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  1. Almost having finished my current army (Iron Hands) I will soon be starting my Black Templars project, including a Crusade force. The theme is steeped in secrecy and is highly guarded. This is also known as the White Crusade.
  2. +++ incoming transmission +++ This is Marshal Ricard of the Memoria Crusade. Brothers, the is attempt 853 to reestablish contact with the fleet. We have been adrift in the void for longer than I can recount. However, I report our mission successful. We recovered several relics from the tomb world. Once we reconvene with the blessed High Marshal our crusade will continue anew. +++ transmission end +++
  3. With the Blogs feature unlocked, I have decided to move my previous efforts from the World Eaters subforum to my own little corner of the B&C. Here I plan to catalogue my force's trials and tribulations as we carve our way through our group's own sub-sector of space. War Zone Lalor is entirely a homebrew setting, with the background having been produced over three separate Crusade campaigns that our group has played over the past couple of years. Background The Great Rift It has been at least twelve, gruelling years since the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Great Rift, ripped the galaxy in half. With it, the Imperium was split in twain, designated the Imperium Sanctus and Imperium Nihilus. The Imperium Nihilus, severed from the light of the Astronomican of Terra, has endured a fate unknown. Even the Imperium Sanctus, under the studious protection of Lord Guilliman, is still beset on all fronts by every enemy imaginable. Previous Engagements in War Zone Lalor The Lalor Sub-sector lies within the Imperium Sanctus, in the Galactic North of the Ultima Sector. With the Realm of Ultramar secured by the Indomitus Crusade, elements of the Imperial liberators have been dispatched to the outlying sub-sectors. War for the Twins Breaking through the unstable warp routes to reach the Lalor sub-sector, the Imperial crusaders established a base of operations in the administrative heart of the region, the Geminid binary system. It was not long before the system became the target of a terrible invasion of heretics and xenos. Initially caught in defensive actions all over the system, the Imperial forces enacted a desperate last-minute gambit: a simultaneous trap for an enemy ambush and a counter-ambush crushed the invaders against all odds. With the enemy falling back in disarray, the forces of the Imperium consolidated their hold on their new garrison. Darkness of Rutil Before the dust could settle on the Geminid War, internal conflict arose within the forces of the Emperor. A wave of malaise and suspicion spread through the populace and soldiery, all the way from the bottom to the top. What should have been a great, celebrated victory was instead met with depression and anxiety through all facets of society. Several Imperial commanders separately noticed a psychic anomaly centred in the neighbouring Rutil system. With suspicion rife between the sub-factions of the Imperium, no one communicated this discovery to each other, as they each believed they alone could be trusted to investigate it. Sending small forces to the Rutil system, the Imperial forces each discovered that the warp surrounding the system was eerily quiet. Navigators, unable to detect warp currents, were driven mad. On the primary world of the system, small forces of Necrons, World Eater heretics, and renegade mining colonists were discovered. In the conflict that followed, it was discovered that some kind of warp-dampening technology employed by the enigmatic Necrons was causing the warp to fall dangerously quiet, while the Heretic Astartes were building massive monuments to reignite the empyrean once more. The conflicting effects were causing the unrest in surrounding systems. Setting aside all suspicion and paranoia, the Imperial forces joined for a joint push against the heretics and xenos, however they were successful only in demolishing the fell monuments of Chaos. The battle with the Necrons merely awoke more of the dangerous xenos, who completed the employment of their strange technology. The Imperials were forced to withdraw. The warp-borne malady was cured, though travel through the system was no longer reliable, and so it was quarantined. A Strange Servant With the strange warp-madness subsiding, Imperial forces recommenced the campaign to liberate the whole sub-sector. Responding to several calls for military aid, an Ultramarines strike force discovered a Rogue Trader lost in the void. Their vessel had been crippled and separated from the hulk it was using to transport vast amounts of material wealth. The hulk was known as The Most Dignified Servant and carried trade goods, relics and materiel. The Imperials decided that this materiel would be a great help to the war effort, and so agreed to assist the Rogue Trader in exchange for their materiel contribution. Locating this vast hulk, the Imperials boarded but immediately noticed that not all was as it was laid out by the strange trader. Relics and trade goods were loaded throughout the hulk, however the vessel was certainly not in full control by the trader. Clearly, very little effort had been taken to ensure that the vessel was sanctified, and it had become overrun by Daemons of Chaos, Death Guard heretics and Necrons. The Imperials found themselves surrounded and cut off in numerous sectors of the vessel, and only through the heroic efforts of the Deathwing were the rest of the Space Marines able to escape to safety. This was not before time, for as the last of the Deathwing withdrew, the Servant lurched into the warp, aiming directly for a nearby warp rift. It speared through the rift, opening a corridor to a previously isolated system. The Asturus System The *Servant's* departure left an opening to the Asturas system, which had been thought lost to the warp after the opening of the Great Rift. Dispatching a force from their base of operations in the Geminid system, the Imperials moved in to the Asturias system to assess the tactical situation. They found that the system's most populous world, the hive moon Janus, to be besieged by heretics and xenos over the whole planetoid. The majority of the world's populace resided in two hive cities, with smaller settlements scattered across the surface. Hive Primus was already in heretic control, flying banners featuring the tri-lobe of Nurgle and the skull rune of Khorne, however the fate of Hive Secundus was unknown. No military movements were detected in Secundus, and no vox traffic was coming from the city. Other settlements and fortified positions were barely holding out, some with only a PDF company or two fighting protracted campaigns against heretics, mutants and greenskins.
