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[DW] The Desolation of Innocence (RPG Roster/Data Thread)

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"What kind of man willingly sets foot into a nest of vipers?"

- First Officer Ralthon Vex, Deathwatch Fleet Officer.


MOOD MUSIC: (Highly recommended).






(NB, whichever character you choose, they will always be seconded to KT Regent, as this keeps things simple for everyone).


  • Watch Commander Cordovan - Chevalier of the Astral Knights
  • Warden Caleb Sophis - Lieutenant of the Deathwatch, and Puritan of the Red Scorpions
  • Inquisitor Markus Ignacio Hadrax, of the Ever-vigilant Ordo Xenos









The Best of the Best:

All PC's begin play at Renown Rank: Famed, and with Tactical Dreadnought Armour.  (The Renown requirement for the TDA is waived due to the dire emergency of the campaign).

Forging the Bond (Free, no xp award)

As per Deathwatch: Rites of Battle

Special Ability: Our Hands Bring Death (Free, no xp award)

A Space Marine has enhanced co-ordination, better than any normal human could ever hope to achieve.  He can shoot in one direction and chop with his Combat knife in another, a whirlwind of shooting and stabbing that allows him to overcome.

Effect: All Battle-brothers with this Special Rule count as having the following Talents:

  • Twin Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)
  • Twin Weapon Wielder (Melee)

This means that any Astartes Character suffers no penalty for using a pistol in one hand and a melee weapon in the other at the same time, as long as they are also Ambidextrous.

Example: Brother Kalus is surrounded by Orks in Melee range.  He wishes to attack with both weapons, using the special Multiple Attacks Action.  Normally, this would mean he would be at -20 to hit with both knife and gun, but his extensive training allows him to use both at close quarters, increasing his chances of survival, and therefore mission success.

Example 2:  Brother Incaladiel is also in close combat.  Yet he has armed himself with a Chainsword and combat knife to make maximum mayhem.  Again, the two weapons would be cumbersome to anyone without this training, but his blows are undimmed and he hacks his way to freedom through the bloody gore.

The Mightiest Guns:

Only Devastator Marines can take Terminator Heavy Ranged Weapons:

  • Assault Cannon
  • Plasma Cannon
  • Multi-Melta
  • Cyclone Missile Launcher
  • Autocannon

The Sharpest Blades:

Only Assault Marines can take Terminator Close-Combat Weapons:

  • Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
  • Lightning Claws (Twin)





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Brother Laeknir Rockhand

Chapter: Marines Adamant

Rank: Skald (Apothecary)

The Marines Adamant are a Successor of the Iron Hands that recruit from Halstarrig, a Feral world in the Havilar Sector. The Chapter is brutal, clannish, superstitious, having little interest in anything but battle and slaughter, and full of suspicion at the weaknesses of others. Such traits make for ferocious, intractable warriors, but they also make it a challenge for their forces to work alongside other Imperial organisations, even other Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. Those few of the Marines Adamant who are able to control their fury and contempt well enough to grasp something other than killing are known as Skalds; the Chapter's future Warleaders and Wyrds of Iron and Flesh. It is from these individuals that inductees for Deathwatch service are usually chosen.

Brother Laeknir is a typical Skald, a capable Hearthguard veteran from the 4th Household who has received further training from both Apothecarion and Armoury. Physically he is much like any member of his Chapter, a broad, imposing bulwark of an Astartes - especially so in his Indomitus Terminator armour. The technological enhancements one would expect to find integrated into the body and warplate of a scion of Ferrus Manus are present, but they are contrasted by far cruder ornaments - teeth, furs and engraved stone charms that proclaim Laeknir's kills and invoke the blessings of Halstarrig's many wights and spirits.

Mentally the Skald is fiercely intelligent, skilled in his work and a cunning fighter. He knows it is his duty to build the bonds of friendship that are simply beyond many of his Chapter brethren, though he often finds himself forced to cold, stoic silence as he battles with the hatred that is both the Marines Adamant's greatest strength and greatest curse. However, once Laeknir has had the opportunity to work with another warrior and begin to build a level of trust, his nature becomes - slightly - more open, allowing his dark sense of humour to show through his gruff exterior.
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Chapter: Tsagaan Chono - White Wolf



The Tsagaan Chono, the White Wolf, are a fifth or sixth founding successor to the White Scars. Based on the moon Gazar, tectonically active on account of the stress caused by its proximity to its the gas giant it is orbiting, there are no permanent settlements, and even the chapter assets are all in orbit around Gazar. The indigenous humans are nomadic, forever traversing the grasslands that flourish in the rich volcanic soil in-between the frequent eruption and related volcanic activity. While not exactly a second Chogoris it was nether the less close enough for the White Scar Brotherhood that  liberated the planet during the early part of M32 to feel a kindred spirit with the indigenous humans and thus propose  Gazar as a suitable homeworld for their successor in that founding.


