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  1. Hey Guys! So, like so many others here, I've decided to create a PLOG (or BLOG) for the creation of my primaris army. Important: I plan to actually try and get around to painting this stuff, unlike my hundreds of standard Blood Angels Astartes. The original goal had been to build the starter set and get those painted, but a nice chap I know offered to trade his Primaris for my Death Guard, which i (unsurprisingly) accepted. I had also ordered a few bits from Bits and Kits too... Anyway, so why do I care about Primaris? For me they look how I've always imagined marines, the proportions look so much better than just about any True Scale marine I've seen, although there are a few that I thing come pretty close. I also am in the minority, in that I like the way the background is going, I actually like the idea that the Imperium isn't on a total back foot for the first time in probably the full 10 millenia since the Heresy! I can totally get behind the idea that a secret project to create better Astartes was sanctioned but because of the bureaucracy and shear inefficiency of the Imperium, such a project could then languish when it was desperately needed. Sure, I get that it's "Just GW trying to sell models", of course it is, its a business. But for me at least, I actually like the way the background is going (WE MOVED FORWARD IN TIME! HOORAY!!). As some of you may know, I've been in the hobby around 21 years now. And I've also been a member of this forum for the since 2004, I've seen so many inspirational things come out of this forum and I'm always greatful for the awesome stuff people come up with! So thanks for that As any of you that came across my old Blood Angels blog, or maybe some of my older porjects even on here will know, I usually like to do fairly substantial conversions, lots of reposing and sculpting. I imagine this project will eventually get more of that too, but for now, I'm focusing on keeping things reasonably simple, so I can get things to a point I'm happy to paint in a reasonable amount of time and (hopefully!) actually get stuff painted. I'll still be doing conversions on things of course, but probably not much in the way of heavy sculpting beyond stuff like hair and little details. The concept for my army, will be the soldiers assigned to 2nd Company to replenish it after the events of Angels Blade/Traitors Hate and then the Devastation of Baal. Once that book (or other helpful sources) comes out, I'll probably do a minor reshuffle to fit whatever official format GW Assigns Primaris in the Blood Angels chapter. I am hoping the info on existing Astartes being 'upgraded' proves to be true, but if not I'll work around it. But I'd like to 'upgrade' my Aphael to Primaris status, probably once I've got the new captain in hand and can work it out. Anyway, so here's what I've done so far! EVERY IMAGE IS CLICKABLE TO SEE A LARGER VERSION What you see above is Four Intercessor squads, Two Hellblaster squads, Three Ancients, Four Lieutenants and a Captain in Gravis Armour. There are also a set of Intercessors, but I cannot finish building those till I have painted the heads and sprayed the bodies. For the Lieutenants, I have built two stock, with a a shoulder pad change on one of them and some BA blood drop bling added to both - didnt bother taking extra pictures of those two. I then have a second ranged Lieutenant with a bit more of an involved conversion: He has a hand from one lieutenant, body from the other, an arm from a lieutenant with the hand from a sergeant, a shoulder pad swap, replaced the pistol on his waist with one from the mk3 kit, head from a hellblaster sergeant. Overall I'm pretty happy that I've managed to make him quite distinctive from the standard two. I then have probably my favourite model so far - Again, the conversion is simple, but I feel it's worked very nicely for pose, leaning forward like he has just completed an arcing slash with the sword. I need to sculpt hair on him still, unsure on exact style I'll go for, probably messy short hair. For the Intercessors, Squad 1: This squad has a few shoulder pad swaps (every squad has a few), Sergeant is close to stock, different right arm (one from a lieutenant, with the bolter from the sergeant, used the sergeant arm, but replaced the hand with one holding a bolter clip from the blood angels tactical squad. Sqaud 2: This unit is almost built stock, just some shoulder pad changes. Squad 3: This squad again had a few shoulder pad changes, sergeant uses a bionic arm from devastators, head is a sergeant head with hair shaved down (he'll stay bald), quite happy with how he looks. Squad 4: This unit is again, fairly stock, simple head swap on the walking and shooting marine, sergeant had a shoulder swap (this was the first unit I built) Next Is Ancient 1 and Hellblaster Squad 2: The Hellblaster squad has every model with a shoulder swap, sergeant