  4. Bardûl, the Hand of Khorne Formerly a member of the World Eaters' elite Terminator squads, Bardûl rose to prominence when the former master of the Cruentes, Achaeus, descended irrevocably into madness. Leading his most trusted Terminators against the blood-maddened tyrant, Bardûl attacked Achaeus on his command deck. Despite grievous injuries, Bardûl pushed past his adversary's defences and rammed his chainfist into the Astartes's innards. He was not automatically granted leadership of the Cruentes, however. Seven more challengers claimed the position, and Bardûl dispatched every one of them even in his battle-weary state. He earned the right to command the Cruentes. Claiming his title as the Hand of Khorne, Bardûl claimed to be the mortal who would wield the Blood God's armies as a weapon, to spread bloodshed and violence across the galaxy. In battle, Bardûl is indomitable in his heavy Terminator plate, and actively seeks out the most powerful of the enemy champions to slay them himself. He has the Disciple of Khorne Warlord Trait, but currently has no Relics. Kratus, Terminator Champion Amongst Bardûl's most veteran warriors, Kratus leads his master's elite bodyguard. Kratus and his squad were dispatched to assist another Cruentes warband, led by Xarian Doomgore, where they quickly earned a reputation for brutality and bloody efficiency. When Xarian proved to be an inept commander and warrior, Kratus and his Terminators deposed the failing champion. Since re-integrating with Bardûl's warband, several of Kratus's warriors have been dispatched on missions - ostensibly to track down other Cruentes warbands, though in reality Bardûl is aware that the Terminators together pose a threat to his leadership. Kratus and his four Terminators have the Red Butchers stratagem applied to them, via the Specialist Reinforcements requisition. Validon, Berzerker Champion Validon is one of Bardûl's longest-serving Berzerker Champions, and has been instrumental to the cohesion of the Cruentes as a fighting force. He instituted a gradual change to the Eternal Warrior's fighting pits: instead of individual combat, the pits would focus more on squad-based combat. Through repeated training in this manner over hundreds of years, the instinct to fight in a squad of brothers became so ingrained that even in the deepest frenzy, Berzerkers would know to fight together. Validon leads nine Berzerkers, collectively known as the Bloodthunderers. Dreior, Berzerker Champion A newer member of the Cruentes, Dreior is a vat-grown gift from Fabius Bile's gene clinics. Implanted with false memories, he believes himself to be a veteran of the Long War, and despite his relative youth, he is a consummate fighter. He and his squad are often seen breaking through enemy lines and hunting down specific targets. Dreior leads four Berzerkers known as the Hunters. Gorm, Berzerker Champion Another long-serving member of the Cruentes, Gorm leads the newest inductees into battle. His strict command gives these initiates their first taste at combat, and puts them on the path to becoming fully-fledged Berzerkers of the Cruentes. Gorm's habit of consuming the flesh of the dead, however, often permeates through the ranks of those under his command. As a result, a significant number of Cruentes share his cannibalistic tendencies. Xarian the Bloody Idiot Once the champion of a whole Cruentes warband, Xarian - formerly known also as Doomgore - was deposed of his position after it was apparent that he did not deserve to lead. Originally, he was the lieutenant of a rival World Eaters warband, the control over which he seized through betrayal, before he pledged them to Bardûl. As a reward for bolstering the ranks of the Cruentes, Xarian was gifted with command of his own warband and a rebellious Daemon sword. The sword resisted Xarian's ownership at first, having not been seized through combat. However, after several battles, Xarian appeased the weapon by stabbing it through his own stomach. Amused by this attempt at sacrifice, the sword appeared to capitulate. It soon became apparent that the sword still had not deemed Xarian worthy. Even though its power had been unlocked, it still rebelled at some of the worst moments possible, often leading to Xarian's defeat. Out of frustration, several conspirators - including Kratus and his Terminators - turned on the champion, dismembering his body and burying the Daemon sword deep within the Eternal Warrior. Xarian was kept alive as an amusement, more than anything, and was interred within a dreadnought sarcophagus. Xarian is a Helbrute, armed with a plasma cannon and hammer.
  5. This is my Crusade Thread; basically a mix of kitbashes, painting logs, battle reports and short story pieces, chonologing the growth of my home-grown crusade. Hope you enjoy something amongst all the nonsense BIG EDIT: Photobucket broke all my pictures... they are back up again, but not sure if this is permanent. In the meantime, here is my library in case you really want to see anything particular: http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/matzeke/library/?sort=3&page=1 First, some background info on the crusade: (For WIP, scroll down to pictures) The brethren of what is now known as the Renascibilitas Crusade were thought lost by their fellow templars when their flotilla vanished into the warp while pursuing a particularly destructive pirate fleet of twisted Eldar sadists, after a long and bitter campaign to push the Xenos back. After many years had passed, the return of these missing brothers came as a surprise. More surprising was their reluctance to discuss exactly where they had been, or why their numbers had dwindled. This information was deemed only for the ears of the high marshal himself. Since their return, the fiery and stoic force have remained distinct from some of their younger and more excitable chapter-brothers. Nevertheless, they demonstrate an unswerving loyalty to the will of the Emperor, and hold strong to some clear truths: The Emperor is the single greatest triumph of mankind and loyalty to him and his design is their highest priority. The Emperor's wisdom is to be respected. He chose to employ certain sanctioned psychic individuals to further his great goals, yet he decreed that his loyal marines should be free from that great burden and temptation. Those battle-brothers who have forgotten this are derided and scorned publicly, and rarely trusted or tolerated on the battlefield. 'Friendly' warning shots have been fired, as have less-friendly ones. This suspicion extends to all pyskers to some degree, but while essential tools of the imperium (astropaths etc) are tolerated within strict boundaries, the reckless use of battle-psykers means that inquisitors and librarians are viewed as one step away from the Xenos and the Heretic. This hasn't stopped the pragmatic leadership of the crusade from working with various chapters, inquisitors and members of the ecclesiarchy, but more than one ally has found that the templars can be fickle in their support. The crusade brothers are closely bonded themselves, likely due to their unspoken experiences in their missing years. As an old brotherhood, they remember the old ways, and the emperors truth. They respect the greatest man to have walked the galaxy, ritualising and dramatising their faith in his mind and design. They crusade in the name of man, not of a god. Their faith and zeal burns bright, a cleansing flame in the dark.
  6. Hi all! There are quite a few topics on the process of creating xenos armies here, even in a separate forum there are very few of them. Therefore, I decided to dilute the crowds of SM and CSM a little with blue-skinned guys in big robots. In general, it all started with the fact that we decided to gather and play Crusade with a small group of friends. But all the armies have guys in power armor, for this reason I decided to add a little variety and collect tau for myself. And at the same time, he shares with you the process and news from the battlefields (but this is still far away). To start, I decided to build and paint one Fire Warrior and one drone to try out the color scheme I came up with. These are small steps towards a great good. I was pleased with the result. Everything turned out pretty quickly and looks detailed. A little later I will try out the color scheme on big robots.
