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Thanks, pulling off the Orange and blue is nice change of pace but harder than it first looks :p

I started the Inquisitor when I came upon your outline in spring and initially thought to make it the fulcrum for an Ordo Astartes killteam ,so I thought  about  bringing the hazard striping into the heraldry

(…I have rough draft of him  being rather taken aback  by the Diet of Fools  . .. and  since I haven’t painted any Marines for the Orthodoxy yet and have a Void Baron in the works… there might be story developing here ;) 

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from this Fb post:


+++ =][= to Inquisitor Nichola Rémy-Remigius, from Operative Sebastian-45902 =][= +++

+++ Magenta level message. +++
+++ If you are reading this and do not have a Magenta clearance, report to you nearest representative for the Commissariat, Adeptus Arbites, or His Holly Inquisition, for processing. +++
We have been able to find little of interest here, what force ever broke the wall of this Chapter Keep did take their time to destroy the archives, possibly after confiscating some of it, the amount of destroyed data-holders are a bit too small for the size of the archive. They were brutal in their advance and what they did not fully destroy age have taken its tole on.
This picture is one of the few that we have been able to get out from what we found, the lack of colour thanks to the damaged data container. We believe it’s showing a Kill Team, and the information that we got out together with the picture indicated that its members are representatives of the Chapters: Dark Paladins (3f/?:gs), Soul Drinkers (2f/IF:gs); Raptors (2f/RG:gs); Sons of Jaghatai (?f/WS:gs); Nemesis (2f/Um:gs)
Is this the earliest appearance we have found of the Sons of Jaghatai?
As I send this we do not know if the Kill Team were of the Vigilantes or of the Marines Mendicant. I hope this will have changed when I send my next report.
=][= +++



from this Fb post:



"Caradoc. Oh, fabled son of Harkonath. Prideful, bitter, remorseless. An icy dread took my heart when Caradoc chose to follow Morhalt beyond the Gate and into the arms of the Abomination. I feared he was taken with the sickness. That dread faded with his actions. Caradoc strode from the fires of heresy tested, as we all were, but not found wanting. Returning to our side he came bathed in the blood of his own wretched frater, his gauntlets baring the red soul-stain of our ancestors and not that of the Gilded. By Lancelors account he slew two of his brethren in single combat whilst my subordinate faced down the teeth-taker. An excellent addition to our ranks we have salvaged in Caradoc. Perhaps I shall grant him the Harrowers mantel of his one-time superior...or maybe I will pull his head from his shoulders and devor his brain to discover if the sickness lies within."
-- Excerpt from the Memoir-Reductor



from this Fb post:


+++Data Spool Loading+++

+++ Initiating Hypokampus.exe+++
+++Enter Credentials+++
+++Welcome, Inquisitor+++
Interrogation file Cavus/witness/traitor-Joakim
-Video file shows subject bolted to a chair. Mortal, appearing to be 30 years old-
“We’d been cut off for weeks. Hunted down one by one. Red terrors stalking in the dark. We lived and died, there was no time for goodbye. If they caught us, they ate us. The memory of the fallen still lives on. These horrors in the night. All because a lost Son had returned. They couldn’t stand it, they didn’t believe it but it was true! Vol-
-Audio file breaks up through distortion and returns with the sound of subject screaming.-
“Tell me of Cavus, the Star Warden” a deeper voice asks.
“He came. That night. You don’t know. You weren’t there. We couldn’t hide from the red devils. They came from the depths of hell to eat our flesh. Firing their bolters, chainswords roaring in the night.”
-Subjects eyes go wild and drool forms on his lips-
“Cavus, Joakim. Tell me of Cavus”
“They’d cornered me. I saw them, murder in their eyes. They called me a traitor! He came. He fell like a black meteor. An angel of the Emperor in growling power armour. His eyes glowed red with righteous indignation. They turned with such speed but it was too late. He destroyed them. The emperor’s wrath incarnate, that’s Cavus. He vapourised the astartes in front of me, leaving two steaming boots. He saved my life. He looked at me, nodded and charged into the night.”



from this Fb post: 


+++Data Spool Loading+++

+++Rewinding KHS+++
+++ Enter Credentials +++
+++Welcome, Inquitisor+++
“The Caputmori. Detested symbol amongst those who called themselves partisan, whom we rightly and justly call traitor and heretic. Seen here held aloft as some form of icon or standard by a Star Warden astartes. This particular specimen is thought to be Jorg, of the Wicked Void Kill team. Jorg, along with Wicked Void were said to be first amongst the Vth Cadre of the Star Wardens, lead by Hennox, to encounter the Silver Stars, the so-called spawn of the abomination.
Prior to this meeting Wicked Void had encountered the noble and just Inquisitor +REDACTED and somehow killed them and their entire band, as well as capturing the +REDACTED. Shortly after these sad events for Imperium, Wicked Void encountered the troops of the Silver Stars. This of course was the spark that led to the Warden’s becoming traitors and heretics, a civil war amongst their own ranks, and Ultimately their complete and utter destruction at the hands of the Pentarchy.
“Jorg was known as a boisterous and charismatic Astartes, qualities rare amongst the Star Wardens. He was thought to have a close bond with Hennox, the leader of what became known as the Gilden, Gilden handed, or Golden hands, accounts of course, differ. This cadre of the Traitors supposedly wholeheartedly believed the abomination was their genefather. Their numbers swelled throughout the conflict before their destruction at the hands of their own kin, as is the fate of all traitors of course.”
“Sir, what happened to this Jorg?”
“That, interrogator, is a lesson for another day”



from this Fb post:


+++Data Spool Loading+++

+++Initiating neural drive+++
+++Enter credentials+++
+++Welcome, Inquisitor+++
Aponius, leader of wicked void. Heretic, traitor, fool. Aponius had a somewhat glorious past before the war of the false primarch. Single handedly killing the mutant king Aleg-Jong-sssan, stopping the decade long mutant uprisings In Heliopolis Prime's underhive. Wicked Void were lauded as heroes by the planetary Governor before the war. Ironic then that Aponius would be decapitated in the spires of the capital city by a Flesh Eater Astartes.
Aponius carried the head of the mutant-king as a trophy, as well as an unknown and no doubt noble Astartes. Aponius power fist was of an unknown pattern, and treated as a relic by the Star Warden's. It was lost to the Warden's following the timely and just termination of Aponius.
Worn proudly on the chest is the heraldry of the Wormwood Son's. Records state that Wicked Void fought with their fellow vile brother-traitors on numerous occasions. Likely Aponius considered himself a battle brother to one of that rad-ridden chapter.
Of note perhaps is the personal heraldry, a single skull on the left shoulder pad. Cognitae-anaylisis suggests this may have orgitionally been a +Redacted+ legion shoulder pad, perhaps ceremoniously slighted or purposely disguised to hide it's origin. The effect this would have on the machine spirit of the MKiii plate that was forced to protect such a traitorous scum is unknown.
Would you like to know more inquistor?"
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from this Fb post:


'What is the Primarch? To some he is salvation, hope sprung anew. A father from a time of myth come back to lead his sons.

Not to us, not to the Sons, he is merely a lever at this crucial fulcrum point. Something that can be leveraged to change the Imperium's course.
All the signs point to it, the Atomic Tarot, the dances of isotopes in the Cassandra pattern reactors, the auguries conducted on the ashen fallout of deadworlds. Even the vast analytical Maji engines of the Analyticae agree, this I a time ripe for change: one path leads to the slow death and stagnation, the other something less clear but ripe with potential..'
-Philosophies upon the Primarch, a treatise by Brother Chaplain Athalaric Constantine of the Wormwood Sons.
Athalaric Constantine, Brother-Chaplain of the Second Company Wormwood Sons, The Hammer of Chernobog, Theoretician of the Boron stacks. Chaplains within Sons served more of a Philosophical role rather than a dogmatic or religious one, operating as Naysayers and advisors for their rank and file brothers.



from this Fb post:


'Colloquially known as 'Knife-heads' by Orthodoxy forces, the Kadath Type 1 Infiltrator was typical of the Nihil Circulus Kill-Clades.