uses head from a Lieutentant and has both pads swapped.Ancient is totally stock except for a tiny bit of BA bling added to his belt (one of the scroll pouches). Ancient 2, Hellblaster Squad 1 and Ancient 3: Ancient 2 has a head from assault squad and both shoulder pads replaced. Hellblasters have a couple pads replaced but are otherwise totally standard, Ancient 3 has a bolter arm from a sergeant, head from devastators and a little bling added to his backpack, banner top replaced with a bit from BA tactical kit - I see this Ancient as a marine that was 'upgraded', or if that turns out to not be something that happens, one of the first BA Primaris, along the lines of the Ancient from Dark Imperium Book. And finally, a shot of Everything that is built as it stands: The Gravis Captains back isn't stuck on, so I can paint the helmet easier. It's a stock model, I'm thinking of trying to do a fairly elaborate conversion with the second, but thats low priority for now. So, still to build I have: a third hellblaster squad, a fifth intercessor squad, a second inceptor squad, a second gravis captain and two more lieutenants. I plan to build the Inceptors for sure, but may hold off on the others for now. I will definitely be picking up two Repulsors, a Redemptor, both the regular and birthday Captains, the Librarian and probably just the one set of Reivers for the time being. I personally love the Repulsor, it looks awesome, I'm very interested to see the rules for it, I am excited to see how it plays and hopeful that it'll help with Primaris playability on the table - I recognise that they aren't deemed good currently. The Redemptor looks great, I am interested to see what build options it has, something with a smaller central plate would be good, and I'm really wanting an exposed helmet sat in there instead of the sarcophagus, but think I may be able to convert that using spare BA dread bits anyway. The HQ models all look good, albeit a little unexciting, but they'll also likely be where I focus most of my conversion efforts. The Reivers show great promise in concept, and I absolutely love the stripped down armour, but the poses aren't great, so I'll see what I can do there... a fellow Frater over in the BA forum suggested they might look good with Alabaster Death Masks... and now I need to at least look at that for an option!. Anyway, if you got this far, thanks for reading! C&C welcome as always.
  2. Got a custom chapter, dynasty, order, sept, craftworld, regiment, or hive-fleet you want to show off? Let me help with that! I run a small Warhammer/Hobby blog (www.fistfulofbeans.com) and have wanted to do a periodic post about the various custom forces of our lovely hobby community. The segment would focus on homebrew lore, characters, schemes and backstory for your force. For instance; Space Marines. How was your chapter formed? Who, if any, are their successor chapter? What's their homeworld like? Do they have any outstanding mutations or combat styles? Submitters will be required to answer a few short questions and provide a brief and fluffy summary of their force along with some pictures of their best-painted models! Anyone featured will, of course, be credited via whatever handles or links they wish making this a great way to bring a little exposure to your own YouTubes, Instagrams, etc. To clarify, by homebrew I mean any force not existing in the current canon, while still being relevant to 40K. That being said, I am also very interested in your Halo, Dune, Star Wars, etc themed armies as well but not for this. If this might be of interest to you, hit me up through one of these avenues: Instagram: @FistfulOfBeans Twitter: @FistfulofBeans_ Discord: Slimothy_James#7206 (most responsive) or message me here!
  3. Hi folks. Long time since I've posted to the site so I thought I might try something out. As of late, I've come into a lot of free time but absolutely no motivation to paint my imperial fists and with my goal to finish my entire army by the end of the year this as well as the new Anno game coming out is not helping. Ive decided to start this WIP blog sorta thing to help keep me motivated to my goal so I can eventually start a new project. Starting roughly 2 years ago, my Imperial Fists army has come to include an entire 3rd battle company (updated to guillimans new codex also including some primaris), a small armoured battle group, scout auxiliary force and a small 1st company detachment. Ive finished painting probably half of the collection with about a third based and shaded. All of the other models have been assembled and primed ready to go so I at least have an end point to go by. So here are some pictures of some of my already finished marines. Sorry for the bad image quality. And what is currently on my painting desk: I will try to post regularly with updates. Any words of motivation are welcome. If you would like to see more of what ive done, just let me know.