  7. Ok, I promise this will be the last time I update this model! I haven't been happy with my choice of head for this guy, and I wanted something to represent his Serpentine Fangs. The problem is that I couldn't find any models that were doing it for me. So, back to the 3D print solution! This handsome fella's head came from a collection of Vampire Heads by WildMesh, which I digitally kitbashed with some Butcher's Nails by Hellforged Miniatures. (I, erm, paid a lot more money for access to those Butcher's Nails than I'd like to admit...) I thought it turned out pretty well for my second ever digital kitbash! Buuuut you can barely see them in the photos. Ah well. Like the interior of a Rhino, at least I know it's there and that's all that matters... You may also notice his slightly ruddy complexion around the edges of his face. That's not just the lighting, but an intentional effect to demonstrate his Warp-born gifts. As if the scorpion tail wasn't enough... Anyway, I have definitely tinkered with this model enough! Next time will be something new, I promise...
  8. Hey brothers of the Eternal Crusade! I started a Primaris Crusade a long time ago. I painted about 10 models and didn’t follow through as I got distracted by my Krieg force. Now it’s a new year and my brother wants to join in on the 40k fun! He’d previously started his own Successor Chapter but has fallen in love with everyone’s favourite Space Crusaders! We have a deal, he’ll do the modelling and I’ll do the painting. True to form, I started with the model that I’d enjoy painting most! Here’s the Marshal (as yet unnamed) of the Promethean Crusade: Black Templars Marshal Black Templars Marshal Black Templars Marshal Gotta say the new Black Templars range is phenomenal and I can’t wait to do more! Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think.
  9. 12 August, 2022 Eager to collect as much loot as possible, greenskins have launched an all-out attack on the Cruentes' position in the industrial outskirts of Hive Prime. Our sources tell us that these greenskins call themselves the Death Skulls. This pleases Khorne. Leading the initial defence is Thrax Gorechosen, the Exalted Champion. He is accompanied by the Berzerker squads led by Validon and Dreior, as well as the Helbrute Xarian the Bloody Idiot and Bardûl the Wretched Fool. Lord Kratus is on standby on his flagship, The Eternal Warrior, ready to reinforce if needed. For Agendas, I chose Eye of the Gods to kill enemy characters, and Cull the Hordes because why not. Wary of the enemy's brutish firepower, the Cruentes deploy defensively, hoping to bait the greenskins into a foolhardy charge. With a reverberating Waaaagh!, the Orks fling themselves forwards, led by their Warboss. We are told that this huge brute is not, in fact, the leader of the group, despite their size and aggressiveness. This confuses Khorne. The greenskins with a penchant for pyrotechnics open up on poor Bardûl, who suffers terrible burns and flees the battlefield in mindless panic. Great, it'll take days to find him again... A couple of the greenskins open up on Xarian as well, who - on Kratus's order from orbit - launches a barrage of obscuring smoke. Regardless, one lucky shot does get through and succeeds in causing some significant damage. Grinning with glee, the actual enemy boss - an apparent field mechanic with a very fancy array of weapons - orders a hail of rockets from his large vehicle at Rhino II, knowing that the Cruentes have wasted their chance to screen it with smoke. Many of the shots go wide, but enough punch through the Rhino to disable it. Two Berzerkers are killed in the barrage. Gunning the engine of their truck, the burners hurtle towards Xarian, staggering him with their heavy ram. Despite this, Xarian catches his balance and stops the flimsy vehicle in its tracks, bringing his huge hammer down to wreck the truck's engine. The greenskins pile out, three getting tangled in the wreckage. Here is where Thrax's arrogance began my downfall. Not wanting to commit all his Berzerkers to a single charge, he order them to remain embarked while he and Xarian charged the greenskins in front of them. The Rhino accelerated in first, distracting the pyromaniacs for long enough for the pair to charge unimpeded. Meanwhile, Dreior's Berzerkers threw themselves at the greenskins in the midfield. In a spray of gore, the brutes were dismembered one by one by the frenzied Berzerkers... ...who then piled into the dimunitive greenskin slaves, only for one of the lucky gits to somehow club one of the (unwounded!) Berzerkers to death! Despite the success against the enemies in the midfield (ignoring that one ignoble casualty), Thrax's and Xarian's charge didn't go so well. The Warboss, Grog, dispatches the Helbrute with apparent ease and claims several useful mechanical components for himself. Thrax sweeps aside three greenskins with Gorefather (only a single 6 to wound - with rerolls - and my opponent passed a lot of Waaagh invulnerable saves). Things go from bad to worse: the flamer Orks pass their Morale check with insane bravery and fall back, the rocket-armed Orks blast apart the second Rhino with ease, killing three (!!) more Berzerkers, and Warboss Grog dispatches Thrax without breaking a sweat. The Berzerkers manage to inflict a bunch of wounds on the Warboss (that Fury of Khorne stratagem is gold), but a -1 to wound and a 1+ save makes him very, very difficult to hurt. Over the next turn, Grog would proceed to butcher the rest of the Berzerkers. Meanwhile, Kevdak the mechanic commander blitzes most of the Berzerkers in the middle. The rest were subsequently minced by their monstrous truck. Sensing that things weren't really going well, Kratus decides that now is a great time to finally teleport in. Failing his charge (even with a reroll), he's left facing the guns of every remaining greenskin. It's at this point that my opponent throws me a bone: Kevdak (or "Big Kev") howls a challenge to the Chaos Lord. No Ork is to raise their weapon to impede the challenge. (To be clear: it wasn't just for my benefit. My opponent wanted to force a leadership challenge between Grog and Kevdak.) In a familiar display of luck, Kratus's armour holds against the flurry of blows from the greenskin warlord, but barely. Finally, in my own turn, and with one wound remaining, Kratus cuts apart his opponent's armour to expose the greenskin inside. However, seeing his demise written on the wall, Big Kev unleashes all remaining firepower from his massive armour, with just one shot finding a chink in Kratus's armour. With that, the last World Eater falls. Result: 8-62 Loss Ultimately, this game was lost in my first turn, when I overestimated how much work my Helbrute and Exalted Champion would do. I think I had the right plan to hold one unit of Berzerkers back, but instead of spreading my charge out, I should've thrown the disembarked Berzerkers at the enemies in my backfield. I think they should've had a good chance to kill the Burnas and Warboss on the charge, when accompanied by the Helbrute and Champion. Ah well, lesson learnt. Xarian suffered an Angered Machine Spirit, so cannot benefit from stratagems. On the plus side, Kratus earned two Personal Glory points for killing the enemy warlord, and increased in rank. Khorne saw him fit to bless him with a Scorpion Tail for +1 Attack. Kratus's Personal Glory: 3 -> 4Khorne's Dark God Glory: 6 -> 5Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7
