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Mittens Sons of Horus Journey

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Fratres et Sorores,


I'm starting my journey into 30k, and unlike when I bought Calth and Burning of Prospero, I am actually going to paint the miniatures this time!


I am planning to do two large armies, Sons of Horus and Dark Angels, and will start with the Sons of Horus.


While waiting for the very exciting launch box, I have started a Veteran Tactical Squad using current CSM bodies and some 3D Printed heads and shoulder pads. They are supposed to represent very late Heresy Sons of Horus in the Sol System or Siege of Tera. 


So far I have a few done, and have photographed my test model, so I have something to show! Hoping to knock out the first squad before big box drops.


Here is my test lad. I departed from my usual basing scheme to try something a little more interesting for my heresy armies, and because other SoH models I googled for inspiration were often based on mars bases, and it looked cool with the green-blue armor. The 3D printed pads don't look so obviously 3D printed and horrible at normal real life distances, at least to me. 





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Thank you all for the compliments and encouragement! After some setbacks (frosty varnish :/) I have finished my first squad. Basing paint is still drying on the test mini in the pictures because I ripped off the grass tufts and put new paint down. 


Here is my first squad, I think they look ok! I do need to learn how to evenly apply contrast paints....


And maybe how to make consistent looking bases....


20220525 141329

20220525 140613

20220525 140627

20220525 140844

20220525 140925

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I have my first squad of Reavers, not sure how I like them so far, as well as an HQ character of some sort, and an apothecary.


When I got my Chaos Chosen, I saw the huge power maul that made me think of Horus's stance, and it made me want an HQ character of some sort standing like that, with a lightening claw too.


I am not entirely sure Power maul + lightening claw will be legal, so he may never get used, but eh, we will see.


For my reavers, I plan to have them have a lot of black on them, because I saw other peoples Reavers online with a lot of black, and they look cool. I went with mostly chain swords, two chain axes, a power maul and a power sword, as well as 2 plasma pistols, as thats what I have to use. 


The Chaos Chosen bodies, mostly the legs, have deamony faces which kinda suck for not corrupted Legionaries, but I am going to paint them as stylized armor. I tried to remove one on one of the other 3 chosen bodies I have, and it just looks butchered. 


Anyway, here are the models, waiting for the bases to dry before I prime them. I might hold off on painting them until next weekend, when we will see if there is a new SoH primer on pre-order, and just build more ranged veterans for now.


Thanks for looking! 


20220527 120851

20220527 120704

20220527 120728

Edit; I see so many mold lines I missed, looking at those pictures.
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Work continues. Have 2 more squads painted too. Hopefully will finish up my first 40 infantry, build wise, by the weekend, and start on a contemptor or 3.


I want to do 3x Contemptor with Melta Arm + Close Combat with Plasma and Havok launchers are a close combat talon that's good against vehicles, terminators, and other dreads. Should be 600pts for 3, they will look cool, and give me a strong punch to support my massed infantry.


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Here are some Reavers I painted up before the rules came out, and they couldn't have chainsword anymore :/

The mold lines, 3D print lines, and bad paint jobs are harder to see in real life, in a darker room, without glasses on from 6 feet away and they look pretty ok then.







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I have most of 3 boxes of AoD built and getting ready for priming (If North Florida humidity drops down low enough for me to prime anytime soon).


I ordered some of the Tortuga Bay Justinian bodies to make a squad with, and am saving some bodies from my beakies for when they release more of the heavy weapons. 

I have 3 dreads built too but I want to do some converting to them after seeing some folks awesome work in that regard.



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1 hour ago, Gederas said:

Very nice! Seems you're doing the same thing I'm doing with my Sons in using the Chaos Marines kit to make them.


Quick question: What colour gold are you using? Retributor Armour?

I am! The gold is retributor armor with streaking grime from AK to weather it!


I am using the CSM for a lot of my veterans and reavers! I will have the same heads and shoulders, and some CSM arms, for my other units, so they fit the look!


Thank you! 

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They look amazing! Really dark and grungy, they fit the bill perfectly for SoH I think.

And *expletive* that *expletive* about the rules being changed and invalidating the unit, it makes me want to cry just thinking about it (I sometimes wonder if the people doing these rule changes realise the pain they can cause with one line of text!) Of course I know you can use another set of rules but that sometimes isn't useful if you want to take part in events etc that form around new/hot release games.

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9 hours ago, frankendoodle65 said:

I love the mix of CSM and redwarden bits, really excellent stuff, and your painting and weathering is top notch. 

I've been thinking about using the csm kit for a veteran squad and you've shown just how good it can look, I'll definitely be stealing a few ideas :biggrin:

Thank you so much! On the bits, if you are not printing them yourself I highly suggest Archies Forge over Shapeways. Much cleaner prints.


Weathering powders and good bits do feel like cheating, they make it easy to produce good looking minis!


Also using some Tortuga Bay minis for some stuff and they look great, and are a good use for left over arms and such. 




Making most of my chain swords fellows "Dispoilers" as they can have chain swords. 


Really want to get back to painting, but humidity this summer has bee over safe priming levels, so I just build more stuff!


Going to include 2 melta guns and a Vexilla in each Veteran Squad.


The Spartan Sprue has two arm sets with Data Pads that make amazing bits for Consuls, in my opinion. And the two handed axe bit guy from the new CSM kill team box seemed like a good Champion bit to use. 





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