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Found 19 results

  1. GSC units with Cult Ambush aren't gone when their Ambush markers are removed by enemy movement; those units are simply added to the roster of units that are sitting in Cult Ambush. Subsequently-activated Ambush markers can still allow any one of the units still in Ambush to respawn (you don't have to pair an Ambush marker with the unit that spawned it). And of course such units are considered destroyed at the end of the game if they don't come back. This means that a canny enemy (or an unlucky GSC player) can wind up creating a situation where no markers leaves a lot of units sitting around in Ambush with no way to come back. Sucks for the cult player, right? Well, maybe not as much as it could. What about the Rapid Ingress stratagem? It looks like what units are considered to be "in Reserves" are PROBABLY also our cult units sitting in Ambush limbo, but the RAW aren't too clear. I argued with myself about it back and forth for a while as I poured through the core rules, the GSC index, and the rules commentary document. Let me know if you find out otherwise. Given that destroyed units with Cult Ambush are "in Reserves" after they are removed from the battlefield (even thought it is a specific form of reserves unique to GSC; see p. 16 of the core rules document), they are targetable by the Rapid Ingress stratagem, no? Why the heck would you waste 1 CP to bring an Ambush unit back when you can use Cult Ambush at the same exact time to bring them back for free instead? Well, because you don't need an Ambush token to pull the unit out of Ambush with the stratagem. It is my very novice opinion (and please let me know if you find anything solid that contradicts this interpretation) that Rapid Ingress can be a once-per-enemy-turn way to put lost units in Ambush back onto the board, without needing a Cult Ambush marker to do so. What do you think?
  2. Something, something, buy the Peter Fehervari book. No really it's great. Imperial Agents tomorrow.
  3. So, I'm looking into options for a Brood Brothers regiment. I'm leaning Cadian, but that might change if Catachan kits are compatible with the Brood Brothers upgrades. I dunno, I'm looking at stuff. Basic question is, do the Brood Brothers heads swap properly like they do with the Cadian kit?
  4. So, I've decided I want to take on the challenge of designing a narrative campaign. The premise is a Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes or a regiment of the Astra Militarum has responded to reports of a Space Hulk dropping pieces of ship and debris onto a planet, and rumors that something has crawled out of it. The idea would be that a Genestealer Cult lives aboard that Space Hulk, and that the campaign would consist of the Cult either being exterminated or making a near-immovable foothold on the planet. This would be the inaugural game of the campaign, where the Imperium force has responded to a recent crash. Note that this is not the first crash to occur, meaning that if the Attacker scores a major victory here, the plot can still continue. I'm looking for advice regarding where to go from here, as well as what to set as the results of each ending to the battle. The idea is to have a three-stage campaign, with a final mission resulting in one of the "Final Boss" units being confronted, or simply a major confrontation otherwise. During the final mission, the idea would be to have either the Patriarch or the Captain be the target for their rival, and for the preceding missions to work their way toward the final confrontation. Mission 1: Crash Site Zero The Imperium has sent a force to respond to reports of crashed pieces of debris falling onto a planet from a Space Hulk. This force is about to run into more than it anticipated… = BATTLEFIELD = The battlefield should contain minimal ruins or other buildings, several hills and craters, and at minimum three pieces of “wrecked vehicle” terrain; the pieces of crashed Space Marine lander from the “Battle for Macragge” box set is ideal for this purpose, though the players may decide before the battle what constitutes a piece of "wrecked vehicle" terrain. All “wrecked vehicle” terrain pieces must be within 8” of the center of the battlefield. = DEPLOYMENT = The Attacker may deploy their troops anywhere on the battlefield outside 12” of any “wrecked vehicle” terrain piece; at least three pieces of such terrain must be placed on the battlefield. The Defender does not deploy any units until the start of the first battle round. = ARMIES = The Attacker may consist of a selection of units with the ADEPTUS ASTARTES or ASTRA MILITARUM keyword, with the following parameters: All of the Attacker's units must share the same <CHAPTER> or <REGIMENT> keyword (ex. RAVEN GUARD, SPACE WOLVES, SCYTHES OF THE EMPEROR, DEATHWATCH; CADIAN, MILITARUM TEMPESTUS, DEATH KORPS OF KRIEG). They may not have the GREY KNIGHTS keyword. The Attacker must not take any unit with the CAPTAIN, WATCH CAPTAIN, WOLF LORD, GREAT WOLF, COMPANY COMMANDER, MASTER, GRAND MASTER, WATCH MASTER or CHAPTER MASTER keyword. The Attacker must take at least one INFANTRY unit