Almost entirely cybernetic, the cyborgs brain was installed in a heavy armoured black box, contained within the chest cavity. This gave veteran Infilitrators a significantly higher survival rate, allowing the brain casing to be installed in a new chassis, in the event of their destruction.
This also provided a psychological advantage, with many Orthodox troops reporting in horror as Infilitrators kept on fighting even with total destruction of the "head".'
Excerpt from 'Weapons of a Forgotten War' by Magos Killox Cverante. Heavily restricted treatise on the weapons used during the War of the False Primarch, currently located in deep Inquisitorial Archive XB-24.
My first Infilitrator for my Kadath Kill-Clade: A type 1 Kadath pattern infilitrator.



from this Fb post:


“It was during the so called Sorrowful Years, that the Flesh Eaters regrouped. Commander Velghor continued sending out Kill Teams around Western Heliopolis to fulfill terror missions against the Abomination Unto Him’s forces and followers. One such Kill Team we’re the Jaws of Doom - never was a name so apt - a Third Co squad of Veterans led by the infamous Sergeant Gregor. Of Velghor himself, he appeared very little during this time for reasons known only to himself and his Chapter.”

Zachariah Urenwort, administration scribe documenting the War of the False Primarch - his records were later purged by the Administratum for inaccuracies and he was sentenced to being hung, drawn and quartered.
I had hoped to get a photo with some scenery, but life is conspiring against me at the moment!



from this Fb post: 


" Forward with haste my Brothers, the human soldiers needs our help. The merciless sons of the Mor os upon them!"

Voxlog captured from first company lieutenant Milivoj - Battle of Hive Kurrogane, Pao Fung.
In the following pict we see five brothers of tactical squad Nimrit (led by Havildar Nimrit) during the Pao Fung campaign. Rajh Nimrit and the rest of squad Nimrit were, like a majority of the more experienced tactical squad of the Inheritors, clad in heresy era power armour models, who despite their old age functioned at a hundred percent capacity. This was due to the chapter's history, in which it for long periods of time was poorly supported and supplied. However, Magos genetor minoris Zaahl delta-3 postulated in his obscure treatise "Tractatus Haeredes", that this obsessive need to maintain their wargear and other materials to the point of near perfection, had its roots in a cultural (Hyberboryan) or genetic defect.
Addendum: Notice Brother-sowar Wadha wielding a Volkite caliver, a weapon rarely seen amongst the Inheritors and normally (pre war of the false primarch) reserved for xenocide warfare.
Addendum secundus: notice the none identifiable helmet variant worn by Jamadar (lieutenant) Milivoj. ++// -(statementvalue=untrue// - helmet pattern identified.Mk III Hyperboryan "Vaktra" pattern - value=true) - //++



from this Fb post:



"Yvain. Bastard. That was what we all knew him as. Cold. Brutal. An ooze. A tool and a bad one at that. He lacked all comradeship with his brethren and took subtle delight in gaining the ire of his kin. Naturally he would follow Morhalt to the very end, both of them rotten, their gene-seed unfit to return to our vaults. In fact it was Yvain who first posed the question to his dread-frater of the Abominations heritage. Our heritage. To call Yvain a true believer is false, he was not, he only believed in the egotism it brought; for it stoked his already inflated sense of self importance. Never did Yvain snap to heel and heed the call of his betters. Always did he saunter through the years believing himself equal to the rest of us. How could he be? He was born on a starch-barge. Plebian scum. It was no wonder he turned on his family. Destined to ever be a sword and never a shield for our Chapter, I am glad that Caradoc pummeled his skull to a fine paste inside his helm. May his corpse forever rot on the rad-wastes of Kharak Thirty-Three. I ordered the scav-corp to leave his war plate and armaments. I truly believe even the machine spirit that shrouded him was infected with his moist filth. Bah."
-- Excerpt from the Memoir-Reductor
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from this Fb post:


“I take no pleasure in this cousin but you have been dealing in forbidden heretech, something not even the Edict gives you the right to do.”

A helmet recording restored from in a Red Talon helmet buried beneath rubble, the speaker is believed to be battle-brother Ogier of the Dark Paladins (3f/?:gs) seconded to the Vigilantes. We are trying to find out more my lord but there is a tendency among your forbearers to destroy information that could be useful, most records regarding the Vigilantes we have found was purged millennia ago.
I will most likley not be able to finish my kill team in time (real life and all that) but here is at least a work-in-progress regarding one of it's members. I'm glad that the blue and black worked so well, the Dark Paladins lacking any description of their looks I had to make up my own



from this Fb post: 


shadows in the warp - the Eldar of the Dain Mir act on their own agenda at the periphery of the War






from this Fb post: 


"Forgeworlds are declaring support for this Primarch. Mars, the Mechanicum, can ill afford another schism..but neither can it send its might so soon after the last one. So I'm sending you. Bring the forgeworlds back in line, back to Mars. Do what you have to, I leave everything to your judgement."

"And the returned Primarch?"
"I leave everything to your judgement. Mechnicus is to remain unified, under Mars, whatever the outcome of this conflict."
Fabrictor General Nero-Gollos to Magos Amarantha, eve of her departure for the Segmentum Pacificus
Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team for War of the False Primarch 1f642.png
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from this Fb post:


+Target is in the open. Hound-Epsilon, engage with full prejudice.+

Hound-Epsilon of Killteam Hound spent much of the Sorrowful Years engaged in Head-Hunter missions for the Ordo Astartes. Thanks to a significant supply of Kraken Penetrator rounds, they racked up an impressive tally of Partisan kills during this time.
I’ve only gone and finished my Vigilant Squad!!!




from this Fb post: 


"Ke Alaula" - one of the Argyntum Stellæ Oki-hāmau known to be active during The Sorrowful Years.




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from this Fb post :



-The Edict of Seven Pillars, issued by the ruling gestalt-council of Kadath a year into the Years of Sorrow.
Final Skitarii Vanguard member of the Nihil Circulus Kill-Clade. Just needs some paint and then my Admech Killteam is done!



from this Fb post: 


Thought I’d post some close up pics of the two new guys. Couple of things I’m pleased with on these guys. Love me some hazard stripes on a power fist, I wanted to reference the RT era Sgt with ‘God is dead’ written on his fist, I figure this is High Gothic for that phrase? Also I had a go at ‘reverse highlighting’ the plasma coils, which I think has come out quite well.




from this Fb post:


Here comes my Death Eagles.

I know they don't quite fit the #killthefalseprimarch theme, but I don't like the idea of them being to different chapters. So I have tried merging to to colour schemes into one, and also keeping it close to the presumed Emperors Children heritage.
For the War of the False Primarch I figure they can work as Death Eagles I in night operation battle dress.
More pictures on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greenstuffflu/



from this Fb post:


Wicked Void ready to join the fray!





from this Fb post: 


Danid gripped the lasgun tight, peering over the lip of the crater next to his squad mate. Expecting to spend most of his life peeling potatoes in the Cathedral kitchens, he had been overjoyed at being called up to the Frateris Templars, to fight the heretics who had invaded his planet. 

However, it had become apparent that he had been called up primarily because the proper soldiers had been killed in the stalemate. The heretics, those that he had seen, has looked at lot like him, and he had come across a body of the enemy festooned with prayer strips to the holy emperor. It all seemed pointless and futile to him. He’d heard whispers that the only reason they could hold was because the enemy were not prepared to use their copious munitions supply on bombardments which might damage the shrines. 
He saw movement, a red glow in the no mans land. Bringing his lasgun up to fire, he passed upon hearing chanting, prayers to the Emperor being extolled. It was enough to make him pause, fearing some ghastly mistake. It got louder, and the movement resolved into people, a miasma of chanting, singing and muttered prayers. They were dressed in rags, some seemingly penitent prisoners, arms in stocks and heads locked into metal helmets. Others were the ragged desperates that could be found on any street corner these days. 
It took him a moment to spot where the glow was coming from, and in the same horrifying moment realised they were carrying shells, grenades and other explosives, with detonators strapped to them, trailing wires through the mud and rubble behind them. He started firing, but it was too late, they were too close and in his panic, his fire went wide. 
He was conscious of a voice carrying powerfully over the battlefield, and recognised the sermon as ‘Lo the martyrs are blessed at the right hand of the emperor’. Then his world erupted into fire. 
Missionary Benedictorius turned away from the carnage and unhooked the detonator from the nest of wires spread before him. It was, he thought, the perfect solution. While indirect shell fire could not be allowed, more could always be found to walk the path of the martyr. 
The armoured giants next to him changed from statue to shockingly rapid movement, charging towards the newly formed craters. 
Exploiting the line break, the Death Eagles kill team slammed into the command chapel. Small arms fire plinked off a boarding shield, return heavy bolter fire shredding the first defensive line. 
Then it was too late for any further meaningful defence, aerosolised blood drizzling like rain, thrown into the air from an enormous chain axe.  
One of the giants, carrying huge golden Aquila, paused before the Abbot Militarum, sprawled on the floor, leaking blood from a dozen wounds. 
“Your defiance of Arch-Divinatus Melilias makes you a heretic. So die all heretics.” 
The Abbots attempts to reply through the blood seeping through his mouth were cut short, his head exploding with a single bolt round. 
My Death Eagles II kill team, counts as a chaos space marine team. I freehanded the symbol which I think you can see on a few photos, the rose of the pentarchy also makes a few appearances. I really enjoyed making and painting these, I’ve built one more but need to do two to be able to deploy just marines but work/life got in the way of getting them done. I think I posted my fluff for my Death Eagles II and their relationship with the ecclesiarchy but I’ll post it again in the comments if anyone can face reading that much!



from this Fb post: 


'The Cardinal drags himself along the mosaic of the Emperor enthroned, staining it's marble surface with his blood and viscera. 