  10. 5 August, 2022 Kratus once again lead a small Combat Patrol against the Death Guard, this time accompanied by his lieutenant, Thrax, Dreior's Berzerkers, and a small mob of Cultists. The mission was to punch through the enemy line to cause as much havoc as possible. For my Agenda, I chose to initiate yet another Blasphemous Ritual to earn some more Glory for Khorne. Unfortunately, I had been painting Kratus's model and completely forgot to bring him along, so a random Terminator will have to be his stand-in. This was my opponent's third ever game of 40k, so it was going to be another relaxed game with minimal pressure. Just throw some dice and have fun! In this mission, my opponent had to deploy his entire army first, and was forced to split it into three parts. I took advantage of this, by putting the bullet catchers highly valuable Cultists in the middle, backed by my Chaos Lord. My main push would be on the left flank, where the Berzerkers and the Exalted Champion Thrax would be able to overwhelm the flank and sweep around to the middle. I won first turn, and moved everything up the field. The Cultists began an Action in the middle of the board to raise some mighty skull piles for Khorne. I was going to use Apoplectic Frenzy on the Berzerkers to yeet them up the field for a first turn charge, but decided against it at the last minute. My opponent was only new to the game, and I didn't want that to be how he found out about such an ability. I told him what I could have done, and against his protestations I continued simply moving the Berzerkers. In his turn, he shuffled some Plague Marines on both flanks to get some shooting off, and left his Blight Hauler in the middle. When all was said and done, a few Berzerkers were slain and most of the Cultists were killed. I forget how many exactly (and didn't take a photo), but I think there were only 1-2 cultists left - but it was enough to keep their Action going. Khorne was evidently pleased with their sacrifice, as the action succeeded and I gained a Dark God Glory point (and a bunch of XP on the Cultists). In my turn, Thrax killed a couple of Plague Marines, continuing his trend of being completely incapable of rolling 6s to wound for Gorefather, even with rerolls. Thankfully, Berzerkers were more than enough to finish the rest. Meanwhile, Kratus bounced off the Blight Hauler. We both dealt just a few wounds to each other - I always forget how tough these damn things are! My opponent continued to string out his Plague Marines on the right and finished off the Cultists. While the Lord of Contagion swept around to take care of Kratus. Unfortunately, Kratus's knack for surviving against the odds abandoned him and he fell to the Manreaper. In my third turn, I declared the centre objective to be the Alpha objective, since I planned to move there anyway. The Berzerkers and Thrax moved up to wrestle the Blight Hauler off the objective...but I foolishly left my squishy Exalted Champion standing directly in front of the Lord of Contagion. This is a theme you'll see me repeat a lot! Wisely, my opponent charged the Champion and Berzerkers, killing the Champion. In return, the Berzerkers carved chunks off the character's armour, reducing him to just a single wound. In my own turn, the Lord of Contagion slew two more Berzerkers, and shrugged off their attacks. At this point, I was slightly ahead on points. Had my opponent just stayed in combat, there was a good chance I could finish the Lord and just hold the Alpha objective until the end of the game, maybe also shuffle over and add to the cultists' pile of skulls. So, weighing his options, my opponent initiated a Hail Mary charge with his last Plague Marines - and he made it. The sons of Mortarion finished the last of my Berzerkers to claim the objective. Result: 25-45 Loss Unfortunately, Kratus gained some wounds that would not heal after the battle, gaining the Deep Scars battle scar (cannot perform Actions, cannot Heroically Intervene). The Cultists also gained a scar, but I ended up just deleting them from my list to make room for other units. Despite losing, I still rolled well for my Chaos Points. Kratus lost a little glory for dying so ingloriously, but Khorne was pleased with the sacrifices and I made sure to keep my Warfleet in Favour. Kratus's Personal Glory: 4 -> 3Khorne's Dark God Glory: 4 -> 6Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7
  11. "lost in the warp for 11 years" EDIT: Obviously i have made this my Black Templars WIP/PLOG... so enjoy /EDIT I already made a post in new members, but I feel I need to report directly to the fortress monastery! Hello y'all. I have played black Templar since 1999. Shut it down in about 2004 with the dissolution of my immediate circle of gamers. Getting back into it now. So I've been lurking for a while on this board. Y'all have given me a lot of inspiration. I will be rebuilding my crusade. With the acquisition of 2 tactical boxes, 2. BT upgrade boxes and a stern guard box folded into my existing forces I intend to build 4 crusader squads. For lack of better terms 2 shooty and 2 choppy. Fully 9 initiate and one sword brethren The shooty squads will have bolters, a heavy bolter, a special weapon and the sb will have a matching combi weapon and power sword all in a rhino. The choppy squads will have 5 neophytes with, 9 initiates and a sb, all with bp/cs except imbedded power fist special weapon and sb with power sword and matched combibolter. Both in their compulsory LRC. Leaving room for an HQ in the LRC. I will have 6 sword brethren built all with power swords and combi weapons. 2 plasma, 2 melta and 2 flamer. Also 6 special weapon initiates, 2 each of plasma, melta, and flamer. Seeing a pattern? Plan is to move in matched combo and special to the appropriate squad depending on my enemy. Throw in 2 HQ, i have several Marshalls chaplains techmarine and emperor's champion. Should be a fun fluffy army. Sadly almost everyone I saw at the local 40k night were playing marines which will get old, and require I declare any "loyalist" opponents excommunicate traitoris before the match... Lol Almost forgot, I have a predator, some land speeders, enough initiates for a devastator squad with 4 missile launchers, and a dreadnaught all for support... Guess I need anti air cus that is a thing now...