with the Troops battlefield role and one INFANTRY unit with the Elites, Fast Attack or Heavy Support battlefield role. In addition, the Attacker cannot take more than one unit with the HQ battlefield role and cannot take any units with the Flyer or Lord of War battlefield role. Finally, the Attacker’s army must be a maximum of 10 Power Level or 150 points; the measurement and exact value will be agreed upon by the players. The Defender’s army consists of two units of five Purestrain Genestealers. = RULES AND VICTORY = Something’s Moving In There: At the start of the Defender’s first turn, the Defender must place at least one unit of Purestrain Genestealers within 2” of any of the “wrecked vehicle” terrain pieces, to be agreed upon by the players when building the battlefield. If the Defender chooses to place only one unit of Purestrains on the board at the start of their first turn, they must place the second unit down on their next turn. Don’t Let Them Escape: If a Purestrain is within 8” of a board edge at the start of any of the Defender’s movement phases, it may move off the board; if it does so, it is considered to have “escaped”. The battle ends when all Purestrains have either moved off of the board or been slain. At the end of the battle, count the number of Purestrains slain and compare this to the number of Purestrains which have “escaped”; if the number of “escaped” Purestrains is higher than the number slain, the Defender scores a minor victory. If the number slain is higher, the Attacker scores a minor victory. In the event all Purestrains manage to escape, the Defender scores a major victory; in the event all Purestrains are slain, the Attacker scores a major victory. Edit: Font sizes are fun. Edit 2: Added the little flavor text blurb at the top.
  5. Okay, so. I own a metal Broodlord, got it gifted to me from a friend after I started my 'Nids Kill Team. The idea is, I could run him as a Genestealer Patriarch. He's the more humanoid style of Broodlord, before the Broodlord and Patriarch were the same thing but based off of different styles of Genestealer (the current Patriarch being based off of the older style of Genestealer, like you see in Space Crusade, and the current Broodlord being based off of the current style of Genestealer, like you see in Lost Patrol and the current plastic kit). However, I feel that since both GSC and 'Nids players kinda treat the two sculpts as the same at times for the purposes of correct WYSIWYG, and run them for model variety, choosing the sculpt they prefer, I feel the question comes up of whether the metal Broodlord is also an acceptable Patriarch.
  6. So... a while back, I picked up Tooth and Claw from a friend. I've got a Kelermorph arriving tomorrow. The idea behind this list is to cut the head off the snake and render the opponent impotent - the Aberrants and Abominant are for taking care of vehicles, the Kelermorph's for popping characters and infantry, and the Purestrains are for covering the advance. The Iconward is for the extra Feel No Pain on the Purestrains and (if he can make it) Kelermorph. Could it work? Maybe any good? ++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Tyranids - Genestealer Cults) [27 PL, -1CP, 499pts] ++ Rules: Brood Brothers + Configuration + Cult Creed . Categories: Configuration . Other: Hunter's Instincts, Innate Fighters + Stratagems [-1CP] + Grandsire's Gifts [-1CP]: 1 Extra Sacred Relic [-1CP] . Categories: Stratagems + HQ [9 PL, 158pts] + Abominant [6 PL, 105pts]: Scourge of Distant Stars, Warlord, Warlord Trait: Born Survivor . Categories: Aberrant, Character, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Faction: Tyranids, Infantry, HQ, Warlord . Rules: Cult Ambush, Unquestioning Loyalty Acolyte Iconward [3 PL, 53pts] . Categories: Faction: Tyranids, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Character, Infantry, HQ . Rules: Cult Ambush, Unquestioning Loyalty + Elites [18 PL, 341pts] + Aberrants [7 PL, 161pts] . Categories: Elites, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Faction: Tyranids, Infantry, Aberrant, Faction: <Cult> . Rules: Cult Ambush, Unquestioning Loyalty . 2x Aberrant (Hammer) [70pts]: 2x Heavy Power Hammer [32pts], 2x Rending Claw . 2x Aberrant (Pick) [56pts]: 2x Power Pick [18pts], 2x Rending Claw . Aberrant Hypermorph (Hammer) [35pts]: Heavy Power Hammer [16pts] Kelermorph [3 PL, 75pts]: Oppressor's Bane . Categories: Character, Faction: <Cult>, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Faction: Tyranids, Infantry, Elites Purestrain Genestealers [8 PL, 105pts]: 7x Purestrain Talons . Categories: Elites, Faction: Tyranids, Faction: Genestealer Cults, Genestealer, Infantry, Faction: <Cult> . Rules: Cult Ambush, Unquestioning Loyalty . 7x Purestrain Genestealer [105pts]: 7x Rending Claw Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)
  7. I had an idea a bit ago - what would happen if a Genestealer Cult existed on a post-Tyranid invasion world and came across, say, a brood of Hormagaunts deep in an underhive? Maybe they could train the Gaunts as attack dogs of sorts, by multi-generational (and highly dangerous) breeding for domestication?