He sobs as he gazes at the eviscerated body of Tetrach Granulus, his magnificent purple robes blackened and scorched. The rest of the gathered Council of the Ecclesiarchy Militarum, lay dead, torn apart and burnt. 
Out of the darkness of the vaults they had come, silent and heralded by a caustic green glow. A silent massacre, as noise dampeners and voice eaters, turned screams and pleadings into empty howls.
The Cardinal finds himself at the feet of a giant cowled figure, it's sickle and blade dripping with his comrades blood. 
'Why?' he asks.
The cowled one leans down, removing it's hood.
Cardinal Mercissus continues to scream for the remaining 6.2 seconds of his existence..'
My Kadathian Kill-Clade, 'The Empty Hand', part of the Nihil Circulus Black-ops programme of the titular Forgeworld. The Empty Hand undertook numerous deniable ops, attacking Orthodox research stations, Vigilant groups, Inquisitorial conclaves and even Ecclesiarchy Grand Choirs. Despite their infamy, their existence was never corroborated or confirmed by Kadath. 



from this Fb post:


++Fire team Bodhi fighting their way off [REDACTED] - the Sorrowful years++

The Inheritors would occasionally deploy formations such as this during the course of the war, always at the behest of Decurion Kamakanei of the kapihe (Silver stars liaison to the Inheritors). Why these ad-hoc formations existed, and what exactly was their purpose could never be ascertained and remains clouded in mystery and obscure half-truths, as is so much that can be associated with the Silver stars.
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from this Fb post:


Not the best photo but here we are, Kill Team Seraph, Marines Mendicant seen fighting on Frith. Once I get the chance I'll fix some of the details I've missed.





from this Fb post:


"Atmospheric impact in t-minus 30, all hands prep for insertion"

As the drop pod ripped through the air, lancing streams of anti-air fire rushed up to meet it, scouring great rifts in the dark sky. Inside, the pod's six occupants scanned through mission briefings and expected resistance numbers.
'Remember brothers, our primary target is this line of Generators, designation Omicron through Phi. Only after these have been destroyed and the defense turret network deactivated do we have permission to engage other priority targets.'
While his lack of lower jaw rendered him incapable of smiling, Sergeant Agum's one remaining eyebrow raised and twitched as he focused on each of the pod's other inhabitants in turn.
'This does not, however, mean that we will be ignoring any of our cousins we may encounter, after their acts against our wards.'
The pod smashed into the earth, plumes of dirt and dust erupting skywards even as the doors swung down and a cry of vengance emerged from within:



from this Fb post:



-Adeptus Astartes
-Angels of Ruin chapter
-Kill Team Orchid
Members of the Angels of Ruin space marine chapter who were repeatedly sighted engaging in various sabotage, espionage, abduction, assassination, and intelligence gathering operations during The Sorrowfull Years.
The identity of only a few of the marines can be confirmed as reliable first hand combat accounts are remarkably scarce. Very few other recorded Astartes combatants were confirmed alive after an engagement with the kill team, and only one mortal first hand account exists.
What can be confirmed is the wider chapters vow to uphold the Annulus Umbra, and previous combat records against elements of the Riven Lord's, Void Barons, and Frateris Templars. The latter being attributed to aggravated pilgrim fleets attempting to arrive, and forcibly bypass, the exclusion zone in the galactic north of the over all war theater. Their excuse being that they came to assist in "The Emperor's holy war" though none bore any clearance codes or writ of passage valid enough to enter.
The construction of Orchid was unorthodox as each member was selected from every one of the ten existing companies. While most other kill teams would be assembled from the marines at hand for short term deployments or single missions, Kill Team Orchid would remain as a cohesive unit for the duration of the war, after their first recorded appearance in abducting Baroness incumbent Issabella Norn and her retinue from the surface of [redacted] following a massacre as Partisan auxiliary forces also attempted to reach Norn. This would seal the reputation of the marines as brutally efficient, and in some cases malicious and sadistic, in their deployment of special issue war gear and nearly depraved means of mission completion. One example being the termination of friendly staff amongst an Adeptus Mechanicus retinue to simply "make room" for other captives the team had taken during that particular deployment.
Another horrible instance would be when the marines would be making an emergency extraction within an enemy strongpoint, only to seemingly abandon their primary targets and escape only with the masked and gagged concubine of their initial prey. In truth, the marines had planted a high explosive vest on one of their captives, who they willingly allowed to be taken from them only to detonate the payload once she had reached the safety of enemy hands. The other being that upon the discovery of the initial targets body, the recovery forces found out that the marines had switched the clothing of the captives and had escaped, disguising the primary target in the concubines clothes and simply killing the concubine in question as they ran to the extraction dropship.
These near heinous acts, as well as the highly selective nature of each kill team member has led to the speculation and near confrimation that each marine was hand selected by the commanding elements of the chapter to carry out these destabilizing missions. The blame most definitely resting on the shoulders of the current Chapter Master Gilgamesh, and advice from second company librarian Haderach, an uncompromising, brutal force to be dealt with during the war.
Of the seven kill team members present, only four have been positively cross referenced and subsequently identified within existing chapter records.
-Sergeant Horace
Overall squad command was delegated to this individual and was recognized through various command responses issued along with wearing a complete set of mk4B pattern power armour. Previous records indicate he would have hailed from the chapters ninth company.
-Champion Malzek
Identified due to the multiple Deathwatch honors the marine possessed. Previous records indicate four separate vigils within the xenos hunters, all with high praise from the watch masters who deployed him.
-Battle Brother Azzir
Identified through the marines own admission, brother Azzir was recorded present during the Void Baron's assassination of Force Commander Mallum directly before the beginning of The Sorrowfull Years. Azzir would make no attempt to hide himself, and actively issued and accepted challenges from other astartes elements who the squad came to trade blows with. This behavior was in stark contrast to the deployments the kill team found themselves in, but never the less proved a formidable fighter and boon when operations began to devolve. Previous records indicate deployment within the fourth company, note various honor marks and battle prayers adorn the armour and weapons of this marine more than his comrades in the kill team. Unsettling among these was the red blood drop, a campaign mark that more and more marines of the chapter would adopt as they fully entered the wider conflict along side the Pentarchy of Blood, as a sign of respect for their five cousin chapters.
-Battle Brother Ustanak
Identified as the kill teams fire support specialist, Ustanak was also one of only two members not outfitted with mk4B pattern power armour. The other individual being the team's sharpshooter clad in mk6 "Corvus" armour. Previous records would indicate Ustanak being the youngest of the marines to be selected for the kill team at only 189 standard years old at the time of the war. Despite this he still wore veteran combat honors denoted by his helms face plate colour. His relative youth possibly being a reason why he was still wearing mk7 "Aquila" armour. Another reason sighted was the heavy damage and frequent repair his war gear would sustain through the nature of his choke point holding speciality.



from this Fb post:


“I know Posthuman dread when I see it, or 'Astartes Shock' to the layman. They're too big and too heavy to move the way they do, and oftentimes the brain just cant handle it. Doesn't help that an Astartes in combat aint the glorious sight the scripture leads you to believe...it's a brutality the kind that your mind rejects. Whoever this poor sod came up against, whatever horrors he’s witnessed… it has left him in a catatonia that he won’t recover from. Considering he is still able bodied… I’d recommend am immediate Servo-lobo op. It’d be a mercy really.”

