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Here there be Monsters-The Seal has Opened


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Here will be posted some heavy chaos conversions/kitbashes/scratch builds that I have been working on for as long as a couple years now. I am looking for thoughts, suggestions, and opinions on how to make some really monstrous models.




NOTE: Picture quality and size increase drastically later in this plog, so feel free to skip ahead :wink:


Most recent project:


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These are some guys I have been working on, mostly nurgly goodness.

Tentasplosion Side (186x200)

Tentasplosion Front (157x200)


Nurgle Squad (400x234)


Nurgle Winged Lord Front (200x136)

Nurgle Winged Lord Front Left (200x153)

Nurgle Winged Lord Back (200x138)


Palanquin Front (163x200)

Palanquin Side (200x164)

Palanquin Face (169x200)

Nurgle Palanquin Rider (200x130)


I am wondering in particular how I want to paint the two Nurgle HQ units, in particular should each of the nurglings have their own paint pattern or should they all be similar.



Also, I would like to apologize for the poor picture quality, my camera refuses to focus that closely.

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Khorne Lord

Khorne Lord


Ulrick the Khorne lord is a counts as chaos khorne lord on juggernaut, with demon axe and plasma pistol. With the new rules I may switch some stuff up but I just wanted to share this delightful fellow. I have had a soft spot for him ever since he took out Ghazgul and his retinue single-handed in close combat.

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So I am planning a scratchbuild nurgle daemon prince and would like to ask the internet for advice on a few points. First let me describe the plan so far.

It is going to be flying and have a counts as black mace and counts as powerarmor, (Because that seems like it should be fairly effective.)

The prince itself willl be comprised of a large torso, a head, and at least one arm (for the wielding of the mace). He will be in a sort of reclining position with his arm hanging casually down, perhaps trailing the mace on the ground. This reclining body will be approximately an inch of the base. It will be held up by wires from the base via his intestines which are spilling over the side trailing on the ground burst and leaking. His method of flight will be that of a hot air balloon. Or in this case, hot air nurglings. I imagine them being continuously inflated rising up to support him by holding on to something (see below) with their teeth or maybe one arm (again see below). The ones at the top then burst in a puff of filth and then sink to the bottom. So I will be modeling a few in different stages of this and at different heights.



So the questions:

Should the mace be actually dragging on the ground or just hanging lazily?


Prince Legs: stumps or degenerated useless ones?


Inflation method/connection method:

Should the prince be blowing one up like a balloon?

      If so should they have big puffed up faces and should they be attached to chains, ropes, or fleshy tendrils/rotting strips of flesh?

Should they instead be being inflated by some sort of gas tubes coming out of the dp, and if so should it be attached to their body, randomly? at the mouth? at the belly button?


Any and all thoughts are most welcome as always.

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Sorry I haven't had a chance to post any more minis :( no time to work on them and I am still looking for my daemon engine/land raider conversion, I think I left it at a friend's.


But to topic.


I am considering making spawn/character/daemon prince sets designed to illustrate the new boon rules. i.e. I would model the spawn and the daemon prince as if the character had just turned into them, was a recognizeable precurser.


Related, has anyone considered creating magnitized mutations for the other boons, so as to alleviate some bookkeeping and create some really neat modeling possibilities.


I guess the question is whether anyone (Chaos or otherwise) would really appreciate those sorts of efforts in game.


I was looking for any comments or inspiration on these, especially ideas for how to model the different magnetizeable boons so that they are recognizeable and representative.

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Chaos Spawn:

Wire Spawn 1 Side

Wire Spawn 1 Front


And after some procreate:

Sculpting Spawn 1 Top Down


Sorry guys, still can't find my daemon engine, it appears to have escaped, please don't call down exterminatus if you run into a lonely chaos land raider in your travels. It just wants to come home.
Also better pics will come when it is not nighttime.
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And here is the monster,the daemon engine previously mentioned,this thread is named for. I'm just posting the pics for now, I'll ask for some advice on further directions a bit later.

Monster Eye

Monster Mouth

Monster Interior

Monster Whole

Monster Right

Monster Right Claw

Monster Back Right

Monster Back

Monster Front Left

Monster Left Claw

 And that is the monster.

Cookie for whoever can guess all the moving parts.

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So I want to throw a tail on the monster for the pintle weapons, what would look better, a single tail with all the weapons, or one tail that splits, or completely separate tails?


Also I need something to cover up in front of the treads so that the missing treads aren't noticeable. I am probably going to put some fleshy bits but I will want more decoration. I am leaning towards some dead/dying enemies strapped to the front of each, but I would love to hear any other thoughts on it.

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Now that`s a lot of pink. Cool monster are you gonna have flesh on it?


I really like the marine in your first post with the tentacles coming out of him. I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.

:thanks: Definitely going to have some flesh on him. I'm not sure why the pics make it more pink, it was an old bottle of blood red primer, But I may consider shifting parts of it over to pink after this.



That thing is pretty crazy looking. I see parts mostly from the land raider, but possibly from the defiler as well? Not sure.

:devil: I wish I had defiler bits to play around with (that would take a wee bit more $$ than I have access to). Most of the added stuff is foam core/procreate.

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Toothpics and procreate for the nails/claw ends. I trimmed one end of the pic off and then just embedded it in some procreate, which I shaped to create a sort of finger end as best I could. The arms up to the claws used foam core and procreate.

The palms used the front part of the land raider treads.


And sorry about the pics, it's not my camera and I am still trying to figure out how best to use it and where to take them.

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So I have been working on a centipede-like counts as nurgle biker lord. He is going to be walking on five sets of arms and have another two that he uses to fight with. I just cut up ten bolter holding arms to create 10 open faced hands, five left and five right. (Lost two thumbs, used the back of palm spikes instead.) Then I put some liquid green-stuff on over the joints, mostly to make them hardier when I file them down and cut of the excess.

Hands 1

Hands 2


Also I just started on this one. Iron within. Iron without.

Iron Warrior Start

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Have you heard about ETL3?

Yea, I just noticed it, but I cannot find the rules, could you linky?

Click on the "Chaos calls you" banner in my signature. Rules link is in the first post ;)

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