  8. So, here's the deal. For a long while, I've had my eye on an Atalan Jackals kit sitting up at my FLGS. I want it, I think it'd be a really cool modeling and painting project, but they're expensive, they aren't a Kill Team option so I don't have that excuse and they're not an army I actually want to play. No Start Collecting box, no easy box sets, and I would really just want to field a mining colony as an army if I did (file off the head ridges, call them miners defending themselves from whatever). If Jackals were a Kill Team option, I'd have them already and be fielding them, just because they're such a cool kit. I don't really have the funds to afford random kits, especially expensive ones... but I waaaaaaant them. What do I do?
  9. Origins When the time of Ascension came, Hakkon burned. The Hakkon system contains a single inhabited world, formally designated Hakkon III but more commonly known merely as Hakkon. The planet's crust is rich with heavy metals, and as a result networks of mining operations covered much of the planet's surface. Of the vast harvest reaped from the planet, much was sent off-world to nearby forges and hives, and much was kept for Hakkon's own arms factories. In particular, the manufactories of Hakkon were known for their atomic weaponry - whether Deathstrike missiles for the Astra Militarum, or any of several kinds of nuclear munitions for the Imperial Navy, Hakkon was a reliable source of these classic tools of total destruction. The cities that sprawled around the manufactories housed not only the workers who toiled within, but also the nobility whose lifestyles they labored to sustain. Rival aristocratic houses hoarded their own personal arsenals of nuclear weapons, constantly brandishing their world-destroying power to intimidate rivals, motivate workers and stroke their mountainous egos. In this fertile ground, a Genestealer planted his seeds, and they grew quickly. The Cult of the Radiant Dawn spread quickly throughout the planet's underclasses, infiltrating every level of mining, manufacture and eventually even the lower nobility. When the time of ascension came, they seized the nuclear stockpiles of the nobility and finally made good on their long-promised annihilation - unleashing the terrible weapons against those military elements that the cult did not already control. Hakkon burned. Thanks to the efforts of the cult's Clamavus sects, Imperial authorities outside the system believed that an internal conflict between nobles had led to the planet's ruin. As a result they were slow to put forward any serious military effort to pacify the planet's survivors, whom they assumed would simply die in the radioactive wasteland their masters had left them. Plans were made to turn the planet over wholesale to the Adeptus Mechanicus, who promised that they could continue mining operations in spite of the radiation, resuming productivity within a mere century. Meanwhile, the hybrids of the Radiant Dawn were little-bothered by the elevated radiation, so long as they avoided the most devastated blast sites. They toiled in secret to rebuild the world themselves and to fortify their position. Vast underground complexes were established, designed to hide from Imperial eyes and resist bombardment if necessary. All of the planet's arms production was moved into the vast tunnel networks carved into the world's crust, and began producing new tools for the cult's crusade. Organization The structure of the Radiant Dawn is broadly ordinary for a Genestealer cult - the Patriarch, commonly known as the "Fallen Star," is the absolute master of the cult's business. A handful of primuses and magi control various sub-sects of the cult, occasionally bickering with eachother but always united in the Patriarch's presence. While much of Hakkon's military equipment was destroyed during the Ascension, enough remained to outfit a substantial standing force of soldiers in addition to the typical cult elements. The cult maintains relationships with various piratical and black-market organizations, bartering their obscene weaponry in exchange for the services of smugglers and freight captains. As a result, while the cult only actually operates a handful of ramshackle ships of their own, they are remarkably adept at showing up where they wish to be. Tactics The Radiant Dawn worms its way into a planet's underclass, promising a glorious and fiery dawn that will wipe away the impurities of the decadent oppressors and set free the downtrodden. Everything built by corrupt hands must be torn down before truth and beauty can rise in its place, they insist - the old world must be burned away. When the The Radiant Dawn chooses to reveal itself, the bulk of its enemies die within minutes. Weapons of terrible power, smuggled into key locations weeks beforehand, detonate in a grand show of power and authority. Atomic