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  1. A while back I experimented with some new Space Marine paint schemes and found one I liked. I just was happy with the one I had originally chosen. I finally let loose the arrow to land where it may. Now at this point I have a conundrum. Is the red bolter housing too busy; should I go with a more neutral off-black? The squad and chapter markings are going to be red, if that makes a difference.
  2. =] Just like it says, showcase your Completed Primaris Space Marines here [= Sub-Forum Showcases Blood Angels Dark Angels
  3. "You are the will of the Emperor. You are the bitter hate of the Lord Commander. You are the fire that the Primogenitors keep close, unleashed upon the enemy. You are the quick blade, the sniper's shot, the hidden hunters. You are the Riven- and worlds will tremble beneath your feet." - Commander Morrigar (later Chapter Master Morrigar), at the battle of Novus Neptu <<<Astropathic duct ready.... Receiving.... ....WARNING...Inquisition Eyes Only...>>> Adeptus Astartes Chapter: The Riven Founding: Ultima Geneseed: [ERROR- Data corrupted] Chapter homeworld: Fleet-based, currently thought to be in Imperium Nihilus Chapter colors: Dark green, bronze trim Chapter emblem: A broken shield Chapter tactics: Urban combat specialty, infiltration/elimination of command elements Summary of Chapter- The Riven are an Ultima Founding chapter, comprised entirely of Primaris Space Marines. Presumed to be descended from the Ultramarines (records are inconclusive/corrupted), the Riven have fought alongside the Ultramarines throughout the Indomitus Crusade. The chapter specializes in urban combat, sending out first wave attacks comprised of infiltrators and saboteurs to destabilize and destroy enemy command posts and defensive emplacements. After the first wave has accomplished its goals, the second wave descends on the target. Infantry-heavy attacks are lead by melee specialist and backed by marine-portable heavy weaponry. The Riven have shown some variance in codex structure, though not enough to be considered fully divergent. Their companies utilize Vanguard specialists in an equal ratio to traditional infantry squads like Intercessors. The Riven's heavy armour is limited (note- possible issues with Mechanicus?), so their heavier weaponry is generally regulated to squads such as Eradicators, Aggressors, and light vehicles such as the Invader ATV. In keeping with their long associations with the Ultramarines, many members of the Riven have received Ultramarine honour badges and commendations. The Riven also contribute to the legendary Victrix Guard of the Ultramarines, sending off the finest members of their veteran honour guard to serve with their brother chapter.
  4. I wanted to keep a record of my progress into all things Primaris. When they first came out I was not a fan, until the Dreadnought and Reivers came along, now I'm liking them. I don't play 40K, so my models will never be game applicable, I just love to build and paint so don't worry if you see frost weapons or things like that. :-) So here's what I have so far, some of you might recognise this fella: Next up I got the 3 basic Primaris that came with issue one of Conquest. When I started converting I didn't want to go all out like I did with the Dreadnought as I wanted to keep it that they were not steeped in history, so not as many wolf pelts, tokens etc, but I think that will change as I make more of them as I prefer the size to the old models. This one is a lieutenant (Wulfen axe, head from the new upgrade sprue and a wolf pelt): Haldor Icepelt came next - as I've said before not a fan of the head on this guy, so a swap with a Shapeways head and a shoulder pad from Spellcrow: Another lieutenant (swapped the pistol for a frost axe from Spellcrow, head from the upgrade pack wolf tail & pelt): Have a few more in progress, but need to sort the pictures. Hope you like.