– Chief Surgeon Vorsten Myles, Officio Medicae, evaluating a single survivor of a Marines Saturnine Kur-Raid during the Sorrowful Years, circa M33.
Thanks to Paul Hudson for coming in clutch at the last minute and taking some photo's of my Marines Saturnine for the Kill the False Primarch Event. I'm so impressed by all the work everyone has done, and I'm even happier that I have gotten to take part in it as well!



from this Fb post: 


Battle-Choir Theta had the dubious honour of being one of the few units to fight on both sides of the war.


Originally serving in Richephanes' shadow army, it was tasked with proving the existence and nature for the Ecclesiarch and the Holy Church of Terra. They were then assigned to Morgetheon's army on Sanctram and witnessed Verashyon's great betrayal. Holding the rear guard, they held the line long enough to allow Morgetheon to escape the Pentarchy's attack.
Only 12 men would survive.
Battle-Choir Theta was disbanded and the survivors were relogated to tertiary duties. However, after their role in stopping the first attempted assassination of Morgetheon, the Kill team was re-instated and ordered to proactively remove any threats to the Heliopolean Ecclesiarch's life before it arises.
This took them into the heart of the Pentarchy territory and there are a number of fragmentary reports of the Battle Choir's actions throughout the Sorrowful Years.
No one can say for sure whether any survived the War of the False Primarch though rumours speak of a veteran soldier wearing a black cowl in the employ of Inquisitor Archezoff some 79 years after the war who would speak after serveral rounds of amasec about witnessing a demi-god in action...



from this Fb post:


The boys are back in town.


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+++ =][= to all Inquisitors dealing with the "Fallen 11" project  =][= +++

+++ Magenta level message. Extra personal decoding needed +++
+++ If you are reading this and do not have a Magenta clearance, report to you nearest representative for the Commissariat, Adeptus Arbites, or His Holly Inquisition, for processing. +++

+++ Esteemed colleges, mistakes have been made. Mistakes regarding the data purges and censuring of the information regarding the War of the Falls Primarch. Our honoured forbearers was through in their work, as many of our researchers can testament, but it seems that they were not through enough. While we have been hunting in forbidden data-catacombs, quarantined planets, and shifting through scraps of information from our own secret archives do it seems that Mars, or at least the Primarch Reborn’s personal Archmagos Belisarius Cawl, have kept some of the information about the “Partisan” Chapters from the righteous deletation of the Inquisition. We will have to take the time to find out how those mistakes was made later, for now we have to make certain that the reborn Void Barons and Jade Talons (which I have seen with my own eyes) may never learn of their Chapters’ true history!


Also, I fear that Void Barons and Jade Talons may not be the only “Partisan” Chapters reborn, so my colleges I suggest that you keep your information channels looking for report of Chapters bearing the names and/or colours of the False-sworn Eleven. +++

=][= +++ 

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Warzone: Forbearance (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

[//Flesh Eaters plant one their infamous 'warding flags' in Qabar Kas; simple but highly visual marks that nowhere in Partisan space was truly safe from the reach of the High Lords of Terra. +]



Update from the front: Looris (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

‘What becomes of a trash picker when you hand them a weapon and tell them they’ve been given a divine purpose?'




Scarlet-handed, gilded-arm: the Star Wardens (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

In te mihi complacui



Warzone: Dardanus (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

'Forget the promise of progress and understanding.'



Index Astartes: Star Wardens (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

'How could we not serve him? You wouldn't know, Inquisitor. We are gene-forged. His presence makes our hearts sing.'

'Your question betrays your ignorance. We could deny our fealty to him with the same ease that you could deny the stars in the firmament, or the soil beneath your feet.'

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Index Astartes: Carcharadons

'Hysse eyes blacc rollêd in hysse head, and that mouthe devillish broke open... I kennt then that I dead wass in alle likelihode. Prays be! The blessed-Tyrant thenne broke through to my right; and my Masterman crackêd a hammerre over the slat-armoured brute. The discharge of hysse impact blinded me for a moment, made mine teeth ache... I... I kennt not what happened thereafterre. Though heard I a cracc, like the fire of mine las-rifle. I blinking wasse. I must have lost my... Anyway, in my ears I couldde dimmleigh hear the blessed-Tyrant's roar of triumf turn to one of pain, pain most felle. I turned then, and ranne therefrom, and look back I confesse I could notte.'

[//Fusilier Boasot, Calydon Garrison.+]



+ Update from the front: Echoes of Perkunos + Warzone: Perkunos +

'From Olde Karpathia they came, golden heroes of the Imperium, clad in ancient armour from the dark days of Heresy. The light shineth from their haloes and their blades thirst for traitor blood. Behold! Amongst you they bring the vengeful fury of the Great Angel.'



Warzone: Hever

'War makes monsters of us all. For this reason, it is advantageous to ally oneself with monsters from the outset. That ensures one's plan is not impaired when, in the heat of battle, your 'principled' comrades prove themselves to be anything but.' 

[//Dictat, Lord Commander Pacificus Incincerus, M32+]

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I finally finished my contemptor dreadnought!

Revered Brother Jorodin, pictuered here with his close-combat arm and double-melta gun:


“…I was there, brothers, when my masters swore oaths of fealty to the Abomination [False Primarch]. Back then, I was but a lowly initiate, a member of the reserve and a marine of low rank and low worth. For my uneasiness, my lack of devotion, I was punished and expelled from their ranks to serve a sentence on the Long Vigil. I then remember when the Pentarchy fell upon my former kin, and the carnage that followed on my homeworld. Though the heretics have ceased to exist, I remained to inherit my chapter’s shame.” – Dreadnought Jorodin of the Inheritors Chapter

Heraldry of the Inheritors Chapter: Fist clenching a Star


Dreadnought Name: Revered Brother Jorodin

Duty Position: Ancient Contemptor Dreadnought

Chapter Name: Inheritors (Destroyed- Excomunicate Tratoris)

Successor of: Raven Guard (3rd Founding via the Death Eagles)

Homeworld: frozen deathworld Hyperborya (destroyed) in the Morquib Sector

Armourial Banner: Homo Sapien Inheritus Galax Omnis- 'Humans will Inherit All the Galaxy'


Learned of this chapter via user Apologist on B&C in the “Some Things are Best Forgotten” thread about the War of the False Primarch. Inheritors are the creation of Lars J-D; slavic/sikh inspired background. White-haired and violet-eyed space marines, armor the color of ancient ice and mint.

The name Jorodin does not have much specific meaning other than an allusion to the historical figure with the alias Borodin, revolutionary and agent of the Bolsheviks who worked with Sun Yat-sen and the KMT in 1920s China.


Back view:


Some trophies chained to his leg:


Left arm and deathwatch insignia:


I had fun making the banner for this guy. Aside from numerous other trophies, Revered Jorodin carries one of his most recent kills during incursions against Hive Fleet Leviathan.


It was great fun painting this thing, so I took lots of photos!




Gold on the banner looks a little funky, but its good enough for me!

I suppose I could also use the magnetization point between his shoulders for a missile launcher should I ever make one.

Back view of the banner:


I also enjoyed making weapons options for this dreadnought. Thanks to Duke Danse Macabre I had a second assault cannon to equip him with, so I differentiated the two with some tyrannid and necron-looking bits:


The blade is just a bit of plasticard painted to look like segments- next time I will attempt to make it look more like a lychguard blade.


Also made a dual set of necron-kitbashed weapons that could probably sub in for some other weapons options, maybe some conversion beamers? I would like to make some las-options at some point too, and maybe a giant power-sword!


All the magnetization options:


Glad Revered Brother Jorodin is complete, with the banner doubling his height he is about four times as tall as a space marine now!


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from this Fb post:


+++Data Inload+++

+++Record Continues+++
"We seek not to burn your homes nor drown you in blood. We come with the renewed dream of Imperium - the bright future of humanity corrupted by the slave lords of Terra. Those who would fight for the future, march with us!"
Spoken by Gaius, Equerry of the Primarch
Gaius, of the Argent Heralds, seems to be one of a number of individuals each referred to as Equerry of the Primarch. These equerries act as diplomats and propagandists, swelling the numbers of the partisan armies and spreading their heresies through the populations of the worlds they control.
In the attached pic cap Equerry Gaius is accompanied by a guard squad from the Argent Heralds 3rd Company, led by Tiberius, Champion of the 3rd Company.
+++Transmission Ends+++



from this Fb post:


Captain Tishala Vaand of the 78th Iskandariyah Grenadiers; the renowned “Panthers of Mbefe”.


