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The Iron Warriors return... new report 27/05/14


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Well, after a longer hiatus from 40k gaming that I had initially planned, my recent promotion and the rumours circling about new Chaos releases, I felt it was time to get my army of vicious and depraved heretics back on the table.
A member of my local gaming club who I've never played was keen for a game, so challenge accepted... he had no idea what was coming.
(Cue evil laughing etc.)
We played on a relatively simple table with a good mix of area terrain, woods, ruins and line of sight blocking rock formations.
My list was:
Black Legion Primary:
Chaos Lord - Mark of Nurgle, Terminator Armour, Lightning Claw, Combi-plasma, Blight Grenades, Veterans of the Long War, Gift of Mutation (+1 Strength), Warlord (Black Crusader)
5 Plague Marines - 2 Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War
5 Plague Marines - 2 Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War
5 Chosen - 5 Meltaguns, Veterans of the Long War, Rhino with Combi-bolter
5 Chosen - 5 Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War, Rhino with Combi-bolter
5 Bikers - Mark of Nurgle, 2 Meltaguns, Veterans of the Long War
Predator - Autocannon, Sponson Lascannons
Predator - Autocannon, Sponson Heavy Bolters, Havok Launcher
Vindicator - Demolisher Cannon, Siege Shield, Combi-bolter
Chaos Marines Allies:
Chaos Lord, Mark of Slaanesh, Burning Brand, Power Sword, Jump Pack, Gift of Mutation (Eternal Warrior)
5 Noise Marines - Blastmaster
5 Noise Marines - Blastmaster
3 Obliterators - Mark of Nurgle
His List: (Double Detachment)
Chapter Master
Terminator Chaplain
5 Terminators
Land Raider Crusader with Multi-melta and Hunter Killer
4x10 Tactical Marines
2 Rhinos with Hunter Killers
8 Scouts with mixed weaponry
Predator Annihilator
Thunderfire Cannon
5 Devastators with 4 Missile Launchers
We got "Dawn of War" and "The Emperor's Will".  My opponent won the roll off and deployed first.
I failed to steal the Initiative and my opponent began. 
He managed to take a Lascannon and a second hull point off my Autolas Predator with his Annihilator and a wound off my Lord with the Thunderfire Cannon.  The Orbital Bombardment missed my objective holding Noise Marines (and everything else to boot).
I responded by taking 3 hull points off his Land Raider with my Melta-chosen, then finished it off with a lucky scattered Blastmaster shot.  The Vindicator and the Obliterators (Plasma Cannons) accounted for 4 Terminators, while the Dakka-pred broke open a Rhino allowing the Brand-lord and the Plasma Chosen to kill 9 of it's occupants.  The second Blastmaster killed 3 Devastators.
First Blood claimed by the Sons of Perturabo.
The second turn saw one tactical marine squad kill a biker, while another ripped the Slaanesh Lord to pieces.  The Terminator and Chaplain killed a Melta-chosen with Stormbolter fire, then charged them.  The Champion challenged and get killed by the Chaplain, while the other chosen beat his buddy to death before he got to strike.  Some scattered shooting killed a Plague Marine from each squad and a Plasma-chosen.
The Vindicator smaahed 8 Tactical Marines, with the Obliterators finishing off the unit (I had hoped to character snipe the Chapter Master, but no luck).  A couple of scouts died to a Blastmaster hit.  I finished off the lone tactical marine with the first unit of Plague Marines, while the Lord and the second unit killed the Devastator sergeant.  The Autolas took off the Annihilator's Twin-linked Lascannons.  To cap off a horrific shooting phase, the Plasma chosen killed 5 more Tactical Marines including the Sergeant.  I charged the bikes in resulting in a stalemate, while the Chaplain got bludgeoned to death by the Melta-chosen.
The Plasma-chosen suffered a casualty from the vengeful tactical squad's Bolt Pistols, who then charged, 1 of their fellows dying to overwatch, but clubbed a chosen to death for no loss in combat.  The objective holding Noise Marines suffered the attention of the Thunderfire cannon, losing three of their number.  Finally the bikes won their combat by 1 and drove off the other Tactical squad. 
The freed up bike squad melta blasted the Annihilator into oblivion, the Melta-chosen killed 3 Tactical Marines, while the Lord's Plague Marines killed the last Devastator.  A Blastmaster killed another two scouts.  Finally the other unit of Plague Marines joined the Plasma Chosen and, thanks to their poisoned attack, shredded the poor Tactical marines.
With time having run out for the game, we tallied up the score.  I had First Blood, Linebreaker and 1 Objective.  My opponent had 1 Objective.
End Result 5:3 victory to the Iron Warriors.
- - - - -
I have to say, Vassal is pretty cool.  Once I had the hang of it, it was pretty quick to use.

