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Thats a nich, right red on the Techmarine! He looks great! As I am wont to say repeatedly: I love an old model updated with a modern paint scheme :D


One think I'll say about vindies and D6 shots is that it is very random, so don't rely on a high roll. They're nice when it happens but it's still possible to roll a princely 1 :P I expect they'll fair similarly to Exorcists - they do ok, but every now and then bust out 6 shots and absolutely annihilate something!

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Time for some batreps! Unfortunately nothing too special but here we go with number 1:

Legio vs World Eaters @ 1000pts


Hidden Content
++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [6CP, 993pts] ++

+ HQ +

Chapter Master [-2CP, 88pts]: All Flesh is Weakness, Plasma pistol, Relic blade, Stratagem: Chapter Master, The Tempered Helm, Warlord

Techmarine [52pts]: Power axe, Servo-arm, Storm bolter

+ Troops +

Scout Squad [64pts]
. . Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Power fist
. . 4x Scout w/Combat Knife

Tactical Squad [151pts]
. . 7x Space Marine
. . Space Marine Sergeant
. . . . Boltgun/Bolt pistol
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon
. . Space Marine w/Special Weapon: Flamer

Tactical Squad [144pts]
. . 7x Space Marine
. . Space Marine Sergeant
. . . . Boltgun/Bolt pistol
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. . Space Marine w/Special Weapon: Meltagun

+ Elites +

Contemptor Dreadnought [132pts]: Combi-bolter, Dreadnought combat weapon, Multi-melta

Dreadnought [104pts]: Assault cannon
. . Dreadnought combat weapon w/Storm Bolter: Storm bolter

Dreadnought [116pts]: Assault cannon
. . Dreadnought combat weapon w/Heavy Flamer: Heavy flamer

Venerable Dreadnought [142pts]: Twin lascannon
. . Dreadnought combat weapon w/Storm Bolter: Storm bolter

World Eaters

Hidden Content


Chaos Terminators

Land Raider



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Another batrep, again against traitors but no training game so the Legio will show no quarter!

Legio vs Alpha Legion @ 1000pts


List as above

Alpha Legion

Hidden Content
Lord with combi-melta, AL relic sword


CSM squads




Alpha Legion are a pesky lot, hiding with their -1 to hit... for adding problems the mission had an inbuilt -1 to hit over 18" as well. Bad times :sad.: Fortunately neither my list nor my opponent's were particularly geared for long ranged slug fests so at least it wouldn't be too painful.


I position my forces ready to move up, with rear elements holding to act as reserves and keep the Termies from deep striking behind my lines. My opponent sets up to close the distance - I'll need to do my best to soften then up before they do arrive so my Chapter Master positions himself to grant the most aid he can before the advance. The Helbrute with TLLC and ML hiding in the Bastion will be a particular pain so he'll be the first target...


Early Game

Fortunately for me my opponent's fire power fails to achieve much, but then neither does mine... both sides advancing their vanguard elements is the main play. The game is clearly going to be a clash in the centre! I'm confident that my Dreads can do some heavy lifting if they can close, but the AL have plenty of tricks up their sleeve.


The -2 to hit in most cases is a real pain, but I can advance close enough to inflict some damage on the ensconced Helbrute but only a little. Things fair a bit better as I can clear out the advancing CSM squad thanks to some poor saving rolls - a good start, but the enemy are advancing and the Termies are yet to arrive... The Maelstrom draws are kind of bad so neither side are getting much luck on Victory Points so far so things hang in the balance.


Mid Game

Now both sides are closing things start to ramp up. My main elements advancing around the building start taking hits but endure with Techmarine support. Equally so does the encamped Helbrute that refuses to die! Things don't fare quite so well for the AL Marines who with only small squad sizes can't hope to survive the attention thrown their way.

The Termies arrive and struggle to achieve much when they do, but help take out a Dread as the nearby Tactical squad piles in to help.


Late Game

With my vanguard very much in ascendancy the game shifts in my favour, especially as the Termies struggle with the Tacs enabling the Venerable to freem his counterpart and charge to finish the job. The other Helbrute finally dies after holding on despite all the odds! With my Chapter Master and the Scouts to assist the Contemptor is lost but the other Dread endures to squish both enemy characters.

With the Cultists pushed back badly by the advancing Tactical squad fresh from their victory, and more Alpha Legion units being shot down the game is over with a convincing victory to the Emperor's finest!

It's always a pleasure to play against such a fine army and opponent, but the difference in codex age made an increasing difference as the game went on. It was fortunate my list was built to close as that 18" accuracy reduction was a real hindrance otherwise, were it not for the Chapter Master's bonuses the game would have been quite different so it was annoying enough..!

The Tacticals did good service, chattering bolters with AP-1 are always nice to see (and I seem to roll quite well with bolters normally) and work well with Dreads :smile.: Shock Assault makes them quite nasty on the charge, further consolidating my preference for gun/cc builds so it's great to see them do some serious damage. The problem is often surviving to get there, the 5++ on the Contemptor really helped in this regard especially as he gets a lot of attention.