  12. Today, I had my first game in our crusade group. We are 18 players with the following factions: Imperium: Space Marines (Bellatores Aerea - Ultramarines Successor) Space Marines (Pit Hounds - Ultramariens Successor) Space Wolves Imperial Guard Night Lords (Apparently the player has an explanation for that, but I haven't heard it yet) 2 x Adepta Sororitas Dark Angels (myself) And one still undecided since he didn't have time to jump in at the beginning - I will be a jumper next week Rebels: Adeptus Mechanicus (Torchbearer, with Custodes mixed in) Adepta Sororitas Blood Angels (actually War Hounds, pre-Heresy World Eaters lost in the warp) Death Guard Genestealer Cults (Bladed Cog) 2 x Necrons 2 x Tau My crusade list: 1 RP - Relic: The Armour Indomitus 1 RP - Relic: Mace of Redemption 1 RP - Warlord Trait: Inexorable 1 RP - Specialist Reinforcements: Paragon of the Chapter - Brilliant Strategist 1 RP - Warlord Trait: Imperium's Sword HQ: Captain Duma, Primaris Captain with master-crafted auto bolt rifle, master-crafted power sword, Rites of Initiation, The Armour Indomitus, Paragon of the Chapter: Inexorable, Brilliant Strategist (115 pts, built for toughness) Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator Armour Artemius Grohm, with storm bolter, Mace of Redemption, Imperium's Sword, Canticle of Hate (100 pts, melee support and oomph) Elite: Redemptor Dreadnought Nestor with 2 storm bolters, Onslaught gatling cannon, Icarus rocket pod, macro plasma incinerator (185 pts , fire support and lieutenant role via CP) 5 Deathwing Knights, squad Anafiel (235 pts, deep striking with chaplain to end overbearing threats quickly) Standard: 10 Intercessors with bolt rifles (200 pts, I decided to play a single squad because they will earn exp as if one even if combat squadded, and are more difficult to completely wipe out, i.e. more resistant to battle scars)Heavy Support: 5 Hellblasters with assault plasma incinerators, squad Larathiel (165 pts, for MEQ hunting, and overcharged WftDA backup vehicle popping) A second warlord trait is possible due to Specialist Reinforcements being interpreted as allowing the Paragon of the Chapter and similar stratagems, the organizers ruled that codices have precedence over the base rules. Last week I had a practice game against a Space Marine player from my own faction, since we were both severely out of practice, him having played last in 5th edition and myself only having played one or two games in 8th, last time was 2 years ago or so. It was a blast, and we learned a lot, and I ended up tabling him in turn 3. This week's pairings were as follows: Space Wolves vs Tau 1 - Space Wolves win Space Marines vs Rebel Adepta Sororitas - Adepts Sororitas win Space Marines vs Tau 2 - Tau win Dark Angels vs Blood Angels - This was my game. Read the results below List for game 1: Captain Duma 10 men Intercessor squad Redemptor Dreadnought Nestor 500 pts Opponent - Warhounds: 1 Smash Captain with Teeth of Terra, Speed of the Primarch and Imperium's Sword 4 Sanguinary Guard 5 Assault Intercessors with PF sergeant Contemptor Dreadnought with Multimelta 493 pts As you can see, I played against the Warhounds, represented by Blood Angels rules, which I find pretty fluffy, and he was a pleasant opponent. Like myself, he hasn't played a lot of 9th edition yet and was only marginally experienced in 8th. Again, we learned a lot together. We played the Tech Relic mission from Plague Purge, with additional hidden mission markers - You can investigate a terrain piece as an action until you find a piece of tech or similar. After setting up the four mission markers, my opponent first set up his Contemptor in a corner and I decided to completely deny him that flank and set up my Redemptor in the opposite corner. He proceeded to set up the rest of his army in the middle of his zone and I huddled up in my corner to make full use of my captain's aura. My intercessor squad was set up in two combat squads, one in cover and in range of one of the mission markers. I won the roll-off and took first turn. My agendas were Angels of Death (+3 exp for all units on the field if the enemy is tabled) and Know no Fear (+2 exp for each tally mark on successful morale tests) Turn 1 DA: In the command phase I activated Wisdom of the Ancients on the Redemptor to give captain & lieutenant rerolls to the whole huddled army. I moved one combat squad and the Redemptor up out of cover to give him a juicy target. The other combat squad searched the mission marker and uncovered the tech relic on a five, giving me the idiot ball. My intercessors took pot shots at his assault intercessors, causing a single wound. The Redemptor had line of sight to the sanguinary guard and completely deleted it thanks to devastator doctrine and good rolls on my part. Turn 1 BA: He moved up his captain into a LOS blocking ruin in the center board, and his assault intercessors towards my bait squad. His Contemptor trundled up from his awkward position and searched one of the terrain pieces on the way. His shooting consisted of five heavy bolt pistols, causing one wound on my intercessors. He then charged my captain with his, and reached my bait squad after losing one model to Overwatch fire. He decided to start combat off with his captain and I activated the Armour Indomitus so he bounced off after causing a single wound. I spent two CP to interrupt him at this point, and killed two of his assault intercessors, leaving him with only one to attack me, who managed to cause a single wound (after I saved a PF attack on a six) and losing me the wounded model. My captain's counterattack unfortunately failed to wound completely. His assault intercessors failed the morale test and he was left with only the sergeant. My morale test was automatically passed, giving me a tally mark for later. Turn 2 DA: Weee! Tactical doctrine. All my models were in engagement range, except the Redemptor. In the command phase I activated Wisdom of the Ancients again and put the Redemptor back into devastator doctrine with Brilliant Strategist. The Redemptor moved into position to attack his captain. Shooting in close combat with Fire Discipline wounded the assault intercessor sergeant once and failed to wound his captain, whom I subsequently charged with the Redemptor and crumped out of existence with five wounds and only two saves on his part. His sergeant managed to wound with the power fist, but I saved again on a six and killed him with the rest of the attacks, leaving only the Contemptor on the table. Turn 2 BA: He moved up his Contemptor, shot and killed one of my intercessors and successfully charged them from 11" range. They were killed unceremoniously but this left him wide open for my coming counterattack. Turn 3 DA: Still in tactical doctrine, and I again put the Redemptor into Devastator doctrine + Wisdom of the Ancients. My surviving combat squad of intercessors moved with the tech relic into firing position, and managed to take off 3 wounds off the Contemptor with their bolt rifles. The Redemptor only managed to cause two more wounds with an overcharged macro plasma incinerator. However, that was quickly rectified after I charged into close combat and ripped him apart, tabling my opponent after 1h20min. I used my remaining turns to search terrain pieces until I also had one of the rewards. Final tally: 100 VP for me The reward I found is an orb that gives an additional one exp per game to the unit I give it to. I decided on Nestor. 1 + 3 (Angels of Death) + 3 (Marked for Greatness) = 7 Exp for Duma - level up, he is now Keeper of the Unseen Ritual (1 Battle Tactic stratagem per game costs 0 CP) 1 + 3 (Angels of Death) + 2 (Know no Fear) = 6 Exp for the Intercessors - level up, they are now Impassive Sentinels (5+ FNP in range of mission markers) 1 + 3 (Angels of Death) + 1 (3 destroyed units) + 1 (artefact) = 6 Exp for Nestor - level up, he gains Enhanced Engines (+2 Move, +1 charge and advance rolls) Furthermore, as victor bonus, I get to choose a single weapon enhancement, with which I decided to upgrade my captain's master-crafted power sword to give +1 Strength (making it a Heavenfall Blade light) Next time, I'll probably remember to take pictures, but this time I was too excited for my first game of 9th I don't know yet what I will do with my next RP, since we will remain on 1000 points max games, but I will give it some thoughts. I might just raise my supply limit to have a bit more flexibility in the lists. Next week's pairings are as follows: Imperial Guard vs Death Guard - Death Guard win Night Lords vs Necrons - Postponed Adepta Sororitas 1 vs Adeptus Mechanicus - AdMech win Adepta Sororitas 2 vs Necrons - Necrons win Dark Angels vs Genestealer Cults - Dark Angels win I will be playing as a jumper, i.e. out of competition, earning no experience and not utilizing the exp and battle honors I already gained this week. There are some special rules in play that I will explain if they become relevant.