  4. It has recently occurred to me that a lot of people have cool hobby blogs to keep track of their regiment, it's about time I did the same! Odd topics for vows and challenges is fine but I need a proper home for general models I'm working on. Given I started repainting my Guard a few years ago (almost finished...) it is fitting that I start with not only a repaint but one of the oldest of models. Check out this Russ, found lingering in my parent's storage and in need of some serious love and attention. Fortunately the commissariat is well known for having an abundance of love to share This model must be over 20 years old, so it is surely deserving of some special treatment! It's also the a perfect example of how everyone starts out rubbish Yes that is Goblin Green and Blood Red, I only had so many paints back then (and Chainmail instead of Boltgun Metal!) In between working on my Regiments vow I've been sorting the model out ready for stripping. Broken bits like the HK have been removed (wish my glue is that strong now...), barrels and exhaust drilled out along with cleaning join lines. Such a relic of the regiment demands the best so I'm going to give this model my all and try and push myself to greater heights of painting. I'll see if I can give it a fitting backstory and name too but any and all suggestions are most welcome
  5. I read that the old Flesh Tearers had an inverted scheme for their Death Company, with the shoulders and helmet being red, while the rest of the body was black. My chapter, the Blood Suns, uses Flesh Tearer similar patterns, but they are normally Black shoulders, head, backpack, and leg greaves, like such. http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8082/8399725341_a452956475_b.jpg The idea is the chapter uses the iconography of a sun/star. They see the Imperium without the Emperor and Sanguinus as being like a red giant star, that has expanded in size and gobbled up it's system, but is at the end of it's life and will soon lose it's heat and collapse on itself, therefore they are named the Blood Suns. Therefore, they see a Marine's life being like a sun that has gone supernova, or turned into a black hole - the Black Rage is a marine's desire to see the end of everything, and destroy it all. So to make it a look like a supernova and a black hole, I'm going for an inverted white and black scheme, but I want some feedback on how this looks, and if it would be striking compared to the above. I'll post some model pictures in the morning when people are awake and I can set some out. But what is everyone's thoughts on this? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8229/8400814308_0bd0479300_b.jpg White color for the supernova imagery, and the black center for a Black supernova. The Red trim and Red chest eagle sort of keeping the basic Blood Sun third color, seen in the original. I love the alternative scheme for Death Company done in the book with the Angels Encarmine having white Sanguinary Guard as well, but I wondered if people think this would work on an actual model. Last consideration: I have a lot of those 3rd edition death company bodies that I'll be using for them models, and I have (with considerable effort) magnetized the backpacks to make sure they're flexible, so this is why I want to make sure I get the colors right. But if not, they'll strip easily being pewter/lead!
  6. So I've been on a secret mission.... to get into a different army that is not 'power armoured'. I love my Ultra's, and my Thousand Sons/Chaos but I have built/painted/played most of the armies in the game that interested me. AdMech is different. I've played against them a fair amount. I play at our local GW, and a few groups of friends. I have to say the height of Power Armour at the store these days is insane. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen power armoured armies. (Not that I recommend doing so!) So it turns out the codex is around the corner. So I thought I'd post a shot of my last game: I am struggling to find something I like that also motivates me like Thousand Sons/ Red Corsairs / Ultra. I was on my back foot vs Renegades (FW) : Even though I commit to playing "Cawl Wall", I do a lot of damage back. (All the Artillery Renegades have is sick... S10, 2 x Laser Rapiers, and indirect 10 x D6 S4 is brutal, and untouchable) Dual Onager Dune Crawlers with Cawl were fantastic. I forgot a Datasmith, never got to change protocols. I swapped out two of my 4 Dunestriders to get a squad of rangers with sniper dude in them.. big mistake. I like those walkers... all of them. I never scored a point after T2 to t5, and then on T5 I scored 4 points, but he was already at 13. I did hit 12 to his 16 going into T7 but I had the bottom of the turn, drew up my 3 cards and all were impossible at that point in the game. He started annihilating me and by mid game I thought I was going to be swamped in zombies, but I did fend them off. The walkers with repairing HQ's running around are very good I think. He had so much trouble actually finishing off those units. But the two squads of Kastellan Robots were a huge threat, and one squad survived the game. SO they always took most shots. Mobility and staying power (combined in a unit) is a massive issue. I always despise using allies, but the golden boys would fit this army very well. (custodes). That being said ti was a fun game, I came within 2 points of tying it up, but I went back and looked and EVERY card I drew until T7 was 'hold something' which is probably what I felt I was least suited towards. Baller lasted the game, he had a lot of Ogryn, possessed, zombies and deposits of artillery. It was a very good list I'd say. It mimics Astra fairly well even with sprinkles of walkers, banewolfs, chimera's etc. (IE: Similar playstyle) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kudos to my friend. He's had this army since inception, but he doesn't like it as much as his other armies and I'm fortunate enough to borrow it while I buy some stuff, and fumble around in the dark like a fool trying to find my way. I started to work on a Onager Dunecrawler (Love the las type weapon) and was going Metalica (it's rare) and I also like the main stream red colour however it has become apparent there will be different Strategums for different Forgeworlds! So a bad choice in my first unit could suck!
  7. So I guess I've unofficially started these guys based purely on the novels, and the models. My hope is to flesh the army out and get some good advice on how to play them, and make them look decent. Hopefully I'll be throwing all that stuff down here in this thread to chronicle the events as I awkwardly attempt to defend the Imperium! Prot's Custodes Thread: - First up I will kick off the thread with my first troops. This is 9 dudes that I got way back in the Burning of Prospero Box. I had another set of 5 guys painted but sold them on Ebay.
