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Inquisitor Erasmus Cartavolnus

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It's a very nice model, but there's something putting me off it that I just can't quite put my finger on, and it's not his 3-fingered bionic.


He's got no abdomen. . .


Still an awesome model.


Shame it's store anniversary.  Actually it's a bit of an insult.

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Inquisitor looks great if you don't think too hard about his abdomen, but putting him on the back of a book and then making him a Store Anniversary's not the best move. At least they're not too difficult to get hold of depending on where you live. 

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Fabulous model.


But the first new inquisitor outside of a box set in years and years and they make him a store anniversary model…

Ahh your a ray of sunshine aint you. :wink:


Do you actually have to go into the store to get this? If so I cant see many moving locally as the manager has barred most of the regulars because they dont fit her Clique 

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He's got his belt half way up his chest but that's normal when you pass a certain age. If he is currently still thrusting the sword into the book that would also crush the chest a little with the force.

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@Redcomet, I totally agree, people have been screaming out for the =][= for years now and they do this... As I said above our local wont shift many as no ones allowed in there :lol


Im prepared to go against everything I said about the store and pop in if anyone needs an Inquisitor grabbing. 

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