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JoyToy 40k - compilation (updated Jan 4, 2022)

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Since there is little good information on this subject, I decided to do some research and make a big ol' compiled thread of all the awesomeness that is this product line. First! Some details:



It's all set to 1/18 scale (roughly). Each regular infantry figure measures 12cm (or about 4.75”) tall with 25 points of articulation, and they come fully pre-painted with intricate detail down to squad markings and edge highlights. Faithful reproductions of their equipment can be attached and detached at will. 

Price: $100 USD for 4 marines (from Games Workshop)



The Librarian features 28 points of articulation, and a soft plastic cloak made that remains vivid and durable as you pose him.

Price: Unknown, likely ~$50 USD (sourced from other sites)



Meanwhile the imposing Tactical Warsuit stands 30cm tall with 45 articulated joints, hydraulic rods in the thighs, maximum stability, and special gear joints to let this beast of a toy stand tall in an incredible array of poses. 

Price: Unknown, likely ~$210 USD (sourced from other sites)



Size comparison:




WAVE 1 - Ultramarines Infiltrators and Incursors


(already sold out via Games Workshop, but are available elsewhere)

WAVE 2 - Ultramarines Intercessors, Primaris Librarian, and Tactical Warsuit, Blood Angels Death Company Intercessors
(Intercessors already sold out; Librarian and Warsuit should be available in January or February)
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Posted (edited)

WAVE 3 - TBD (Black Legion Chaos Lord, Marines, Terminators; Space Wolves Intercessors, Tactical Warsuit)






















Unknown Wave - Gravis Captain



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if these were more readily available, rather than built as FOMO releases, I'd probably get some. They're pretty cool figures and the 4" scale is pretty fun as you could conceivably play stuff like kill team with them.

Ooooo Inquisitor!!!!! Just need some Guard or Cultists and Id be well happy. 

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I had a friend who did "1/6 Scale Theatre"


She created sets and props for her figures and told 2 full novel equivalent stories in comic book form.


I always wanted to do something similar with 40k, but working with 28mm static miniatures is difficult.


If Joy Toy ever decides to try something that isn't a marine, they may facilitate this kind of storytelling. This is why I love McFarlane; I bought the sister, but when they announced a purestrain Genestealer, that was the moment things got truly interesting.


These toys are fabulous, but if you want a market, they need antagonists.

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When did the wave 2 Intercessors come out?

They were put up for preorder not too long after the infiltrators in October. Mine still haven't even shipped.
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I thought the first round was on the GW site, haven't seen any since then.


I remember seeing in the warcom articles, that they would put up another post when they're closer to release. Am I misremembering that?

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every time I tried to get any of these they were sold out. 

I would love that dred.

If they ever do Tsons then that would be a must for me.

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Can’t speak for anywhere else but the Infiltrator and Incursor sets, which were due here locally in Nov 2021 are yet to arrive.  They are expected some time this month att.  Shipping issues I believe.

The Intercessors, Librarian and Death Company sets are also listed for this month but will probably be delayed until next month.  The remainder (Invictor, Space Wolves and Chaos) are on pre-order for April.

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