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DreadnOgryn Walkers WIP


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Hello all!


I’ve wanted to get back into the hobby for a little bit, particularly building minis. When I was choosing what army I wanted to play, I knew that I wanted something that would be fun to build and convert having played Space Marines back in the day which was quite an easy army to stick together.


I first saw Ghan’s Primogryn on Pinterest and followed that image to their Warhammer-Forum and Facebook page to read all about them. I loved the idea and wanted to have a go at making my own so I ordered some 40k ogryn and Blood Bowl ogres, some bitz, and have started to piece together some DreadnOgryn.


Beginning with a pair of ogryn legs, I started to cut off their leg and file away their knees to attach Kastelan Robots legs and feet.






Following Ghan’s original design, I had planned to try and use Nemesis Dreadknight arms; however, I found that they looked too big and unwieldy.




Leftover bitz from the Kastelan Robots legs provided an answer. The natural shapes of their armour look like muscle, I feel, placing the DreadnOgryn somewhere between robot and giant quite nicely.




Adding some pouches helped to hide how thin the ogryn's waist looks when it's dwarfed by the bullgryn plate and the robot's legs and arms.




Right now, everything is held together with blu tack until I find a pose that I’m happy with.


I have no idea how I'm going to attach the Kastelan Robots legs to the ogryn's torso, but that's an issue for another time!

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I've been experimenting with the shape of the shoulder pads by using card to see what I liked best before committing anything to plasticard.


His left shoulder was a bit big, and I found that the shape was a bit boring too, although I like the curved edges rather than hard right angles. The right shoulder pad had the shape that I wanted, taking cues from the Palanite Enforcers.




A new right shoulder pad, slightly smaller compared to the old right shoulder pad.




I also tried to make this shoulder pad match the shape of the bullgryn plate, but the angle was too severe.





The left shoulder pad (which I drew the Palanite Enforcers markings on to out of curiosity) is more or less what I'm looking for.




It also looks much better from the back with a less severe angle.



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I've made a little progress with the Dreadnogryns. I started gluing the legs together and tried them out on some proper bases. Once they were on some proper bases, I was quite happy with them!




After wondering what arms to use for them, I settled on using the Kastelan bitz that I have been using thus far.




This was the first Dreadnogryn that I had built and I think that is obvious due to its awkward stance.




The second, however, I am much happier with. I feel that its looks much more dynamic and balanced than the first. Although I hope that I will be able to finagle with the first to make it look the part.


I have some Terminators' power fists that I intend to use as hands, and then it's time to forge some proper weapons.

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