  13. Hello, After setting up a couple of narrative based campaigns for my hobby group prior to 9th edition, I was very excited to utilize the new Crusade rules. Now that the upcoming Octarius Warzone have my ork players interested in gaming again, I thought it would be fun to host a narrative campaign with the group. I will be using this thread to blog my progress with the campaign as well as my own crusade force. Planning and House Rules Those of us who have played a few crusade games before would no doubt be aware that the starting a crusade army is quite restricting, and that you the player need to get more than a few small scale games under your belt first before building up to a larger army. While this is a perfectly good narrative tool, a good chunk of my players don't enjoy smaller games, and I personally felt that using small armies ruins the grandeur somewhat of a large scale conflict the warzone campaigns represent. With this in mind I've decided to implement a house rule which I feel should satisfy all parties: Buildup Reconnaissance So the first part of my great plan is to use the White Dwarf missions as something of a springboard. Starting from today, my group can create their crusade rosters, and play the previous months White Dwarf Flashpoint with said rosters until either the warzone book releases or we run out of articles (whichever comes last). As the White Dwarf articles describe fringe conflicts to the wider warzone, the battles are small scale and act as "side quests" for a player to achieve in preparation to the full warzone book. Send in the Strikeforce The second part of this plan is something of a safety net should players either not have the time or interest in taking part in the buildup reconnaissance (no judgements, as half of us are currently enjoying an AoS path to glory campaign), and that is simply giving players the choice at the start of the campaign to either use their roster made during the buildup reconnaissance, or to make a new roster with a power limit of 100, rather than 50 (but with the same 5 requisition points limit) which should give players enough to play with to make a large scale force that they're happy to play with. I have opted to make a buildup reconnaissance force, with the intention to play one or two of the special white dwarf games a month, which I will go into detail in my next post.
  14. From the album: Black Templars

    High Marshall Helbrecht reviews the mustering of the Serpentis Crusade. Yes, not all these HQ choices will be able to join the fleet. Apart from Helbrecht and Grimaldus who are here for the review, there are one Marshall, two Castellans, two other Chaplains and three Emperor's Champions gathered here. The Elites are a little over-weight too, with two Dreads and three TDS squads - and the Sternguard are still work-in-progress. 2014-08 BT Serpentis Crusade IMG_0899_XC
  15. Zeron Androcles didn’t turn from his work bench as his first Lieutenant stepped through the door. Otho was in full armour with his crested mark VII helm held in the crook of his arm. The amber and black heraldry had been freshly painted, repairing the damage of the previous campaign. The chalice icon, a new addition carved from plasma sealed lapis lazuli on his chest had been shined to perfection. Otho stood quietly while his Captain finished. Androcles raised the votive blade to eye level to inspect the edge. Satisfied with his work the captain tested the blade on a scrap piece of parchment. The blade glided effortlessly through the sheet. “Otho. I want you to submit a petition for armoury support, for a company level deployment.” “What manner of foe do we face Captain?” asked the Lieutenant. He had to raise his head slightly as Androcles stood. The Captain was still not used to towering over his old friend in this new Primaris body. “Necrons. Primarily the Sautekh dynasty if the intelligence from Macragge is to be believed.” “Then the rumours are true? Damnos is besieged once more?” “It is.” Androcles crossed his chambers to the armour stand and reattached the now sheathed votive blade to his stored equipment belt. “Lord Calgar does not have the numbers to spare to engage the foe alone. Our Chapter, alongside the Brazen Consuls and the Iron Hounds, have pledged support.” Androcles laid a hand on the chest plate of his armour. Like his body it was new, stronger than its previous incarnation. And it was untested in battle. Androcles turned to his Lieutenant, his face split by a rare smile. “We will make a worthy offering of these Xenos to the Primarch. It’s just a shame they don’t bleed.” Greetings all. When the new codex dropped I became obsessed with the colour scheme of the Libators for some reason. Fast forward a few months and after finishing a couple of models, its a project I want to pursue. So this is the tale of my new Crusade force, themed around the 8th Company as deployed during the 3rd war for Damnos. As well as liking the colour scheme, I felt there was room for me to flex my creative muscles with the chapter since there is little written about them. So far I've got two models finished: Captain Zeron Androcles and one of his Lieutenants, Otho Gracchus. I'm quite proud of them, Otho especially as he was picked to feature on one of Warhammer TV's Hobby Roundup shows last month. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_16936/gallery_55046_16936_124753.jpg] http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_16936/gallery_55046_16936_20495.jpg] The current plan is to have the 50PL starting force fully painted by the 17th May, which is when my best mate and I will be able to meet indoors to play games here in Scotland (assuming no Nurgle related problems). We're going to play through the Pariah Nexus Crusade book as a campaign. Next on the painting table are a Primaris Chaplain, a Reiver Lieutenant and three Inceptors. With three squads of Assault Intercessors to follow when the order shows up.
  16. Hello. I’ve decided to start a Chaos force. I really like the black and gold colour scheme for Black Legion so want to use them as the basis for an army (plus Abaddon is badass!) I’ve bought a squad of Havocs and a unit of Chaos Space Marines to start with. Now, I intend on running 2 units of Havocs. One with 4 Lascannons and one with 2 Reaper Chain Cannon and 2 Heavy bolters. Is that a good idea? Or would the heavy weapons be better included with the Marines squads? Also how should I arm the Sergeants? All help would be great as I’d like to crack on with building and painting them up! Nothing like a new project.