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Yea its nice but for me setting up take forever since Im really picky on getting it to look right and playing with lots of really wired terrain. But it was a good battle report, nice short and to the point. Congrats on your win.

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Yeah, I wasn't to fussed about making it too pretty. Maybe when I've done a couple more and really got my eye in I'll start inserting more little details.


It's a fun tool though, and definitely easier to make up batrep maps with than using MSPaint.


I may have a play with it some more this weekend, see if I can update my game against the Sons of Medusa with some cooler pictures.


Cheers for the reply. I still keep my eye on your thread btw. You seem to be a font of interesting games. ;)

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Yea Im glad I read a bat rep guide here otherwise I really wouldn't of started making them. And I cant wait to see what the son of medusa player was running, should be a good read.


Also tanks for that, the local players have a weird mix of armies from a world eaters foot slogging list to a screamerstar :P   also your always welcome to leave some feedback if you notice anything I can improve on

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I meant the old game against the Sons of Medusa I posted up a while back.


I have updated it:



It's a definite improvement over the old MSPaint diagrams.  Plus, it meant I could happily play around with some of the weapon effects, especially the beams, flames and explosions.


My local GW is starting a 850pt (plus 120pt mini kill team games) city fight campaign soon, I'm tempted to enter and post up any interesting games here.  We'll see, it all depends whether or not I can make the sessions (work and life just seem to love getting in the way of these sorts of things).

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  • 3 weeks later...

It's Vassal. The link to a good tutorial (including download locations) are in [TA]Typher's signature in the post above yours.


Thanks for the comment.

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OK, well another of my mates wanted to test his (normally) dominant Clan Raukaan army against a more testing foe, so asked me for a game.
2000pts per side, Crusade, Dawn of War Deployment
Table set up was quite dense in terms of 4+ cover granting terrain as I wanted to avoid a "stand and shoot" match if I could.
For my army, I switched things up a bit:
Primary 1:  (Black Legion)
- Chaos Lord - Mark of Nurgle, Terminator Armour, Lightning Claw, Combi-plasma, Veterans of the Long War, Blight Grenades
- 5 Plague Marines - 2 Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War
- 5 Plague Marines - 2 Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War
- 5 Chosen - 5 Meltaguns, Veterans of the Long War
- Rhino - Combi-bolter
- 5 Chosen - 5 Flamers, Veterans of the Long War
- Rhino - Combi-bolter
- 5 Bikers - Mark of Nurgle, 2 Meltaguns, Veterans of the Long War
- Heldrake - Baleflamer
- Predator - Autocannon, Sponson Lascannons
- Vindicator - Demolisher Cannon, Siege Shield, Combi-bolter
Allies 1:  (Chaos Marines)
- Chaos Lord - Mark of Slaanesh, Burning Brand, Power Sword, Jump Pack, Gift of Mutation
- 5 Noise Marines - Blastmaster
- 5 Noise Marines - Blastmaster
- 3 Obliterators - Mark of Nurgle
My Opponent ran Clan Raukaan Double Detachment:
- Captain - Gorgon's Chain, Medusan Axe
- Librarian - Force Hammer
- Master of the Forge - Stone
- 5 Marines - Plasma Gun
- 5 Marines - Missile Launcher
- 5 Scouts - Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher
- 5 Scouts - Bolters, Missile Launcher
- Venerable Dreadnought - Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter
- Dreadnought - Twin Lascannon, Missile Launcher
- 5 Vanguard - 1 Relic Blade, 1 Pair of Lightning Claws
- Storm Talon - Heavy Bolters
- Storm Raven - Heavy Bolters, Assault Cannon, Hurricane Bolters
- Thunderfire Cannon
- Vindicator
- Vindicator
- Aegis Defence Line - Quad-gun
I won the roll off to deploy first.
My opponent then failed to steal and we were off:
With the big cannons arrayed against me I knew that I would have to act decisively, yet protect my units from return fire.  Starting a little more hesitantly than normal, I moved cautiously, just closing up to some barricades for the most part.  While my Brand-Lord went after the sniper-scouts and my bikes went after the bolter-scouts.  Shooting saw the Las-missile Dread Immobilised, 2 Sniper-scouts and 2 Tactical Marines killed, the Quad-gun wounded and most importantly both Vindicators shaken (no S10 Blasts for my opponent next turn).  I was 8" away with my bikes so charged the bolter-scouts, killing 2 but they failed to withdraw (I wanted those bikes locked in).

