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The Promethean Crusade

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Hey brothers of the Eternal Crusade!


I started a Primaris Crusade a long time ago. I painted about 10 models and didn’t follow through as I got distracted by my Krieg force.


Now it’s a new year and my brother wants to join in on the 40k fun!


He’d previously started his own Successor Chapter but has fallen in love with everyone’s favourite Space Crusaders!


We have a deal, he’ll do the modelling and I’ll do the painting.


True to form, I started with the model that I’d enjoy painting most!


Here’s the Marshal (as yet unnamed) of the Promethean Crusade:


51822198476_4aa7c20e4a_c.jpgBlack Templars Marshal


51822544429_6f3d7a94df_c.jpgBlack Templars Marshal


51821253262_b18e542dbd_c.jpgBlack Templars Marshal


Gotta say the new Black Templars range is phenomenal and I can’t wait to do more!


Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think.

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Thats a nice looking Templar. Even though I dont like Primaris I do LOVE the Primaris Templars, Im gonna be keeping an eye on this thread.  :smile.:

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Thanks very much brothers!


Slave to Darkness, nice to see you active here too! I’ll be mixing things up between my Krieg and the Templars so should keep both threads updated frequently!


Brother Captain Vakarian, I’m looking forward to adding more soon.


Bjorn Firewalker thanks for the encouragement!


Cheers Brother Kraskor! I thought I’d over done it with the gold so I’m glad you think it works.


Next up will be the first Crusader squad.

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Small update.


I finished the first model of the Crusader squad!


The level of detail on the new Black Templars Primaris is just mind blowing.


Even the troops sport the detail of other faction’s characters! Can’t say enough good things about them.


Anyway, here’s the pics:






More Crusaders to come! I’m loving these models!

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Brother Kraskor, thanks again!


Cheers Bjorn Firewalker.


Reinhard, couldn’t agree more! Believe me when you get around to the Crusader Squad you’re gonna love it!


There’s enough bitz to make the squad plus Templar up another squad (in my case it’ll be Intercessors)


I’m currently working on my fourth Initiate and I’m wondering shall I add a flaming torch on his back pack to single him out as a relic bearer?


I could use the representation of the relics that’s in the upgrade pack but then I can only use that particular one.


Plus being the Promethean Crusade they need fire right?

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Cheers Urkh!


I’ve made some progress on the Templars this week!


First up are the Initiates for the Crusader Squad (another squad is in the post!)


I found these very interesting and a joy to paint, every model oozes character and the threat of righteous zeal!


Here’s the pics:


51843779200_cc473b6cf2_c.jpgBlack Templar Initiates


51843039761_3a2e34063b_c.jpgBlack Templar Initiates


51843779325_7417d8edbf_c.jpgBlack Templar Initiates


51843039706_276af6c215_c.jpgBlack Templar Initiates


51843403254_b6d54ecf7c_c.jpgBlack Templar Initiates


51843150823_1bce2d8ee1_c.jpgBlack Templar Initiates


51843779275_e2deab12e9_c.jpgBlack Templar Initiates


51842102467_3d2e171531_c.jpgBlack Templar Initiates


Apologies for the wall of pics but I got a little trigger happy!

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Thanks Bjorn Firewalker!


Slave to Darkness, haha! Yeah it’d be rude not to include the Holy Hand Grenade!


Reinhard, cheers! Go for it! It’s a fantastic set.


As for the red fingers, it’s a nod to my bruv’s old successor chapter!


I thought it would give another point of interest on the model.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I’ve finally finished the first Crusade Squad!


I really enjoyed these Neophytes (dodgy hair cuts aside!)


The squad as a whole is just festooned with added details.


Here’s the pics:


51892626266_98c8dbf987_c.jpgBlack Templars Crusader Squad


51892712798_0f9e1f7fb0_c.jpgBlack Templars Crusader Squad


51891668352_09513c4aa2_c.jpgBlack Templars Crusader Squad


51891668372_5a8cf2a779_c.jpgBlack Templars Crusader Squad


I struggled a lot on the faces as I’m used to painting rebreather units.


I think they turned out ok.


Next up will be the Emperor’s Champion.

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