  17. Greetings crusaders! I've recently gotten back to the hobby after a hiatus of 10+ years and is there a better way than launching a new crusade? I'm still very much in the beginning stages but I was thinking that maybe starting a log would give me more motivation to actually get stuff done. The progress won't probably be too fast as I never did and sadly still haven't played a game(don't know a single other player ) so I'm not in much of a rush to finish everything but the backlog is getting frighteningly long. But on to the actual topic First up there's the Gravis Captain from Dark Imperium: He's still very much in progress, basically only highlights on the armor and some other base colors so far. Then there's the two Castellans from DI as well: Naturally Templar veterans such as them need some cloaks, tabards and chains. The cloaks actually came out a quite uneven but well.. room for improvement. There's also some others in progress but don't really have good pictures of them for now This is it for now but will update when there's progress.
  18. I got back into the hobby at the start of this year - my mental health was deteriorating, so I figured some sort of art project would be good to focus the mind and block out the stress of work. As as kid, I'd collected Dark Angels, and still being drawn to the more knightly chapters, but wanting a change, I started collecting Black Templars. I've posted some earlier WIP photos, but with reaching the goal I've had for the force, I wanted to give the fighting company a name. Hence, this thread, and so, without any further ado... Photos Marshal's Household Marshal Friedrich was one of the first characters I painted; Chaplain Luther was one of the most recent. At some point I'll have to strip and repaint Friedrich up to the same standard as Luther. Friedrich, as with all my Gravis-armoured troops, has a Grey Knights Paladin helm. Luther is converted from a spare Captain body I had from the Apocalypse bundle, with a Crozius made from two of the Black Templars upgrade sprue axes. Note the Reiver helmet tucked away on his belt - a Chaplain has to have a skull helm, after all. R to L, top to bottom - Sword Brother Thorias, the Emperor's Champion; Sword Brother Richard, Ancient; Apothecary Garrus; Castellan Cador; Castellan Angard; Castellan Ludolphus. I was loathe to pay the full price for a Primaris Apothecary. Garrus is one of my leftover Hellblaster bodies, with Grey Knight Paladin parts. He does, of course, have two pistols holstered on his hips, representing his absolver bolt pistol and reductor pistol. Thorias, my Primaris-scale Emperor's Champion, has arms from the old Black Templars upgrade sprue. His body is, again, a leftover Hellblaster. Battle Line Intercessor Squad One, led by Sword Brother Vanrich, the first of four squads with basic bolt rifles and two auxiliary grenade launchers. It took a whole lot of cutting, but the old upgrade sprue tabards have been spliced onto some of the initiates. There's also an assortment of Grey Knight parts dotted through, and pouches/seals/relics from the old upgrade sprue - this is repeated on the other Intercessor squads. I got into 40k as a kid, when back banners were very much a thing - I had to give all my Intercessor sergeants banners. Models from Dark Imperium are also divided across the first four squads. Intercessor Squad Two, led by Sword Brother Heinrich. Intercessor Squad Three, led by Sword Brother Jost. Intercessor Squad Four, led by Sword Brother Halrik. Intercessor Squad Five, led by Sword Brother Geraint. Squad five is the first of two with auto bolt rifles, and plenty of close combat knives, blood spatter etc. Geraint carrys a power sword. Intercessor Squad Six, led by Sword Brother Halrik, who has a power fist and hand flamer. Close Support Reiver Squad One, led by Sword Brother Gorthis. To me, only Chaplains should have skull helms - instead, MkIII Iron Armour helmets and studded shoulder pads (of course with plenty of blood spatter too) seemed suitably menacing to warrant their "Terror Troops" special rules. Inceptor Squad One, led by Sword Brother Jarold. those flying stands. Ranged Support Hellblaster Squad One, led by Sword Brother Gert (top) and Hellblaster Squad Two, led by Sword Brother Siegfried (bottom). Good as they are, any more than ten Hellblasters didn't seem very Templar-y. Aggressor Squad One, led by Sword Brother Werner. These guys currently act as Marshall Friedrich's bodyguard, and travel along with Castellan Cador in a Repulsor. Armoury Repulsor "Light of Sigismund" Invictor "Dorn's Fury" Redemptor One, piloted by Sword Brother Ulrich. There's a big metal pin in the one leg contacting the ground. Redemptor Two, piloted by Sword Brother Erias.