The chapter name derives from the Gazar native believe that the ‘White Wolf of the Red Dawn’ would hunt the tribes in times of peril. Red tinged sunlight is indeed a frequent occurrence during periods of increased tectonic activity due to the ash and smoke spewed into the atmosphere.


Nergüi is not a name, but a title taken up by the priests of the tribes. Literally nameless, they believe this wards them against foul spirits. The chapter likewise follows this custom with the Nergüi taking on the role of the chapter Apothecarion, Reclusiam and Librarious, collectively safeguarding and taking care of the chapter’s bodies, minds and souls.

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Name: Korvaan.

Chapter: Brazen Claws.

Role: Deathwatch Forge Master.

Brother Korvaan is a veteran of his chapters twenty year crusade within the Eye of Terror following the destruction of his homeworld Talus IV. He fought with exemplary success at the defence of Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade and he has returned to service within the Deathwatch to hone his skills and also fight to clear the bad name of his chapter. The Brazen Claws have not fallen to Chaos!

Usually clad in his matte black suit of Artificer Armour with the red claw on a blue field of the Brazen Claws on his right pauldron.

For this mission he has subdued a quick and belligerent suit of Indomitus TDA, he has left his Servo-Harness in the Forge but he still carries his badge of office a gleaming Omnissian Power Axe.


He has also requisitioned a Storm Bolter and something else...

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terminator 01

Name: Luthais
Chapter: Storm Wardens
Role: Assault Marine
It is said amongst the Storm Wardens that the manner of a warriors death is what defines him, yet Luthais does not die. Though felled in battle many times amidst the countless slain each time he crawled and clawed his way back to life, each time a little more of his doubt and self burnt away and replaced with insight normally reserved for those that live on within the sarcophii of the chapters dreadnoughts.
The chapters seers speculate that Luthais has seen his fate and now seeks it, so far fruitlessly, that in death he might understand and complete the purpose he has been set by the Emperor. Each battle one more step yet each foe, no matter how great, no more than that. Edited by A.T.
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Name: Arcturion Moros "the Watcher"

Chapter: the Lamenters

Role: Librarian (Brother-Epistolary "Spiritwalker")

"I am the watcher in the dark, the guardian of the hidden flame, the inheritor of the ancient fury. I am the Primarch's wroth, the unbroken blade of Sanguinius! Know me and know death!"


The Lamenters have ever been a byword for misfortune and they have been bedeviled by calamity since their inception. A miasma of dread could be said to follow the chapter in its wake, every victory leaving a bitter aftertaste, every defeat doubly crushing. So it seems too for Arcturion.

In his centuries of service with the Lamenters, first in the assault cadre and then within the Librarium, he has known within his marrow that an ancient doom has dogged his every step. He has seen his brethren cut down on the threshold of victory, ships set adrift on the tides of the Empyrean, and chapter relics cast down into ruin. And through it all, through skill of arms, bloody-minded determination, and psychic might he has managed to stave off death time and again.

Though his xanthous-clad brothers bear the resurgent twin curses of their lineage with great dignity, and continue to stoically shoulder the immortal dread that pervades their existence, Arcturion refuses to let his beleaguered chapter go quietly into the night. To that end, he has developed an obsession with the black arts of divination and regularly consults the Emperor's Tarot for guidance, believing that the longer and deeper he peers into the skeins of the Warp, the closer he will come to finding salvation for his brethren. But as the venerable adage goes, "if one gazes long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

His own brushes with annihilation and the Black Rage have grown more frequent and more severe in the decade since he swore the Apocryphon Oath, which has led to him being reprimanded on more than one occasion for his seeming recklessness by Watch Commander Cordovan. But where the watch commander has seen temerity, the grim and fatalistic librarian has known that his own doom draws ever nearer if the dire portents from his auguries are to be believed, and that one can outrun fate for only so long. It is only his monumental willpower which has kept the cruel affliction of the sons of Sanguinius at bay, but he knows that in this regard too his days are numbered.

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Had an idea for another character. With GM permission, I'm adding it to the Roster so I can choose which one I want to use on any given Mission!