My opponent responded by firing both the Quad-gun and sniper-scouts at my Brand Lord doing 2 wounds on him, while the Thunderfire cannon scattered into the combat in the centre, but failed to do any damage.  He then assaulted my Bikes with his Venerable Dreadnought, killing 2, but they held their nerve.  Both of his Vindicators passed their IWND rolls to recover their Hull Points


The Heldrake arrived, but was unable to vector strike anything due to my opponent hiding in his deployment zone. My chosen acted first. The Flamer-chosen and the Brand Lord wiped the Scouts granting me first blood, while the Melta-chosen turned a Vindicator to slag.  A combination of my Obliterators, the Heldrake and some Blastmaster shots cleared the Master of the Forge, all but 1 of the Tactical Marines and the Quad-gun off the table.  Although the Heldrake lost a Hull Point due to it's Daemonforge.  The other Blastmaster managed to stun the surviving Vindicator.  The combat ground to a Stalemate with no casualties on either side.

Both of my opponents Flyers arrived (thanks to the Storm Talon escorting the Raven).  The Thunderfire cannon hit the Lord and Plague Marines dead on, dealing 11 wounds of which 8 were tanked by the Lord before he took a wound, he then used Look Out Sir to pass off the remaining 2 wounds, one of which killed a Plague Marine.  The Las-missile Dread took a Hull Point off my Predator, while the Storm Raven took a Hull Point off the Heldrake with it's assault cannons.  The assault phase saw the Dreadnought kill 2 bikes, while they killed one scout in return.  The bikes fled and were swept convincingly.

I used my Flamer Chosen to claim another objective, as their job was done (most of the enemy infantry were dead).  The Melta-chosen vapourised the Las-missile Dread, while the Vindicator immobilised the Venerable Dread.  The last Tactical Marine died to Plasma Fire, while the Heldrake Vector-striked a hull point off the Storm Raven.  A Blastmaster shot Immobilised the Vindicator.  My Lord and his Bodyguard then slaughtered the scouts, claiming the centre objective.   Lastly, the Heldrake regenerated a hull point.

The Storm Talon finished off the Heldrake with the assistance of the Storm Raven (in Hover mode), which with it's main weapons dealt a wound to the Obliterators.  The Thunderfire cannon splatted a Noise Marine, while the Vindicator killed 3 Plague Marines.  His mini-deathstar then assaulted my Lords squad, but lost the Lightning Claw vet to the Lord for no results themselves, they held (drat!).

The Obliterators took revenge swiftly on the Storm Raven, smashing it to pieces with Assault Cannon fire, while my Vindicator finally finished off his loyalist counterpart.  Combat saw my Brand Lord join the party, slaughtering the remaining Veterans, for the loss of my Plague Champion in return.  This time the Iron Hands tried to flee, but I locked him in thanks to the Initiative 6 of my Slaanesh Lord.

The Storm Talon managed to kill two of the Flamer-chosen (snake eyes on saves... http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/pinch.gif ).  The Thunderfire cannon managed to take a hull point off the Vindictor and the Combat was a stalemate.  My opponent was running out of things to do rather fast at this point.

3 Lascannon shots from the Obliterators put away the Venerable Dread, while the Auto-las finally scored a hit on the Storm Talon, which only glanced.  In the Combat, his Captain finally worked out how to hit and wound and my Warlord bit the dust.