At the outset of the War, Iskandariyah was a wealthy liege-world of the Delphurnean League whose history of comparative political stability had allowed the populace, by and large, to flourish. Thusly, Iskandariyani Guard regiments were well equipped, well disciplined and effective in combat. On an enviable roll of regimental honour, the 78th Grenadiers shone outstanding, boasting centuries of loyal service and bearing upon their colours the names of such vaunted theatres as Lacryma, Guelph and Armageddon to name but a few.
Contemporaneously with the Invasion of Ishim, Iskandariyah was subject to priority subjugation under the auspices of the combined Flesh Eaters and Charnel Guard, with the direct objective of removing its considerably experienced Astra Militarum from the armies of the Abomination. Imperial observerator catalogi calculated that Iskandariyah recorded an 85 per cent population reduction in 480 ca. hours of Pentarchy deployment. So effective was the action that, against the backdrop of the wider War, Iskandariyah became something of a footnote, contributing no significant troops or materiel to the War.
Save, that is, for the 78th Grenadiers.
Mbefe was a territory of moderate size occupying an equatorial area of Iskandariyah, and of antiquity had been a pious place. From its steaming jungles rose monolithic statuary and the spires of countless cathedra dedicated to distant Him on Terra. Compliance records from before the Age of Darkness cite Mbefe as nurturing a resourceful and cunning people ideally conditioned to Auxilia indoctrination; such competence endured alongside profound faith in the teachings of the Imperial Creed, and millennia later Mbefe was hereditary home to dozens of famed Iskandariyah regiments. Like almost all Iskandariyah regiments, the Panthers had been recalled to the home front in the face of Orthodoxy advance, but the razing of their civilisation had occurred while the 78th were still in Empyreal transit. Aboard their troop conveyer, they arrived in orbit above a world not one soldier recognised.
In the wake of such turmoil, an envoy of Volnoscere arrived in-system to capitalise upon the situation and take renewed oaths of fealty to the Primarch Returned from the Panthers. Years later, a Munitorum salvage flotilla would secure a derelict Silver Stars cutter and find the desiccated remains of the envoy – having been flayed and crucified – fusion welded to the bridge deckplates. It Seems the 78th perceived the destruction of their home as just reward for defying the will of Terra, and developed a fanatical dedication to the Orthodoxy cause thereafter.
A young subaltern at the time of Iskandariyah’s death, Tishala Vaand swiftly rose to captain by dint of tactical flexibility. Ofttimes she would orchestrate company level operations while directly engaging the enemy at squad level, showing a righteous thirst for the blood of turncoats, and counting herself one of the vanishingly few unaltered humans to have slain an Adeptus Astartes warrior in hand-to-hand combat.
The 78th Panthers were destroyed utterly in the third Sorrowful Year while conducting sentry operations in the Abbraxes Subsector. Of Tishala Vaand’s death, no details were recorded.



from this FB post:


Asklepios, Apothecari Praefectus of the Death Eagles chapter.

As the war prolonged, the importance of the apothecarium grew. The need to secure the chapters geneseed made the members ruthless.
Rumours tell of raids led by militant apothecaries not only to reclain lost geneseed but also to capture it from hostile astartes.
That such raids should have been carried out agains traitor legions even after the end of the war of the false primarch can only be explained as myth.



From this Fb post:



-Adeptus Astartes-
-Angels of Ruin chapter-
-Eighth Company Captain Skelos-
"The Sons of Siklon skulk in the Void, claiming mastery over it like it's their birthplace. I will show these hounds backed into corner what it means to bite the hand of the master. Brothers! Prep for boarding actions! Glory to He on Earth, and vengeance for Mallum!"
-Captain Skelos, upon the Eighth company's first contact action of the war.-
During the conclusion of The Sorrowful Years the Angels of Ruin would suffer the loss of half the fighting strength of their fourth company, along with its captain and memeber of the Noctis Triumvirate, Därke. Chapter command residing back on their homeworld of Amalthea would not be able to sanction the remaining battle brothers to join the War of the False Primarch due to other Inquisitorial obligations, xenos raids, or simply being understrength themselves.
The only fighting ready force that could be reasonably transfered to the theater was the Eighth Company. Preparations were made to resupply the forces already deployed, and instea of relying on lighting raids and kill-team operations alone, the Angels of Ruin would enter as fully open combatants.
The Eighth weren't chosen simply because of convenience alone, they were near experts in the chapters form of mixed shock assault and zone-mortalis attrition warfare but with an entirely unique skill set. The Eighth Company also adhered to the Great Crusade Era "destroyer warfare" and included in their ranks a massive amount of radiological, chemical, and incendiary ammunition along with heavy armour and the largest amount of Mk3 power armour within the chapter.
Skelos himself was of calculating demeanor, and when he filled in the vacancy of the Triumvirate his cold disregard for certain pleasantries or rituals in command meetings unsettled forces seconded to the Angels of Ruin. His tactics were effective, but brutal and horrifying. Not one for bloody slaughter and effigies to shake fear into the enemy, Skelos and his forces utilized the long forgotten weapons and munitions of the Dark Age of Technology to quell rebels or annihilate more organized Partisan forces.
First contact with the Eighth Company proved disastrous for a strike cruiser of Void Barons and auxiliary militarum regiments loyal to the False Primarch as the attack ships under Skelos' command appeared without warning deep near subsector Moreau. When question about his reckless combat deployment by agents of Master Enoch, the captain stated that "(his) first strike would be unleashed against those who had bled his chapter first", and refusing any contact or hails save for those of certain Inquisitors, or other Astartes elements.
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from this Fb post:


“Now, when it was agreed that Benedin II was holding the throne of Terra amid general hatred, at the behest of all in attendance, but against his own will, [Morgetheon] was hailed Ecclesiarch by the Heliopolean clergy; this took place at Sanctram on the first Ides of that year. He was presented with the full regalia of the Ecclesiarch (which by miraculous purpose and proof of the God-Emperor’s favour had appeared here from its location on Terra) by Diadumenianus, pontifex minor in Morqub.”

A Recorde off the Lyfe and Tymes of Morgetheon I, Ecclesiarch and Cardinal Supreme
Here's my entry for the False Primarch Gauntlet. He's appeared in a couple of previous articles, but here is Morgetheon in all his glory atop the Pulpit Ambulans as the Ecclesiarch of the breakaway pro-Volnoscere church.



from this Fb post:


***11th hour astrotelepathic communion….

It….it’s the Sorrow of Karpathia….surely….the thing that should not be….Velghor….the Lost….Primarch save us….
….communion cuts out***



From this Fb post:


"The War of the False Primarch saw the Inquisition embroiled in bitter conflict as much against the Partisan forces as against defectors and turncoats from within its own ranks. Swayed by the words of the False Primarch and his equerries, Inquisitors, acolytes, and even whole retinues turned upon their former allies in a dark mirror of the atrocities of the Great Heresy.


To counter these acts of treachery, several of those within the higher echelons of the Inquisition turned towards info-cytes, data-parasites, and other, more esoteric means of gathering intelligence, in order to determine the loyalties of those they served alongside. Hieronymo Falk was one such data-hoarder - as a Prefectus-Executor of the Logis Strategos, he certainly had the much-needed skills and ruthlessness to do what the Inquisition required.
Alongside his bodyguard, the Vigilant Toghori Khan of the Brotherhood of the Steppenwolf, Hieronymo would stalk the battlefields of the War, reaping data from Inquisitorial operatives - dead or otherwise - by whatever means necessary. This gained him many enemies, but his benefactors in the Inquisition (as well as, if the rumours are correct, agents of the Suzerain Belligerent) ensured his survival even at the height of the Shadow Wars that raged within the Inquisition's ranks."
Finally got him finished! Very happy with how he turned out - now to get him painted...



from this FB post:


It occurred to me that I've been sitting on a lot of my finished models without posting them here for a frankly inconsiderate amount of time. I'll definitely rectify that over the next few days!


Here is Captain Nirgali the Thrice Dead, Master of the Keep of the Marines Saturnine, 2nd Sataba. Seen here armoured in MKIII Power Armour, with an additional composite tabard of Lamellar scale and chain. He is armed with a Phosphor Serpenta pistol, and a Black Maul.
Captain Nirgali of the Marines Saturnine is part of the esoteric Cult of the Lamassu, the tenets of which are shrouded in as much mystery as their namesake. What is clear however, is that the cult values barbarism in its highest form. Unnaturally violent, even for Astartes, those who bear the symbol of the Lamassu tend towards overwhelming displays of violence that harken back to a time before the great crusade.
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Dramatis Personae: Perkûn of the Red Talons, Master of the Forge Perkûn; the Keeper of Keys; the Equerry

Do not seek a person’s worth in the circumstances of their betrayal, but in the fact that they fell at all. Betrayal is not born of a noble soul, nor is it nourished by an honourable heart.