weapons are of course their specialty, but they are not limited in this regard - they will happily rig a city's own power generators to explode or send a freighter screaming through the atmosphere into the city center. When resources are tight, a well-planned pattern of ordinary arson will suffice. These obsessions extend to the cultists themselves, who display an almost psychotic love of explosives and flamethrowers. When the smoke clears, the cult's enemies are left in a shattered world, deprived of reinforcements, communication or infrastructure. With all of these advantages removed, the cult strikes in earnest, storming out into the rubble-strewn wastes to tear down their weakened enemies. Outriders circle the blast zones to pick off survivors while abberants seek out those who had the foresight to hide from the cult's retribution. Notes The Radiant Dawn is an idea I've been tossing around in my head for a while. Heavily influenced by the Fallout series, of course - part of that series' premise is often the notion that the bombs falling was probably for the best, that the world had grown so awful that the apocalypse was as much cathartic as tragic. The idea of a cult that promises the same thing, promises to destroy everything so that new beauty can arise in its place, is neat! Also, I have a fondness for nukes in the far future Sci-fi. It's easy to look at a plasma gun and think "Wow, that's a really powerful weapon!" but the reality is that it's absolutely nothing compared to something we invented in the 1940s. Weapons do not advance along a linear scale.
  10. Would it be possible for a Chapter of Space Marines to become a Genestealer Cult? Maybe their gene-seed gets tainted by a Genestealer, and the Patriarch becomes their new Chapter Master? Just a thought I had, not sure if it'd work.
  11. Hey everyone, two weeks ago I played an Apocalypse game themed around the events of Vigilus Ablaze. Note that this was played before the new Apocalypse rules were released, so please bear that in mind. The report can be found here. Enjoy!
  12. https://youtu.be/aHsfgWvvVMI Cheers, Thoth
  13. A BUG'S LIFE A Monthly Tyranids Painting Challenge This week a new painting event launches in the Tyranids Section of the forum. The Challenge? Paint at least one TYRANIDS model per month - including Codex Tyranids, GSC and Forgeworld models. Taking part is simple: Pledge your models Paint your models Enjoy your army of bugs A lot of people have the odd Tyranid model lying around, usually from Battleboxes or Boxed Games, so if you want some motivation to paint them up, skitter on over to the Tyranids Section of the forum and join the Hive Fleet - The event and pledges, progress etc will be organised from there. What's more you'll get to add this cool badge to your signature: WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  14. Today i got my hands on a kelermorph, and with the Bladed Cog lore I was thinking that I cant be the only one thinking on some proper conversions of cyborg alien flesh, feel free to post any ideas or conversions, here is mine, may add an Ad mech pistol too for extra spice: I was thinking on some data ports on the chest for the abominat & aberrations
  15. Hi all, I'm notorious for starting stuff and never finishing it. This is commonly referred to as having "Hobby Butterfly Syndrome" (or "HBS" for short) While I'm under no illusion that this won't change in an instant, I'd like to try and complete at least one hobby project this year. As usual I have a few underway so I'll use this log to document them all. Now, my project list in its current state: Dosjetka's 2019 projects list (updated: 05/01/2019) NAME SIZE START DATE END DATE STATUS 12 Months of Hobby Challenge (link) 12 or more painted models 5th January 2019 31st December 2019 (planned) April models completed Top secret project At least 500 points painted 19th April2019 9th August 2019 In progress. ? Chapter, Primaris Space Marines At least one 100-point Kill Team 5th January 2019 31st December 2019 (planned) Brainstorming Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress All models assembled and primed, >50% of both Explorers and Hostiles painted 5th January 2019 31st December 2019 (planned) 5/9 Explorers and 30/35 Hostiles assembled, 2/9 Explorers and 1/35 Hostiles painted Legio Astorum, Adeptus Titanicus At least one painted Titan 12th December 2018 31st December 2019 (planned) Brainstorming Iapto Corporation, Genestealer Cults TBD 31st January 2019 31st December 2019 (planned) Cancelled. Militant Minxes, House Escher 5 or more painted models 10th March 2019 31st December 2019 (planned) Cancelled. As I get stuff done I'll update the table above so I can keep track of my own progress and folks can follow it, too. Next update, with pictures, very soon. Thank you for having a look.
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