  5. Warhawks <Raven Guard> Successor Chapter: Ultima Founding First I want to show my appreciation for a number of you who have helped me in the planning stages of this project. Race Bannon thank you for responding to a number of PMs. SanguinaryGuardsmen and Claws&Effect for advice on building. Ishagu, Blindhamster, and Captain Idaho only to name a few on enlightening discussion on the rules and units of 8th I was unfamiliar with. Thank you. Above is the foundation for the 2000 point army I plan on building. I can't quite do exactly a Primaris (only) Chapter. Two reasons. First is I feel I need access at least to some Infiltrators to be competitive, and there will be tournaments in this army's future have no doubt. Secondly, Xiphon Interceptor. Flyers like the Valkyrie were just making there debut when I left the game during 5th edition, so I have never played with them. I have fallen in love with this model and when the army is ready to jump to a full 2,000 I will be purchasing one (hopefully in a batch with guys from the local GW store ) I suspect mounting bolt guns to the Sniper Scouts is going to be the toughest project but ... I'm also in the process of trying to trade for some Terminator Lightning Claws from a Imperial Fist player. The Blood Hawks are going to have their own version of Kayvaan Shrike using a "spare" Interceptor model, but like Race says "No pics? Didn't happen. To that point, I will be posting my progress in this thread weekly. Do NOT expect any great feats of conversion or painting. I'll go through my quick and dirty painting process later in the thread but after a year of chemo a while back my hands (and feet) arent what they use to be. Still, I think I have a process that will make them table worthy. (Just can't play with unpainted models First up two boxes on Intercessors to base coat with Armory Primer, Dragon Red and Desert Yellow.
  6. From the album: Primaris Space Marines

    A Dusk Howlers Grey Slayer in the role of the Primaris Hellblaster.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  7. From the album: Primaris Space Marines

    A Dusk Howlers Vindthursar ('Wind-Giants') are a subset of Blooded Claws. This specialist unit is composed of the most headstrong troublemakers from each Blooded Claw pack and are often "rewarded" by reassignment to a Vindthursar Assault Pack and thus serve as the Chapter's equivalent of Primaris Inceptors.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  8. Welcome to my Blood Angels painting blog! My army is based on the 4th Company, along with reinforcements from other companies. The disposition of my assembled, part painted and fully painted forces are as follows: ++Angels of the Blood++ ++Chapter Command++ ++High Command++ Commander Cervan Dante - High Lord of the Blood Angels Games Day Captain The Sanguinor ++Sanguinary Priesthood++ Brother Corbulo - Sanguinary Highest Priest Brother Olburoc - Sanguinary Higher Priest Sanguinary High Priest ++Reclusium++ Reclusiarch Xenith - JP, Crozius, Powerfist Chaplain Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost Chaplain Diabocca - JP, Crozius and Infernus Pistol Chaplain - JP, Crozius, Grav Pistol Chaplain - TDA, Crozius, Storm Bolter ++Librarius++ Chief Librarian Mephiston, Lord of Death High Epistolary Nostiphem, Master of Twilight Chief Librarian Primaris Mephiston, third of his name. Codicier Librarian - JP, Force Halberd Lexicanum Librarian - TDA, Force Sword, Combi Plasma Lexicanum Librarian - JP, Force Sword, hand flamer Epistolary - Force Stave Epistolary - TDA, Force Stave Lexicanum Varus - Storm Bolter, Force Stave ++Sanguinary Guard (10 Marines)++ Sanguinary Ancient Remiel, The Exaltation The Host of Mikhael (5), The Grace of Sanguinius The Host of Gabriel (4), The Strength of Sanguinius ++The Lost Company (11 Marines)++ Death Company Squad (6 with jump packs) Death Company Squad (5 with jump packs) ++1st Company (49 Marines)++ Captain Karlaen, The Shield of Baal Brother Captain Donato Company Ancient with Thunder Hammer Company Ancient Darrago: Power Fist and Storm Bolter 1st Sternguard Squad (5) 2nd Vanguard Squad (7) 3rd Vanguard Squad (5) ++Terminator Squads++ Redemptor: 1st Assault Terminator Squad (4 TH/SS) Invictor: 2nd Tactical Terminator Squad (4, AC) Avengor: 3rd Assault Terminator Squad (5 LC) Damnator: 4th Tactical Terminator Squad Alphaeus (5, HF) Venator: 5th Assault Terminator Squad Victorno (2xTH, 2x LC) Vindictor: 6th Tactical Terminator Squad (Serge, 2x SB, CML) 7th, Destructor; 8th, Vexator; 9th, Signator; 10th, Praetor. Unassigned: 1 Cyclone Terminator; 1 Assault Cannon; Brother Ferruan ++3rd Company (12 Marines)++ Captain Tycho Psycho Tycho 6th - Tactical Squad (10) ++4th Company (102 Marines)++ Captain De Bosola, the Lord Adjudicator Company Champion 1st - Tactical Squad Venusian (10 flamer, hand flamer, heavy flamer) 2nd - Tactical Squad Terranostro (10 melta, combi melta, multimelta) 3rd- Tactical Squad Solon (10 plasma, combi plas, plasma cannon) 4th - Tactical Squad Mercurio (10 flamer, heavy bolter) 5th - Tactical Squad Jovor (10, Grav gun, grav cannon) 6th - Tactical Squad Santurini (10 Combi plas, plasma gun, las cannon) 7th - Assault Squad Neptus (10) 8th - Assault Squad Marsellus (10) 9th - Devastator Squad Plutaxo (10) 10th - Devastator Squad Urannon (10) ++5th Company (17 Marines)++ Primaris Lieutenant Verrocchio Primaris Ancient 1st Intercessor Squad Donato (5) 2nd Intercessor Squad Calpurnius (5) 7th Inceptor Squad Giorginone (3) 9th Aggressor Squad Bronzino (3) ++6th Company (1 Marine)++ Captain Raxiatel, Caller of the Fires ++7th Company (2 Marines)++ 1st Squadron (1 Land Speeder Tornado) ++8th Company (24 Marines)++ 1st - Assault Squad (9) 5th Bike Squadron (3) 7th Squadron (2 Attack Bikes) 8th Squadron (2 Land Speeder Typhoons) 10th Squadron (2 Attack Bikes) ++10th Company (28 Marines)++ 1st Squad - (10 BP/CCW) 2nd Squad (5 Shotguns) 3rd Squad - (4 sniper rifles, HB) 4th Squad - 5 Shotguns 7th Squad (3 bikes) Land Speeder Storm ++Hall of Ancients (5 Brothers)++ #2 Imperator Furioso - Dreadnought w/Multimelta #2 Balthasar the Prophet - Furioso Librarian #3 Kaspar the Destroyer - Death Company Dreadnought #4 Ancient Borgio - Dreadnought #5 Bellerophon - Contemptor Dreadnought ++Motor Pool++ #1 Eternal Vigil - Whirlwind #2 Iron Blood - Baal Class Predator (Magnetised) #3 Iron Faith - Baal Class Predator (Flamestorm) #4 Praetorian of Baal - Destructor Class Predator '' (Auto-Las) #5 Wall of Terra - Vindicator #6 Tyrant's Bane - Land Raider Proteus #7 Invictus - Land Raider Crusader #8 Wrath of Heaven - Stalker Support Tank #9 Interfector - Sicaran Venator #10 Aegis Eternal - Land Raider Excelsior Iron Fire - Baal Class Predator' (Heresy-Era Brrrrrt Pattern) Chaeron - Death Company Rhino Razorback Drop Pod Rhino Primaris Razorback (TLHB) ++Air Support++ #1 Thunder's Echo - Stormhawk ++GLORY TO THE FOURTH!++ My painting backlog can be found here: XBA: The Grey Pile of Shame Credit is due to DiegoGisbertLlorens on Deviant Art for the artwork in my signature, and also to teef, who's banner I used in the first post.