His Storm Talon blatted a Noise Marine, while the Thunderfire cannon dealt 2 wounds to the Obliterators, putting one down.  In the combat, my second Lord had to challenge and, with only 1 wound remaining and no ++ save, died.

The Predator completed the Job this turn, ripping the Storm Talon from the sky.  The Thunderfire cannon took a wound from the Rhino's combi-bolter before both it and the Techmarine were annihilated by the Vindicator.  The Melta-chosen, with nothing left to shoot, ran 6" onto the central objective.  My Obliterators charged in (forgot to move them in Vassal), but both Plague Marines died.  Thankfully the Obliterators kept their nerve.

Finally the Obliterators punched through the captains armour, wounding him 4 times, but the 3++ saved two of them (meaning he just survived on 1 wound remaining).  The dice promptly came up a 2 and the game ended.  (note - the Melta Chosen were still on the objective - had an edit fail on this picture.)
Me - 5 Objectives, First Blood and Linebreaker (Rhino) for a total of 17 Victory Points
Him - Slay the Warlord for a total of 1 Victory Point
It was a good game (even if the result suggests otherwise) with so many close calls that went my way.  The shaking/stunning of his Vindicators cost him dearly, while the fusillade of fire I laid down was unerringly accurate, although not as destructive as I would have liked (I kept rolling 4 or less for damage against his vehicles except the times when I would have glanced the enemy to death anyway).
The combat in the centre was a great distraction that sucked him in, allowing me board control (for the only significant loss being my Warlord).
This was my first time using the Drake and It was actually pretty average.  Maybe some more play-testing will see it come into it's own.

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Another games night, another game.  This time it was the rematch between me and the Ultramarines player from the first game posted here.


Again, we played over a board with plenty of terrain.  The mission was "Big Guns Never Tire" with 3 Objectives.  These were placed in the upper left, upper right and lower right ruins.  (I forgot to mark them in Vassal)




I ran the same list as my game against the Clan Raukaan army, figuring that it worked well last time... so now to see how it fares against the revamped Ultramarines.  Plus, that Heldrake had a lot to make up for, given it's less than stellar debut.


Primary 1:  (Black Legion)
- Chaos Lord - Mark of Nurgle, Terminator Armour, Lightning Claw, Combi-plasma, Veterans of the Long War, Blight Grenades, Warlord (IWND)
- 5 Plague Marines - 2 Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War
- 5 Plague Marines - 2 Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War
- 5 Chosen - 5 Meltaguns, Veterans of the Long War
- Rhino - Combi-bolter
- 5 Chosen - 5 Flamers, Veterans of the Long War
- Rhino - Combi-bolter
- 5 Bikers - Mark of Nurgle, 2 Meltaguns, Veterans of the Long War
- Heldrake - Baleflamer
- Predator - Autocannon, Sponson Lascannons
- Vindicator - Demolisher Cannon, Siege Shield, Combi-bolter

Allies 1:  (Chaos Marines)
- Chaos Lord - Mark of Slaanesh, Burning Brand, Power Sword, Jump Pack, Gift of Mutation (+1 Strength Ranged Weapons)
- 5 Noise Marines - Blastmaster
- 5 Noise Marines - Blastmaster
- 3 Obliterators - Mark of Nurgle


My Opponent used:


- Sicarius

- 5 Hammernators in a Crusader with Multi-melta and Hunter Killer

- 10 Tactical Marines with Combi-grav and Gravgun in a Deathwind Drop Pod

- 10 Tactical Marines with Combi-melta and Meltagun in a Deathwind Drop Pod

- 10 Tactical Marines with a Power Sword in a Drop Pod

- 10 Tactical Marines with a Heavy Bolter

- 10 Scouts with 5 Sniper Rifles and a Missile Launcher

- Predator Annihilator

- 5 Devastator Marines with 4 Missile Launchers

- Deathstorm Drop Pod with Whirlwind Missile Pods


I won the roll off and deployed first:




My Warlord Trait was Unholy Fortitude (It Will Not Die), He was using Sicarius so had "The Imperium's Sword"

My Slaanesh Lord rolled +1 Strength to Ranged Weapons for his Gift of Mutation - meaning the Brand was S5 (Now this was going to be fun!)


