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for the
Chaos Space Marines Forum

it is not too late! 

Everyone joining the Chaos Space Marines after

this post 
will be eligible for an 
awesome custom banner; 


So, prospective participants:
run over to the 

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So, Week 4 is past and gone – the last whole week for recruitment. Now there are just three days left to get new participants in before the doors of ETL VI close forever! So how did Week 4 changed things?


Let’s see in detail:


Faction/ForumParticipantsVowsPoints pledgedAvg. Vow Completions CRSCRAdeptus Astartes 171 189 132,477 7018,425 6.4% 536 Space Marines 59 65 41,666 641 2,924 7.0% 205 Blood Angels 43 51 32,560 638 3,160 9.7% 307 Dark Angels 42 42 31,512 750 404 1.3% 5 Space Wolves 27 31 26,739 863 1,9377.2% 140 IFOR 59 63 55,954 888 4,8478.7% 420 Adepta Sororitas 6 6 3,270 545 0 0% 0 AdMech 11 12 7,333 611 240 3.3% 8 Astra Militarum 19 20 14,799 740 3,260 22.0% 718 Imperial Agents 11 11 16,717 1,520 0 0% 0 Grey Knights 2 2 2,658 1,329 0 0% 0 Deathwatch 10 12 11,177 931 1,347 12.1% 162 Realm of Chaos 57 67 45,352 731 2,390 5.3% 126 Chaos Space Marines 47 51 33,577 658 1,652 4.9% 81 Chaos Daemons 4 4 3,451 863 738 21.4% 158 LatD 6 7 8,324 1,189 0 0% 0 Xenos 39 40 25,587 690 1,445 5.2% 76 Aeldari 9 9 2,978 331 0 0% 0 Necrons 10 11 6,931 630 845 12.2% 103 Orks 4 4 2,893 723 600 20.7% 124 T’au Empire 13 13 12,295 946 0 0% 0 Tyranids 3 3 2,490 830 0 0% 0 AoD 43 51 46,474 911 5,465 11.8% 643 AoD-L 23 28 25,787 921 2,965 11.5% 341 AoD-T 20 23 20,687 899 2,500 12.1% 302


ETL VI – Week 4 overview

Week 4 saw a bigger recruitment than Week 3 with 42 new participants entering the fray to a total of 369. Furthermore, we’ve seen a number of completions and some re-vowing, thus increasing the total vows to 405 with the side-effect of lowering the average vow somewhat to 760pts from 779pts in Week 3. We’ve also seen some reshuffling in the Factions’ rankings in terms of participation, with IFOR now being second and ahead of Chaos in terms of points pledged (10.6k pts ahead in fact) while having a small lead in number of participants and number of vows. By comparison, the AoD was left a bit behind in terms of participants adding only 5 new players but their high average vow (the highest in the ETL at this point) puts them at par with Realm of Chaos in terms of points pledged. This puts more strain on the AoD crowd as fewer must do more, but don’t forget: the recruitment is not over yet!


The Xenos only increased their participants by 1 (another Tyranid player!) and one re-vowing that led to the lowering of the average vow to 690pts – the lowest in the ETL. Currently the Xenos have the lower following which combined with the lowest average vow is not a good recipe. So, here’s to hoping that the remaining three days of recruitment will yield great results! 


I left the Astartes for last. Right now, they seem to have the most participants and the more points pledged. They have a fairly low average vow but they more than make up for it with their numbers. The only thing they should be really careful is the completion rate that historically has been their weak point. 


Now let’s put the Factions in the microscope:


Adeptus Astartes:

Here the Space Marinesare comfortable leaders. They have 59 participants, equalling or beating all other Factions, let alone Forums and almost 42k pts pledged they can feel safe. Or can they? I need to remind people that the ETL will be won or lost on the ability of the frater to fulfil their promises and that completion rate is king. And this is an area that the Space Marines traditionally lag. Will this year be different? We shall wait and see (especially with the World Cup coming up).


The Blood Angels showed signs of fatigue in their recruitment effort. They did not add a single new participant in Week 3 allowing the Dark Angelsto effectively close the gap adding 5 new participants to their ranks. The re-vowing effort increased their average vow somewhat making it effectively at par with the Space Marines – but given their lack of numbers they should be consciously striving for more point-rich vows. The comparison with the Dark Angels is more telling as the latter managed to effectively close the gap in participant numbers and maintain their fairly high average vow. And at the moment the DAs have zero re-vowing. Once this goes underway, the difference in score vs. the Blood Angels will inevitably accumulate. So, both Forums will need to slug it out in these three remaining days of recruitment! 


Lastly the Space Wolvesmanaged to make a strong recruitment effort adding 7 participants and maintaining a really big gap in the average vow. That allows them to remain in touch with the BAs and the DAs although more strain goes to fewer people. But if anyone can cope, the space Wolves can. Just to remind you that if you get 31 participants or more, I’ll be painting 5 SW models in honour of your five top players!