  9. Having been barely keeping up with the hobby for several years, Indomitus reignited my passion for 40k last year, so I decided to try to actually build a force. This time it will be Primaris space marines, but still my beloved 3rd Company of the Ultramarines. The plan is to build the complete company, including officers and attached specialists and a dreadnought, plus a ten-man Deathwatch kill team, and such a project needs a fresh thread, so here I am. In terms of bulding the company, I will be dividing it into combat squads, to avoid becoming overwhelmed or bored, and alternate those with Deathwatchers and officers, so that it will go Combat Squad > Deathwatch > Combat Squad > Officer > Combat Squad > Deathwatch... and so on. This should offer a decent balance between progress and sameness of models. I started an Intercessor veteran sergeant (the 30th anniversary model) as a one-off before I decided to make a full army, so I decided to finish him before doing the rest of the combat squad. If you visit the Ultramarines subforum, you may have seen him, but here he is again with one of the Necrons the 3rd is fighting: The Necron is really just a color scheme test model, not the start of an army, any time soon at least. The rest of Combat Squad Ardias is in progress, with their bodies only needing cleanup: The bolt rifle arms are coming along too, I just need to highlight the black and tidy up everything before gluing them on. Then it's just the other arms, backpacks and heads and then finishing touches. Of course, an Intercessor squad isn't the end of it. I have plenty of plans for all the squads and in particular the command cadre. I don't feel like typing out all the minute details of my plan that I've spent the last nine months overthinking, so for now I will just finish off with something black for now:
  10. I swore that the day I actually had a fully completed unit for my Blood Angel army that they would get a WIP page. Ten plus years after I started collecting Blood Angels I have finally produced a fully modeled, painted, and based unit. Yes, ten years and four different paint schemes (Flesh Tearers, Knights of Blood, Ugly Home Brew, and Current). I present for your consideration, the BA successor chapter Hands of Sacrifice (not sold on the name yet, just the idea). HoS are based around the mythos of sacrifice, starting with Sanguinius ultimate sacrifice which then allowed the Emperor to defeat Horus. This is partly an ironic choice because in my gaming circle this army is known as my 'Fail Angels' due to the astonishingly bad rolls I have suffered while playing them. The basic paint scheme is a pure white tinted slightly with diluted Sepia wash (a bright bone color) on the whole body, metalic bronze trimming and ornamentation, and wazdaka red for the right hand weapon, arm, and shoulder pad. The red arm represents sacrifice and honors the last action of the Primarch, reminding every brother what they strive for and the ultimate price that must be paid. Death Company are painted entirely red with their right arm being painted black, representing brothers who are making their final sacrifice to attain redemption. The following represent the units I have that have been completed. I have several dreadnoughts, terminators, tacticals, and characters already painted but they are not yet based. Jump Captain & two squads of Intercessors Sorry about the image quality. Between my phone, my drop box, my computer, and my upload things seem to have gotten very small and fuzzy.
  11. Hey Guys! So, like so many others here, I've decided to create a PLOG (or BLOG) for the creation of my primaris army. Important: I plan to actually try and get around to painting this stuff, unlike my hundreds of standard Blood Angels Astartes. The original goal had been to build the starter set and get those painted, but a nice chap I know offered to trade his Primaris for my Death Guard, which i (unsurprisingly) accepted. I had also ordered a few bits from Bits and Kits too... Anyway, so why do I care about Primaris? For me they look how I've always imagined marines, the proportions look so much better than just about any True Scale marine I've seen, although there are a few that I thing come pretty close. I also am in the minority, in that I like the way the background is going, I actually like the idea that the Imperium isn't on a total back foot for the first time in probably the full 10 millenia since the Heresy! I can totally get behind the idea that a secret project to create better Astartes was sanctioned but because of the bureaucracy and shear inefficiency of the Imperium, such a project could then languish when it was desperately needed. Sure, I get that it's "Just GW trying to sell models", of course it is, its a business. But for me at least, I actually like the way the background is going (WE MOVED FORWARD IN TIME! HOORAY!!). As some of you may know, I've been in the hobby around 21 years now. And I've also been a member of this forum for the since 2004, I've seen so many inspirational things come out of this forum and I'm always greatful for the awesome stuff people come up with! So thanks for that As any of you that came across my old Blood Angels blog, or maybe some of my older porjects even on here will know, I usually like to do fairly substantial conversions, lots of reposing and sculpting. I imagine this project will eventually get more of that