My opponent failed to steal the initiative, so I began.




The Brand Lord made his presence felt early killing 2 of the Devastators, while a Blastmaster shot took care of 2 more.  The second Blastmaster hit dead-on target, killing 5 scouts.  Combined fire from the Auto-las Predator and the Obliterators (Lascannons) turned the Annihilator inside out, claiming First Blood and a Heavy Support Kill in one go.


2 Victory Points for me.




My opponent had his Grav-tacs and Melta-tacs come down first, the Melta unit vapourised my Melta-chosen's Rhino (killing 2 Chosen into the bargain), while the Gravs killed 4 Noise Marines including the Champion and the Blastmaster.  The Land Raider took out a Bike and that was that.




Screaming hateful curses at the pretty boys in blue, I unleashed my revenge.  The Auto-las kicked things off by stripping 2 hull points off one Drop Pod, while the Melta-chosen Nuked the other (Killing a couple of Tactical Marines in the explosion).  The Demolisher shook the Land Raider.  Next up, my two squads of Plague Marines combined their fire with the Obliterators (Twin-linked Plasma Guns) to wipe out the Grav-tacs.  In the top left, the Baledrake turned 8 Tactical Marines into ash, while the Brand Lord killed the remaining two, and finished off the Devastator sergeant as well.  The Rhino and the Flamer Chosen then killed all but two of the remaining Melta-tacs who got charged by the surviving Noise Marine, who cut them down.


I claimed my third Victory Point and with two rolls on the Boon Table, my Slaanesh Lord became Stubborn http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/dry.png while my Nurgle Lord got +1 Toughness http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png




My luck changed for the worse in my opponents turn however.  The Deathstorm Drop Pod's missile launchers managed to kill: a Noise Marine, 4 Plague Marines and a Flamer Chosen (I just couldn't pass saves...) while Sicarius and the Hammernators wiped out the Bikes for no loss.  The final Tactical Squad showed up and through weight of Boltgun shots, slew 2 of the Melta-chosen, leaving the Champion alone.




Once again the Brand Lord and the Baledrake teamed up, this time wiping out the final Tactical Squad.  The Vindicator managed to hit four Terminators, but only 1 fell.  The Flamer Chosen had even less luck, killing nothing.  The Obliterators (Twin-linked Meltaguns) blew up the Deathstorm before it could do any more damage, while the Auto-las finished off the other Drop Pod, wrecking it through weight of fire.


I claimed my fourth victory point for killing the Deathstorm.




Unsurprisingly, the Flamer-chosen were next to feel the wrath of the Hammernators, being slain with ease.  While the Land Raider spitefully riddled the poor Melta-chosen Champion with shells.




Those Hammernators needed to die, and now!  Pretty much everything fired at them.  A Vector Strike, Baleflamer, 1 Plasma Gun, 3 Plasma Cannons, a Demolisher Cannon and the Auto-las all fired and when the smoke cleared, only Sicarius was left standing.  The lone Plasma-toting Plague Marine had killed himself in the process, but the only real threat to my army was now defeated.  The Brand Lord continued his path of destruction, killing two scouts, one of which was the Sergeant.  Finally the Nurgle Lord and his unit of Plague Marines attempted to use the empty drop pod for a free move, charging it but doing no damage.


Another roll on the Boon Table for my Slaanesh Lord gifted him with... +1 Initiative, so he now had Initiative 7... Not helpful, but I didn't really care at this point.




Sicarius, seeing my Rhino dashing to claim Linebreaker managed to stun it with his Plasma Pistol.  The Land Raider tried to shoot my Nurgle Lord off the Drop Pod, but with their high toughness and my dice deciding not to betray me again, no damage was sustained.




As I was free to move away from the Drop Pod, I did so.  My Nurgle Lord starting the (too long) walk to the top left objective.  The Vindicator hit and wounded Sicarius only for the Iron Halo to keep him alive... just long enough for the Auto-las to blast a gaping hole through his chest with a perfectly timed Lascannon blast.  The Brand killed 2 more Scouts and the Lord then charged the my opponents last surviving infantry model, using his augmented speed the Lord turned the poor scout into a selection of perfectly trimmed fillets.