As mentioned above, IFOR made a strong comeback in Week 4. The Guardtook the lead adding 8 more participants to their strength to a total of 19 and increasing their pledged points to 14.8k from just 9.4k in Week 3. This was really impressive and hopefully the momentum will be maintained in the last 3 days of the recruitment period. However, even this glorious advance was not enough to make them the most point-heavy Forum within the IFOR – this title still lies with the Imperial Agentsand their amazing Warlord Titan. In fact, Imperial Agents have the highest average vow in the game at 1,520pts. Obviously, their performance is heavily reliant on outcome of the Titan – so some pressure is applied there… Impressive performance from Deathwatchas well, with only two new vows but very, very point-rich ones! Right now, Deathwatch is the third stronger IFOR forum in terms of points pledged overtaking the AdMechwhich seems to have stagnated a bit – with only one new participant and a fairly low average vow, the AdMech is in serious need of reinforcements. I hope new participants arrive and do so with some sizeable vows (Knights anyone?) to bring the AdMech safely among the top contenders of the IFOR faction!


All quiet in the Sisters(largely expected) and the Grey Knightsfront no additions, no completions… Grey Knights especially have the smallest following with just two, ultra-heroic, participants! I sure hope the last few days will see their ranks swell and more support to arrive.  I should be reminding the IFOR crowd that you can use units from other IFOR Forums provided they do not exceed the units you pledge from your Forum of preference. 


Realm of Chaos:

Well, the Chaos Space Marinesadded 6 more participants in Week 4 leading to a drop in the average vow to 658pts from 704 in Week 3. Chaos Marines are strong contenders for becoming the Champion Forum this year, but there are a few issues: Despite the high participation of 47, they are behind the loyal Space Marines by 12. Also, the BAs and the DAs as close behind with virtually the same points pledged.These four forums appear to be competing closely together for the top position. But there is still time to upset this balance – three more crucial days of recruitment are still open to them! Will Chaos Marines make the most of it? Or will they enter the second stage of the ETL at a disadvantage? Let’s see!


Nothing much happened in the LatDcamp, no new recruits, now completions and therefore no re-vowing… Let’s see how the last three days of recruitment will play out for them! They have surprised positively so far… The Daemonswere on the same boat for the most part, apart from a completion that raised their completion rate to above 20%! We have yet to see some Greater Daemon avalanche coming our way! Well, three days remain, so one can hope!



The Aeldaricontinue to suffer from the lowest average vow by far. Although some progress has taken place, this did not come in the form of completions or new recruits. As such their average vow remained static at 331pts – the lowest of the ETL. This is really an interesting outcome – i.e. there are some really elaborate conversions and amazing painting but there are no sizeable vows to drive to pledged vows higher… I don’t know why this is. The Eldar have an amazing range from large Titan-sized models to some of the best rank and file units in the game (and best-looking too). Be that as it may, this is the situation for the Eldar. Will the upcoming Harlequin Codex change that? Well, it will be too late by then. If you wnt to play along in this ETL, you must declare your first vow by Friday June 1st!


Similarly, the NecronsOrksand T’auwere also extremely silent in Week 4 with no new participants or completions and hence no re-vowing… It seems that despite the progress on vows already made, the Xenos have entered a stasis field in Week 4. As such the last three days are crucial not only for the Faction as a whole but also for all individual Forums within it. The Tau seem to be having a comfortable lead but, it still remains to seen, if they’ll see their advantage through. LAST THREE DAYS GUYS!



The Loyalistsadded two more players in their ranks and with a re-vowing suffered only a slight drop in their average vow. That’s good news for them as they take the lead from their Traitorrivals who however, managed to narrow the gap as they added three new players and a re-vow! The difference in the average vow between the two is negligible so it will all boil down to raw participation levels! With only 5k pts difference between them everything is possible. They are both under pressure to recruit as many new participants as possible in the remaining couple of days! 





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And for those of you wondering on the code of the table, here it is: :wallbash: 