too, but for now, I'm focusing on keeping things reasonably simple, so I can get things to a point I'm happy to paint in a reasonable amount of time and (hopefully!) actually get stuff painted. I'll still be doing conversions on things of course, but probably not much in the way of heavy sculpting beyond stuff like hair and little details. The concept for my army, will be the soldiers assigned to 2nd Company to replenish it after the events of Angels Blade/Traitors Hate and then the Devastation of Baal. Once that book (or other helpful sources) comes out, I'll probably do a minor reshuffle to fit whatever official format GW Assigns Primaris in the Blood Angels chapter. I am hoping the info on existing Astartes being 'upgraded' proves to be true, but if not I'll work around it. But I'd like to 'upgrade' my Aphael to Primaris status, probably once I've got the new captain in hand and can work it out. Anyway, so here's what I've done so far! EVERY IMAGE IS CLICKABLE TO SEE A LARGER VERSION What you see above is Four Intercessor squads, Two Hellblaster squads, Three Ancients, Four Lieutenants and a Captain in Gravis Armour. There are also a set of Intercessors, but I cannot finish building those till I have painted the heads and sprayed the bodies. For the Lieutenants, I have built two stock, with a a shoulder pad change on one of them and some BA blood drop bling added to both - didnt bother taking extra pictures of those two. I then have a second ranged Lieutenant with a bit more of an involved conversion: He has a hand from one lieutenant, body from the other, an arm from a lieutenant with the hand from a sergeant, a shoulder pad swap, replaced the pistol on his waist with one from the mk3 kit, head from a hellblaster sergeant. Overall I'm pretty happy that I've managed to make him quite distinctive from the standard two. I then have probably my favourite model so far - Again, the conversion is simple, but I feel it's worked very nicely for pose, leaning forward like he has just completed an arcing slash with the sword. I need to sculpt hair on him still, unsure on exact style I'll go for, probably messy short hair. For the Intercessors, Squad 1: This squad has a few shoulder pad swaps (every squad has a few), Sergeant is close to stock, different right arm (one from a lieutenant, with the bolter from the sergeant, used the sergeant arm, but replaced the hand with one holding a bolter clip from the blood angels tactical squad. Sqaud 2: This unit is almost built stock, just some shoulder pad changes. Squad 3: This squad again had a few shoulder pad changes, sergeant uses a bionic arm from devastators, head is a sergeant head with hair shaved down (he'll stay bald), quite happy with how he looks. Squad 4: This unit is again, fairly stock, simple head swap on the walking and shooting marine, sergeant had a shoulder swap (this was the first unit I built) Next Is Ancient 1 and Hellblaster Squad 2: The Hellblaster squad has every model with a shoulder swap, sergeant uses head from a Lieutentant and has both pads swapped.Ancient is totally stock except for a tiny bit of BA bling added to his belt (one of the scroll pouches). Ancient 2, Hellblaster Squad 1 and Ancient 3: Ancient 2 has a head from assault squad and both shoulder pads replaced. Hellblasters have a couple pads replaced but are otherwise totally standard, Ancient 3 has a bolter arm from a sergeant, head from devastators and a little bling added to his backpack, banner top replaced with a bit from BA tactical kit - I see this Ancient as a marine that was 'upgraded', or if that turns out to not be something that happens, one of the first BA Primaris, along the lines of the Ancient from Dark Imperium Book. And finally, a shot of Everything that is built as it stands: The Gravis Captains back isn't stuck on, so I can paint the helmet easier. It's a stock model, I'm thinking of trying to do a fairly elaborate conversion with the second, but thats low priority for now. So, still to build I have: a third hellblaster squad, a fifth intercessor squad, a second inceptor squad, a second gravis captain and two more lieutenants. I plan to build the Inceptors for sure, but may hold off on the others for now. I will definitely be picking up two Repulsors, a Redemptor, both the regular and birthday Captains, the Librarian and probably just the one set of Reivers for the time being. I personally love the Repulsor, it looks awesome, I'm very interested to see the rules for it, I am excited to see how it plays and hopeful that it'll help with Primaris playability on the table - I recognise that they aren't deemed good currently. The Redemptor looks great, I am interested to see what build options it has, something with a smaller central plate would be good, and I'm really wanting an exposed helmet sat in there instead of the sarcophagus, but think I may be able to convert that using spare BA dread bits anyway. The HQ models all look good, albeit a little unexciting, but they'll also likely be where I focus most of my conversion efforts. The Reivers show great promise in concept, and I absolutely love the stripped down armour, but the poses aren't great, so I'll see what I can do there... a fellow Frater over in the BA forum suggested they might look good with Alabaster Death Masks... and now I need to at least look at that for an option!. Anyway, if you got this far, thanks for reading! C&C welcome as always.
