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The Promethean Crusade

Jud Cottrell

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Thanks Bjorn Firewalker and Marshall Mittens!


Made a bit of progress this week.


The Emperor’s Champion is one of my favourite sculpts in the range and was a joy to work on.


51907943665_9005085d11_c.jpgBlack Templars Emperor’s Champion


51907631419_e8e99f3e7a_c.jpgBlack Templars Emperor’s Champion


51907631424_2c653a8203_c.jpgBlack Templars Emperor’s Champion


Next up for the Templars will be the Redemptor Dreadnought!

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Thanks Slave to Darkness!


Got something else done you might like to see!


51924261723_72298d62a0_c.jpgBlack Templars Redemptor Dreadnought


51923192597_81c5cdd3ba_c.jpgBlack Templars Redemptor Dreadnought


51924502804_3688270056_c.jpgBlack Templars Redemptor Dreadnought


51924502774_2e2a9df553_c.jpgBlack Templars Redemptor Dreadnought


51924796075_f7f6f42197_c.jpgBlack Templars Redemptor Dreadnought


He’s the big centrepiece model so I thought he needed tarting up a bit so I raided the bitz box!


Very happy with him.

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Saw this model in the todo box and thought I’d give him a go.


I’m painting to a list my brother has made so now I’ve finished the HQ’s!


52070791256_ff959ab9be_c.jpgBlack Templars Primaris Chaplain on bike


52071022259_0a9bec2742_c.jpgBlack Templars Primaris Chaplain on bike


52069744597_891725c749_c.jpgBlack Templars Primaris Chaplain on bike


52069744642_2b5150c6bf_c.jpgBlack Templars Primaris Chaplain on bike


Next up will be some Assault Intercessors.


Thanks for looking!

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Great work, really love the detail you putting into the robes and bone work, it’s an absolute pain but you have done a great job.

Good work on the bare heads earlier as well, they can be a pain to detail well and so easy to inadvertently give them a permanently surprised expression, yours look spot on.

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