Another two batreps still to come :thumbsup:

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Hopefully one tonight at least, before I forget too much - a couple of weeks isn't that long but they've been a very busy two weeks. I will probably be busy enough this week but afterwards I'll be returning to the Cataphracti to finish them :)


Still not decided on how I'd like to build them. I think I might stick with power fists, or perhaps a mix with lightning claws? Decisions, decisions...

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Another catch up batrep:

Legio vs Vanquishers @ 1000pts


List as above

Vanquishers (Crimson Fists)

Hidden Content





Venerable Dread

This was my second introduction to 8th, so we didn't waste time monkeying around and got straight to it - best way to learn is by doing! As before, I will be explaining and advising throughout the game, but not pulling my punches - another good way to learn is by seeing :wink: It was a little while ago too so details aren't going to be that present...


Nothing exciting here. Some Combat Squads are used, otherwise I build a reliable core to push up the centre where most objectives gravitated and oppose my opponent's set up.

The Game

The Stormtalon zooms in to cause some mischief, but my rolling is decent and only a little damage is done. Otherwise my opponent advances a bit to cover ground, but it's not a great start.


I know that the Stormtalon is going to be trouble so I devote my efforts to removing it - unfortunately that's what it requires! I have little else to do so can only plink off a few opposing Marines. First Blood is handy, and I start my claim on Tactical Objectives also.


My opponent starts to bring his weapons to bear and takes out the Contemptor. Shooting is muted for the most part however due to extremes of luck which is good for me as it gives me an opportunity to press an advantage.


This is of course what I do! Aided with some luck of my own my shooting tears through my opponent (6 wounds, 6 dead Sternguard...). With my forces advancing my opponent is getting pressed in, not to mention I'm building a decent lead in Victory Points. The loss of Pedro in particular hurts; I'm well set to victory unless my opponent's Lamenter luck reverses itself!


The fightback is well fought, the Tactical Doctrine paying off nicely but I'm still in the lead with VPs with the game in my favour so it's going to take more than that! My squads hold on thanks to my Chapter Master and the Techmarine keeps Dreads in the fight to help me stay on top.


This is where my opponent's efforts finally give way, and faced with the methodical advance of the Legio losses are severe. A single squad holds out despite all the odds! Hold out they do, as they prove very stubborn - the dice gods feeling apologetic perhaps!


It can't last of course, and the Legio emerge triumphant! It was a good game and we got to explore most parts of the game which made for an excellent introduction and tutorial to 8th :smile.: My opponent's luck was pretty poor though, he definitely needs new dice that are less fancy looking but better rolling :tongue.:

We followed up with another game to put into practice the introduction game, at 1500 to get a few more toys in which I will batrep soon to complete the last :thumbsup:

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Just in case anyone thought this was only a batrep topic, back to the Cataphractii once more:


Legs just need the grass on the bases to be complete, I aim to assemble some Stormies next ready for a decent priming run then it'll probably be straight to painting the upper halves here as they'd be the closest project to completion :smile.: I've got an idea for what the next Legio project will be, but I'll cross that bridge once I get to it :wink:

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They're now primed and have most of their base colours:


With some luck I might be able to finish them tomorrow, but either way they'll be done soon enough :) I concocted an army list that requires some more painting and even some repainting, I might use it as a hit list to further my progress for future project ideas.

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I didn't get to finish them today, but even without the time that wouldn't have happened anyway. Turns out my black wash is very low, and I don't trust it when it's on the last bits...


Good progress still, and I'll be hitting GW tomorrow all going to plan anyway so work can resume soon enough. Once the wash is complete there's not much left to do, mostly the helmets :smile.:

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The last bits are finished :D


Luckily there's a lot less edges to highlight on the upper halves :P They're nice models so it's good to finally have them done, maybe get them in my next list :) While I'm on the task of completing unfinished work it might be time to return to some of the models still awaiting their repaint...

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I think it's time I repainted my Typhoon Land Speeders, it won't take too long so will be a good little project and a quick way to add some more choice. The mobility will be nice too, and as Iron Hands they function much better as mobile gun platforms (at least on turn 1) :)

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After many years, and a few months here I'm back to my second Ironclad. I've magnetised the Hunter Killers:


It didn't take too long, there's enough space mostly just working carefully with the magnets being close together. I've assembled some of the body too:


I will dig out a sarcophagus plate and a base and continue work, I aim to have him ready for my March of the Machines vow this week :tu:

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I'll keep him simple. The HKs are obviously optional but the Seismic Hammer is a favourite of mine with the melta, and for variety and to keep costs down a little I'll take a Storm Bolter on the right arm. Gives him a little bit of range too (something my current Ironclad sometimes wishes he had!) :tu:

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They're good, T8 goes much further than T7 and they hit like a brick too - the Seismic Hammer especially. I've not had a great deal of luck with mine in 8th as he tends to me a high priority target, but two on the table will go a lot further than one of course :)


With my new approach to my hobby queue I'll be able to dip in to my Marines better, there's a few models that I'd like to get done but we'll see how it goes.

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