I claimed my fifth and sixth victory points for Warlord and Line-breaker (Brand Lord)




The last act of the game was the Crusader desperately trying to kill the Nurgle Lord and his retinue, but it wasn't to be.  The Multi-melta missed (again) while everything else was simply absorbed without so much as a lasting scratch.


The die came up a 1, and hands were shook.


In the end I had one Objective, and the 6 claimed VPs from his 3 Heavy Support choices, plus all three secondary objectives.  Result a 9:0 win for the Iron Warriors.  But this had been no walk in the park.  At least I could console myself that the Sons of Perturabo now had access to a great haul of precious gene seed, ripe for harvesting.  My losses would be replaced... My opponent however had sacrificed one of his Chapters greatest heroes and over half a battle company's worth of marines in an ignominious defeat.


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Cheers.  They are all 2000pt games.  Seeing as we have 3 hours to set up and play on our games nights, it's just about the right size to play one game to completion within the time (so long as we set up quickly).  It's also a traditional pts size we've used locally since the start of 5th edition, it allows a good variety of builds and the odd big, expensive model/unit doesn't unbalance the list too much.


Thankfully there aren't many people who abuse the, now horribly abusable, force organisation chart that attend the club, so our games are friendly affairs designed to allow us to have fun, rather than :cuss each other over.  They also tend to be quite tactical, as none of our armies are point-click-kill enough to win without careful target priority and knowing where and when to turn on the pressure.


I do find it funny that a few of the local gamers consider my army highly competitive, when it's by no means tournament meta-ed / an internet list.  Still, that's the environment I'm in... and (since 6th edition hit) I remain unbeaten in it.

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nice, yea around here the weekly 40k night is a mix of newer players and really tough lists, like the one I run in my tournaments since going in outgunned means you play 2 turns then call it.


Also if your ever on the west coast my iron hands would love to avenge the losses the clan raukaan player suffered at your hands :D

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Cheers.  They are all 2000pt games.  Seeing as we have 3 hours to set up and play on our games nights, it's just about the right size to play one game to completion within the time (so long as we set up quickly).  It's also a traditional pts size we've used locally since the start of 5th edition, it allows a good variety of builds and the odd big, expensive model/unit doesn't unbalance the list too much.


Thankfully there aren't many people who abuse the, now horribly abusable, force organisation chart that attend the club, so our games are friendly affairs designed to allow us to have fun, rather than http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/censored.gif each other over.  They also tend to be quite tactical, as none of our armies are point-click-kill enough to win without careful target priority and knowing where and when to turn on the pressure.


I do find it funny that a few of the local gamers consider my army highly competitive, when it's by no means tournament meta-ed / an internet list.  Still, that's the environment I'm in... and (since 6th edition hit) I remain unbeaten in it.


Looking great, but when you look at your list, its got a lot of strengths while only combining the better units.  Many people not familiar with how lopsided our codex is are going to see it as competitive when you're using dual torrents, obliterators, nurgle bikers, PMs and NMs. 


Granted I love how your Brand lord is performing.

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I'm not saying it isn't competitive.  The list works well for me, it has good redundancy against most threats, good mobility and good survivability.  Although I double up my Troops choices, the army isn't really a spam list either.  In fact with a few alterations I could easily make it a Highlander list should I be so inclined.


The Heldrake is not a regular feature.  I've only used it twice - the two times it's appeared here - so double torrent isn't something my army is known for (at least not yet).


The Brand Lord was by far and away the model of the match for me in the last game.  It also exasperated my opponent as he came across as a "unit killer" which he wasn't really.  The Drake or Blastmasters would decimate a unit with the Lord finishing them off (hopefully killing the Sergeant into the bargain for a nice Boon roll).  As a result he did finish off the Devastators, 2 Tactical Squads and the Scout Squad, killing 3 Devastators, 6 Tacticals and 5 Scouts.  Not bad for a 150pt model.