  19. Hey folks, I got back into the hobby at the start of this year - my mental health was deteriorating, so I figured some sort of art project would be good to focus the mind and block out the stress of work. As as kid, I'd collected Dark Angels, and still being drawn to the more knightly chapters, but wanting a change, I started collecting Black Templars. Seeing the introduction of primaris, and thus having the truescale marines I'd always wanted (I seriously considered doing that as a project in itself once), I decided I wanted to go down a fully-primaris route. Given the mismatch between the primaris lineup, and how the Black Templars fight, a bit of theorycrafting was required for how and why a primaris fighting company would work. --- The Black Templars, along with the overwhelming majority of other space marine chapters, accepted primaris reinforcement at the beginning of M42. Initially, primaris marines within the chapter would have solely been veterans of the Indomitus Crusade, though within a couple of hundred years, there would be chapter-manufactured marines also. Thus, we would eventually come to see a mix of Unnumbered Sons of Dorn's genetic lineage fighting alongside marines from Templar recruiting worlds. These may, in some cases, act as small detachments alongside older marines, though in other cases may deploy as full crusading companies. The Codex Astartes has historically not been closely followed by the Black Templars. However, with some of the dilution of chapter traditions by the induction of primaris marines, and the increased flexibility in the Codex since Guilliman's return, an all-primaris crusading company might show more similarities to a Codex-compliant company than an older Black Templars company. Thus, rather than a totally ad-hoc company of crusade squads with highly flexible armaments, we might see squad role designations, albeit with strong chapter traditions being maintained. Command echelons would be much as expected from the Codex, albeit with the captain being designated "Marshal" and his lieutenants "Castellans". The company would have no librarian attached, the Templar's librarius being defunct, and the chapter still following the Edict of Nikea. Additionally, an Emperor's Champion (a brother having received a vision of the Emperor, and now carrying relics of the chapter) would accompany the marshal's household. Veterans would not be promoted out of the company, and instead would remain as the marshal's sword brethren. The battle line would be made up of six ten-man intercessor squads, each led by a sword brother. Arms for close-quarters engagements would be favoured, thus squads would tend to be equipped with unmodified or auto bolt rifles, rather than stalker-pattern ones. Sword brothers would frequently carry power swords, power fists, and hand flamers. Vanguard formations of infiltrators or incursors would generally not be deployed. Given the Black Templars' penchant for melee combat, the company's twenty close support marines would be much as one would expect from the Codex Astartes, with combat knife-armed reivers and assault bolter-armed inceptors being routinely deployed. However, rather than being deployed as terror troops, reivers would be used more aggressively, deploying where the fighting is thickest. The modularity of Mk X battle plate would allow them to be up-armoured compared to other chapters' phobos-clad troops, yet still lighter than those in tacticus armour. Whilst favouring close combat, it is not possible to totally avoid longer-ranged engagements. Small, rapidly deployable squads of hellblasters would be fielded, though aggressors (both flamestorm and boltstorm-equipped) would be the favoured mode of deployment of the crusade's ranged support marines. Eliminators and suppressors generally would not be fielded. The crusade's armoury would provide both transport for the rapid redeployment of squads, and also make up for shortfalls in infantry anti-armour firepower. Repulsors (standard and executioner-pattern) and redemptors would fill their conventional roles, but invictors would take on a role unique to the Templars, harking back to the knights errant of old Terran myth. Used as a steed by a particularly independent brother, they would rove the battlefield to smite the chapter's enemies with their power fist, or bathe them in the flames of their incendium cannon. --- Proper DSLR photos will follow once the sets en route to me right now arrive and are painted, but in the meantime, here's a quick taster of what I've done so far.
  20. I was looking for ideas on which force I wanted to start next (New Year and all that) After hours of trawling through images of Space Marines I came across one of a Castellan, in Black Templars livery, they were just what I was looking for! I read some of the background and really liked the idea of the Crusade, I'd already bought some Death Korps of Krieg models so thought why not do both? So with that in mind I needed to find a suitable story to bring the 2 together, then I read about the Barbarossa Crusade, given that both Tempars and DKoK have Germanic influences I thought it would be a good fit. The original Barbarossa Crusade was too early in the time line for Primaris so the Second Barbarossa Crusade was born! To start with I'll be concentrating on DKoK and Primaris Black Templars but over time I'll probably dip in and out of other Imperial factions (gotta love the Imperium and it's wide range of interesting factions!) For the Templars I wanted to start at the top (I wanted a leader to start building the Crusade around) So here's Primaris Marshal De Molet Templar Marshal Templar Marshal Templar Marshal Templar Marshal Templar Marshal I used a lot of bitz to try and make him look the part, this is probably the scheme I'll be going for with all the Templars stuff. Now all I need is a symbol (Campaign badge) for the Crusade to tie everything in. I want something simple but effective so I can add it to the Guard elements too. Any ideas?
  21. Penance of Angels Loyalists. Heretics. Man. Xenos. As several dozen Space Marine Chapters are called together for penance, the innocent will be caught up with the guilty in their punishment. And yet, there is no absolution. There is no retribution, nor amnesty. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. Table of Contents BLEEDING HEARTS - I - Lamenters Part One ... ... ... ... ... ... Here Part Two ... ... ... ... ... ... Here Part Three ... ... ... ... ... ... Here ROUTE - I - Iron Warriors Part One ... ... ... ... ... ... Here Part Two ... ... ... ... ... ... Here Part Three ... ... ... ... ... ... Here OF LIONS AND MEN - I - Lions Defiant Part One ... ... ... ... ... ... Here Preface This was something I had worked on quite extensively a few years ago as an exercise in writing. It is something I've been meaning to share, mostly because this community is the only one that I know of that might enjoy 40k writing. It was easy to work on, without having to do too much world building, but still getting to develop my own characters and conflicts to write out. It isn't currently finished, but I plan to keep going on it for more practice as I work on more original works. That said, I should have plenty to share before I run out - I reached about 50,000 words of story (about a third through what I planned) before it trailed off and became something I've meant to finish. Hopefully that should give me room to keep writing in the meantime. I can't give a timeline on when I'll be updating, but I'll try to keep it regular.
  22. Someone suggested elsewhere the idea of a Holy Crusade army - with a small core of SoB leading a regiment of Imperial Guard. This idea really appealed to me but I'm looking for some advice with regard to implementing it: Firstly, which SoB units to use as the leaders of the crusade. I was thinking St. Celestine and maybe some Priests, but are there any other units I should consider? Second, any suggestions regarding the IG part of the army? I'd like to use primarily infantry but I'm wondering how best to kit them out to represent their being led by SoB. Should I use Meltas and Flamers? Also, should the sergeants have melee weapons or such? Any specific IG units you think would work for this theme? Finally, any other advice or suggestions for this theme? (I've posted this on the SoB section as well, hopefully that's okay.)
  23. Someone suggested elsewhere the idea of a Holy Crusade army - with a small core of SoB leading a regiment of Imperial Guard. This idea really appealed to me but I'm looking for some advice with regard to implementing it: Firstly, which SoB units to use as the leaders of the crusade. I was thinking St. Celestine and maybe some Priests, but are there any other units I should consider? Second, any suggestions regarding the IG part of the army? I'd like to use primarily infantry but I'm wondering how best to kit them out to represent their being led by SoB. Should I use Meltas and Flamers? Also, should the sergeants have melee weapons or such? Any specific IG units you think would work for this theme? Finally, any other advice or suggestions for this theme? (I might post this on the IG section as well.)
  24. Brothers, I have an embarrassing confession to make. I have had my BT army for over a decade now and I have never played it. I originally started collecting and painting for the mere hobby. Now, however, I am wanting to take them into battle. I pulled the army out of storage recently, where they had been stored for about three years, and immediately found that several models needed to be repaired and/or repainted. A few models have already been cleaned and re-primered. I also need to add more variety in the fire power department. I have four melta guns, three plasma guns, a flamer and combi-melta/bolter that are primed and ready for paint. No name for the crusade yet or personal fluff, but those should be coming soon.
  25. From the album: Tempest's Sororitas

    48PL Sacred Rose, Guardians of the Gate for our Crusade.
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