[//Attributed to Lion El’Jonson, Primarch of the 1st Legion Astartes+]



Dramatis Personae: Morgetheon the Antiecclesiarch

'I journeyed to Sanctram with the authority and commission of the Ecclesiarchy. At midday, I saw a light from heaven, brighter than a sun, that shone around me and those who journeyed with me. And when we had all fallen to the ground, I heard a voice saying to me ‘Morgetheon, why are you persecuting me? I am the last true son of the God-Emperor of Man. Rise, for I have appeared to appoint you as a servant and witness…'
[//The Address to Morqub, Ecclesiarchical Coronation+]


++ Chamber Borealis ++

When we were children and up to no good, my mother would tell my brothers and I that if we didn't cease our misbehaviour, the Inquisitiores...



Dramatis Personae: Gaius of the Argent Heralds


'We seek not to burn your homes nor drown you in blood. We come with the renewed dream of Imperium - the bright future of humanity corrupted by the slave lords of Terra. Those who would fight for the future, march with us.'

[//Gaius, Equerry of the Primarch+]



Mohrson's Testimony

My Lord, what follows is a transcript of the classicist Theodor Morhson’s interrogation, pertaining to the assaults on Croesus and Morgant. If it is your Inquisitorial will for me to pursue these allegations, you need but ask.

Edited by Gamiel
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from this Fb post:


Pict capture of senior leadership of fortress theta, better known as the Towers of Dawn, as orthodoxy forces sieged the planet of Agreum V.


Left to right- Oran Eubrules, senior engineer. Danae Kapray, Syntagma of the Agreum 5th Phallanx. Veteran sergeant Zino Sedon, master ordenator of the Storm Tyrants 4th battalion. Ethun Alluens, lieutenant of the Jiam 7th rifles. Alexander Hale, partisan philosopher, and agitator.
The battle of the towers of dawn became one of the most fabled engagements to partisan sympathizers from the siege of the Myrean league shield worlds. While not the largest or most critical of battles it was bloody, and doggedly fought by those partisan forces defending the complex. An exemplary of calculated grit, the antithesis of the catastrophic chaos that was to follow at Myrea Prime.
The primary reason for the success that was the ultimately doomed defense has been largely placed on the leadership and skill of those pictured above. That the fortress held as long as it did, and then many of its defenders would be able to escape its inevitable capture can attributed to Danae Kapray above them all.
Kapray was noted as being a fierce calculating mind, and tenacious fighter who refused giving ground without a price. The battle demonstrated her ability to perceive The flow of battle over the miles wide complex. The true judge of her character may be when Orthodoxy forces surrounded the central defensive ring of the citadel and an offer of surrender as made. Her signal word response was “Karpoitz!”, a Myrean slang word of defiance. That the defenders were then able to escape in a break out maneuver with such numbers against them showed the capabilities of the 5th phallanx and its leader.
Deployed along side the Storm Tyrants 4th battalion throughout the siege of the shield worlds, the 5th Phallanx up held its reputation of soilders hard in body, and soul. The Myrean league’s Phallanx formations were elite divisions of grenadiers, heavy infantry, and sappers.
Of those pictured above Eubrules, and Sedon were killed when the western wall fell. It is believed that this was an intentional demolition as Orthodoxy forces overwhelmed it, and the resulting collapse buried a significant amount of siege armour.
Ethun Alluens survived, and is known to have been employed by Inquisitors loyal to the Partisan cause.
Danae Kapray evacuated Agreum V to Myrea Prime, and ultimately was able to escape the chaos of the fall of Myera possibly with the aid of rogue traders aligned to Kurganian rebels. It is believed she was never a true follower of the abomination but continued to serve the partisan cause till the end of the war. It is known that she also survived the end of the war continuing to operate as a mercenary on the the fringes of frontier space of the Morqub sector for some ten years at least.
Alexander Hales initially was thought to have perished at the Towers of Dawn but this proved to be wrong as he continued to be a active presence of the Partisan cause throughout the Heliopolis sector.



from this Fb post:


++ Ad mortem ti! ++

Kill Team Barghest of the Star Wardens with their Silver Star attaché.

[there are individual pictures of the models if you follow the link]



from this Fb post:


Dust and bone





from this Fb post: 


Battle Brother Alü of the Marines Saturnine, 5th Sataba, and Battle Brother Ugallu of the Marines Saturnine, 7th Sataba.


"The ship was drowning. It listed heavily to one side, exposing its bowels to the void, as the last vestiges of its oxygen supply screamed into the blackness of space, only to crystallize and die away. The crew too shared their ships demise, thousands floated on unseen currents and eddies; broken marionettes with their strings cut and set adrift.
The Marines Saturnine's ambush had claimed another victim in the War. A smaller, inconsequential vessel in the grand scheme to be sure, but nonetheless vital to the continued efforts to hold Corinthas V, a Hive World in Sector Heliopolis of some repute. It had key ties with Cold Forge, and as such, it's subjugation would only help tip the War effort further to Partizan favours. The ship, now joining its kin in floating listlessly above the beleaguered planet had been coming to bring relief, both in supplies and support. Now it would do neither.
The Glorious End, the Saturnine cruiser responsible for reaping such a deadly harvest activated thrusters, and began to cruise back into the cover of Corinthas Vs moon, resetting the ambush that had claimed no less than 5 Pentarchy vessels so far."
Two more of my Marines Saturnine, previously unposted. I hope you like them!



from this Fb post:


"He speaks a word that is not a word, something he gleaned in the decades sat listening at the throat of a Black Hole.

It tastes of ash, the bitter tang of irradiated rain, lingering on his palette.
The screaming begins, a terrible ululating Post-human howl, a sound of demigods dying in agony. He knows what he's done, the Word twisting 10% of the Calcium in their bones to newborn Plutonium, an act of the foulest Atomic Alchymy.
Ten Red Talons burn internally, their marrow and meat cooking as the newly birthed Plutonium squats where once their was bone."
"The Wurm spake the Words, and the Words spake the Wurm. The Word and the Wurm are a loop, endlessly devouring its tail."
-Extract from the Nekroatomica, a highly restricted work dating from M29.34, currently held within the Wormwood Vaults.
The Blind Warden, He who hast Listened at the Throat of the Wurm, Speaker of the Wurm/Word, Thrice Kurst-Sonne, joins the War of the False Primarch. Called from his meditations at the Throat of the Black Wurm, he is a desolate and ill regarded figure, even amongst those of his own Chapter....
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Dramatis Personae: Cassar Illiatauri (warofthefalseprimarch.blogspot.com)

"Illiatauri is either a delusional buffoon, a sensationalist liar, or the most dangerous man left in Sector Pacificus. Whatever the case, I want him dead."

[//High Lord Josef Strakh, Grand Provost Marshal+]



++ Chamber Borealis ++

...as one might expect, none emerged from the Sorrowful Years unchanged for much would be transmuted within the crucible of their passing. Alliances alloyed and reforged. Others sundered or called into question.



Operation Gauntlet: Kapihe Dionysius Maro

One of the great mysteries surrounding the Silver Stars was their actions during the early part of the war. What were they pursuing when the Pentarchy arrived? Why were the Quadrargenta left to hold the line when an apparent Legion-strength force was held in abeyance?
A trail to the answers begins here, with Dionysius Maro, one of Volnoscere's human(ish) lieutenants (by Greg B of the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts), and leading to the Paternoval Enovy, Casca Methuselahn, by Dan Joshua/@dark_isles


Dramatis Personae: Lord Admiral Ludovico Martegiani

For the glory of the Imperial Navy – Orthodox, of course...



++ Chamber Borealis ++

Rumours and portents herald the beginnings of Operation Gauntlet...