[table=E TENEBRAE LUX VI – Week 4] [th]Faction/Forum[/th][th]Participants[/th][th]Vows[/th][th]Points pledged[/th][th]Avg. Vow[/th] [th]Completions[/th][th] CR[/th][th]SCR[/th][tr][td=20%]Adeptus Astartes [/td][td=20%]171 [/td][td=20%]189 [/td][td=20%]132,477 [/td][td=20%]701[/td][td=20%]8,425 [/td][td=20%]6.4% [/td] [td=20%]536 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%]Space Marines [/td][td=20%]59 [/td][td=20%]65 [/td][td=20%]41,666 [/td][td=20%]641 [/td][td=20%]2,924 [/td][td=20%]7.0% [/td] [td=20%]205 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%]Blood Angels [/td][td=20%]43 [/td][td=20%]51 [/td][td=20%]32,560 [/td][td=20%]638 [/td][td=20%]3,160 [/td][td=20%]9.7% [/td] [td=20%]307 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%]Dark Angels [/td][td=20%]42 [/td][td=20%]42 [/td][td=20%]31,512 [/td][td=20%]750 [/td][td=20%]404 [/td][td=20%]1.3% [/td] [td=20%]5 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%]Space Wolves [/td][td=20%]27 [/td][td=20%]31 [/td][td=20%]26,739 [/td][td=20%]863 [/td][td=20%]1,937[/td][td=20%]7.2% [/td] [td=20%]140 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%]IFOR [/td][td=20%]59 [/td][td=20%]63 [/td][td=20%]55,954 [/td][td=20%]888 [/td][td=20%]4,847[/td][td=20%]8.7% [/td] [td=20%]420 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%]Adepta Sororitas [/td][td=20%]6 [/td][td=20%]6 [/td][td=20%]3,270 [/td][td=20%]545 [/td][td=20%]0 [/td][td=20%]0% [/td] [td=20%]0 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%]AdMech [/td][td=20%]11 [/td][td=20%]12 [/td][td=20%]7,333 [/td][td=20%]611 [/td][td=20%]240 [/td][td=20%]3.3% [/td] [td=20%]8 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%]Astra Militarum [/td][td=20%]19 [/td][td=20%]20 [/td][td=20%]14,799 [/td][td=20%]740 [/td][td=20%]3,260 [/td][td=20%]22.0% [/td] [td=20%]718 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%]Imperial Agents [/td][td=20%]11 [/td][td=20%]11 [/td][td=20%]16,717 [/td][td=20%]1,520 [/td][td=20%] 0 [/td][td=20%]0% [/td] [td=20%]0 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] Grey Knights [/td][td=20%]2 [/td][td=20%]2 [/td][td=20%]2,658 [/td][td=20%]1,329 [/td][td=20%] 0 [/td][td=20%]0% [/td] [td=20%]0 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] Deathwatch [/td][td=20%]10 [/td][td=20%]12 [/td][td=20%] 11,177 [/td][td=20%]931 [/td][td=20%] 1,347 [/td][td=20%]12.1% [/td] [td=20%]162 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] Realm of Chaos [/td][td=20%]57 [/td][td=20%]67 [/td][td=20%] 45,352 [/td][td=20%]731 [/td][td=20%] 2,390 [/td][td=20%]5.3% [/td] [td=20%]126 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] Chaos Space Marines [/td][td=20%]47 [/td][td=20%]51 [/td][td=20%] 33,577 [/td][td=20%]658 [/td][td=20%] 1,652 [/td][td=20%]4.9% [/td] [td=20%]81 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] Chaos Daemons [/td][td=20%]4 [/td][td=20%]4 [/td][td=20%] 3,451 [/td][td=20%]863 [/td][td=20%] 738 [/td][td=20%]21.4% [/td] [td=20%]158 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] LatD [/td][td=20%]6 [/td][td=20%]7 [/td][td=20%] 8,324 [/td][td=20%]1,189 [/td][td=20%] 0 [/td][td=20%]0% [/td] [td=20%]0 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] Xenos [/td][td=20%]39 [/td][td=20%]40 [/td][td=20%] 25,587 [/td][td=20%]690 [/td][td=20%] 1,445 [/td][td=20%]5.2% [/td] [td=20%]76 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] Aeldari [/td][td=20%]9 [/td][td=20%]9 [/td][td=20%] 2,978 [/td][td=20%]331 [/td][td=20%] 0 [/td][td=20%]0% [/td] [td=20%]0 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] Necrons [/td][td=20%]10 [/td][td=20%]11 [/td][td=20%] 6,931 [/td][td=20%]630 [/td][td=20%] 845 [/td][td=20%]12.2% [/td] [td=20%]103 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] Orks [/td][td=20%]4 [/td][td=20%]4 [/td][td=20%] 2,893 [/td][td=20%]723 [/td][td=20%] 600 [/td][td=20%]20.7% [/td] [td=20%]124 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] T’au Empire [/td][td=20%]13 [/td][td=20%]13 [/td][td=20%] 12,295 [/td][td=20%]946 [/td][td=20%] 0 [/td][td=20%]0% [/td] [td=20%]0 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] Tyranids [/td][td=20%]3 [/td][td=20%]3 [/td][td=20%] 2,490 [/td][td=20%]830 [/td][td=20%] 0 [/td][td=20%]0% [/td] [td=20%]0 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] AoD [/td][td=20%]43 [/td][td=20%]51 [/td][td=20%] 46,474 [/td][td=20%]911 [/td][td=20%] 5,465 [/td][td=20%]11.8% [/td] [td=20%]643 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] AoD-L [/td][td=20%]23 [/td][td=20%]28 [/td][td=20%] 25,787 [/td][td=20%]921 [/td][td=20%] 2,965 [/td][td=20%]11.5% [/td] [td=20%]341 [/td][/tr][tr][td=20%] AoD-T [/td][td=20%]20 [/td][td=20%]23 [/td][td=20%] 20,687 [/td][td=20%]899 [/td][td=20%] 2,500 [/td][td=20%]12.1% [/td] [td=20%]302 [/td][/tr][/table]
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Just want to pitch this to anyone on the fence about Orks. 
If you haven't committed anywhere else and have that one character model you've had around for years and never gotten too.. Well Now is the time! 
Live that green dream now today! Join in Da WAAAAGH!  We'd be thrilled to have you join! 
You know you want to. You've been thinking about it. Just Do it! Be a happier painter today! It can be yours! The time is now! Green is best!
(Void where prohibited.)