  12. Hello all! I've been away from the hobby for a year or two as my family grew and I explored a new career path. This COVID quarantine has given me the opportunity to take some time for myself and jump back in! I bought some refreshed hobby supplies before the stores closed along with the Space Marine Vanguard box to start. I started out in the hobby back with the Battle for Macragge box set and proceeded to build a custom chapter of purple and gold space marines. I was a kid with no money, so the paint schemes are....cobbled together from whatever cheap paints I had access to. I have a good number of my purple and gold marines, but that collection is haphazard at best. When I hit college I took a jaunt to the xenos side, and started my Necron army. I love those skelly boys, but they aren't getting a lot of love these days. I couldn't resist the lure of the new primaris hotness forever, so here we are. When deciding what chapter I wanted to create this time, there was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be the Emperor's favorite thieves sons, the Blood Ravens! I've been a big DoW fan for over a decade, I still go back and play 1 and 2 from time to time. I grabbed some new contrast paints and did some paint tests and got to work. +++ The Plan +++ I've got the Vanguard box set and the Primaris half of Dark Imperium on order from ebay. I'm going to test out contrast paints, develop a consistent paint scheme across a unified army, and by the time quarantines are over I should have a respectable Blood Ravens force to expand upon. At some point I will consider returning to my marinelets and stripping some crappy paint jobs / refurbishing some poorly built and painted vehicles. I've also got an unopened box of Space Hulk, and some reappropriated suits of Terminator armor in Blood Ravens livery seems delightfully thematic. +++ Goals +++ To achieve a consistent, tabletop-ready look across an entire army To deepen my understanding of and skill with various miniature painting techniques To be able to start playing games of 40K again by Summer 2021, when I move for hopefully the last time in a while. +++ The Work +++ So truth be told I'm about two weeks into this process already. I'll use the rest of this post to document my progress thus far. First thing I did was experiment with contrast paint. I tested a couple different reds on some old bits of sprue before deciding to go with Fleshtearers Red. It's a little darker and I like the tone against the black and bone shoulders. I painted a couple infantry models and an eliminator to see what the combination of green, bone, black, and red looked like. I followed Duncan's tutorials for lenses, for shoulder pauldrons, and for free handing the Blood Ravens sigil. Here's the first result: I'm generally pleased with how the contrast paint came out. I'm using Americana craft acrylics thinned down for the eyes and then glazing with Tamiya clear green on the lenses, I think it's coming out pretty great. I'll use this green on all scopes and screens as well moving forward. There is some variable shine on the models, but I'll solve that with a matte varnish I've ordered at this point to be delivered. I'm very pleased with how the Blood Ravens freehand came out (thanks Duncan!), but after a couple of these, I'm forced to admit that it isn't exactly uniform. I find some blood ravens transfers on ebay and order those as well, and I find Tigurius Omnis Arcanum's blood angels on google images for some inspiration. I plan to use his pauldron layout with some micron pens in addition to decals once they're delivered. In the meantime I move on to finishing my eliminators squad since they have minimal pauldrons exposed. A little liquid plastic putty from Vallejo helps me shore up the cracks in the cloaks, but after some ink washes I'm pleased with the result. These haven't been sealed in matte varnish yet either, but the one I've tested it on I've found the varnish dulls down the cloaks ever so slightly for a pleasing result. And a quick look at sarge's pauldron, the only one exposed: I'll note here that after 15+ years in the hobby, this is the first time I bothered to acquire a pin drill and drill my barrels. I have to admit...it makes a huge difference.
  13. My first game in 10 years. Could have been messier but not by much. Anything I did right was thanks to everyone here. Taught me I have much to l learn still and only way to do that is on the table. I hope to do one of these at least once a month. I thought I'd start a thread to share and invite anyone else to use this thread to do the same. On to the chaos . . .
  14. From the album: My Avatars

    Detailed images of 2022 Primaris Company Champion event miniature
  15. From the album: My Avatars

    Full image of 2022 Primaris Company Champion event miniature

    © Games Workshop Ltd 2022

  16. An odd thing happened today; I was sticking my Inceptor marines from last year's Know No Fear box on their flight stands, currently using a bottle of Revell liquid polistyrene cement - AKA modelling-purpose plastic glue, one which so far seemed perfectly compatible with Citadel minis. The Sergeant was assembled without trouble; This, I suspect, might be due to how I've also glued his ankle to the flight stand, thus giving him two points of contact; Connection gained strength in a few seconds, remained standing on it's own. However, his two subordinates fared poorly: The blue plastic of their backpacks seems to stay molten while the clear plastic of the stands remains largely unaffected, and though the connection is strong enough that I can hold the figure and the stands won't fall off, If I try resting the minis on their bases, the marines will immediately start drooping, even after 15 minutes of holding them still. I've rested them on their backs, with a pen stuck under their boots to hold mostly the correct pose, and I'll see what became of them by the time I get back from work. Any ideas what's going on?