  8. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/345303-2k-sisters-of-battle-with-an-imperial-knight/ This was briefly started, over the army list, but now I expand this here. Minor order (assuming sister fluff does not change much with the codex) Order name: TBA Home base: Terra Honoured Saint: Alicia Dominica Primary colours: Scarlet robes, blue armour. I will get some better pictures of the miniatures during next week. Plan is mostly for me, to motivate myself to keep painting and trying cool/fun/fluffy lists. Here is the rest of the pics from the match. (New Necrons vs Sisters + Knight. 2k points.)
  9. Hey all! I used to post more regularly but stopped once my webhosting lapsed. Well now I've got a fancy new host at mcgibs.com and I figured I'd reboot my miniature blogging with some of the new things I've done in the meantime. I've been building up my bloody Khorne army for years now, but recently I decided to recolour them. Originally they were traditional red n' brass/gold, but that was way too much red on red. Now they're a nice school-bus yellow with some cool wytchsymbol etching for decoration. The "god neutral" colour also helps justify my apostasy away from mono-Khorne and dip my toe into other flavours of chaos. I've still got buckets of old and new models to paint, but here's some of my recent converts! Renegade Marksmen (Noise Marines) I wanted some proper shooty marines, and noise marines fit the bill perfectly. But glam rockers don't really fit the army theme, so I opted for some upgunned bolter bros. To make them fit with the recent plague and rubric marines proportions, I hacked these guys together with AoS Blood warrior legs. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_noisemarine01_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_noisemarine02.jpg These guys use beefed up autocannons (or mini battlecannons?) for Blastmasters. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_noisemarine03.jpg http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_noisemarine02_turn.gif Overseer (Dark Apostle) This guy was just a blast to make and paint. The AoS whippy guy is such a characterful model, and I did a head and arm swap to make him a little more intimidating. Khorne apostles to not preach! They whip! http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_overseer_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_overseer01.jpg http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_overseer02.jpg Obliterators I was never a fan of the melty-cheese obliterators, so I made these abhuman fellas weilding massive daemon-weapons. Shame they lost their powerfists in 8th though. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_obliterators_yellow.jpg Caco Beholder (Daemon Prince) One of my favorite models so far. I made this guy from a pingpong ball, lots of greenstuff, and assorted WFB and necron bits. The Faceplate from the WFB Chaos Chariot inspired me to make an entire model based around it, and the floating head/meatball daemons from doom are a classic in my mind. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_cacoprince_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_cacoprince01.jpg Kanarak I haven't used him in many games because it's more difficult to field daemons in my lists, but I enjoyed making this good doggo. Bashed from one of the Santa Sled wolves and one of the hands from the AoS Khogorath(?). http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_karanak_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_karanak01.jpg Contemptor Dread If there's one thing I love more than anything else, it's big stompy robots. This guy was a good excersize in converting the oddly posed plastic Calth Contemptor. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_contemptor_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_contemptor01.jpg Decimator My battletech love was bleeding through into this guy. He's not as beefy as the proper forgeworld model, but he's got dreadnought stats so he gets a pass. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_decimator_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_decimator01.jpg http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_decimator02.jpg Dreadnought There's still a place in my heart for the dumb washing-machine dread. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_dreadnought_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_dreadnought01.jpg Renegade Knight And my biggest stompybot! http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_knight_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_knight01.jpg http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_knight03.jpg
  10. Greetings, brethren! I've had a WIP blog over in the Blood Angels section for a few years now, and have been working away at the successors, the Blood Suns, that I have info about in my signature. I'm about 7 death company and 12 terminators away from finishing a complete 2000pt Death Company force AND a 2000pt Archangels All Terminator force. But I got an itch for 30k, and I couldn't scratch it hard enough.... so here begins this other WIP Blog. I decided to post it here so I can do other things like my Inquisitor allies, terrain, and other projects I also work on which aren't Blood Angel successors as well. My Heresy force will be the Ultramarines, and I'm going for an all infantry and dreadnought Zone Mortalis list first, then a 2000pt list with only some rhinos, and then 3000 with heavier transports for killer units. With that lengthy intro, here's to the models! I decided to do some Fulmentarus Terminators first. I am using the Betrayal at Calth box and some bits from the internet. Here they are laid out neatly: Here they are with combi-meltas. 4 are the combi meltas from tactical Calth kits, and 1 is from the Praetor who comes in the Box. And here they are with reaper autocannons. I used the Chaos Teminator Autocannon bit from eBay sellers, as that was going to be much cheaper than buying 5 sets of the Cataphractii Special Weapons sets. Of course, after searching for bits for months to put this project together, 2 weeks after I start someone starts selling only the autocannons on there. Cest la vie! I magnetized all the weapons in the wrist. Using such small 1.5x3mm magnets means there's not a lot of length added in the wrist. I set the arm magnet in by drilling a hole, and just glued the other magnet right onto the wrist of the hand. Painted up, the length won't be noticeable. The autocannons gets a few funny angles due to how I drilled them and the arms end, but we'll just call those "action poses." I'm still fishing around for 2 more cyclone missile launchers. I got 2 metal ones and 1 plastic one from the current tactical terminator kit. Criticism and compliments welcome. Still need to put shoulders and heads on these guys, but the hard work is done for now.