Name: Brother Philemon


Chapter: Emperor's Blade

Speciality: Devastator

Brother Philemon is a proud scion of the Emperor's Blade Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. As a forty-year veteran of the 'Anointed', the hallowed First Company, he is both a highly skilled warrior, a capable squad leader and a paragon of the tenets of the Imperial Faith.

In combat, like many of his Chapter, Philemon believes in the cleansing power of fire. Therefore his chosen weapon - incredibly useful in the close confines of a hulk - is a heavy flamer. He also carries a relic of the Emperor's Blade; Vindicta Dei, an ancient, powered war-axe, its haft wrapped tightly about with purity streamers that are held in place with wax oath seals. His Tactical Dreadnought Armour is coloured in the usual black and silver of the Watch, except for the right shoulder which proudly displays his Chapter's white sword emblazoned on a field of deep blue. But all across his warplate he has added neat lines of flowing High Gothic script that offer praises to the Father of Mankind.

From this outward appearance, one might assume Philemon to be a raving, frenzied fanatic, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Emperor's Blade view their Primarch as a Saint of the Imperium, and his written words in the Codex Astartes as inspired by God. Thus, Philemon always endeavours to walk in Guilliman's footsteps and be logical, practical and adaptable in his way of making war.

Unlike many Astartes among the Deathwatch, Philemon's personality is open, friendly and gregarious. He finds great joy in his service to the God Emperor, bringing righteous judgement against the heretic and the xenos alike. When things appear grim, he is always ready with a quote or a stirring hymn from one of his favourite Ecclesiarchs, rousing the spirits of his battle brethren.

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Name: Brother Gerhardt

Chapter: Black Templars

Specialty: Tactical Marine (Sword Brethren)


"Contempt is my armor, hatred is my shield, fury is my sword. I am the Emperor's vengeance! I am death! Dear Emperor, guide my blade... help me… yes... Yes slay them, SLAY THEM! SLAY THEM ALL!! HAHAHAHA!!"


Brother Gerhardt is a man who, by dint of his line of work, has seen too much. A consummate warrior, and noble son of Dorn, he served the Eternal Crusade for many decades amongst the Sword Brethren of the Black Templars, bringing war and destruction to the myriad foes of mankind. In time, his talents for slaying xenos were recognized by the upper echelons of the chapter, and when the time came for them to honor their ancient vows to the Deathwatch, it was with heavy hearts that Gerhardt was nominated for the strange honor of serving a vigil amongst the xenos hunters.

As a member of the Black Templars, a deep and biding faith in the Master of Mankind and His vision for humanity had been inculcated in him by the chaplains and by his firsthand experience of the pervasive evil that beset the Imperium on all fronts. The crusaders were bringing light to the beleaguered masses, hope to the faithful, punishment to the wicked. When he was seconded to the Deathwatch, Gerhardt brought with him his zeal and applied it readily to his new role.

But nothing could have prepared him for the true nature of Deathwatch service. Truly, no member of the Astartes is ever fully prepared to stand his vigil. As the years passed, and foes were felled by his blade, the awful truth eventually dawned upon him that his foes were without number, that there was no end to them, that no matter how many he slew there were always more, more, more, more, more of the vile filth with their twisted, inhuman forms, and profane beliefs and aliens minds. 

Gerhardt's faith was tested sorely by his revelation, that his was a war truly without end, and one which was often waged in secret so terrible was its purpose. He started isolating himself more and more from the other battle-brothers under Cordovan's command, spending increased time in solitary prayer with his sword in hand while scourging himself, obsessing over his failure to kill as many blasphemous enemies as his strength would allow... No Mercy, for his weakness in needing rest from their slaughter... No Respite, at the time wasted before being permitted to vent his rage at the hated xenos again... No Fear. It was not long before he began talking to his sword in hushed tones outside of his cell when not in prayer, believing it to be a repository for the Emperor's Will. At the end of battles it became more and more common to find Gerhardt laughing madly at the carnage he had wrought, utterly deaf to orders to stand down.

Gerhardt's spiritual purity has been tested time and again, and he has never been found wanting, though his deteriorating mental state has been a source of growing concern for Watch Commander Cordovan and the Reclusiam. For now, it is all Cordovan can do to keep his unhinged brother focused on their holy task, and to keep this increasingly loose cannon on a short leash. 



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Brothers, you have been tasked with the following mission:

One Squad will be sufficient for this task.

The density of the Space Hulk has revealed a suitable landing site which we can exploit for further exploration and reinforcement. The area must be secured.  Eliminate all hostiles and proceed into the depths of this benighted agglomeration.