  17. Hello, I am completely new to the hobby but not new to the universe or it's rpgs. I am currently playing deathwatch by FFG with some friends of mine and we bought some primaris to represent our characters. However, I found the miniature didn't fit my character as much as I would like. Which brings me to the question, would deathsworn heads fit well enough on primaris to not look comical?
  18. Hello all. I'm setting this up for an eventual dive into both a Primaris army and a Necron host. Once the Imperium mag gets kicking into high gear for the US, I'll be attempting to paint a unit or two, or whatever they send me, within a month. Right now, I've got some Necrons coming in sometime this week (managed to snag a couple of Indomidus Skorpeth Destroyer units and a set of Warriors) and next month should have some Primaris to work on. So I'll have those going on plus finishing up my Inquisition army and finishing a Harlequin army as well. Lots of stuff! The fluff for the two new armies will be fairly simple- The Haunted Legions of Sarkon is the main army of the Empire of the Severed, a even creepier version of the normal Necron dynasties that seems to not talk to anyone else and just attack. So fun stuff there! They'll be heavily rusted and have power-sources that are very rarely glowing, showing that this dynasty has limited resources and stays in low-powered mode as much as possible. As for the Riven... They are my legion from the Five Ruins AU on this site, but they are the Riven as they were before their Primarch was founded and they became the sorcerer/Tzeentch legion. A brief description- The Riven are assumed to be an Ultramarines successor from the Ultima founding. Their specific gene-legacy is in doubt due to a misplacing of records from Archmagos Cawl's gene-labs to the Administratum. Regardless of their geneseed provenance, the Riven have proven to be very successful urban fighters, using a combination of infiltrating Phobos squads to track and terminate enemy command units and then following up with a heavy infantry strike to destroy the rest of the foe. Currently the Riven are fighting alongside the Ultramarines in various theaters, gaining valuable experience from the veterans of Ultramar. Anyway, I'll be posting in this thread as I get stuff done and hopefully a lot more as 2022 rolls around. See you later!
  19. Hi all, I was hoping to get a little help with some questions regarding Primaris Marines, specifically Vanguard units within a Company. First off, I'm an old timer who has 're-discovered' his love of 40K, and am trying to get to grips with all the changes to the lore, and the whole Indomitus/Primaris stuff! I was always more of a painter than player, but Kill-Team has inspired me to try to make a small Vanguard force... So, my question is: What Company would Phobos equipped Vanguard units be assigned to? With the exception of it stating in the most recent Iron Hands Codex that 'the 10th company also has the responsibility for the Chapter's dedicated Vanguard operations' , most articles I can find are a little more vague, giving me the impression that as long as it's a Primaris Marine, it's more a question of mission parameters and deployment... So no mixed units, but 2nd Company Marines could deploy in a Reiver/Infiltrator role? Sorry if that's a little long winded, but I'd like to get my Schemes and markings more or less accurate. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction!
  20. I'm looking for ideas on switching my Primaris Intercessor and possibly my Bladeguard helmets out with something different. I'm planning on using them with my Deathwatch as well as an all Primaris Raven Guard list. Initially I felt that switching to Reiver skull helmets, however they aren't too easy to get ahold of at this moment and I've only a few spare to use, another option is the MkVII beaky helmet which fits in well with Raven Guard, but I wasn't sure if they looked good on primaris units as a whole. For the Phobos units I will probably leave their specialist helmets alone. The Gravis units on the other hand could be in for a swap - I'm up for suggestions! So if anyone has any idas or examples they would like to share, I would be very grateful - thank you!
  21. Well ...i tried to paint RavenGuard, then i tried Raptors (not too bad attempt) but then that dropped by the wayside... I still really love the RavenGuard chapter and all it's sneakiness so when the new dex dropped and the idea of a raven guard supplement coming with decals etc it rekindled some of the embers that were on the back burner... but what to do well along comes Paul Norton of GW's Eavy Metal team with a smashingly good Raven Guard successor chapter that is surprisingly easier to paint than i thought here's a model i'd already started with a Leadbelcher armour layer and just added his extra colours to it... Cheers, Mithril
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