Well, I had to try. 

If your interested please commit one character or single model unit to the cause. Anything you think is cool and would be fun to paint.  (All it takes is one. )


But enough of that from me. 
Everyone keep fighting the good fight.

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As promised, here's the first Last Chancer Banners awarded:


For joining the ranks of the Chaos Space Marines in the final recruitment stages of ETL VI,


The Blood RavenSagentus, and gezabutia


Hidden Content

I, The Blood Raven, rise to the challenge of E TENEBRAE LUX on the side of the Sectai Prosperine and vow to complete a unit of Scarab Occult Terminators and a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch of total value 410 points on or before August 1st, 2018. Success will bring me eternal glory and failure will doom me to wear the Badge of the Oathbreaker until the year-end.


I , Sagentus, rise to the challenge of E TENEBRAE LUX on the side of the Chaos Space Marine Forum and vow to complete one Helbrute with dual PF and havoc squad (with 4 HBs and champ with BP/chain sword) of total value 254 on or before August 1st, 2018. Success will bring me eternal glory and failure will doom me to wear the Badge of the Oathbreaker until the year-end. 


I, gezabutla, rise to the challenge of E Tenebrae Lux on the side of the Chaos Space Marines and vow to complete the units listed below of total value 350 points on or before August 1st, 2018. Success will bring me eternal glory and failure will doom me to wear the Badge of the Oathbreaker as a mark of shame until the year-end.

please take your 






for which you herewith have been awarded the right 

to wear for all eternity 

in your signature!





Edited by Augustus b'Raass
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Captain Semper, when I originally made my vow for chaos I had a very poor understanding of the rules. It was my impression that chaos champions couldn’t take combi-weapons and cc weapons. I’ve also decided that my army was very anti-tank and not enpugh anti horde. I guess my question is, without actually changing the number of models, can I eventually edit the points value to reflect the WYSIWYG after the vow is complete.


TL DR: I don’t want to feel shoe horned into completing sub optimal builds just because I vowed them before I found about the FAQs and Chapter Approved stuff. It is my estimate that it would be approximately a 70 point discrepancy from my original vow.


Thanks in advance.

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That’s ok Copycat, vows can be adjusted if the points do not reflect WYSIWYG... let me know when you make the change so I can make the adjustment.

Thanks for the quick response, and for the sheer amount of effort required to moderate this enormous ETL. You’re the real MVP.

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Unfortunately I have not the artistic/PR skills of Augustus (I actually though, "cool banner, let's vow for Caos!" then I remembere my bugs; shame on you Augustus, you Slaneeshy Tempter!)




I have words, and altough I'm a pastapizza speaker, we gave the world Dante (The not Blood Angel one)


But Most of all


TYRANIDS have no Need for Words


We are fiew, but we are strong! Sure, disperse your paint in other forums, none of you will be remembered in the crowd


In the Tyranid forum, we are all Synaptic Creatures, an army of Flyrants (nothing new there, now that I think of it)!


If you want your name (or nick) remembered, JOIN THE SWARM NOW




Go Xenos! Go Xenos!


So, are you gonna leave the Galaxy to the humans?

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Back into the hole from whence you crawled out of, bug! The judgement of the Triarch falls upon you!


I suppose if you wanted to join a swarm of creatures whose only goal is to eat, eat, eat, then I suppose you could join the tyranids. Rather, if you wish to join a grouping of people where we value art, culture, free thought, and invention, sign on with the Necrons! There is little time left, so join today and make the most of it!


At the very least, join the xenos so we can give the chaotics the what-for.

Edited by Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch
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Final hour to be a Blood Angel for the ETL.

Final hour to claim our ETL banner:


Final hour to help us make history, and to help yourself paint up a beautiful force of Marines, Knights, or Titans.

Final hour to help us stem the tide of Xenos and to defeat the Heretics at the Gates or Terra once more.

Final hour.

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