You will be deployed via boarding torpedo, and provided with Teleport Homers for rapid insertion of further security teams and equipment.

Our initial scans detect lifeforms aboard the derelict, genotype uncertain.

The xenos cannot prevail against us.


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"My Lord, all records you have requested are attached for your review, as per [REDACTED] Protocol.

We now believe that the Extraplanetary Agglomerate Object, 1443-45.908, plotted via astrocartographic transition through the sector, (codified as the Space Hulk: Desolation of Innocence, was indeed the spawning site of hitherto unknown strains of the Tyranid Vanguard Organism classed as Genestealer, in the [REDACTED] System."

"Psychic augury has traced ejecta from EAO 1443-45.908, engine cores and STC pattern fabrications dating the vessels to the very dawn of the Imperium.  Unfortunately, they also contained sealed holds carrying complements of intact xenoforms, which caused the uprising of several menial workforces on three of the seven planets, and the infestation of the hitherto loyal planetary nobility via the common pollution vectors.  As per your orders, the populations of [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] have been liquidated to preserve sector stability."

"We commend 14,369,040,324 Souls to the Emperor's Mercy."

"Please find below a brief breakdown of the genotypes we have recovered from our labours."



Our autopsies findings concur that though varied due to human population aberration within normal parameters, each of the Purestrains identified followed the well-known xenoform biologis contained in the vaults and grimoires of the Ordo Xenos.  It should come as no surprise these aliens are deadly, equipped with naturally occurring adamantine analogue bone structures. Heavy deflective chitinous plating, occulus-noctem cone stems, pungent scented saliva for tracking and lots of needle-sharp teeth.  Musculature can sustain forces of several kilo-newtons force.

Exceptional caution is warranted by all teams, even in handling the corpses.  A biologis team were contaminated due to poor hygiene.  We incinerated them at once, and commended their souls to the Emperor above their screams.



Different in many ways, these examples lack the ovipositor and teeth, having odd ganglion-like tendrils.  They secrete a pheremone which can be detected with olfactory augurs, which other Tyranid organisms possess.  Like their bigger cousin, the Lictor, they also demonstrate a remarkable optical and sensory camouflage ability, which renders them all but invisible on their stalk.  Nerve connectors show they may become visible at the moment of attack.  They have the same combat traits as other xenoforms of type.



Incendiary, phosphexothermic or photo-explosive strain, these strains appear to be weaker in mass and bone density, but carry some kind of hive-mutation or upgrades which turn them into living munitions.  They have the same combat prowess and capabilities of the other exogens, but suffer a single, diabolical morphosis.

They are living ordnance.

A whole transit cradle of the Adeptus Mechanicus was destroyed in a bio-plasmic acid explosion, which melted everyone and everything in the immediate vicinity in a matter of horrifying seconds.  We commended their souls to the Emperor, and his ongoing works.

This strain is easily recognisable by the luminescent plasma sacs carried on their shoulders.  AVOID.



Big, malevolent, hard to destroy with explosives, flame, plasma, melta or powered disruptive cutting tools.  The Warrior is bigger and harder hitting thanks to exceptionally dense muscle-fibre and remarkably resilient chitin and bone density.  Whilst nothing like the larger Brood Primus, and lacks the elasto-recursive musculature for rapid propulsion, it is theoretically possible for it to resist attempts to destroy it with small-arms fire.  We make three (3) Recommendations: Autocannon, Autocannon, and Autocannon.



Scythe, or Assassin Strain, this foul abomination carries itself very lightly.  A lack of muscle density and armour plating lend the beast an appearance close to Hormagaunt, but with the atypical four arms and carapace of the Purer breeds.  All motive muscle given over to agility and movement, we speculate it is exceptionally fast in a linear stride, and that it may also have the capacity to muffle such an approach thanks to soft cartilage pads on the cloven hooves.  It is equipped not with claws, but instead two long-bladed talons which one of our adepts found much to his cost.  We commended his soul to the Emperor and placed both halves of his remains in storage for examination later.

Area of effect weapons to flush this vermin out may prove effective, as well as defeating the agility capabilities.



These examples were not discovered in our sweeps, but we caution you my Lord, the proto-stages of such rancidly debased genomes were reported.


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Brothers, you have been tasked with the following mission:

One Squad will be sufficient for this task. The Emperor has dictated your weaponry and Squad Composition (1+ Apothecary).

The transponders of our brethren lie within the hulk, and life signs show they yet live. They must be retrieved.

Our scanners have failed us, proceed with caution.

Beware of traps, the enemy has no honour.


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