988_17207_18280.png gallery_48988_17207_17027.png

Gaunt (1 Vow Completed):

You took an objective, you held an objective, it’s what we can expect from a gaunt, and an invaluable contribution to the cause.

Brother Lemartes

gallery_48988_17207_23175.png gallery_48988_17207_26433.png

Ripper (0 Vows Completed):

You have broken your vows to the Hive Mind, and are relegated to the status of Ripper – off to the digestion pools with you!

Brother Argent

Mike Zulu


gallery_48988_17207_1260.png gallery_48988_17207_430.png


Special Awards

In addition, we have three more special awards, one for whoever painted the biggest bugs, another for the one who painted the most bugs, and one for our overall champion who painted the most models. The first place in each category can proudly display their personal victory badge in their signature, while second and third place in each category have been recorded and given an honourable mention.

The Highest total PL is the greatest prize and reward, so to be in the top 3 for this I excluded you from the other awards.

Hive Commander (Highest total PL Painted)

1 Trokair (68.0)

2 Trawlingcleaner (52.0)

3 Xenith (41.6)

gallery_48988_17207_35379.png gallery_48988_17207_15603.png

Swarmlord (Most Completed Models)

1 Ruskinses (52)

2 Arson Fire (38)

3 Jud Cottrell (31)

gallery_48988_17207_43058.png gallery_48988_17207_2082.png

Nidzilla (Most wounds per model*completions)

1 our_baz (26.0 – 12 wound average, 2 completions)

2 Warriorfish (15.0 - 3 wound average, 5 completions)

3 TPS (11.0 – 5.5 wound average, 2 completions)

gallery_48988_17207_10216.png gallery_48988_17207_19198.png

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