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Well I had another games night last night, and took on an Ork Horde in an Emperor's Will battle... the numbers I was facing were daunting, but I was determined to prevail.
We played over the usual mix of terrain:
My army was slightly mixed up, mainly due to my Slaanesh Lord being owed a promotion for his last performance:

Primary 1:  (Chaos Marines)
- Chaos Lord - Mark of Slaanesh, Burning Brand, Power Sword, Jump Pack, Gift of Mutation (Armour save improved by 1), Warlord (Master of Deception)
- 5 Noise Marines - Blastmaster
- 5 Noise Marines - Blastmaster
- 5 Chosen - 5 Flamers, Veterans of the Long War
- Rhino - Combi-bolter
- 5 Chosen - 5 Meltaguns, Veterans of the Long War
- Rhino - Combi-bolter
- Heldrake - Baleflamer
- 3 Obliterators - Mark of Nurgle
- Predator - Autocannon, Sponson Lascannons
Allies 1:  (Black Legion)
- Chaos Lord - Mark of Nurgle, Terminator Armour, Lightning Claw, Combi-plasma, Veterans of the Long War, Blight Grenades
- 5 Plague Marines - 2 Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War
- 5 Plague Marines - 2 Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War
- 5 Bikers - Mark of Nurgle, 2 Meltaguns, Veterans of the Long War
- Vindicator - Demolisher Cannon, Siege Shield, Combi-bolter
My opponent used:
- Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun (Warlord)
- Wierdboy
- 10 Lootas
- 3 Killa Kans with Grotzookaz
- 20 Slugga Boyz with a Power Klaw Nob, a Rokkit and a Big Shoota
- 20 Ard Boyz with Shootaz and 2 Rokkitz
- 30 Shoota Boyz with 2 Rokkitz and a Big Shoota
- 22 Slugga Boyz with a Rokkit and a Big Shoota
- 20 Gretchin with 2 Runtherdz
- 5 Deffkoptaz with Rokkitz
- 10 Bikerz with Power Klaw Nob
- 3 Kannonz
- Aegis Defence Line with Quad-gun
I won the roll off and deployed first, with Dawn of War Deployment.  I also rolled a 2 for my Master of Deception and Infiltrated both units of Chosen in their Rhinos.  Their role as First Blood getting Suicide Squads was obvious, but seeing as Kill Points weren't an issue, I didn't mind.  My opponent failed to steal, and it was time to unleash the pain...
The Flamer Chosen were first to act, with an impressive 20 hits on the Lootaz, 10 wounds were caused and all 10 Lootaz were crispy-fried granting me first blood with the first shots of the game.  The Auto-las and the Blastmasters combined fire to take out the Quad-gun, the Blastmasters also killing 8 Grots into the bargain.  The Brand Lord managed to kill a Biker and a few nearby Slugga Boyz, with the Vindicator and the Obliterators (Assault Cannons) combining fire to kill another 7 Bikers which promptly fled.  The Melta Chosen fired at the Mek, who went to ground for a 2+ cover save, keeping him alive (at least he wouldn't be firing the Shokk Attack Gun next turn).  The Plague Marines on the right wounded a Deffkopta, and finally the Bikes opened up on the left Slugga Boyz killing one.
So, First Blood to the Iron Warriors.
Before any action could commence, the Bikerz fled the table. http://[url%3D/
Predictably, the Melta Chosen weren't given a second chance to do anything, getting charged by the Slugga Boyz who beat them to death, only losing a single boy to overwatch fire.  The nearby Shoota Boyz did kill a Flamer Chosen with a Rokkit before hitting the Wall of Death, losing 4 Orks and failing the resultant charge.  On the other side of the table everything shot the Brand Lord and when the dust settled, Kvasir the Twisted simply smiled... Despite numerous hits his Mutation granted 2+ armour had remained inviolate, not a single wound suffered.
It was time to take revenge for the loss of the Melta Chosen.  4 Flamers resulted in a horrific 35 hits, 22 wounds and promptly wiped out the entire Ork mob including the Wierdboy.  With no other targets the Bikers, the Lord and the Plague Marines shot at the Mek, who went to ground again and survived... only to be hit by a Blastmaster shot which killed him outright.  Slay the Warlord was mine.  Scattered shooting from everything else killed a couple of Ard Boyz, a few of the Sluggz Boyz in the big mob and a gretchin.  The Obliterators and Auto-las teamed up to wreck two of the Killa Kanz.  Lastly, Kvasir put 2 wounds on the Deffkoptaz with his Brand, before charging... fluffing his wound rolls, but taking no damage in return.
Slay the Warlord Claimed by the Iron Warriors.
The Flamer Chosen met their fate, getting blasted by the Shoota Boyz, 3 of them dying and leaving the last one alone.  However with the Rhinos in the way, none of the other Orks could see him to finish him off.  The Ard Boyz and the Kannons killed 3 Plague Marines.  Finally Kvasir killed a Deffkopta, and promptly ran down the rest as they tried to flee.
The Heldrake appeared this turn and immediately killed 9 Shoota Boyz, with the last Flamer chosen killing a couple more.  The Lord joined the bikes and, along with the Bikers, assaulted and defeated the Shoota Boyz with the survivors fleeing for their lives.  A Blastmaster shot killed 4 more Gretchin, while the other killed 4 Slugga Boyz in the big mob.  The Vindicator, the Plague Marines and the Obliterators (Assault Cannons) smashed the Ard Boyz, leaving 7 alive.  The Auto-las stripped a hull point from the last Killa Kan.  Lastly, the Brand Lord assaulted the Grot Krew, killing 3 of them them, then running down the rest.  With his invincibility complex at an all time high, he made an obscene gesture at the nearby Kan then braced for impact.
The Slugga Boyz managed to kill a Biker, while the Ard Boys managed to kill a Plague Marine.  Then the last Kan assaulted Kvasir, who failed to glance with his Krak Grenade.  I was sure he was dead, but the Kan needed 5s to hit (WS2 vs WS6) and promptly missed with all 3 attacks.
A Vector Strike opened the procedings killing 2 Slugga Boyz, but the Baleflamer then killed 8 more.  The bikes added to their mounting casualties with the Lord Combi-plasma and Twin-linked Bolters killing a couple more.  Twin-linked Plasma from the Obliterators plus the last Plasma Gun toting Plague Marine on the right killed all but one of the Ard Boyz.  The other Plague Marine unit assaulted the Grots, killing them but the Challenge between the Champion and the Runtherd was a stalemate and the combat was locked.  The Lord and the Bikers assaulted the Slugga Boys and, leaving only 3 alive, chased them off.
In the last act of the game, Kvasir punched through the Kan's Vision Slit, dropping a Krak Grenade in the poor grot's lap, turning him into green paste and wrecking the last Kan.  He consolidated next to the last Ard Boy.
With that the game was called.  1 Runtherd, 4 Shoota Boyz, 3 Slugga Boyz and an Ard Boy were all that remained of the Ork Horde, and they surely weren't long for this world.
At the end of the game, I had First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker.  I also had my objective, while my opponent's was vacant.  Result - a 6-0 victory to the Iron Warriors.