The Ecclesiarch's Arrival

'Holy, holy, holy is the mystery of the Emperor's Death-in-life.'
'Infamy, indiginity and woe upon he that seeks to betray the Emperor's new life to His people. Who is this Abomination, that he would draw back a much-needed veil? Ignorance must be preserved. Bear me thence, and we shall smother this dangerous fireband.'
'Obedience is the child of Faith, which is borne of mother mystery. Blessed are the unquestioning.'
[//Eccelsiarch Benedin II+]


Warzone: Ushant Polios

"As the Sorrowful Years drew to a close, the infamous Chaplain Constantine became the High Chaplain of the Flesh Eaters, replacing his slain predecessor. Notable for his work with Chapter Master Velghor and his infamous fall from grace, Constantine was a true hero of the Chapter and always earmarked for greatness - it is a shame that this came to pass under such tragic circumstances."
[//extr. Mythos Angelica Mortis [redacted as apocryphal in later volumes]+ ]
"Thou see me here, you gods, a poor auld man, As full of gryf as age and wretch'd in both."
Willam Shakspere, Playwright, fl.M2
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from this Fb post:



The children enter the cave in a long procession, led by the godes. The priests of Harrangeal are cowled, their faces hidden from the eyes of the children.
On Harrangeal, the eyes matter. On Harrangeal, the eyes will decide your fate.
The cave is vast. The snaking path between the stalagmites is formed by the flowstone, created by millenia of slowly dripping water from the surface of the world. It finds its way down through the soil and limestone, the caves beneath Harrangeal its last stop before disappearing forever into the unknown core of the planet.
Esker is not afraid. Not until he sees Willemyr. Willemyr Ek Blothsam. Willemyr the Bleeder. He is standing by The Veil at the end of the hall, staff in hand, head hooded. Eyes gone.
The Veil is larger than the skaldic songs would suggest. Esker had often heard it described as the greatest sail Man ever made, but now that he see it, he realizes that it wasn't made by men at all.
Esker can see the shapes beyond it. Not men at all.
Willemyr gestures and the children move forward. A slit has been opened in the cloth of The Veil, and they surge through it, ushered by the godes and the blows of their staffs. Esker pass Willemyr, but he still can't see his eyes.
On the other side the shapes become clearer. There are four of them. If it hand't been for the strange light Esker would have taken them for staglamites in the dark. What are they? Statues? A strange hum emits from their hulking shapes. It makes Eskers teeth clatter, his gums itch, his throat dry out. He is at the front of the procession now., walking slowly towards the shapes. Cautious. Altert.
As the children approach the statues, one of them moves. A blur and then it has Esker by the neck. It shines a strange, flameless torch at him. He sees the statue for what it is: a man. Or what used to be a man, now transformed into a mountain of sea-green steel. A Seidr.
The Seidr puts him down and shoves him to the next sea-green giant. This one is a true monster. The Seidr wears a cowl, underneath which is one glowing eye, yellow and baleful. All Esker can do is try not to scream. Not to cry out.
The eye of the monstrous Seidr looks right through him. Esker feels his short life pass from his heart and into that yellow abyss. When the Seidr finally releases him, he stumbles along, past the third Seidr. This one is black as the night, glowing green holes marking his face, but he doesn't reach out for Esker. He just watches, leaning heavily on a large polearm, its head the shape of a falling star.
As Esker approaches the last Seidr, a tall and gaunt creature with an elongated left arm ending in a crude simian claw, he knows that this is not an end. It is a beginning. And the eyes have decided his fate.



from this Fb post:


++Pict captures of Kill Team 'Litany', Death Eagles I, exerted from Inquisitorial Archives 871.M33

Identified as led by Brother-Sergeant Lyrkan, 7th of the Name, 35th of the Canon, 'Litany' was deployed in a covert operations capacity in the Cambyses Subsector, notably engaging Red Fish kill teams on multiple occasions.
The names of 'Litany' are recorded in the Chapter Archives of the Death Eagles I. The names of their many foes are unremembered, as the pale dawn rises++
Realised I never did actually post these in this group, though they did go up on my Instagram (cthonianreaver). Shameless plug? Yes. 1f605.png



from this Fb post:


Umathron Ur-Wodan Confederacy boarding party.

+ 6.537.827.33M +
An Umathron void clan flotilla along side a supporting squadron of Death Eagle II astartes waylaid the merchant vessel Mercaede’s Venture while on route from Coldforge. The vessel had been believed to be smuggling supplies to partisan rebels on Rybal and Moreaumunda for some time. A moderate level of resistance had been put up, but with how out numbered the Mercaede’s party was they eventually surrendered. After two days of inspecting the cargo, and investigation, nothing confirming the suspicions of consorting with partisan elements could be satisfactory found. The commanding Dominar of the flotilla nevertheless ordered all but one of the macro containers be confiscated, and held at the Confederacies’s orbital city of Tezhotl. The Mecaede's Venture was then released to continue its route.



from this Fb post:


Umathron void clan prospector with C.A.T. unit surveying, and collecting samples.

+ 7.683.793.33M+
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FYI, I got my claws on a pair of IA Fire Raptors and since you were looking for some vehicles, I think they‘ll look ace in Void Baron colours.

Edit: Now with pics… lots of details and shading to go..


but they are soooo cute !

Edited by Xin Ceithan
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Working on a small writeup of planets in a subsector, was thinking to have some mention about some members of a non-Partisan chapter being killed of to keep things secret. 


Anybody who wants their Chapter's battle-brothers to be the ones that bites the dust?


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How do this look?: 



+++ A presentation off the Hu-Mung and Hu-An subsector, found in the remains of the inquisitorial ship His will be done III, that was to be used by inquisitor Humbolt Hu-Sin, of the Ordo Astartes, it’s most likely that the original comments are by him. It seems to be from before the last stages of the “conflict”.



Night world

Rock deserts, jagged blue mountains, shallow slime seas and fungi-oasis. High amount of rakghouls that live on the surface. The survey have found little on mineral or other value, and geographically uninteresting.

+ What made a force made up by representatives of the Silver Stars and Jade Talons chapter, and Imperial Knight house Helios-Selene go there? I want to know.



Dead world, previous Xeno world

A dead world covered in the remains of xeno-ruins, exterminated a long time ago. Carved into the planet surface, large enough so you can see it from the moon is the winged sword of the Dark Angels Chapter.

+ Have found no information about what xeno-species existed on DF-45-85-Tertius or when the planet was exterminated. My requests for information to the Dark Angels have gone unanswered.

+ Maria had sent agents to DF-45-85-Tertius, they reported signs of recent combat and that astartes were part of it. Have to return to her to find out if her agents have found more. I want to know.

++ This Maria could be inquisitor Maria Timbuktu, she supposedly was active in the same area at the same time if what we have found is correct / a. Yoshi



Knight world

Homeworld of the Imperial knight house Daedalans. High mountains, fertile valleys, hilly lowlands, and deep seas. The planets cities and defences are all masterplaned by the members of the knight house, following not just practicality but also sacred geometry and esoteric mathematics.

+ Have turned into a notable warzone, with house Daedalans supported by partisan forces (including members of house Feng-Xhu, and squads from the Silver Stars), against the forces of the Pentarchy, most notable members of house Rustovitch, Lasambré, and LCL, and a demi-company of the Flesh Tearers.

++ Found reports that House Daedalans was at the end of the war completely destroyed and their homeworld being stripped of all their technology. But maybe there is something still there that can shade some light on things. What I have found about House LCL would they not enter a warzone where they did not have an interest, why were they on Knosseta? I want to know. / =][= Rémy-Remigius



Frontier world (former Agri world)

Former agri world, now a dustbowl. The decedents of the worker crews that were not transported away from Hungt together with the equipment eke out a living in the few patches of fertile soil they can find.



Feral world (tech-barbarian subtype)

Constant tectonic upheaval creates ever-erupting volcanoes and at the edge of each lava field, dense rain forests loom hungrily, awaiting the inevitable cooling of the soil. The native tech-barbarians tribes fight each other with guns and swords. Their elites dressed in lizard cloaks and simpler power armour.

Homeworld of the Hung-An Headtakers Astra Militarum regiment.

+ Have turned into a warzone with the natives siding with the Partisan and Pentarchy forces being shipped in. As for now 15 regiments of Imperial guard regiments have been lost to Hung-An, most of them being volunteer regiments of fanatics, so no real loses there. There have seemingly been little in the way of support from the Partisans to Hung-An, but this don’t seem to effect the natives moral. There are unverified reports of space marines in the colours of the Jade Talons “successor” the Steedsworn fighting against our forces.



Mining world

Surrounded by a mineral rich asteroid ring, mining ships shuttle between the belt and the surface to be processed and then shipped offworld. The people live in processing cities rules by councils made up by representatives of guilds and worker-unions, but all council members and decisions has to take in the layers of family loyalty, blood alliances and old family grudged that exist among all but the outcasts and outsiders.

