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Clad In Cobalt We March: Ultramarines 3rd Company


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Having been barely keeping up with the hobby for several years, Indomitus reignited my passion for 40k last year, so I decided to try to actually build a force. This time it will be Primaris space marines, but still my beloved 3rd Company of the Ultramarines.

The plan is to build the complete company, including officers and attached specialists and a dreadnought, plus a ten-man Deathwatch kill team, and such a project needs a fresh thread, so here I am.


In terms of bulding the company, I will be dividing it into combat squads, to avoid becoming overwhelmed or bored, and alternate those with Deathwatchers and officers, so that it will go Combat Squad > Deathwatch > Combat Squad > Officer > Combat Squad > Deathwatch... and so on. This should offer a decent balance between progress and sameness of models.

I started an Intercessor veteran sergeant (the 30th anniversary model) as a one-off before I decided to make a full army, so I decided to finish him before doing the rest of the combat squad. If you visit the Ultramarines subforum, you may have seen him, but here he is again with one of the Necrons the 3rd is fighting:


The Necron is really just a color scheme test model, not the start of an army, any time soon at least.


The rest of Combat Squad Ardias is in progress, with their bodies only needing cleanup:


The bolt rifle arms are coming along too, I just need to highlight the black and tidy up everything before gluing them on. Then it's just the other arms, backpacks and heads and then finishing touches.



Of course, an Intercessor squad isn't the end of it. I have plenty of plans for all the squads and in particular the command cadre.



I don't feel like typing out all the minute details of my plan that I've spent the last nine months overthinking, so for now I will just finish off with something black for now:


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Many thanks for the responses and likes.


I got a little carried away with the Iron Hand instead of painting Ultramarines.


I just need to highlight the black and the leather on the body assembly and then tidy everything up.


The head is just a quick color test for some of the new (to me) GW skin paints that I got in last week, though I'm using the same head for him (but painted properly), so it shows what I'm going for with this model.

These specific paints here, Ionrach Skin and Deepkin Flesh, give a good pallid color that I think suits a heavily bionicized face.

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The return of the B&C itself seems like a good time to show my return to the paintbrush. Having been inspired by the recent announcement and then release of plastic Mk VI and all the wonderful things that go with it, I wanted to paint up a color scheme test model for that pattern of armor. I don't have any plastic yet, so I used an old FW resin model. 


Paint's a little sloppy because it's just intended to see how these colors look together on an actual model. Turned out pretty well in my opinion, but if I do make some Mk VI models, I'll have to sort out something with the markings first, that tactical arrow is much too large for that placement. 

However, I'm going to stick with the Primarises for the time being. I do like the models, and I have too much unpainted plastic and not enough money to invest in new stuff at the moment. That first combat squad is not too far off being done, as long as I keep up the desire to paint. 

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Woops, I did it again. Too long without any updates. And too long without much painting. But I have gotten back into it recently. Behold, arms:



(colors got a bit distorted in the image, they're not quite that blue. I'll have to look at my camera's settings again.)

It's pretty much just backpacks, heads, transfers and finishing touches left. 


I've also painted up another full-mini color scheme test with spare parts. You can probably guess what this was inspired by. 




On 6/26/2022 at 12:41 AM, Shovellovin said:

That’s a lovely looking blue. What blue do you use?

Main blue color is Scale75 Cantabric Blue, mixed with some S75 Sky Blue on elevated areas, full edge highlight with Sky Blue and then GW Baharroth Blue followed by a bit of Blue Horror.


More to come soon, relatively speaking. 


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A final post for the year. I haven't gotten as much work done on the Ultramarines as I planned, because the new Cadians are very distracting. I did end up painting a Veteran: Sharpshooter from Darktide, though.



Equipped with a Plasma Gun and shovel, because those are unique weapons for the class in that game. All made with the new Cadians (and a plastic Necromunda base), just slightly modified to fit the shovel on the belt.

The colors are taken from the gear you get from leveling. 



The Intercessors are coming along, though. Still need some highlight work on the backpacks, bit of cleanup, then I'll do the transfers on the pads before moving on to the helmets.



I'm gonna finish this combat squad and the Deathwatch Iron Hand before doing anything more with any Guard models. 


Happy new year, B&C. 

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