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A nice victory for the Iron Warriors, congratulations!


I'm wondering though, do you think this would have played out differently, if the Flamer Chosen wouldn't have sacked two entire units early on due to being able to infiltrate by your warlord trait? 

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Quite possibly. 


Though I could have:

- Hit the Lootaz with the Blastmasters instead

- Killed the Big Mek with a Blastmaster shot (First Blood and Warlord in 1 shot as he was on his own)

- Deployed the Brand Lord in the middle, so he could go for the Lootaz

- etc.


I'm usually quite tactically flexible, but I'll take advantages when they come.  This time I got two big advantages, and I used them to good effect.


I did get lucky on both warlord trait and gift of mutation, but that's the nature of Chaos.  The Dark Gods smiled, I got what I wanted, and the game proceded as it did.  Saying that, so long as the Lootaz, Bikes, Quad-gun and Deffkoptaz (or at least the quad-gun and 2 of those units) were gone by the time the Heldrake arrived - I would have still been in the driving seat IMO.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but those chosen couldn't infiltrate in the Rhino. They could infiltrate on foot or they could outflank in the Rhino but I was unaware that dedicated transports could benefit from that rule, in that way.

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"If a unit with Infiltrate is deployed inside a Dedicated Transport, they may Infiltrate or Outflank along with their Transport, but if they do they must deploy/move onto the table within it." Page 38 BRB.


It's 100% legal.

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