+ Have sent request for help against ork-raiders.



Imperial World

Rocky and mountainous world without trees but lots of grass and shrubbery. Society is based upon its system of government and inheritance, and the right to own property and govern must be obtained anew in every generation. Once children reach the age of maturity their rite of passage consists of being exiled from their parents’ homes. There is no system of inheritance and against the local law to help your offspring unpaid, ones they have been thrown out.

+ Have sent request for help against unidentifed xeno-raiders.



Mining world

A gas-giant with 50 gas-mining-station-cities floating in it. Smaller ice mining operations on the five moons.

+ Have sent request for help against ork-raiders.



Mining world

A world rich with terbium, yttrium and copper. The mining have covered the surface with mining holes and slag mountains, and polluted air, earth and water.

+ Was under attack from orks that had “landed” on the surface with Ork roks. The native PDF was reinforced with three Astra Militarum regiments and a demi-company of the Halo Brethren chapter The later was ordered to leave the conflict to partake in the Annulus Umbra. Request for reinforcement have sent from the commander of the Astra Militarum forces.



Hive world

Subsector Hu-An captial. Five major hivecities, eight lesser hivecities. The outside is either corrosive rain or layers of smog-mist. 

+ Swore itself to the Partisan cause early, with the coming of xxx six of the hivecities rebelled against the planetary governor and swore themselves the Pentarchy. This turn to the righteous path



War world

Former hive world conquered by orks during the War of the Beast, being retaken by Astra Militarum forces with supports from the natives.

+ At least one Deathwatch kill team is supposed to be active on Humplingut. We need to make certain that they do not find out about the False Primarch, or make it so that they cannot spread the knowledge along if we are too late.


Lord’s rest

Paradise world

A beautiful world of shallow clear seas and uncountable islands. The land and the sea are filled with colourful animals, of which only a handful are any real danger to human life.

+ Have sent request for help against eldar-raiders.



Feudal world

An arid world cut by near-dead rivers carrying water from the polar caps to the remaining grassland sea beds. At flood time, they throw clouds of explosively evaporating vapour into the sky, producing a short, intense global rain that keeps the world barely alive. The native lives either as settled highland and canyon dwellers, or in nomadic/seminomadic tribes traveling between the settlements or pasturages. There are also ruins of ancient cities dotting the planet but those are considered taboo by the natives.

+ Our agents among the Partisans have sent information that the Silver Stars are planning to send a force to Arahadania. Have sent forces, including a Vigilants kill-team, to Arahadania to intercept whatever forces the Partisans send. What on Arahadania could the Silver Stars be interested in? I want to know.



Imperial world

A world of flat land and shallow seas, with nothing to hold it back the ranging storm winds that eternally circulate the planet. Only in the deep canyons have life been able to evolve without being whipped down or picked up by the wind. The canyons are connected by artificial tunnels and trenches that make it possible to travel between them without constant danger to life and limb from the wind. Many of the tunnels and trenches have trains going in them.



Feral world

A large moon, tidally locked around the gas giant Idarka-7. Life have evolved in the eternal light of the moon’s dayside. The landscape is usually uneven and rocky, it lacks real forests but there are many tree groves. The natives live as nomads on the back of ill-tempered gigauana lizards and trade, raid and make war with each other.



Agri world

A planet whose native life forms are all, from the minutest to the most gigantic, insects based and flies are something that colonists finds everywhere. While protein paste is the main export do they also export the meat of some of the larger insects as delicacies, and many of the faunas biochemicals are have found uses (mostly in perfumes and poisons).



Imperial world

A hot world made up by mostly desert and semi-deserts. People have carved out great trenches which they have covered with glass to create massive greenhouses. Society is highly hierarchal with the population divided into five estates, each with defined roles that they may not move beyond.


Port Solsatu

Special : Navel station / Mining world / Industrial World

A star system lacking any planets, instead surround by a humongous asteroid field. Countless mining operations, processing plants, factories, living facilities, and even gardens and farms exist among the asteroids, either on the asteroids or in their hollowed-out interior. There are also a large number of smaller spaceports, repair docks, and break-yards, and some shipbuilding facilities. Four navel ports exist at more or less each “corner” of the asteroid ring. The navy’s main port for the Hu-Mung and Hu-An subsectors.



Abhuman world

A rocky word of half deserts, canyon systems and salty inland seas. Populated by abhuman of the beastmen (Homo sapiens variatus) variant.

Homeworld of the Olsshon Abhuman Skirmisher Astra Militarum Regiment

+ One of the Extinction Armada’s ships is stationed in orbit, the regiments it’s supposed to shipping to fight the Partisan forces are wasting time and resources on a self-taken mission to exterminate the native abhumans. Xhung of Ordo Trask has informed me that Olsshon’s beastmen are, or at least were, loyal. And that she plans to prosecute every one of those fanatics that are wasting the Emperor’s resources.



Mining world

Gas giant with hundreds of floating gas-mining-cities that filtrated precious gases from the atmospeare. The filtration system has to routinely be cleaned from air-plankton, the dead air-plankton is then used as fertileness for the many gardens and farms that dot the mining cities.

+ A three-way war have broken out on Gung-Huan, between the Partisan, the Pentarchy and orks. Leading to mining cities being constantly fought over in an everchanging conflict of conquest and reconquest.

+ We had to sacrifice time and resources in killing the Dark Paladins 5th company, who had arrived to help fight the orks and found out to much. To make certain this stay hidden the mining-city this happened on was sunk. Keep a lookout after information about this, some might have seen/heard to much, this most be kept hidden or the Dark Paladins will most likely turn against us. Some things are better left forgotten.



Thought of the day: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing 





If anybody want their chapter to take the place of the Halo Brethren or Dark Paladins, just say so.

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From this Fb post :


+ Stage IV pic request! +

Sorry, another of my intermittent mendicant posts; but with all the Indices Astartes completed (1f62e.png), I wanted to gather up some material for Stage IV and a new event...
To that end, I'm particularly on the lookout for any pictures of:
  • Partisan and Pentarchy Space Marine portraits – Right at the start of the project, I asked for images of single bolter-armed Tactical Marines from your Chapters to show off the paint schemes in one easy-to-reference place. I'd like to do the same again – so if you have a square-format picture showing a basic Marine of the Chapter as they stand at this closing stage in the war, that'd be fab.
  • Dain Mir Eldar – Those shifty xenos are getting their Index Apocrypha here, and could do with some pics. Brenton Clifford (@imago_apis) has done a stand-out job on the Index and images already, but the more the merrier – and what better time than during the big Eldar re-release?
  • Silver Stars – Revelation time – starting with a look back at the Machinedeath on Null we get lots more info on the Silver Stars. And related to this...
  • Tanks and superheavies – The Machinedeath is the main reason that Titans and armoured columns aren't a major part of the broader war: the majority of all the Partisan and Pentarchy heavy armour, and the Titans of Legios Validus and Punica, are consumed in a colossal battle. This is their place to be showcased.
  • Abhumans – Orthodox, Partisan or neutral, I'd like to have an article or two on the squats, ogryns, beastmen and the like that appear.
If you've any questions, please post them in the comments. Ta!
On the Partisan side especially, lots of Chapters meet their ends in this stage, and I'd like at least one post with a 'class photo' that shows the schemes of the Space Marines that fought and died.
My housekeeping for the project has been... intermittent, so to avoid leaving anyone hanging too long this time, I'd like to keep this as a catch-all reference (plus you'll all be able to poke me!). To that end, when submitting pictures:
Please post a comment here with a description of what you're submitting (.e.g. 'Riven Lord Marine', 'Red Fish Predator for Machinedeath article'), and send your pictures to my email (PM me for the address). Please do include your name, and (if applicable) your Instagram handle with any pics, so I can properly credit you; and if you can, please include a short blurb of lore. Gold stars to those who tie it in with references (e.g. planets, Chapters and characters) from the existing story. 1f642.png
Important: if you have submitted something and think that I may have forgotten or missed it, please do take the opportunity to give me a poke (and accept my apologies!) and I will get back to you.
...and thank-you all once again! Feel free to spread the word as the War reaches its climax. Remember: #somethingsarebestleftforgotten
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Just thought people would find this fun: we have a Silver Stars reference in the description of a instagram user k0rdal's veteran of the Terran conquest


"He has fought beside those of the Silver Star, clad in white and teal as they tore down the Non-Euclidean Temples of the Leng."

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