  11. So a few times I've been asked for close ups and references to my battle reports so I think it's time to just start this up as a thread: Contents: + Finished Thousand Sons and Tzeentch Models are here: +LINK+ The following WIPs and Finished projects are in order of oldest to newest: + WIP shots of various units: Tanks/Forgefiend/Flamers/etc: +LINK+ + Finally...after some delays Magnus the Red is complete! +LINK+ + Alright time for Daemons! We have Pinks, Blues, Brimstones, a Tzaangor Herald AND Flamers all in one post: +LINK+ + Hopefully some better shots of Magnus the Red here: +LINK+ + Finally a WIP Forgefiend turns into the finished product! +LINK+ + Thousand Sons Helbrute for 8th edition! +LINK+ +++ New Shadow Wars Content +++ I'll slip in the Shadow Wars Armageddon content here as most of it will be paint related, but I will link the Shadow Wars batreps in the section below. Whereas this section will mostly host projects related to Shadow Wars: + First up I challenge myself to finish some terrain from the starter box set in 2 Days! Can I do it? +LINK+ + Phase 2: I showed you the Crates/barrels, but I also bought a Galvanic Magnavent and gave myself the same 1 week challenge: +LINK+ + Two Batreps for the price of One! ITC mission 5 (Highlander) 1500 Points: vs Orks and vs Admech: +LINK+ + Another ITC (Highlander) 1500 Points vs Space Wolves: +LINK+ + Two Batreps again for the low price of one: 1850 Points Maelstrom vs Orks and Tyranids: +LINK+ + Another ITC (Highlander) test of my futility at 1500 vs AdMech + Skittles: +LINK+ + The Fall of Cadia Campaign SUPER DUPER Batrep collection (3 games, then a 4th mega battle game featuring 3 Chaos armies vs. 3 Armies of the Imperium using the "Emperor Protects" scenario. All games were played out at my local GW store: (lots of pics) - Fall of Cadia GAME ONE: +LINK+ - Fall of Cadia GAME TWO: +LINK+ - Fall of Cadia GAME THREE: +LINK+ - Fall of Cadia Final Mega Battle: The Emperor Protects: +LINK+ + An important tactics article for me as I'm trying to understand Tzeentch Daemons and Summoning. I never foresaw me going down this path until I saw how tough life is with 18 models on the table.... Are you trying to figure it out as well? Do you have something to add? Please check out the conversation here: Using Daemons with Thousand Sons +LINK+ + + More to come shortly!
  12. It's finally time to get back to my Marines proper, and that means doing a proper WIP blog for them too. There's an in progress IA for the Legio in the Liber if anyone's interested in the fluff. The Venator are fairly old as far as DIYs go, and have gone through a change or two since their inception over 20 years ago so I have a pretty good collection of various models but those that know won't be surprised to find a focus on vehicles and Dreadnoughts I have a lot of plastic for my Marines to work through (ETL sorted my Guard backlog nicely) but I also have an established finished collection so projects will be haphazard depending on what I fancy. Got some Centurions still in their cellophane I want to try my hand at modding a bit, and who doesn't have more Tacticals to do? To start with I've returned to my HG project after three years thanks to Chaos at the Gates II: Honour or Death. Here's the WIP of Champion Yusha: I'll work on a bit of fluff for him later as part of the challenge, but he also has three brothers that are awaiting gluing now I've got a replacement glue. They're all based on the Sanguinary Guard body and spruced up with Sternguard and Vanguard bits. The chapter isn't into fancy pants all that much, so he'll mostly be green - I hope to get a bit of progress up today As ever any help is appreciated, especially with regards to weathering which is something I want to work on a bit but the focus is on getting back into painting Marines and finishing the challenge for the moment
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